Tourist’s guide to Be’er Sheva – a city in Israel in the middle of the desert

In many sources about the city of Be’er Sheva (Israel) there are quite conflicting and mixed reviews. Someone writes that this is a sultry provincial town located in a desert area, and someone says that it is a rapidly developing community. To make your own opinion about Beersheba, you need to come here and take … Read more

Tourist’s guide to Tiberias City – Religious Shrine and Health Resort

Tiberias, Israel – an ancient settlement in Israel, located on Lake Kinneret, which is so large that it is also called the sea. For local residents, Tiberias, almost on a par with Jerusalem, is revered as an important religious shrine. This picturesque place with ancient, narrow streets, old houses built of black basalt, annually receives … Read more

Tourist’s guide to Tel Aviv – the main attractions

Tel Aviv is an Israeli city by the Mediterranean Sea that combines ancient antiquity and vibrant modernity. In addition to trips to restaurants and night discos, his guests will find a rich cultural program: Tel Aviv attractions offer unique and completely diverse. In this article, we compiled a selection and a brief description of several … Read more

Tourist’s guide to the City of Nazareth in Israel – Traveling in Gospel Cities

The city of Nazareth is a settlement located in the north of Israel. It is home to 75 thousand inhabitants. The main feature is the largest city in the state, where Christians and Muslims coexist peacefully. Nazareth became famous primarily for its religious sights, because Joseph and Mary lived here, this is the city where … Read more

Tourist’s guide to Rehovot: what to see and what to do

Rehovot (Israel), whose name translates as “wide expanse”, has a unique atmosphere in which modern high-rise buildings are combined with picturesque green corners, and the latest achievements of science and technology go side by side with important historical sights. Get to know this place better? General information If you look at Rehovot on a map … Read more