Tourist’s guide to Petah Tikva in Israel – the medical center of Israel

Although it takes only 20-30 minutes to travel from the city of Petah Tikva (Israel) to the beaches of the Mediterranean Sea, it is not a resort. As a rule, people come here in two cases: to improve their health at local medical centers, and at the same time to see the sights of the city, or to enjoy a vacation in Tel Aviv, significantly saving on rental housing.

Petah Tikva in Israel

The city of Petah Tikva is located in central Israel, in the Sharon Valley, a little closer east of Tel Aviv.

Downtown Petah Tikva

The history of Petah Tikva began in 1878, when a small group of immigrants from Jerusalem founded the agricultural settlement of Em HaMoshavot. In 1938, already 20,000 people lived there, and in 1939, instead of the settlement of Em HaMoshavot, a new city appeared on the maps of Israel – Petah Tikva. Since that time, the city began to develop and grow rapidly, absorbing several nearby settlements.

It is interesting! The first stanza of the poem by I. Hertz “Our Hope”, dedicated to the creation of the settlement of Em HaMoshavot, became the Anthem of the restored State of Israel.

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Modern Petah Tikva is the 6th city in Israel in scale: its area is 39 km², and the number of inhabitants exceeds 200,000.

Clinics in Petah Tikva

This city is sometimes called the “Empire of Health”, because it takes an active part in the state program for the development of medical tourism. Qualified specialists of renowned medical centers provide effective assistance to patients from around the world who come here for treatment.

Clinic MC Yitzhak Rabin
MC Yitzhak Rabin

Of greatest interest in terms of foreign medical tourism are the Rabin Medical Center (also known by its old name – the Beilinson Clinic) and the Schneider Children’s Clinic.

MC Yitzhak Rabin is in the TOP-3 of the best multidisciplinary medical centers in Israel. This institution specializes in cardiac surgery, orthopedics, organ transplantation, and cancer treatment. For high safety and excellent quality of treatment, MC Rabin was awarded the international JCI certificate.

The Schneider Pediatric Clinic is the largest medical facility of its kind not only in Israel, but throughout the Middle East. The clinic performs complex organ transplant operations and minimally invasive interventions (robotic surgery), treats oncology, orthopedic and cardiological diseases.

Schneider Clinic
Children’s Clinic Schneider

Traveling the city streets

Not having a large number of entertainment venues, having no beaches with golden sand, not having world-famous attractions, Petah Tikva in Israel is still quite an interesting city.

Green trees and flower beds in Petah Tikva

The houses built in the 1950s look rather unusual when they urgently needed to resettle the returnees. These are typical “Khrushchevs” located very close to each other, but not just on the ground, but on stilts. Mini-parks with various vegetation and children’s playgrounds give special comfort to these areas. In general, there are a lot of greens not only in the old areas, but throughout the city: palm trees, cacti, campus and hibiscus bushes, citrus trees.

Interesting! On the streets of Petah Tikva there are many sports grounds with exercise machines. Anyone can do it at any time, and for free.

The area of ​​the founders of the city is the main city square on which monuments to the founders of the city of Petah Tikva are installed. There is a beautiful fountain and an unusual memorial in memory of the agricultural past. Nearby is an original monument of modern art – there are many monuments, on each “circle” at the intersection, sometimes completely unusual.

Fountain in Petah Tikva
City Hall

Another Pitah Tikva square is located at the city hall. In the center is the figure of the Pied Piper of the Hameln, but it is unlikely that any of the local residents will be able to explain what the Pied Piper of Hamelin does here. Next to it is a beautiful ball made of plastic bottles and serving as a symbol of respect for nature. A monument to the Four Mothers – a fountain with figures of 4 women – is erected right in front of the municipality.

Sculptures of women in Petah Tikva

Interesting! Petah Tikva is the only city in Israel where there are real London red telephone boxes. There are 10 of them, they are located in various parts of the city. They were installed at the beginning of the XXI century. So, while relaxing in Petah Tikva in Israel, you can take a photo of London!

Hayar Lakes and Rothschild Street

Convenient and completely non-standard benches attract attention on the main street Khaim Ozer. Made of concrete and lined with ceramic tiles, they are as if taken from the famous Park Guell in Spain. All in one style, but different, these benches enliven the street. To match them are garbage cans, also decorated with fragments of broken glass and ceramics.

