Best Beach Holiday Areas in Israel

Israel is an amazing country in many ways. For example, on its very small area there are 3 seas: the Mediterranean sea, the Red sea and the Dead sea. Israeli holiday destinations located on its coast annually attract hundreds of thousands of tourists from all over the world.

Dead Sea Resort

The geographical features of Israel and warm climatic conditions allow you to have a good vacation at any time of the year. Here are some suggestions:

  • go to the famous Dead Sea, located in the east
  • to sunbathe, swim and engage in exciting scuba diving go south to the beach towns of Israel on the Red Sea
  • in the west of Israel, to see the best and beautifully equipped beaches are located on the Mediterranean coast

Choosing exactly where to holiday on a beach in this country, you need to take into account the features of each beach area. This article will help you make your decision.

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Mediterranean sea holiday spots in Israel

Mediterranean Sea, Israel

The swimming season in the Mediterranean begins in late April and continues until the last days of November. The greatest heat here is observed from the beginning of the first summer month until the end of September, when the air warms up to + 35 … + 40 ° C, and the water temperature in the sea reaches + 28 ° C. Many people think that under such natural conditions it is best to relax, so this is the time in the Mediterranean resorts – a high season with a maximum number of tourists. In April and October, those who don’t like the intense heat come here to rest. The average air temperature at this time is + 26 ° C, water temperature + 20 … + 23 ° C.

The most popular Israeli holiday destinations bordering the Mediterranean Sea are Tel Aviv, Netanya, Herzliya, Bat Yam, Nahariya.

1. Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is an energetic and active city with lots of entertainment. We can say that numerous restaurants, discos and nightclubs work almost continuously here. That is why young people prefer to visit Tel Aviv.

Tel Aviv, Israel

But still, the main reason why tourists of all ages visit Tel Aviv is its 14 km of the beautiful coastline.

The beaches in Tel Aviv are well-groomed, clean, free (with the exception of Ha Tsuk), well-equipped and relatively sparsely populated. They are covered with light sand, with a convenient entry into the water, most of them are suitable for families with children. Almost everywhere there are umbrellas, sunbeds, deck chairs, lifeguards on duty. For tourists who like active holidays, diving and surfing centers await in Tel Aviv. A detailed overview of all the beaches of Tel Aviv can be found in this article.

The choice of hotels here is very wide, and most of them are concentrated along the coast. In high season, the minimum cost of double rooms in 3 * hotels is $ 155, apartments cost from $ 55.

Tel Aviv Resort, Israel

The main advantages of Tel Aviv, recognized as one of the best beach destinations in Israel:

But Tel Aviv is not only one of the best, but also the most expensive city in Israel. In addition, it is a metropolis with all its consequences. This must be taken into account when planning to visit.

2. Netanya

When choosing the places to visit in Israel, you cannot discount Netanya. On 11 km of the city coast with amazing soft sand, there are 8 well-groomed beaches. Due to the gentle entry into the sea, it is convenient to holiday with children here.

On the beaches, everything is provided for a pleasant pastime: sun loungers and umbrellas for rent, toilets, showers and changing rooms, rescue stations.

Netanya Resort, Israel

It should be noted that Netanya is located on a limestone cliff with a height of 15-40 m, and from this cliff you have to go down to the sea. Stairs are provided for the descent to the beach, but the best option is an elevator with panoramic views. Therefore, when choosing a hotel in Netanya you need to consider its distance not from the sea, but from this elevator.

There are many hotels in Netanya, and mainly all of them have a level of 2-4 *, 5 * hotels are only 3. Prices for both accommodation and food are quite moderate for Israel. It should be noted that vacationing here will be a little cheaper than other big cities of Israel. This is one of the decisive points why, when searching for where to holiday in Israel, many tourists, especially local youth, choose Netanya.

Netanya, Israel

So, the main positive points about a vacation to Netanya are:

  • well developed tourist infrastructure
  • beaches – one of the best in the country for families with children
  • convenient location relative to the main attractions of Israel
  • cheaper than in other beach destinations in Israel

As for the shortcomings: you need to go down to the sea from a high cliff. Although an elevator is provided for the descent, its location must be considered when choosing a place to lodge during your vacation.

