Tourist’s guide to Herzliya – what is special about it?

The city of Herzliya (Israel) has a very favorable location: on the Mediterranean coast, only 12 km from Tel Aviv. Such a close neighborhood is one of the reasons why Herzliya is known as the “rich sister of Tel Aviv.”

Herzliya city

The year of foundation of Herzliya is considered to be 1924, when the Lancet family settled on the abandoned but fertile lands of the Sharon Valley. Very soon another 7 families began to settle in this area, and after a couple of months about 500 people already lived here. In 1960, Herzliya officially became known as the city.

Modern Herzliya covers an area of ​​about 24 km², and its population is almost 94,000 people. Thanks to numerous IT companies located here, Herzliya is the second largest financial city in the country.

Pituach District

Of greatest interest is the urban area of ​​Pituah (the “village of millionaires”, “Silicon Valley” of Israel) – the most prestigious and expensive residential area of ​​Israel. Pituach is the second and main reason why Herzliya became the “rich sister of Tel Aviv.”

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In the tourist part of the resort, spread out on the seashore, you can find everything that is required for a rich comfortable stay: luxury hotels, yacht clubs, excellent beaches.

The city of Herzliya in Israel, the photo of which you will find on this site, is a great place where you can improve your health, have a good rest on the seashore, and spend time actively exploring various attractions. Everyone likes to relax here: fans of active pastime, couples with children, the elderly, romantic couples.

Beach holidays in Herzliya

In the summer, the city of Herzliya in Israel pleases its guests with sunny weather (air temperature is around +30 ° C), very warm waters of the Mediterranean Sea, magnificent sand of beautifully equipped beaches.

Beach holidays in Herzliya

The coast in Herzliya is quite high, so for the descent to the sea and the rise from it, in addition to stairs and paths, 2 modern elevators are provided. They work from 6:00 to 24:00.

Herzliya has 7 municipal beaches (their total length is 6 km), the entrance to which is absolutely free. For recreation there everything is very well equipped. Comfortable toilets are installed every 100 meters. There are enclosed spaces where you can change clothes and take a shower (separately for men and women). Closer to the shore there is a shared shower where you can wash off salt water. In addition, there are taps so that you can wash the sand off your feet, and next to them are comfortable benches. Sunbeds, umbrellas and towels are rented everywhere.

Waiters constantly go around the territory, offering vacationers drinks and food. Here you can order breakfast and lunch directly to the sunbed.

Beach in Herzliya

The entry into the water is gentle, the bottom is good, sandy. Sometimes there are strong waves, literally knocking down and tens of meters away from the place of entry into the water.

I am glad that there are rescuers. They work from early morning until 18:00 – it then begins to get dark, so the beach formally works until this time.

Free parking is available along the entire coast. Despite the fact that it is quite spacious, finding a free parking space can be difficult, especially during the season and holidays. Then you have to look for a suitable place on the nearest streets of the city, and from there go to the sea.

The most popular beaches

Among all the beaches of Herzliya, Akkadia is especially popular. According to tourists, and the inhabitants of Herzliya, Akkadia is almost the best place to relax on the whole Mediterranean Sea. It is very wide, with a smoothly increasing depth to the breakwaters, but walking far north towards the water is not very convenient due to the fact that fine pebbles come to replace the sand. There are several surfing schools, you can work out with a trainer and rent the necessary equipment. A fashionable yacht club settled right next to Akkadia.

Akkadia Beach

Good and Ha Nechim beach. It is perfectly prepared for a comfortable stay for people with disabilities.

The beaches of Ha Sharon and Zvulun deserve special love among the urban population.

Ha Nifrad beach is notable for the fact that Orthodox Jews chose it for themselves. Both men and women can visit it, only on different, strictly agreed days of the week.

Herzliya Attractions

Israeli authorities spend quite large sums on the development of the city, including archaeological excavations, the maintenance of various cultural sites, and the preservation of historical and natural attractions.

What can you do in Herzliya besides swimming in the sea? What interesting sights can I see here?

Herzliya Harbor
Herzliya Harbor

Yacht marina is one of the most significant sights of Herzliya and Israel, because it is the largest maritime harbor in the Middle East. About 800 berths for ships of various sizes are equipped here, and anyone can rent a yacht with or without a captain and go to sea. In summer, Herzliya Marina is not only a marina for yachts, but also a place for walks by the sea, concerts and sports. There is where to relax: cafes, restaurants, shops, children’s water slides. On weekends, a fair takes place at the marina (it is itself considered a local attraction), where you can buy interesting souvenirs.

Yacht Harbor Address: St. Shell 1, Herzliya 46552, Israel.

Modern Art Museum

4 Habanima Street, Herzliya, Israel – at this address is the Herzliya Museum of Contemporary Art, another attraction of the resort city.

Modern Art Museum

Each year, the museum organizes 4 temporary exhibitions, each of which includes 50 individual exhibitions, united by one theme. During these events, the works of contemporary artists from Israel and other countries are demonstrated.

The expositions present works of various genres and techniques: painting, sculpture, photography, installation, performance, video art. The sculptures are mainly exhibited in the territory adjacent to the museum building, right under the open sky.

The entrance ticket to the museum costs 30 shekels, and you can visit this attraction at such a time:

  • Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday – from 10:00 to 14:00;
  • Tuesday and Thursday – from 16:00 to 20:00.

