Tourist’s guide to Rishon Lezion in Israel – a desert tourism hotspot

Rishon Lezion (Israel) is a resort town on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, located 12 km from Tel Aviv. Once a village, founded simply in the desert, was a suburb of Tel Aviv. Modern Rishon Lezion is the fourth largest city in the country, which more closely resembles an oasis. Thanks to the efforts of local residents, Rishon Lezion for a century and a half turned into a flourishing resort with picturesque parks, alleys, wine cellars.

City of Rishon Lezion

Photo: Rishon Lezion, Israel.

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Rishon Lezion City – Tourist Information

The city of Rishon Lezion in 1937

The city of Rishon Lezion in Israel was officially founded in 1882. Enthusiasts came here who planned to develop agriculture. However, the plans were not given to be realized due to lack of natural resources. The achievement of the goal was hampered by adverse climatic conditions and lack of resources. However, when the settlement began to patronize and develop Baron Edmond de Rothschild, the situation changed dramatically. Under his leadership, a well was dug up in Rishon Lezion, a winery was opened, and invited experts from France also led the agricultural sector.

Interesting fact! Rishon Lezion in Israel is the “youngest” – the average age of the population is only 33 years.

Today the city is recognized as an important commercial and business community of the country, the main areas in which the able-bodied population is employed are winemaking, software development. In the industrial zone, nightclubs, discos, and pubs are actively opening, where young people like to spend time. In the industrial zone, Cinema City welcomes guests, a dinosaur installation is installed near the entrance, it feels like you are in the Jurassic period. Do not forget to bring a camera with you. There are several cinema halls inside Cinema City, guests are greeted by wax figures, there is an entertaining children’s area, shops.

Dinosaur installation

In Rishon Lezion, several large shopping complexes operate:

  • in the central part of the city – Rothschild;
  • in the Western District is Ha Zahav.

The beach is recognized as one of the best and well-groomed in Israel. The coastline is about 1 kilometer long, an alley is laid along the edge of the sea, if you walk in leisurely steps, you can quietly walk to Bat Yam.

Good to know! Rishon Lezion initially looked a lot like a resort town, but thanks to the presence of the sea coast and the efforts of people, a tourist destination is actively developing here today.

Attractions Rishon Lezion in Israel

Thanks to the efforts of local residents, the previously deserted area was completely transformed in a rather short period of time and now the resort town welcomes tourists hospitably. The most popular sights:

  • wine cellars;
  • founders park;
  • Superland;
  • old well and water tower;
  • quay.
Water tower

Photo: Rishon Lezion city in Israel.

Important! In mid-summer, Rishon Lezion is very hot, the heat is hard to tolerate due to high humidity, which is higher than in other cities in Israel.


One of the most popular places for families. The area of ​​the park is 10 hectares, a lake is located on its territory, numerous attractions for children of different ages and adults. Here are the most fascinating:

Superland Amusement Park
  • funicular;
  • Ferris wheel;
  • overturning boat;
  • Native American Canyon;
  • Railway;
  • combo;
  • pirate ship;
  • shooting gallery.

The park has many water activities that are especially relevant in the hot season:

  • water slides – available only from the age of seven;
  • a trip along the Congo River – guests will make an exciting trip among the waterfalls;
  • catamarans in the form of swans, cars, horses work for the youngest guests of the park.
Congo River

Important! If you plan to visit karting, take sports shoes with you, because without it you will not be allowed to ride.

The bungee is very popular, the cost of one jump is 60 shekels, but you can only jump together for two or three. Some children’s rides are only for children with parents.

Superland Carousel

The park is clean, there is a cafe where you can eat, many establishments are allowed to go with their food. All pedestrian alleys are equipped with benches, tables, lawns.

Good to know! Be sure to bring water with you, because there are no fountains with drinking water in the park.

The biggest drawback of the park is the large lines for rides, it takes 10 to 20 minutes to wait. By the way, the entrance ticket gives the right to ride all the park attractions for free.

Superland Map

Practical information:

  • address: Sderot Maryland, 5 (intersection of roads 441 and 20);
  • from the old station to the park, buses No. 2 and 85 follow;
  • there is a parking;
  • ticket price: for visitors over two years old – $ 34.50, for children under two years admission is free.
  • Be sure to check the work schedule on the park’s official website;
  • official website:
Founders Park
Founders Park

If you cross the bridge installed through highway number 4, you will find yourself near one of the most memorable parks in the city – the “Garden of Founders”. At the entrance is a fountain that welcomes all guests. Flags of all countries that supported the decision to create Israel in 1947 are also placed around, as well as busts of people who made the most tangible contribution to the development of Israel. Here you can see Theodor Herzl, Itskah Rabin, Vladimir Zhabotinsky, Golda Meir. A huge tree grows at the exit of the park.

Nightlife in Rishon Lezion

The central artery of the city – the pedestrian Rothschild street, passes near the city garden. In the daytime, a fair takes place here, at night the Rothschild transforms – bars open, a night bazaar, performances of artists. Here you can buy works of art, designer jewelry, handicrafts, antiques. Filled with impressions and having made the necessary purchases, visit the cafe and try national dishes. The nightlife on Rothschild rages once a week – on Tuesdays from seven in the evening until midnight.

City Beach

The coast in Rishon la Zion is not divided, therefore, we can say that there is only one beach in the city. The beach is separated from the residential areas by a net. The houses are built on a hill, so stairs and ramps for cars lead to the shore. The slopes are decorated with paths for pedestrians, fresh flowers, palm trees are planted on the alley, and in the evening the alley and the shore are beautifully illuminated by lanterns.

