Tourist’s guide to holidays in Tel Aviv: prices and what to do

Tel Aviv is an Israeli municipality located on the Mediterranean coast. As part of a new city, which was founded at the beginning of the 20th century, as well as ancient Jaffa. The population of Tel Aviv itself is 400 thousand people, however, taking into account the surrounding areas, the number of local population reaches 3.5 million people. The city attracts with striking contrasts – modern buildings are adjacent to ancient, narrow streets, inconspicuous street eateries are located next to elegant restaurants, and flea markets can be found near huge shopping centers. One of the reasons why tourists choose to stay in Tel Aviv in Israel is the beaches.

Holidays in Tel Aviv

general information

Tel Aviv seems to be a vibrant, vibrant city, with a series of sandy beaches and plenty of fun for young people. Bars, restaurants, nightclubs and discos are open until the morning on weekdays and weekends.

On a note! Tel Aviv is often called the youth capital of Israel.

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Tel Aviv has museums, galleries, historical sites, theaters. Tourists note that in Tel Aviv there is a light atmosphere that is not felt in other Israeli cities.

Roofs Tel Aviv

By calendar standards, Tel Aviv is a young settlement, because it appeared in 1909. The immigrant Jews chose a deserted but beautiful place north from the port of Jaffa for the settlement.

Tel Aviv is one of the central settlements of Israel, it is an important public, transport, commercial settlement on the map of the country with its secular habits. The capital of Israel is Jerusalem, but many international embassies and consulates are located in Tel Aviv.

Weather and climate

If you are going to Tel Aviv in spring, summer or autumn, checking the weather forecast for precipitation is not necessary. The chance of rain is almost zero. The situation changes (not too dramatically) in the second half of winter.

Seasonal weather in Tel Aviv
Tel Aviv water temperature


In summer, the weather is always clear and hot, the air can warm up to + 40ºС, so local residents and seasoned tourists strongly recommend to settle near the sea and not go outside without a hat and drinking water. The sea warms up to + 25ºС.

Important! The hottest month is August, at this time it is better to abandon the trip and transfer it to a cooler period.


Tel Aviv air temperature

By March, the air warms up to + 20ºС, the trees are blooming, the number of free places in hotels is increasing, entertainment is gradually starting to work on the beaches.

March is a great time for sightseeing trips, from the second half of May a beach vacation in Tel Aviv begins.


In September, the velvet season begins in Tel Aviv, after the heat of August, the temperature drops slightly. In October, the average air temperature is + 26ºС.

Good to know! It is September and October that tourists call the ideal time to travel to Tel Aviv.

It starts raining in November, so it makes sense to check the weather forecast before the trip.


The winter months in Tel Aviv are warm, there is no snow, you can even swim in the sea. Average daily air temperature + 18ºС. The only nuance that can ruin the impression of rest is rains. The winter months are suitable for pilgrimage.

Tourists relax on the beach
When to go to Tel Aviv

It is impossible to distinguish clearly low and high tourist season in Tel Aviv. In different months people come here for different purposes. From May to November, tourists enjoy relaxing on the beaches, inspecting the depths of the sea. In the early spring and late autumn, sightseeing, treatment in clinics in Israel.

Important! The most difficult thing is to book accommodation from the second half of May to October. In the middle of summer, jellyfish appear off the coast of Tel Aviv.

Accommodation in Tel Aviv

Apartments Go Tel Aviv
Go tel aviv

The choice of hotels is large, where to stay depends on individual preferences and budget. The most budget option is a double room, in the high beach season the price is from $ 23, but be prepared for Spartan conditions. The minimum prices in Tel Aviv for apartments are $ 55. Accommodation in a hostel costs from $ 23.

Important! Prices for holidays in Tel Aviv and hotel accommodation in summer and winter differ by an average of 20%.

Tel Aviv Hotel Prices for Different Seasons

Hotel Status Hotel Prices in Tel Aviv
in spring summer in the fall
3 star hotels 80 $ 155 $ 155 $
Apartments 45 $ 55 $ 55 $
5 star hotels 180 $ 195 $ 175 $

Find out RATES or book any accommodation using this form

Food in Tel Aviv

There are enough places in the city where you can eat tasty and satisfying. Everything rests on the budget and the status of the institution.

