Guide to holidays at the Dead Sea in Israel: prices, features and tips

The Dead Sea is a closed salt lake in the Middle East, with countries such as Israel and Jordan, as well as the partially recognized state of Palestine. It is the body of water with the highest salinity in the world – from 300 to 350 ‰ in different years. When compared with popular resorts, for example, the salinity of the Mediterranean Sea does not exceed 40 ‰. The third part of one liter of sea water is salt, which is why it is very difficult to drown here, water pushes a person to the surface. Rest on the Dead Sea – first of all, wellness and beauty treatments, as well as attractions and beach relaxation.

The Dead Sea

Features of rest

The Dead Sea is one of the most mysterious reservoirs. For a long time, the version was maintained that the water here is not suitable for living fish and plants. However, in the 20th century, more than 70 species of simple organisms were discovered in it. The second amazing fact about the sea is that the water in it is always warm. This is due to the presence of hot springs, from which salt and stones are also erupted in addition to hot streams.

Good to know! Mud on the Dead Sea has a therapeutic effect, so tourists smeared it. The healing effect is due to the high content of bromides, insignificant – sulfates.

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About the sea in numbers:

Dead Sea Shore
  • the area of ​​the reservoir is 810 km ²;
  • length – 67 km;
  • width – 18 km;
  • the greatest depth – 377 m;
  • the coast is located at 427 meters below the sea mark – this is the lowest place on the planet.

There are enough interesting places around the sea – ancient manuscripts in the Qumran caves, national parks, the Muji reserve, the desperate Masada fortress and the Lot cave.

Rest and treatment

Resorts of the Dead Sea in Israel have no analogues on the whole planet. The chemical composition of water is represented by a rich set of elements – potassium, calcium, magnesium, sodium, bromide chlorides. The water contains two dozen minerals and salts. Silt formations are rich in minerals – iodine, bromine, substances like hormones.

Healing procedures

The climate of Dead Lake is useful for people with increased fatigue, pathologies of the musculoskeletal system, heart, and nervous system. It is recommended that patients rest after surgery to restore health.

Indications for a trip to the Dead Sea:

  1. Skin diseases.
  2. Mud treatments

    According to statistics, 90% of skin diseases can be cured in resorts and hospitals of the Dead Sea. In this case, the course of therapy significantly reduces the likelihood of a relapse of the disease.

    A person receives comprehensive treatment – bathing, healing mud and safe sun exposure. Climate and natural conditions are effective in eczema and atopic dermatitis.

  3. Joint diseases.
  4. Treatment is carried out using different methods – mineral and thermal procedures, body wraps and compresses with healing mud, mineral and thermal baths.

  5. Heart diseases.
  6. Holidays in the Dead Sea in Israel is indicated for patients who have to undergo heart surgery. Several weeks spent here stabilize the work of the heart muscle and the entire cardiovascular system, which is very important in the postoperative period.

  7. Respiratory system diseases.

On the Dead Sea, air contains 8% more oxygen than anywhere else. The treatment of respiratory pathologies is especially effective here. Even patients who under normal conditions require a certain oxygen regime on this sea can breathe calmly and independently. The chemical composition of the blood also improves.

Treatment in Israel

Important! The Dead Sea has high atmospheric pressure, so blood pressure quickly normalizes.

Dead Sea Cosmetics

There are many laboratories near the sea where they create unique cosmetics for body, face, hands, hair care. All products are based on minerals of the sea. In SPA salons, vacationers are offered a range of health and beauty treatments using salts, gels, creams, balms, shampoos, masks. In hospitals, individual cosmetic programs are developed taking into account the type and condition of the skin, the health of the patient. Each program is designed for a specific period of stay at the resort, a solution to a specific problem.

The Dead Sea

Important! Some hotels offer spa treatments; their price is already included in the rent. However, if you want to undergo an extended course of procedures, a deeper rejuvenation and healing of the body, it is better to contact the clinic.

When to go to the Dead Sea in Israel, depending on the disease:

Disease Period
Psoriasis From the beginning of spring to the end of autumn
Eczema Acne Throughout the year, except for the second half of summer
Pathology of the musculoskeletal system Throughout the year
Respiratory diseases November-April
ENT diseases Throughout the year
Chronic fatigue syndrome From autumn to March
Endocrine system diseases Throughout the year
Neurological diseases From autumn to late spring
Digestive system diseases Throughout the year
Beauty treatments Throughout the year


Skin Disease Treatment

Important! Kids under six years old are not recommended for swimming in salt water.

Weather, when it is better to go to recovery

Holidays on the coast are comfortable, regardless of the season. Even in winter, thanks to the hot springs, the water remains warm – not lower than + 20 ° C.

In the winter months there are rains in the morning and evening, this is the only nuance that can ruin the impression of a trip. Given this fact, the most favorable period for a trip is from mid-spring to mid-autumn. In July and August, the weather gets too hot, so those who do not tolerate high temperatures should better plan a trip for another time.

Water temperature

Useful! For a good healing effect in the sea should be at least a quarter of an hour, then you need to wash off the salt from the body.

The peculiarity of the resorts is the absence of ultraviolet radiation, respectively, it is impossible to sunbathe here, the tan is uniform and beautiful. This phenomenon is explained by two factors:

  • the lake is located in the lowest place on the planet;
  • Vapors form a filter; ultraviolet does not penetrate through it.

Resorts of the Dead Sea in Israel

The main feature of the resorts is not large cities, not villages. There is one full-fledged tourist resort here – Ein Bokek. Also in the category of resort places include the Neve Zohar. Another tourist city of Arad is located 25 km from the sea, there are also certain advantages for vacationers.

