Tourist’s guide to Hadera Beach City in Israel

Hadera (Israel) is a small resort town located in the central part of the country. You can get to the resort from Tel Aviv in just 30 minutes. The western part of Hadera is located on the Mediterranean coast, it is here that Givat Olga beach is located. The eastern part – Beit Eliezer – is located in the picturesque Sharon Valley and is famous for its orange groves. A fifth of the total population of Hadera are immigrants, most of all immigrants from the Soviet Republics and Ethiopia.

Hadera, Israel

Photo: Hadera, Israel

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General information about Hadera

The city of Hadera is located approximately between Tel Aviv and Haifa, so it is convenient to get here from two settlements. A distinctive feature by which it is easy to recognize the resort is the high pipes of the thermal power station. The power plant was built in 1982 and was named in honor of Yitzhak Rabin “Rabin Lights”.

High CHP Pipes

Interesting fact! In colloquial terms, the name of the city is pronounced with emphasis on the second vowel – E, however, in official sources the stress is indicated on the last vowel – A.

Historical excursion

The status of the city of Hadera was received in 1936, the decision to establish the settlement was made by the participants of the organization “Hovevei Zion” – immigrants from Europe and Russia.

Hadera, top view

Hadera in Arabic means “swamp color”, the name appeared for a reason – the city was built on wetlands. The purpose of its foundation is to create decent conditions for the return of Jews to their native land.

Initially, the town was a modest settlement surrounded by swamps. For many years, local residents were forced to repel the constant attacks of the Turks and Bedouins, the situation was complicated by epidemics of malaria.

Good to know! In 1895, Baron Rothschild allocated a large sum for the destruction of swamps, an increase in the area of ​​green spaces. Since then, the appearance of the city has changed dramatically.

Hadera Forest

Eucalyptus was fought with swamps – their root system perfectly draws moisture from the soil. By the way, today in Hadera many eucalyptus trees have survived, whose age already exceeds 100 years.

Modern Hadera is a small resort town, which consists of several residential areas located at some distance. Two large industrial enterprises operate in the city, and a sanatorium for the military is built on the seashore. Guests of the resort town come to the railway station, for tourists traveling by car, two highways are laid – No. 2 and No. 4. The resort industry is concentrated in the northern regions of Hadera.

Important! 22% of the residents of Hadera are immigrants from the CIS countries, respectively, the rest for Russian-speaking travelers is especially comfortable here.

Attractions Hadera

The city of Hadera in Israel is a modest, quiet and young town, so there are not a lot of attractions here. However, there are places that are of particular importance to the inhabitants of the city.

“Energy of courage”

The Museum of Military Glory is the only one in Israel. Among the exhibits presented a military uniform of different historical periods and countries. You can also see weapons covering the time period from antiquity to the present day. Tourists are particularly interested in the collection of daggers.

Museum of Military Glory

Interesting fact! The founder of the museum, David Zelvensky, is a military historian, writer, and guide.

In the museum “Energy of courage”

In the main museum building there are two expositions devoted to the heroism and military glory of the Jewish people. An exhibition of works by frontline correspondents, children’s drawings and professional photographs of the war years are located in the courtyard and lobby of the museum.

Great Synagogue and Khan

These two attractions can be distinguished into a single group, since they are located nearby. For the construction of the synagogue had to partially destroy the khan (inn). Initially, the city authorities wanted to completely demolish the historic building, but local residents did not allow it, they managed to defend 10 rooms of the khan, where tourists and guests of Hadera come with pleasure today.

Great Synagogue

The synagogue was built for four years – from 1936 to 1940. The building is made in the form of a fortress, since initially it was supposed to protect the city from attack by Arabs. The synagogue is decorated with the characteristic features of the national style (in those years, similar buildings were actively erected in Jerusalem).

Interesting fact! The grand opening of the synagogue was timed to coincide with the half-century anniversary of Hadera, but then finishing work was carried out for another 10 years.

Khan or inn

If you stand facing the synagogue, on the right is the only surviving building in Hadera – the khan or the inn. At first it was used as a hotel, then it was retrained for agricultural needs. Then the first residents of Hadera settled in the building, separate rooms were used for household needs. After people were resettled in residential buildings in the khan, they equipped an oil press, after which there was a pharmacy and an inhouse. Between 1925 and 1948, the police station was located in the building.

Historical Museum in Khan

Today in the surviving rooms is a historical museum that tells about the development of the city in Israel from the first days to the present.

Yatir Forest and Sharon Park

Yatir Forest is the largest in Israel; over 1.2 million different trees grow on its territory. It is noteworthy that the forest is located at the border of two climatic zones, so here you can meet the most unusual plants, and several species of turtles found their home in the forest.

Sharon Park

If you want to feel powerful tranquility and enjoy natural beauties, take a walk in Sharon Park, where a eucalyptus forest is planted, and a hiking trail is laid among the lakes. It is especially beautiful in the park in spring, when poppies bloom here and nature comes to life.

