Tourist’s guide to Neve Zohar – a tiny resort city in Israel on the Dead Sea

Neve Zohar in Israel is one of the most well-groomed and beautiful resorts on the shores of the Dead Sea. Tourists love the village for its clean beaches and picturesque sunsets. There are very few people living here, so the place is perfect for lovers of a calm and measured rest. General information Neve Zohar … Read more

Church of the Holy Sepulcher, center of Christian pilgrims in Jerusalem

The Church of the Holy Sepulcher is a unique shrine in Israel that attracts pilgrims and tourists from all over the world. Despite the lack of pretentious splendor and expensive decorative elements, an atmosphere of grandeur and undeniable holiness reigns in it. It truly is one of a kind. Why is Holy Sepulcher famous? The … Read more

Tourist’s guide to the top 15 Jerusalem Attractions

Israel or the Promised Land is the birthplace of three cultures and religions. The streets are colorful and, multilingual. Religious shrines, historical and architectural sights can be found there at almost every step, attracting millions of tourists to the capital Jerusalem every year. Tourists are attracted not only by sights but also by natural monuments … Read more

Tourist’s guide to Ashdod – a city in Israel with great hospitality

Ashdod, Israel – a resort village on the Mediterranean coast, located three dozen kilometers from Tel Aviv. The settlement is included in the list of the oldest Israeli cities – already several millennia ago, the first human settlements appeared on the territory of the modern settlement. By the way, the name of the city has … Read more

Tourist’s guide to Caesarea – City and National Park in Israel

Caesarea (Israel) is a place where modern achievements of science and technology are intertwined with unique ancient inventions, and historical relics and archaeological exhibits are found literally at every step. Add to this the stunning nature and proximity of the Mediterranean Sea, and you will get the perfect holiday destination. General information Speaking of Caesarea, … Read more

7 best Tel Aviv hotels by the sea – recommended by experienced tourists

Tel Aviv has long been very popular among tourists: mysterious architectural monuments with a thousand-year history, a luxurious beach holiday on the Mediterranean coast, a whirlpool of vibrant nightlife. When planning a trip to this Israeli resort, carefully approach the choice of housing: there are more than 7300 hotel rooms – from inexpensive, but equipped … Read more

What Souvenirs to bring from Israel

Israel is a small, but surprisingly colorful country. People from around the world visit the promised land of Jerusalem to make a pilgrimage to the Holy places, to Tel Aviv, to plunge into its vibrant nightlife, to the Red Sea coast to enjoy an amazing beach holiday and at the Dead Sea. Before leaving, every tourist … Read more

Tourist’s guide to Ein Gedi Nature Reserve in Israel – Oasis in the desert

Ein Gedi Nature Reserve is popular in Israel and is known beyond its borders due to thickets of tropical vegetation, picturesque waterfalls and gullible animals. But the main thing that attracts tourists here is a striking contrast, because this riot of greenery is located in the middle of a desert scorched by the sun. Here … Read more