3. Herzliya

The list of the best vacation spots in Israel has to include Herzliya. This most luxurious, fashionable Mediterranean resort with a very relaxed atmosphere is designed for a respectable vacation. In Herzliya there are about 700 hotels concentrated on the promenade, with the vast majority being 4 * and 5 * hotels. It is clear that luxury and comfort are not cheap – prices for budget accommodation in high season start from $ 170 for a double room.

Herzliya, Israel

As in Netanya, Herzliya has a very high shore, and you have to go down to the sea by stairs or by elevators.

But the coast itself (7 free beaches with a length of 6 km) is really almost the best in Israel.  It has gorgeous soft sand, gentle entry into the water, it is super clean, every 100 m there are toilets and enclosed rooms with showers and there are rental sunbeds and umbrellas available.

Here are some salient features of Herzliya if you are considering a visit:

Herzliya Resort, Israel

Details of Herzliya Resort are here.

4. Bat Yam

Bat Yam is one of the seaside resorts in Israel, where it is best to holiday with children. It is a suburb of Tel Aviv and the distance between them is only 5 km.

Almost all hotels in Bat Yam has the best possible conditions for families with children, the administration even provides cots for babies. The city has a modern leisure center where parents and children can relax – there are swimming pools, various water attractions, tennis courts, a relaxation area.

Bat Yam, Israel

The coastline of Bat Yam, with several picturesque and well-equipped beaches, stretches for 3.5 km. Vacationers can rent the necessary beach equipment, there are showers and changing rooms. Thanks to the arc-shaped breakwaters, there are never waves, and the water near the shore is very warm!

Almost all hotels in Bat Yam located on the seashore. And their prices are 5-30% lower than in hotels in Tel Aviv. Given this, many travelers prefer to holiday in Bat Yam.

Bat Yam Resort, Israel

Of all the benefits of the resort of Bat Yam, below ones are the most differentiating as compared to other Israeli holiday spots:

  • holidays possible for parents with children of different ages
  • cheaper than in other famous resorts in Israel
  • there are opportunities for interesting leisure activities, for example, an ice rink operates year-round.

Of the shortcomings, it should be noted that large jellyfish are found on the central city beach. You have to be careful – they sting!

See a more detailed description of Bat Yam here.

5. Nahariya

Of all the Israeli beach holiday destinations located on the Mediterranean coast, Nahariya is the northern most and at the same time the most beautiful of the lot.

Its main pride is the artificially created sandy beach Galei Galil, recognized as the best and most beautiful beaches in all of Israel. He has a sandy entry into the water, toilets and showers work, there are locker rooms and gazebos, umbrellas and sunbeds are leased.

Resort Nahariya, Israel

The northern coast of the Mediterranean Sea has excellent conditions for snorkeling and diving. Note that the best though are only in the Red Sea. Here you can see picturesque underwater landscapes with cliffs and grottoes, sunken ships, various marine animals.

Hotels in this resort are not in abundance, the best of them are located on the coast and in the city center. Accommodation in a double room of a mid-range hotel will cost from $ 75, in an elite hotel from $ 220.

People come to Nahariya not only to relax, but also to be treated. Here is the Hospital of Western Galilee, where many diseases are successfully treated, IVF and plastic surgery are performed.

Nahariya, Israel

Distinctive features of Nahariya:

  • the best beach in Israel
  • good conditions for snorkeling and diving
  • the ability to undergo treatment for various diseases
  • not too wide selection of hotels

For more information on Nahariya, go to this page.

Vacations in Eilat on Red Sea

The main and best beach vacation place in Israel on the Red Sea is Eilat. This southern-most city of the state is located on a narrow strip of land separating the Gulf of Aqaba (Gulf of Eilat) and the Eilat Mountains.

Eilat, Israel

Weather by the Red Sea

You can relax at the Red Sea and swim in it throughout the year, and this is the main difference from the Mediterranean Sea.

Winter in the region of the Gulf of Eilat is milder than in the rest of Israel. During the day the temperature is usually around + 21 ° C (+ 17 ° C is a rarity), and it is almost always sunny. The water in January-February is warm – about + 22 ° C, so there are always enough people who want to swim in the sea.

Already in May, the air warms up to + 35 ° C, and in summer the temperature rises to + 40 ° C and higher, but such heat is tolerable due to dry air (humidity is only 20-30%). The sea gradually warms up to 26 to 27 ° C, and even in the hottest weather it remains comfortable and refreshing. Such good conditions for a beach holiday remain until mid-September, and then the velvet season begins – the heat gradually decreases.