Note! If you do not like to sit in one place, visit the excavations of an ancient Byzantine settlement – Caesarea Palestinian National Park. The attraction is located a few kilometers from Hadera in Israel. There is also a permanent exhibition of artists – local and foreign.

“Hand for the brothers”
Memorial “Hand for brothers”

The memorial complex, opened in honor of the residents of Hadera, who died during the wars and terrorist attacks. The attraction is an exposition of complex shape – marble slabs are laid out in the form of books, and marble columns symbolize eight candles. The memorial complex carved the names of milestones who died as a result of terrorist attacks in the period from 1991 to 2001.

Since 2011, in Hadera, by decision of the City Hall, a project has been actively developing to revive and restore historical and architectural monuments of the city in Israel. To date, tourists have laid the Eucalyptus Route hiking route, which consists of 16 memorial sites. There are signs in the city with detailed information about the route and each attraction.

On a note! Excursions to various cities of Israel – Jerusalem, Haifa and Tel Aviv – regularly depart from Hadera. Comfortable buses carry guests.

Beach in Hadera “Givat Olga”

Located on the Mediterranean coast. The name of the beach is associated with the name of the girl who lived in this area in the last century. This is the only midwife Olga Hankin.

Beach in Hadera "Givat Olga"

In the past, this part of the coast did not enjoy a very good reputation due to the large amount of dirt. Several times the beach even got into the anti-rating. However, the city authorities decided to put in order the shore and today Givat Olga beach is on the list of the cleanest and most environmentally friendly places in Israel.

The most beautiful part of the coast is the south, there are many rocky reefs and it is here that you can fully experience the beauty of the sea landscape.

The southern part of Givat Olga beach

There are no artificial breakwaters on the beach, so the coastline is flat – this is the main difference between Givat Olga and other beaches in Israel.

CHP "Rabin Lights"

A military sanatorium was built in the northern part, and behind it is the Rabin Lights fire station. The beach is popular with locals, tourists, and extreme sports enthusiasts. On hot days, fans of camping, sea fishing and recreation in camps gather here. But for tourists who want to relax in a cafe or restaurant on the beach, Olga Givat beach is not suitable.

Good to know! Extreme lovers can stroll along the slope that hangs over the reefs and admire the beach from above.

Givat Olga and the sharks
White shark

Near the power plant, the water is much warmer, therefore, white sharks regularly sail here, who have chosen this place when you need to wait out the cold.

Sea predators appear off the coast of Hadera in the cold season, when the ocean cools, and remain here until warming. By the way, near the resort town saw many species of sharks, from harmless – sandy and dusk, to carnivorous – white and tiger.

Interesting fact! White sharks are an endangered species, so film crews and scientific expeditions often come to Hadera.

Accommodation in Hadera

Room at Ramada Resort Hadera Beach
Ramada Resort Hadera Beach

Hadera is a tourist destination for guests who like to travel in comfort. The first hotels began to appear in the city relatively recently, still some tourists prefer to stay in Tel Aviv or in Haifa, and come to Hadera for excursions.

Important! Many travelers note that housing prices in the city are low, everything here is designed for a comfortable, family vacation.

Hadera hotels are built mainly on the seashore, each has its own personal beach. Double room at the hotel will cost $ 159. A room in a guest house will cost $ 20, renting a house – $ 199.

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Weather when it is better to go

Hadera has a mild climate; during the year, the average temperature is +21 degrees. The hottest season is from June to September. In December it gets cooler – +19 degrees.

Hadera air temperature

Important! In the summer in Hadera it is not only hot, but also stuffy. Air heats up to +35 degrees and is saturated with moisture. To transfer such a climate is quite difficult. The best time to visit the resort is September and October.

There is practically no rainfall in Hadera, most often it rains in January, usually no more than 8 days.

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How to get to Hadera from Ben Gurion and Tel Aviv

The resort can be reached in several ways.

By train
By train to Hadera

The railway connection in Israel is organized in such a way that guests leave the airport building and immediately find themselves at the station. Trains leave every hour; guests spend about one hour on the road, but there are flights for 2 hours. The route involves one change – at Tel Aviv station, University. Ticket price – $ 7.18. Tickets can be bought at the box office or booked online ( All trains departing from Ben-Gurion Airport follow through Tel Aviv (Ha-Hagan, Ha-Shalom, Merkaz-Tsentralnaya, University).

Important! To get to the railway station from terminal 3, just go down one floor. A special shuttle follows from the first terminal to the train station. Departure time – every 15 minutes.

By bus
Egged Bus

As for bus routes, there is no direct connection between the airport and Hadera. First you need to take the shuttle No. 5 (Egged Service Lines carrier), which leaves from terminal 3. The bus goes to the Airport City stop, from where you can get to various cities in Israel, including Hadera.

Hadera (Israel) is a wonderful, quiet town with a clean beach. It offers easy access to Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and other attractions.

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