Tourist’s guide to Holon – a city in Israel built on the sand

Holon (Israel), by its existence, completely refutes the assertion that nothing can be built on sand. The first mention of the settlement was found in the Old Testament period, and since then the city has stood firmly on the earth, and since the beginning of the century, it has been developing rapidly.

Interesting fact! The name of the settlement means “sand”. In the local language, sand is hol; therefore, local residents pronounce the name of their hometown gently – Holon.

Strum Memorial

Photo: Holon, Israel

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Description of the city of Holon

The city of Holon is located in the central part of the country, is part of Tel Aviv District. The industrial zone of the village is the second most reliable and largest in the country. In addition to manufacturing enterprises, cultural and educational programs are actively developing in the city; students are invited by the Agricultural Academy. Holon is known as the children’s capital of the country, because there are many educational, entertainment organizations, institutions, every year the largest carnival is held, dedicated to the holiday of Purim.

Park Pernes

Holna Borders:

  • West – bordered by Bat Yam;
  • south – it borders with Rishon Lezion, while the territory of 2 km between the two cities belonging to Holon is not populated;
  • north – Holon passes to the village of Azor;
  • East – rests on the highway number 4.

The population is a little more than 192.5 thousand people. It is the fourth largest settlement in Israel.

How the city appeared
Holon, 1938

Before the advent of Israel, several Jews acquired a site south of Jaffa covered in sand. Five villages were founded on this territory, however, by 1937 a decision was made to unite. Then the city of Holon appeared. The charter of the local council was written in 1940, two years later elections were held, only in 1950 Holon was given the status of a city.

The first inhabitants of the settlement worked in Tel Aviv, but they built housing here, since not everyone could pay for it in one of the largest settlements in Israel. Already in 1941, five blocks appeared in Holon. In 1948, during the War of Independence, the Arab army blocked the communication between Holon and Tel Aviv. At the same time, all communications were destroyed. Today it is a successful, prosperous city with a large number of parks, squares, shopping centers, sports complexes. In the industrial sector, more than 45 thousand residents are involved.

Good to know! Holon is not considered a resort town, but this does not stop many tourists at all, and local residents are happy to come here on excursions. The municipality supports an extensive cultural program, thanks to this, new places for recreation and development of children regularly appear in the city.

Attractions and entertainment

The authorities take care of the rest, the cultural leisure of the residents and guests of the city. In Holon there is the Beit Yad Lebanim Theater, concerts, festivals are regularly held, you can visit several museums, art galleries. The city is very green – every free centimeter of power, they try to plant greenery, plant trees, flowers.

Coats of arms of the twin cities of Holon

Photo: Holon city in Israel

Children’s Museum

An interactive museum where visitors experience amazing adventures through computers, music, and television screens. It is difficult to find a museum in the world where children could get such strong emotions. The main feature of the attraction is that you can touch and taste everything here. Guides accompany groups of children on this amazing time travel.

Children's Museum

The museum offers several excursion programs. The most popular Dialog in the Dark. Children are offered to plunge into the world of a blind person – they close their eyes and try to recognize sounds, smells and tastes. It is noteworthy that the blind man conducts the tour, he guides a group of children through completely dark rooms. In every room, the scent, hearing, and touch are aggravated in people. Finally, guests are brought to a bar where you can buy something and pay in the dark.

Good to know! Listen carefully to the guide – he will tell you where the steps, corners, pits are located. Each tour ends with a conversation with the guide.

Another no less exciting tour is a world in silence, imitating the life of a deaf person. The program allows you to develop non-verbal ways of communication.

On a tour at the Children's Museum

In addition, the museum hosts thematic seminars on the history of comics, journalism, revealing the secrets of tricks.

Practical information:

  • entrance fee: adult – 62 shekels, children under 9 years old admission is free;
  • work schedule: from Sunday to Tuesday and Thursday from 9-00 to 11-30, on Wednesday – 17-00, on Saturday – 9-30, 12-00 and 17-30;
  • Address: Mifrats Shlomo Street, next to the Yamit 2000 Park;
  • tour duration about 2 hours.
Yamit 2000

The second largest and largest water park in Israel. Every day it receives thousands of guests; a large selection of attractions, pools is presented here. There is a spa center. The water park is located in the center of Holon and covers an area of ​​60 thousand square meters.

Yamit 2000

Want to experience adrenaline? Choose water rides:

  • “Kamikaze”;
  • “Cosmic whirlpool”;
  • Banana Jump
  • “Amazon”;
  • “Rainbow”.

In the pools for children safe rides are installed, lifeguards are constantly watching the kids.

Waterpark Yamit 2000

SPA center is a place where you will feel reborn after a whole complex of healing and rejuvenating procedures. It offers vacationers a developed infrastructure – showers, cabinets, tables, chairs and sofas, cafes.

Practical information:

Slides in the water park
  • official website:;
  • work schedule: from Sunday to Thursday – from 8-00 to 23-00, Friday and Saturday – from 08-00 to 18-00;
  • Address: 66 Mifrats Shlomo Street;
  • ticket price – 114 shekels, children over 3 years old pay a full ticket;
  • SPA zone is open from May to September, entrance is 15 shekels;
  • at the box office, cards for 10 visits are sold, the price is $ 191;
  • there is a parking lot in front of the entrance to the water park;
  • From Tel Aviv to the water park, Dan buses run regularly.