October and November are considered the best time to visit the Red Sea, when the temperatures are warm but not hot: + 33 ° C  in October and + 27 ° C in November. And the sea is still warm at + 27 ° C in November. Only in December it cools down to a temperature quite pleasant for swimming + 25 ° C.

What you can expect in Eilat

Eilat has 12 km of well-equipped beaches with showers, toilets, changing rooms, sunbeds, umbrellas, cafes. Recreation areas located within the city have sand and pebble, and the city’s infrastructure is very good.

Outside the city, along the entire southern coast, entry into the water is somewhat complicated by the presence of stones and corals. But it is there that there are the best beaches on the planet for diving, with bizarre thickets of coral and a variety of exotic fish.

For a detailed post on what to know before visiting Eilat, read this.

Sea in Eilat

In Eilat, with its many night clubs, discotheques and bars, it will not be boring even at night. And also gambling lovers come to holiday at this resort. Local businessmen have found the best possible solution on how to circumvent the ban on casinos in Israel – special ships leave the port of Eilat for gambling.

There are many different options for accommodation in Eilat, and prices cover a range of budgets. You can stay in a budget hostel, or in one of the 3 * hotels remote from the sea – double rooms are rented there on average at $ 125 per day. And yet, when planning a trip to the best Israeli resort on the Red Sea, all-inclusive hotels on the first coastline must be considered! Prices for accommodation there start from $ 280, but the quality of services is the best. Here is a selection of the best hotels in Eilat according to tourist reviews.

Hotel in Eilat

Key points to know before planning your holiday in Eilat:

  • Israel’s best resort for families with children
  • the close proximity of the Negev desert is a great opportunity for a sand dune safari
  • the coast of the Eilat Gulf is a great place for scuba diving
  • among the local marine life there are also dangerous ones, so you need to carefully dive and swim at the reefs
  • n the city and its environs there are many interesting historical and natural attractions
  • because of the hot climate, you constantly feel thirsty, so you should drink a lot of water

For a detailed description of Eilat, see here.

Dead sea holiday destinations

Medical resorts are located on the Dead Sea in Israel, and the first thing that people go there for is treatment. Although many come just to relax.

Dead Sea Treatment

If the purpose of the trip is treatment, then you need to select the time taking into account the favorable time for this. If this is a regular trip, then you can come at any time of the year, although the high season is considered to be from mid-March to almost the end of November.

In the first month of summer, the air temperature already reaches + 36 ° С, in the last month it keeps at + 40 ° С. Sea water is unlikely to cool in such heat, because its temperature is about + 31 ° C.

It is comfortable to visit in the fall. The air in September warms up to + 28 ° C, in November to +22 ° C, and the water at least + 23 ° C. And even in winter you can swim in the sea, because the water temperature does not drop below + 20 ° C.

The main feature of the beach areas of the Dead Sea is that these are not large cities, but very small villages. The main resort areas are Ein Bokek and Neve Zohar, as well as Arad, 25 km away from the sea.

There is essentially no entertainment, only beaches, hotels, massage and SPA salons, restaurants, several small shopping centers. Even the sights, except for the Dead Sea, are not nearby. You will have to travel to the other regions of Israel.

The bulk of the local hotels on Israeli coast along the Dead Sea are located in Ein Bokek. And almost all of them are of 4* or 5* category. In Neve Zohar there are only 4 large-scale hotels, but with a well-developed infrastructure that allows you to comfortably relax and indulge in wellness.

Ein Bokek in Israel

There are several beaches along the coast of Ein Bokek. They have a half-sandy, half-salt coating, very clean. Free shower facilities are provided and there are changing cabins. There are no beaches in Neve Zohar, but the nearest one is located at a distance of 2 km from the village.

The main advantages and disadvantages of the Dead Sea holiday destinations are:

  • some of the best treatment opportunities in Israel (read about Petah Tikva)
  • bathtubs, massages, inhalations, cosmetic procedures with mineral mud are available in SPA-complexes at each hotel
  • high level of service in hotels
  • from entertainment perspective there are only shops and restaurants
  • There are no interesting sights in these destinations themselves


The best beach holiday destinations in Israel are

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