Tourist’s guide to Neve Zohar – a tiny resort city in Israel on the Dead Sea

Neve Zohar in Israel is one of the most well-groomed and beautiful resorts on the shores of the Dead Sea. Tourists love the village for its clean beaches and picturesque sunsets. There are very few people living here, so the place is perfect for lovers of a calm and measured rest.

Neve Zohar Resort in Israel

General information

Neve Zohar in Israel

Neve Zohar is located in southern Israel, 23 km from the city of Arad. This is the lowest settlement on our planet. The permanent population is 60 people. Translated from Hebrew, “Neve Zohar” means “sparkling, shining stream.”

Despite the fact that over the centuries various settlements periodically appeared and disappeared on the site of today’s Neve Zohar, the history of the village began only in 1964, when a camp for workers engaged in the construction of a plant nearby was founded on the shore of the Dead Sea. Gradually, people began to come to the resort, and in 2008 30 families lived here permanently. All local residents work in the field of tourism: they contain cafes, restaurants and hotels.

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Despite the small size of the settlement, there is everything you need to relax – shops, spacious beaches, sports grounds and other entertainment.

What to do in Neve Zohar:


There are no public beaches in Israel’s Neve Zohar. As the tablets say, swimming is prohibited here, since the territory is not equipped and the bottom of the Dead Sea in this place is not well explored.

Hamei Zohar
Hamei Zohar Beach

The beach closest to the resort is located 2 km from the settlement, in the village of Hamei Zohar, and bears the status of a public (i.e., free). As a rule, there are not so many vacationers here, so tourists can easily find a place for themselves. The length of the beach is about 2 km. The entrance to the water is shallow, the sand is fine. Children swimming here will be comfortable and safe.

Near the beach there is a parking lot, as well as toilets, changing cabins and large gazebos for relaxing in the shade. There are no sun beds or umbrellas.

Beach in the area of ​​Leonardo hotels (Hamei Zohar)

Another beach in Hamei Zohar is located 2.5 km from Neve Zohar. This is a private, which means a paid beach for those who do not live in the Leonardo Hotel. It offers tourists changing cabins, toilets, showers, comfortable sunbeds and umbrellas.

Beach in the area of ​​the Leonardo Hotel

The length of the beach is about 800 m. The entrance to the sea is gentle, the sand is fine. Great place for bathing children. The cost for one day is $ 10.

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Neve Zohar is a small settlement, so there are practically no attractions here. In really interesting places you have to go to other cities in Israel.

Cableway and Masada Fortress

The cable car is an attraction in itself. Small cabins offer spectacular views of the desert and Arad. In the distance you can see the Dead Sea.


This is the main attraction of the Judean desert, located 18 km from the Neve Zohar. The fortress is located on a huge rock – the highest point of the region. It’s impossible to climb Masada by car, so you need to get to the city of Arad, and then take the cable car, which will take you to the fortress.

Masada Fortress

Detailed information about this attraction of Israel can be found here .

Ein Gedi Nature Reserve

Ein Gedi is an amazingly beautiful oasis in the middle of the desert (perhaps the best in Israel). Leopards, mountain goats, antelopes and monkeys live here. More than 900 species of rare plants grow. In the reserve you can see many waterfalls and incredibly beautiful orange rocks. More information about the reserve is presented in this article .

Ein Gedi Nature Reserve
Fine art & doll museum

The Wax Doll Museum (one of the few in Israel) is located in Arad (25 km from the Neve Zohar). The owners of this institution, and, in combination, artists and sculptors, have been making and collecting the most interesting exhibits for more than 30 years. Tourists who have been here note that this is one of the most interesting museums of those that they have ever visited.

At the Fine Art & Doll Museum

Treatment in Neve Zohar

All Israeli resorts on the shores of the Dead Sea are famous for sanatoriums involved in the treatment of skin, urological, gynecological, neurological diseases. Neve Zohar in Israel is more specialized in the elimination of respiratory ailments. Due to the special air (which is dry and clean here, and also does not contain allergens and harmful emissions), visiting guests significantly improve the condition of their respiratory tract, and during the following years they suffer less from coughing, asthma attacks and asthma.

The smallest particles of minerals enter the human body and contribute to its purification. By the way, oxygen on the shores of this sea is 10-15% more than in other regions of Israel. It has been proven that two weeks on the Dead Sea replace the annual course of physiotherapy in Europe.

Treatment in Neve Zohar

Do not forget about the unique mud and minerals of the Dead Sea, which can cure or significantly improve the course of skin diseases. As a rule, for a more pronounced effect, the patient is referred not only to peloid therapy (treatment with Dead Sea mud), but also to hydrotherapy (salt water treatment), physiotherapy (laser therapy), massage and physiotherapy exercises. Medications are prescribed extremely rarely, since the Dead Sea itself is a powerful tool.

Hotels in Neve Zohar

In Neve Zohar there are only 6 hotels and several private guest houses. The choice of housing is very limited, so booking a room is much in advance. The best hotels of 3 * resort tourists include:

Yifat’s rooms dead sea
Room at Yifat's Rooms Dead Sea

This 3 * hotel in the Neva Zohar is located near the Dead Sea. Provence-style rooms, a kitchen and a bathroom are in each room. The pluses also include: a spacious terrace, a large dining area in the lobby, the opportunity to walk with children in the garden on site. The cost for one night for two per season is $ 166. More information about the hotel is presented here .

Aloni Neve Zohar Dead Sea

According to tourists, this is one of the best hotels in the resort of Neve Zohar. The rooms are small, but they have everything you need for a comfortable stay: household appliances and kitchen appliances, air conditioning, TV. Each room has a “attached” terrace, on which there are 2 sun loungers, a dining table and chairs. The cost for one night for two per season is $ 129. Learn more about the hotel and book a room on this page .

Carmit’s dead sea place
Room at Carmit's Dead Sea Place

Another cozy hotel with its own picturesque courtyard and roomy rooms. The pluses include:

  • Free Wi-Fi on site
  • BBQ facilities available from reception
  • household and kitchen appliances in each room.

The rooms have beautiful mountain views. The cost for one night for two per season is from $ 143. More information about the hotel can be found on this page .

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Weather and climate – when is it better to come

Air temperature in Neva Zohar

The temperature at the resort in January rarely drops below +7 ° C. In mid-summer, the thermometer often rises to + 33.6 ° C. The climate in Neve Zohar is arid, with warm winters and long hot summers. The air is dry mountain, so local sanatoriums are especially good for the treatment of respiratory diseases, skin and gynecological ailments.

The best time to visit the resort (like others in Israel) is spring (April) and autumn (October, November). At this time, the temperature varies from + 24 ° C to + 28 ° C. The weather is hot in the Neva Zohar in summer and early autumn, and it is definitely not worth going here: + 35 ° C – + 38 ° C.

Neve Zohar resort is located near the Judean desert of Israel, so rainfall is extremely rare. The rainiest month is January (31 mm of precipitation falls).

Neve Zohar is a good resort for those who prefer a calm and measured rest and recovery.

Overview of the Neve Zohar resort with a drone

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