The best guided tours in Jerusalem and their prices

Holy places tours have long been included in the list of most popular services. Now they are provided not only by large companies, but also private guides who are well acquainted with the history of Israel. To help you make a choice, we read reviews of tourists and compiled a selection of the best destinations. It should be noted that the price of the excursion in Jerusalem in Russian is fixed and does not depend on the number of participants in the group.

Tours in Jerusalem


Guide Paul

Paul is an interesting storyteller and just a nice person who knows literally everything about the history of Jerusalem. Being a big travel lover, he builds the program in such a way as to take into account the interests of each group member. But most importantly, Paul not only presents dry historical facts, but also immerses travelers in the lives of the simplest people. If you want to deviate from the usual routes, try unusual dishes and take truly unique photographs, you definitely have one.

The many faces of Jerusalem
  • Price: 85 €
  • Occupation: 3 hours
  • Quantity: 1-5 people
Anointing stone

Do you want to know the history of the Old City, to see the place of the last meal of Jesus Christ and to join the life of Orthodox Jews? Or maybe you are more interested in the legendary Anointing Stone, on which the body of the crucified Messiah was laid, or is Golgotha ​​herself? Then you are definitely here!

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During this excursion program, which is conducted in Russian, tourists will definitely not be bored, because every minute of it will be more than eventful! In addition to exploring the country’s main historical sites, you can stroll through the many neighborhoods of Jerusalem, enjoy the unique atmosphere of the eastern bazaar and enjoy the unforgettable taste of cardamom coffee.

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Olga - a guide in Jerusalem

Olga, who came to Israel from Russia in 2006, is one of the best Russian guides in the country. Having the appropriate license, organizes both group and individual tours of the Holy Land. He is interested in the everyday life of ordinary Jews (both ancient and modern) and is happy to share his discoveries with tourists. And most importantly, Olga easily turns complex terms into simple, interesting and accessible information for everyone.

All of Jerusalem on foot
  • Price: 225 €
  • Occupation: 6 hours
  • Quantity: 1-10 people

Get around the entire Old City in just 6 hours? Why not?! Moreover, for this there is a separate tour in Jerusalem in Russian, during which you can visit 1 panoramic platform, 2 mosques, 3 synagogues and 4 whole churches.

Church of the Holy Sepulcher

Sightseeing begins at the Jaffa Gate and includes a visit to Mount Zion, the Wailing Wall, Cardo, the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, as well as Jewish, Armenian and Christian quarters, replete with historical and religious relics. In addition, you can climb the walls of the Old City, learn the secret of Seder Passover, visit the tomb of King David and get acquainted with other shrines of Jerusalem.

Old City Walls, Jerusalem
Underground Jerusalem – The City of King David
  • Price: 225 €
  • Occupation: 6 hours
  • Quantity: 1-10 people
Underground jerusalem

As part of this tour, a truly unforgettable experience awaits you! Just imagine – you can stroll through the underground tunnels of the ancient city, get to the Shiloah basin, see the base of the tower guarding the waters of the sacred spring, and climb to the Temple Mount along the legendary Herodian street. That was the way of the ancient pilgrims, which in our days can be repeated by anyone. All points of this tourist route are described in Russian, which will allow you to find out a lot of interesting facts. In addition, the group members are expected to visit the Excavation Museum, the Tomb of King David, the Wailing Wall and other historical sites.

Jordan and Masada in one day
  • Price: 240 €
  • Takes: 8 hours
  • Quantity: 1-10 people
Herodion, Israel

If you are looking for excursions from Jerusalem to Israel, pay attention to the tour “Jordan and Masada in one day”! During this walk you can visit 2 important sites at once. One of them is the city of Herodion, the only place in the country bearing the name of the despicable king. Here you can learn absolutely everything about the fate of this controversial historical figure, compare information with Christian dogmas and even see with your own eyes the place considered to be the tomb of Herod.

Another iconic site is the Masada fortress, known for its impressive defense walls, the Hanging Castle, stone pools and the remains of unique Roman baths. A cable car raises the mountain of tourists, allowing you to enjoy the wonderful view and take beautiful pictures. An additional bonus of this program will be a trip to the Dead Sea, the Monastery of St. Gerasim, Qumran or Qasr El-Yahud (to choose from).

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Tour Guide Orna

The next three excursions are conducted by the guide Orna, a native of Kiev, who moved to Israel in 1990. Being a certified historian and having vast experience, she certainly will not leave you indifferent. It seems that this extraordinary and incredibly charismatic person knows absolutely everything about religion and history of the country! Moreover, all the facts are presented not only in an accessible, but also in an interesting way.

2 days at the Dead Sea
  • Price: 250 €
  • Occupies: more than 12 hours
  • Quantity: 1-10 people

Do you want to make an excursion from Jerusalem to the Dead Sea, and at the same time visit many memorable places? This tour will allow you to make your dreams come true. The excursion program, designed for 2 days, includes an acquaintance with the main attractions of Israel. You can drive along the famous Red Road, whose stones are stained with blood, go to the Museum of the Good Samaritan, see the mosaics of ancient synagogues, as well as climb Mount Karantal and visit the monastery, within the walls of which the devil tempted the Messiah.