Museum of Design

The museum has been hosting guests since 2010, during its existence the attraction has collected a huge number of positive reviews, as well as international awards.

Museum of Design

Interesting fact! Design is one of the priority export destinations in Israel, so the famous architect Ron Arad was invited to create the project.

Design Museum Gallery

The building turned out to be symbolic and recognizable – entwined with five ribbons that symbolize the flowers that grow in the desert. Visually, “tapes” resemble the Mobius strip, as well as layers of geological rocks in the desert. The exposition is located in two galleries. The collection is presented in four thematic areas:

  • historical project;
  • modern project;
  • expositions created by the individual order of the museum;
  • The best examination papers of students studying at design academies in Israel.
Museum exhibition

The museum regularly hosts exhibitions where you can see the original design work in various industries and directions.

Interesting fact! More than 80 thousand tourists visit the museum annually.

Practical information:

  • official website:;
  • work schedule: Monday and Wednesday – from 10-00 to 16-00, Tuesday – from 10-00 to 20-00, Thursday – from 10-00 to 18-00, Friday – from 10-00 to 14-00, Sunday – day off;
  • ticket price: adult – 35 shekels, schoolchildren – 30 shekels, children from 5 to 10 years old – 20 shekels;
  • Address: Pinchas Eilon Street, 8;
  • the museum has its own parking lot, entrance from OrnaPorat street.
Park Tel Giborim or “Hill of Heroes”

A beautiful, quiet park, undoubtedly worthy of attention. Here you can retire, read, think, take a walk among colorful flower beds and lawns. For lovers of outdoor activities equipped with sports fields, tracks for skateboarding and roller skating. There are picnic areas with gazebos for barbecue and barbecue. There is a theater and an amphitheater in the park, where performances and concerts are regularly held.

Park Tel Giborim

The landscape and decoration harmoniously complement each other – hills, waterfalls were built, palm trees planted, sculptures and arbors were installed. The park is clean and well-groomed, you will always find a corner where no one bothers you.

Good to know! People often come here to enjoy the sunset. Allocate at least two hours to visit the park.

Holon Holidays

Despite the fact that the city of Holon in Israel does not have the status of a resort, choosing a place to stay is not difficult.

Hotel Spat Holon
Spat holon
  • The average cost of housing per day will be about 570 shekels;
  • hostel prices – from 105 shekels,
  • in 2 star hotels – 400 shekels,
  • in three-star hotels – 430 shekels,
  • and in luxury hotels you will have to pay from 630 shekels for one night.

Food in Holon is also presented for every taste and budget. The most budget option – lunch at a fast food restaurant, will cost approximately 45 shekels of two. If you plan to eat in an inexpensive restaurant, get ready to pay from 50 shekels per one, a check in a mid-range restaurant (lunch for two) – 175 shekels.

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Climate, when is the best time to go?

Air temperature in Holon

Holon, like the central part of Israel, is dominated by the Mediterranean climate, it is he who provides uniform heating of air throughout the year. The hottest months are undoubtedly summer – up to + 32 ° С. However, hot days also occur in the second half of spring. The heat changes to September, but already in October and November the heat is quite comfortable.

Winter, which lasts from December to March, is distinguished by warm weather – on average, the air temperature is only 10 degrees lower than in summer. The coldest month is March, daytime temperature is + 17 ° C, and in December at + 20 ° C you can even swim. By the way, the water temperature varies from + 18 ° C in winter to + 28 ° C in summer.

Good to know! The winter period is characterized by rainy weather, and the summer in Holon is arid.

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How to get from Ben Gurion Airport and from Tel Aviv

The easiest, fastest and most comfortable way to get from the airport to Holon is by taxi. The distance is only 11 km, the cost of the trip is from 31 to 39 shekels. It is also possible to book a transfer from the airport to the hotel in Holon.

Taxi to Holon

Good to know! Walking enthusiasts can walk from Tel Aviv to Holon. The journey will take about 1.5 hours. You will have to go a little over 9 km.

By bus from Tel Aviv
Tel Aviv Bus Station

Holon is located near Tel Aviv, so there is a transport connection between the two settlements. Buses depart from the bus station, as well as the central railway station. Transport covers a distance of 12 km in 15-18 minutes, the fare is 5 ILS shekels. Frequency of flights – 40 minutes.

By train
At the train station of Tel Aviv

Many tourists prefer to travel by train to enjoy the scenic views from the windows of the car. You can get to Holon by trains that follow the branch: Rishole Cerion – Holon – Tel Aviv – Herzliya. The fare is from 6 ILS to 15 ILS, the frequency of flights is from 40 to 90 minutes.

By car

A separate topic is car rental. The service is in demand, so finding a rental point is very simple, it is at the airport. Leases – from $ 35 to $ 125. You will have to pay about $ 15 for insurance.

Good to know! You can rent a car in one village, and rent it in another. Paid service – 10 $.

Prices on the page are for January 2019.

As you can see, Holon (Israel) is an interesting, noteworthy city. It will be interesting for adults and children, young tourists and people aged.

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