Lunch for two in a cafe, Tel Aviv
  • Lunch for one in an inexpensive restaurant – $ 15.
  • A 3-course dinner for two in a mid-priced establishment is $ 68.
  • Combo set at McDonalds – $ 13.5.
  • Cappuccino – $ 3.5.
  • Beer 0.5 – $ 7-9.

You can always eat street food. Local and experienced tourists note that the quality of the dishes is decent, however, as is the taste. Street food prices in Tel Aviv range from $ 3 to $ 8 per dish.

In Tel Aviv, it is customary to leave a tip – about 10% of the value of the check. However, a common situation is when tips are already included in the bill. If they exceed 20%, you need to tell the waiter about it.

In accordance with Shabbat, most catering establishments are closed from Friday evening to Saturday evening.

Buying products on the Tel Aviv market

If you plan to cook yourself:

  • products are best bought in local markets, as supermarkets are overpriced;
  • closer to the end of the working day and on the eve of Shabbat prices are reduced;
  • A popular local farmers market is Carmel;
  • food prices in Tel Aviv are 20% -30% lower in markets than in supermarkets.

Attractions and entertainment

First of all, Tel Aviv personifies the independence of the Jewish people, since here in 1948 a decision was made to create an independent state of Israel.

Jaffa Old Town

If you like the mythology and archaeological values ​​of Israel, go to the ancient city of Jaffa , since the middle of the last century it has been combined with Tel Aviv.

Good to know! Many people call Tel Aviv New York on the map of Israel and even local Ibiza.

Each district is like a flap of a blanket with a different way of life, buildings. There can be many reasons to come to Tel Aviv – beach relaxation, colorful parties, visiting historical sights or cultural events.

Interesting fact! Fans of theatrical art are invited to the Gesher Theater, where performances in Russian are held.

At the Eretz Yisrael Museum
Eretz Israel Museum

Be sure to plan a visit to museums. The most popular is the Eretz Yisrael Museum, the exposition is dedicated to archaeological excavations that took place in Israel. Another popular museum is the Fine Arts, which presents the work of famous artists. This is the largest art museum in Israel.

At the Tel Aviv Museum of Art
Art Museum

The Hamila Tower is a landmark preserved in Tel Aviv as evidence of the Ottoman Empire being in its territory. The construction was built in honor of one of the sultans.

It would be an unforgivable mistake to come to Tel Aviv and not look at it from a bird’s eye view. The observation deck is equipped on the 49th floor of the Ariel Center. By the way, the Center of three towers was built at the expense of a businessman from Canada.

Azrieli Observatory

Interesting fact! Of great interest to tourists is the building of the madhouse, its architecture resembles a plant, and the balustrades are decorated with frescoes and sculptures.

What else to visit in Tel Aviv:

  • Dizeng district – Tel Aviv shopping center and its business card;
  • Rabin Square is a favorite vacation spot of many residents;
  • Kerem HaTey – the most religious district of Tel Aviv, there are many Yemeni restaurants and facilities;
  • art fair;
  • Neve Tzedek – an ancient district;
  • Sheinkin street – there are a lot of shops and cafes, young people gather at the weekend, citizens are resting.
Neve Zedek District
Neve Tzedek

A selection of Tel Aviv attractions that are worth seeing in the first place, see this article (with photo and map).

Tel Aviv Nightlife

To imagine the nightlife of Tel Aviv, you need to mix a glass of water in London nightclubs, the carefree of Barcelona and the fun of Berlin, season the cocktail with a Mediterranean climate.

Tel Aviv Nightlife

Nightclubs, despite the name, open in the early morning and work until the last visitor leaves. Locals say that Tel Aviv never sleeps, there are large clubs where famous musicians come, small underground and beach bars. Nightlife begins precisely in beach bars, young people gather on the beach around 23-00.

Beach bar

Practical information:

  • the best nights to stay in Tel Aviv in Israel – Thursday and Friday;
  • almost all bars in Tel Aviv have dance floors, such establishments are located in all areas;
  • large night clubs are concentrated in industrial areas;
  • many parties are held on the beaches.

Sea Holidays in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv’s beaches are clean and relatively sparsely populated. Inexperienced tourists should take into account that there is a strong current near the shore, therefore it is preferable to swim where there are lifeguards, during the winter months the rescue towers are empty. When black flags appear on the shore, surfers are activated, who seek to conquer the waves. In the summer, you should not be in the open sun, always have sunscreen and water with you.