The Rothschild Arch in Petah Tikva
Rothschild Arch

Another local attraction is the Arch of Baron Rothschild. It was built at the very entrance to the city, as a symbol of the main gate to Petah Tikva (in Hebrew, this name means “the gate of hope”). During its existence, the city has grown, and the Arch was almost in the center.

Interesting! From the Arch of Baron Rothschild begins the famous Jabotinsky Street, listed in the Guinness Book of Records. This street runs through the whole city, and besides, it stretches continuously, uniting 4 cities: Petah Tikva, Ramat Gann, Bnei Brak and Tel Aviv.

A string bridge (the brainchild of the famous architect Calatrava), shaped like the English letter Y, is thrown across Jabotinsky Street. Supported by the 31st steel string, the bridge creates a feeling of weightlessness, as if hanging in the air.

Jabotinsky Street in Petah Tikva
Jabotinsky Street

The Petah Tikva market is especially fond of local residents and popular among tourists – only one market in Israel, the Jerusalem Mahan Yehuda, can compare with it. The Petah Tikva market lives its own special life, here you can fully experience the flavor of the city and its people. Here you can buy any product, and much cheaper than in stores: food, fragrant spices, shoes, clothes, jewelry.

Parks and museums

The Art Museum is the city’s most visited cultural institution. It presents more than 3,000 exhibits; these are canvases by famous Israeli artists and foreign authors. In addition, the museum often organizes temporary exhibitions, exhibiting the work of young painters.

In the Museum of Human Development, you can see an exhibition on the anatomy and physiology of man, as well as on the interaction of people with the environment.

City parks are perfect for walking: Ramat Gan National Park, where there is a pond with ducks, and Raanana Park, where peacocks and ostriches live.

Sculpture in Petah Tikva

Since 1996, in Petah Tikva there is a small zoo at which the zoological museum operates. Aviaries in the zoo are made so that animals and birds can be observed very close. For children at the zoo there is a playground with carousels, slides, swings.

With children, you can also go to iJump (address Ben Tsiyon Galis St 55, Petah Tikva, Israel), where they are happy to jump on trampolines. It is better to come on weekdays and during working hours, when there are fewer people. In order not to stand in line, it is advisable to fill out a questionnaire on the children’s health status and permission to participate in the jumps in advance on the site. By the way, tickets are also better to buy through the site, so it turns out cheaper.


Having studied this whole not too big city, you can go on an excursion to any neighboring one. For example, in the green Ramat Gan, or other cities of the Gush Dan agglomeration. As for the distance between Petah Tikva and Tel Aviv, it is so small that a regular bus travels in just 25-30 minutes. In addition, the city has numerous travel agencies that organize excellent excursions to almost all the sights of Israel.

Park in Ramat Gan
Ramat gan

Where to stay in Petah Tikva

Hotels in Petah Tikva are not as numerous as in the resort cities of Israel. But they are quite competitive in terms of level and quality of service, and the cost of renting housing in this city is much lower than in neighboring Tel Aviv.

Hotels in Petah Tikva can be found at any level of income, and estimated prices in high season are:

  • The luxury rehabilitation hotel 5 * Top Beilinson offers double rooms from 1700 shekels a day.
  • 5 * Top Beilinson Hotel in Petah Tikva
    Double Room at Top Beilinson
  • All the benefits of civilization are in 4 * hotels, but they cost less: from 568 – 610 shekels for a double room in the Etty’s House boutique hotel and Prima Link hotel.
  • Comfort and amenities are guaranteed in 3 * hotels, and at very attractive prices: in Rothschild Apartments, a double room costs from 290 shekels.
Double Room at Rothschild Apartments in Petah Tikva
Double Room at Rothschild Apartments

Find out RATES or book any accommodation using this form

In Petah Tikva (Israel), you can also rent an apartment by paying it daily, weekly or monthly – it depends on the agreement with the owners. You can rent one of the Star Apartments apartments (approximately 351 shekels a day for two) – under this name they offer a number of apartments in different parts of the city belonging to one owner and converted into apartments. For a large company, you can consider this option: two-bedroom apartments Sweet and cozy on the roof, designed for 7 people, they will cost 1100 shekels.

A small video walk along the Petah Tikva.

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