Herzliya City Park

This attraction appeared in 2002. Then the local authorities spent a lot of money on transforming the abandoned wasteland, and as a result Herzliya Park appeared. Beautiful, well-groomed, comfortable, it has become a favorite vacation spot for citizens and visiting tourists. Everyone will find here something to their liking:

Herzliya City Park
  • For fans of a sports lifestyle, a playground with a variety of fitness equipment is equipped. There is also a beautiful 1 km long rubber-coated track for jogging or walking. A scoreboard is installed next to the track, which shows the temperature and time – after each lap you can see the time it took to overcome 1 km.
  • For children of different ages, a huge playground has been equipped with various swings, slides, mazes, bungee. Advice to mothers: while dads are watching the children’s games, you can do some shopping at the 7 Stars shopping center across the street.
  • Shops among greenery
  • Luxurious lawns and parasols are the perfect haven for those wishing to lie on the grass.
  • For fans of picnics there is a special area with tables and barbecue. There are several good cafes.
  • Shops among the greenery and on the shore of the lake, in which frogs often sing, are perfect for romantics.
  • For those who come to walk their four-legged friend, a special platform is provided.
  • An open stage and an amphitheater are places where concerts and dance lessons are often held.
Amphitheater Concert

This ecological attraction is located almost in the center of Herzliya. The park is limited: on the east side – by Joseph Nevo Street, on the south – Ben Zion Michaeli Boulevard, on the west – Ayalon Highway and from the north – Menachem Begin Boulevard. Exact address: Near the Seven Stars Shopping Center, Herzliya, Israel.

Apollonia National Park

To the north of the city, on the Mediterranean coast, is Apollonia National Park, also known as Arsuf Park.

Apollonia National Park

Once upon a time there was an ancient city, now there are only the ruins of the citadel of the crusaders (built in 1241-1265). At the entrance to the territory there is another ancient attraction: the furnace, which the Byzantines used to burn glass and clay products.

Stronger than the ancient buildings, the views opening from here are impressive. Apollonia Park is located on a cliff, from the top of which you can see the sea, old Jaffa, Caesarea.

View from Apollonia Park

The territory of the park is small, well planned. Tracks are laid that are suitable for both strollers and wheelchairs. Toilets, benches for relaxing and picnic tables are installed, there is drinking water. There is a spacious parking lot in front of the entrance.

The ruins of the citadel

This natural attraction is available for visits all days of the week: from Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 16:00, and on Saturday and Sunday from 8:00 to 17:00. It’s better to come here early on weekdays, because from about 11:00, especially on weekends, crowds of people gather.

Entrance is paid – 22 shekels (about $ 5) for an adult, 19 shekels for students and 9 shekels for children.

The opening hours and cost of admission tickets were updated in December 2018. Any further changes can always be found on the official website of the Apollonia National Park:

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How much will it cost to stay in Herzliya

Herzliya is Israel’s fashionable resort, where vacationers are offered a variety of high-level services. It is clear that such comfort is not cheap. This should be remembered when planning a stay here: what type of accommodation to rent, where to eat, relax on free beaches or visit paid attractions.


In total, there are about 700 hotel buildings in Herzliya, most of which are located on the waterfront. There are much more 4 * and 5 * hotels in this city of Israel than budget accommodation (although the concept of “budget” for such a luxury resort is relative).

Several famous 5 * Herzliya hotels:

Hotel room Dan Accadia Hotel
Dan Accadia Hotel
  • Dan Accadia Hotel is located right on the beach and offers 208 stylish rooms. You can rent a double room for a day in the high season for the following money: standard – from 487 €, Garden number – from 686 €.
  • Herods Herzliya Hotel is located on the seafront. Accommodation in a double room in the summer will cost from 320 to 1136 € per night.
  • The Ritz-Carlton is located in the marina area above Arena Shopping Center. This hotel is a kind of city attraction, the main feature of which is the rooftop pool, which offers stunning views of the city and the water. Superior double room in June costs 483 € per day, and executive suites (most of them) – from 679 €.

From more budget options are in demand:

Hotel room Sharon Hotel Herzliya
Sharon Hotel Herzliya
  • Sharon Hotel Herzliya is located in the city, within walking distance from the beach. A classic double room in the summer costs from 149 €, superior – from 160 €, deluxe – from 183 €.
  • Aparthotel Okeanos on the Beach. Studio apartment for two in high season costs 164 € per night, the same room with sea view – 186 €, classic apartment – from 203 €.
  • Benjamin Herzliya Business Hotel is located in the city center. Here you can rent a double room for 155 – 180 € per day.

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There are no fewer cafes and restaurants in Herzliya than hotels. A good meal in a mid-range restaurant can be for $ 14-17, a lunch for two of three dishes will cost about $ 50-60. A fast food establishment can be eaten for $ 12-15.

How to get to Herzliya

Foreign tourists who want to relax in this Israeli resort usually fly to Ben Gurion Airport (Tel Aviv), and from there they go to Herzliya by train, bus or taxi.

Railway station at Ben Gurion Airport
  1. Before exits 21 and 23 from the terminal 3 building there is a bus stop. By shuttle No. 5, you need to get to the Airport City station, from where buses leave for Haifa – any of them will do.
  2. The railway station at Ben Gurion Airport is located on the lower floor (S) of Terminal 3. At Nat-bg station, take train number 50 and go to Haganah Station in Tel Aviv. Then there are two options – a train and a bus, but the train is much more convenient, because the change is at the same station: train number 90, which goes directly to Herzliya.
  3. A taxi from the airport will cost about 45-55 € – such a trip is justified if several people are traveling.

As for the Tel Aviv-Herzliya trip (Israel), the best option would be train number 90, next from Haganah Station.

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