Sea Holidays in Tel Aviv

The beaches of Tel Aviv are suitable for families with children. Mostly locals come to rest on the beaches of Ha Tsuk, Tel Baruh and Matsitsim. And on the beach of Nordau, the days are divided into women’s and men’s.

The most popular beaches of Tel Aviv:

  • Dolphinarium beach is represented by two parts – the southern beach – Drum and the northern – Banana;
  • Gordon;
  • Rishon Lezion;
  • Jerusalem;
  • Alma
  • Jaffa – poorly developed infrastructure;
  • Charles Clor.
Jerusalem Beach, Tel Aviv
Jerusalem beach

Almost all the beaches have deck chairs, umbrellas, cafes, lifeguards on duty. Lovers of outdoor activities can visit the sports grounds. There are also many diving and surfing centers in Tel Aviv.

Description with photos of each of the beaches of Tel Aviv, see this page .

Transport system

Directly in Tel Aviv it is easy to travel by three transports:

Bus of the Dan transport company
  • by buses – do not go to Shabbat;
  • minibus taxi;
  • private taxi – on Shabbat, the fare increases by 20%.

The most popular form of transport is the buses of the Dan transport company (white and blue). In the direction of the suburbs, the transport companies Kavim and Egged travel.

Practical information:

  • entrance only through the front door;
  • tickets are sold at bus stops, at the driver or at the box office;
  • the price of tickets is indicated only in shekels;
  • price – 6.9 shekels;
  • work schedule – from 5-00 to 24-00.
Taxi in Tel Aviv

Shuttle taxis or share in many ways are similar to buses, but there are certain differences:

  • transport is at the point of departure until the cabin is completely full;
  • the fare is paid to the driver;
  • ticket price 6.9 shekels;
  • stops at the request of the passenger.

There are 4 railway stations in Tel Aviv, so you can travel around the city by train (the railway runs from 5-24 to 0-04). Ticket price 7 shekels. Trains do not go to Shabbat.

Important! If you live elsewhere and travel to Tel Aviv for an excursion, follow to Tel Aviv Center – Savidor Station.

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How to get from the airport to them. Ben gurion

At the airport to them. Ben-Gurion operates two terminals – 1 and 3. Most international flights accept 3 terminals. There are several ways to get from here to Tel Aviv.

By train from Ben Gurion Airport

The easiest and most affordable way is the train. However, it should be borne in mind that the trains do not go at night and on Shabbat. On Friday, trains leave only until 14-00, then begin to run on Saturday from 19-30. Trains stop right at terminal 3, it’s easy to find the station using the signs. You can buy tickets in the machine. Algorithm of actions:

  • choose a language;
  • choose the nearest flight;
  • choose the direction of movement – one way or two;
  • choose an adult or children’s ticket;
  • pay for a ticket through a special bill exchanger.

Important! Payment can be made by credit card.

An assistant is always on duty next to the machine, who will tell you how to pay for the fare. The ticket must be used in the turnstile and saved until the end of the trip, since the exit is by ticket.

The fare is 16 shekels. The road takes a quarter of an hour.

There are always bus and minibus stops near the train stations, and taxis stop at special parking lots.

Another way to get from the airport to Tel Aviv is by bus. The method is inexpensive, but not comfortable. Flights No. 5 depart from terminal 3.

Important! There are no direct flights between the airport and the center of Tel Aviv. But the fare is only 14 shekels.

Practical information:

Flight No. 249
  • you need to go by bus number 5, at the stop Ben Gurion Airport EL Al Junction and transfer to flight number 249;
  • Public transport does not go to Shabbat at night.

Minibuses also depart from terminal 3, flights are provided around the clock and seven days a week. The fare will cost 60 shekels. The salon of such taxis is cramped and not suitable for traveling with children and luggage.

Taxi or monitor is the fastest and most convenient way to get from the airport to Tel Aviv. Cars drive seven days a week and at any time. Payment on the meter, and on Shabbat and other holidays, the cost increases by 20-25%. Extra baggage is paid. The price of the trip is from 170 shekels.

Important! By taxi, as a rule, there is a line near the airport, so you have to wait a while.

Holidays in Tel Aviv is a fascinating adventure, you will find various entertainments in a modern dynamic city. We hope that our review will help to organize the trip with maximum comfort.

The main attractions and all the beaches of Tel Aviv are marked on the map below.

Holidays in Tel Aviv, Israel

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