Guide to Mount of Olives in Jerusalem – a holy place for all believers

 Mount of Olives, is one of the main attractions of Jerusalem. It has a close connection with famous biblical events hence, attracting thousands of pilgrims from around the world. Ordinary travelers visit Jerusalem to see the unsurpassed beauty of this region with their own eyes. What attracts people to Mount of Olives Mount of Olives … Read more

Church of the Holy Sepulcher, center of Christian pilgrims in Jerusalem

The Church of the Holy Sepulcher is a unique shrine in Israel that attracts pilgrims and tourists from all over the world. Despite the lack of pretentious splendor and expensive decorative elements, an atmosphere of grandeur and undeniable holiness reigns in it. It truly is one of a kind. Why is Holy Sepulcher famous? The … Read more

Tourist’s guide to the top 15 Jerusalem Attractions

Israel or the Promised Land is the birthplace of three cultures and religions. The streets are colorful and, multilingual. Religious shrines, historical and architectural sights can be found there at almost every step, attracting millions of tourists to the capital Jerusalem every year. Tourists are attracted not only by sights but also by natural monuments … Read more