City Beach

Awnings are installed on the beach, playgrounds for team sports are equipped. Many tourists note that, in comparison with other beaches in Israel, Rishon La Zion maintains perfect order and cleanliness.

There are no breakwaters or other structures that impede the approach to water, the city authorities made this decision consciously so that people could freely communicate with the sea and enjoy it.

Relax on the beach of Rishon la Zion

Admirers of the comfort and benefits of civilization will also not be disappointed – on the shore there are showers, changing cabins, cafes, bars. There is a tower where lifeguards are on duty throughout the beach season.

Important! Many beachfront entertainment venues are available around the clock.

The beach is very popular among young people, people come here to enjoy the sunset or to watch the sunset. At the same time, there is plenty of romance here at any time of the year. The sea is often hectic, so there are always a lot of surfers on the beach.

Sunset on the city beach

There is paid parking nearby – one parking space costs 30 ILS, but there is a huge queue on weekends and holidays.

Holidays in Rishon Lezion

The tourist business is actively developing in Rishon Lezion, so there will be no difficulties with the choice of housing. You can book a room in a hotel, beautify a villa or choose a budget option for accommodation – a hostel or rent a room with the local population.

Low Season Hotel Rates

Hotel Category 7 nights 11 nights
Three star From $ 1,185 From $ 1549
Four star From $ 1251 From $ 1595
Five star From $ 1641 From $ 1,686

High season hotel rates

Hotel Category 7 nights 11 nights
Three star From $ 1440 From 1800 $
Four star From $ 1650 From $ 2100
Five star From $ 1850 2550 $
Mevaser Hostel Room - Christian Hostel
Mevaser – Christian Hostel

Housing from the local population can be rented from $ 23, for this price they offer a room with Spartan conditions. But for $ 55 you can rent a house or a spacious apartment.

Hostel prices start at $ 11, prices depend on the distance from the sea and the services provided.

There are also plenty of establishments where you can eat and have a good time. Food Rates:

  • lunch in a cafe – from $ 12 to $ 19;
  • dinner for two in a restaurant – from $ 47 to $ 83;
  • a snack at McDonald’s will cost from $ 11 to $ 15.

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Weather in Rishon Lezion when to go

Air temperature in Rishon Lezion

In Rishon Lezion, about 300 days of sunny days are recorded annually, the most precipitation falls in the winter months, namely in December and January.

The high, tourist season begins in early spring. If you are interested in visiting attractions and outdoor activities, choose the first half of spring, when temperatures have not yet reached peak levels. It’s too early to swim in the spring, the sea is still not warmed up enough.

Sea temperature in Rishon Lezion

Really dry and sunny weather is set closer to the end of May, when the air heats up to + 30 ° С. At this time, you can already comfortably sit on the beach and swim in the Mediterranean Sea. Since June, it is hot in the city, given the high humidity, it is difficult to attend excursions, most tourists spend time on the beach.

The next stage of the influx of tourists is observed in early autumn – September and October. Weather conditions are largely similar to summer ones, but the heat gradually decreases.

In winter, pilgrims come to Rishon Lezion for sightseeing. Prices are reduced, so you can significantly save on accommodation and meals. In winter, the thermometer does not fall below + 15 ° C.

How to get from Ben Gurion Airport and from Tel Aviv

Moshe Dayan Station
Moshe Dayan

The distance between Ben Gurion Airport and Rishon Lezion Airport is only 12 km. There are many ways to overcome it.

The city has two railway stations – Ha Rishonim and Moshe Dayana, located in different parts of the resort. There is no direct railway connection between Tel Aviv and Rishon Lezion, two transfers will have to be made. Tickets cost about $ 4.15.

The exact schedule and ticket prices are presented on the official website of the railway:

Bus number 83

Another way to get from Tel Aviv Airport to Rishon Lezion is by bus. Transport leaves from the bus station, to which the number 50 train follows from the airport. The road from the Nat-bg train station takes 20 minutes, the fare is from $ 2.3 to $ 4.5. Carrier Company – Israel Railways. The destination is Tel Aviv Center, from here you need to walk about 250 meters to the bus station and get on bus number 83. The route is designed for 1 hour and 10 minutes. Tickets cost about $ 5.7.

Two more comfortable ways to get from Tel Aviv to the resort are by taxi and a rented car. In the first case, the journey takes a quarter of an hour, the cost is approximately $ 40. An independent trip also takes 15 minutes, it will take 2 liters of gasoline, the price is $ 3.5.

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Travel Tips

  1. When resting, set the time in such a way as to be in time until noon on Friday. Then in Israel the Shabbat begins, which means that the shops are not working, public transport does not go. Urgent purchases can be made at the kosher supermarket, but be prepared to stand a long line.
  2. Sunscreen
  3. If you plan a trip to spring, summer or autumn, bring hats, clothes made from natural fabrics, be sure to apply sunscreen on your skin and do not leave the hotel without water.
  4. The city is very beautiful at night, many cafes and bars are open until the morning.
  5. In Israel, it is customary to bargain. Remember the phrase that almost always guarantees you a discount – efshar lycabel anaha.
  6. The largest shops and shopping centers are located in the industrial zone. Some supermarkets offer a discount card.
  7. Do you plan to travel a lot? In this case, issue a ticket at the local bus station.
  8. It is convenient to travel around the city by bicycle.

The city of Rishon Lezion (Israel) is an amazing example of how a person, having made an effort, can make a resort out of the desert. If you have free time and there is a car at hand, be sure to visit Haifa, Acre, Bat Yam, try aromatic coffee with knafe, relax in hummus and you will surely love Israel as it is.

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