Ein Bokek

Many hotels and guest houses are located in Ein Bokek. There are much fewer hotels in Neve Zohar, but each offers an impressive selection of wellness and beauty treatments. If you prefer outdoor activities, choose Ein Gedi. This resort is called the Blooming Dead Sea Oasis. On its territory there are reserves with unique plants and rare animals . It is in Ein Gedi that there are freshwater springs.

Important! On average, the price of one night in a hotel is 3 *** from $ 111, and in a hotel 5 ***** – from $ 238.

Dead Sea Prices

Just relaxing by the salt sea-lake, you already receive free treatment due to the climate, the special composition of sea water and soft sunlight. A healing microclimate was formed above the lake, useful for many diseases, so the time spent on the beaches of the sea will undoubtedly affect the state of health.

SPA treatments in Israel

Many hotels have spa centers where you can take a course of beauty treatments, relax in the saltwater pools, saunas and massage rooms. If you want to undergo deeper treatment, you will have to visit a special clinic, but here the services are all paid.

Prices for holidays in Israel on the Dead Sea:

  • massage – from $ 50 to $ 105;
  • peeling – from $ 50 to $ 100;
  • hydrogen sulfide pool – $ 14;
  • pairing procedures – from $ 208 to $ 277;
  • combined procedures – from $ 97 to $ 110;
  • complex of procedures – from $ 150 to $ 170;
  • beauty services – from $ 20.

Important! If the hotel does not have a SPA center, guests are provided with special cards for visiting beauty treatments in other hotels.

Ein Bokek
Dead Sea, Ein Bokek

The village is positioned as a spa resort, so there are hotels of at least 4 stars category with a large selection of health and beauty treatments. Accommodation will cost from $ 99. You can also choose a more budget option for a double stay – a caravan or apartments. In addition to hotels in the resort there are:

  • Wellness, medical clinics;
  • shops, shopping centers;
  • most of the beaches belong to hotels; there is one free public beach;
  • restaurants, bars, cafes.

Ein Bokek is the main health resort of the sea, respectively, there are no noisy entertainment venues here.

Advice! Be sure to take a panoramic walk along Ein Bokek. The route is best started from the dried up bed of the Nahal Bokek River. While walking, notice how rapidly the landscape is changing. Climb to the remains of the outpost, where you can take beautiful photos.

A detailed description of the resort with a photo is presented on this page .

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Mount Arad, Dead Sea

The resort is located at an altitude of about 600 m above the mark of the sea. There are also spa centers in hotels and hospitals. If you are interested in a homely, secluded atmosphere, book an apartment or a small house. Living in a separate apartment will cost from $ 70. The price of a room in a 4-star hotel is from $ 114, and in a 5-star hotel – from $ 156.

Resort Advantages:

  • according to UNESCO, it is the cleanest city on the planet;
  • room and board prices are not as high as in Ein Bokek;
  • housing is presented in a different price range;
  • dry air, so breathing is easier here;
  • a lot of Russian-speaking population.

The only drawback is the distance from the sea (25 km), it is for this reason that the city is not always called the Dead Sea resort.

Good to know! To get from Arad to the shore, you can use a rented car or public transport (bus No. 384 and 421, travel about $ 6).

The city of Arad is described in more detail here .

Neve Zohar
Neve Zohar, Israel

The resort is a continuation of Ein Bokek (only 3 km to the north). There are few hotels, each has its own beach. There is also a spa and cosmetics shop. Also presented is a good selection of guest houses, apartments. The average price of accommodation at the resort is from $ 82.

4 reasons to go to the Neve Zohar:

  1. visiting a medical clinic;
  2. rest on the beaches;
  3. enjoying privacy and tranquility (Neve Zohar – the most sparsely populated place in Israel);
  4. fascinating excursions.

Important! Hotels are located 2 km from the resort, and in Neve Zohar there are only apartments and guest houses.

All details about the rest in the resort of Neve Zohar are collected in this article .

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Useful Tips

The Dead Sea
  1. The Dead Sea is a unique place in many senses – climate, landscapes, geographical location. Resorts are more focused on a measured, relaxing holiday.
  2. When booking a hotel, it is preferable to choose a full board, as the menu in the restaurants is not always impressive.
  3. It is most convenient to explore the surroundings with a rented car. It is best to visit a car rental office at the airport, this will save time and money on the transfer and road to the hotel.
  4. To lie on your back in the water, you need to lean back a little and pull your knees to your chest (to group). To get to your feet, pull your legs to your chest again, and the water will push you upright.
  5. Experts do not recommend swimming on the stomach, in this case the head deviates strongly back.
  6. If possible, water should be avoided on the face.
  7. You must have a shower gel or regular soap with you to wash off the salt well from the skin. Of course, hygiene items can be bought at local stores, but the price is usually overpriced.
  8. Cosmetics in Israel
  9. In souvenir shops there is a large selection of cosmetics based on the minerals of a salt lake. You can even purchase healing mud – the price of one sachet is about 15 shekels. The price of soap is about 10 shekels one piece.
  10. The price of a vacation in Israel on the Dead Sea practically does not change depending on the season. If you book your accommodation on your own, the price in the winter months is reduced by 25% -40%.
  11. The price of a weekly trip when staying in a 3-star hotel is from $ 1,500. If you book a room in a 4-star hotel, the price will increase to $ 1700.
  12. The resorts are hot all year round, so do not forget about headgear and water, you need to drink at least 1.5 liters of clean water.
  13. In the Dead Sea Lake, you can swim twice a day for no longer than 20 minutes, if you spend more time in the water, you may feel worse.
  14. Be sure to bring rubber swimming shoes to the beach.

Holidays at the Dead Sea may soon become inaccessible, as the water level gradually decreases. According to experts, in 60-70 years there will be no sea. Therefore, it is better to use the opportunity to spend time in one of the most amazing places in the world today.
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