Masada Fortress

You will also get acquainted with the Masada fortress, a walk along Jerehon, a visit to the most ancient excavations, and even swimming in the waters of the Jordan. At the end of an eventful day, tourists will be able to make purchases at the Ahava cosmetics factory and relax in a hotel on the shores of the Dead Sea.

In the footsteps of Jesus Christ in Jerusalem
  • Price: 240 €
  • Takes: 9 hours
  • Quantity: 1-10 people
Excursion to the Mount of Olives

A tour starting from Mount of Olives will allow you to touch the history of Judea and go all the way of Christ. As part of the program, you will visit the Ascension Monastery of the Ascension and the Church of Augusta Victoria, see the ancient Jewish cemetery and the tomb of the Virgin Mary, stroll through the streets of Old Jerusalem, go through the famous Lion Gate and touch the sacred Anointing Stone. In addition, you are expected to visit Calvary, the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, the cave of Adam, Kuvukliya and other significant Christian sites.

2 shrines in one day
  • Price: 220 €
  • Occupation: 7 hours
  • Quantity: 1-10 people

In order to see several sights of Israel with your own eyes, just buy a tour in Jerusalem in Russian. It begins in Bethlehem, where the Messiah himself and many of his ancestors were born. In addition, it is here that the Church of the Ascension of Christ is located, built by order of Empress Helena and considered one of the most visited places in Israel. Also, tourists can go to the pilgrimage center and buy souvenirs, which can then be blessed in holy places.

Church of the Ascension of Christ

At the end of the walk, travelers return to Jerusalem in order to get acquainted with its main attractions – the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, Jaffa Gate, Calvary, the Wailing Wall, etc.

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Guide Svetlana

Svetlana is an individual guide in Jerusalem, whose professionalism is confirmed not only by relevant diplomas, but also by numerous reviews of satisfied tourists. The main qualities of this amazing guide are extraordinary thinking, an individual approach and deep knowledge in the field of history and religious studies. Works with both adults and children. With pleasure he shares his experience and gives useful tips.

Get to know Jerusalem in 3 hours
  • Price: 150 €
  • Occupation: 3 hours
  • Quantity: 1-10 people

If you have very little free time at your disposal, then a 3-hour group tour in Jerusalem in Russian is just what you need. A well-designed survey walk covers all the key places in the Old Town. Participants are invited to familiarize themselves with the history of the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, touch the Wailing Wall, climb Mount Moria and walk along the streets of original neighborhoods.

Wailing Wall

The program includes 2 busy routes (the choice is made by the group). The first runs through northern Jerusalem, the second through southern. Each of these areas is famous for its relics and historical sites. So, at the northern end of the city you can see the Basilica of St. Anne and the Church of Alexander Nevsky, take a picture at the Damascus Gate and look into the cave of tears of Tsar Hizkiyu. If you decide to get acquainted with the sights located in the southern direction, get ready to climb Mount Zion, visit the Chamber of the Last Supper and visit the ancient Sephardic synagogues.

Last week of Christ’s life
  • Price: 250 €
  • Occupation: 6 hours
  • Quantity: 1-5 people
On a tour the last week of Christ's life

A real journey awaits you, starting from Mount of Olives and ending at 14 stations of Via Dolorosa. Along the way, you will find out what was the last day of the Savior’s life, visit the places he had visited, and find out the secret of the first Temple, erected by order of Constantine the Great. In addition, group members will be able to get acquainted with the history of the Holy Land, burn candles from the Holy Fire and go into the legendary Tomb, which became the last refuge of Jesus.

The story is designed in such a way that the plots from the Book of Genesis come to life before your eyes and immerse you in that special emotional state for which you came to Israel.

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Russian guide Tatyana

For those who are looking for a good Russian-speaking guide in Jerusalem, Tatyana will be a real salvation. She has been living in the country for more than 20 years, 16 of which are engaged in organizing sightseeing tours of the city. As a historian by profession, she enjoys learning the new facets of Israel and is willing to share her discoveries with tourists.

Over the long years of her practice, she had to work with both ordinary travelers and pilgrims of various faiths. It gets along well with children, it offers interesting and varied programs in which you can hardly remain an outside observer.

New Jerusalem and Oriental Market Flavors
  • Price: 70 €
  • Occupies: 3.5 hours
  • Number: up to 16 people
New jerusalem

Would you like to get acquainted with the new Jerusalem and enjoy the unique atmosphere of the eastern bazaars? Hurry up to book a tour in Russian, organized by guide Tatyana. During the walk you will discover a modern metropolis, in which there was a place not only for ancient relics, but also for European culture.

The program includes several routes at once – German, English, French and, of course, Russian. As part of it, you will explore the unusual Ethiopian church, visit the Russian Compound, walk along Ben Yehud, the favorite street of local residents, and also explore the palaces owned by members of the imperial family. After exploring the main attractions of the new Jerusalem, a trip to the famous Mahane Yehuda Bazaar follows. This cult place is simply impossible to get around! Even if you do not intend to buy anything, you are guaranteed tastings and pleasant communication with sellers.

Bazaar of Mahane Yehuda

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Walking in the Holy places, which you probably heard or read about, will leave a truly memorable impression in your memory. The presence of a professional guide cannot be compared with the dry facts described in information brochures and tourist brochures. Use the services of one of them, especially since the price of an excursion in Jerusalem in Russian remains affordable.

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