Tourist’s guide to Kerry Ring – Ireland’s Most Popular Route

The Ring of Kerry is rightfully considered the pearl of Ireland – the most picturesque and most popular itinerary, about 179 km long, which runs through the county of Kerry. The route is a large cluster of family palaces, old mansions, lakes, churches and pastures. This splendor is set against the backdrop of the always raging and turbulent Atlantic Ocean. Part of the route passes through fishing villages, secluded, sandy beaches. If during the trip you want to change the atmosphere and take a break from the scenery, take a look at one of the pubs and try delicious, frothy Irish beer. So, we set off along the Kerry Ring route, stop at the most fascinating sights.

Kerry ring

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The Ring of Kerry is Ireland’s most visited travel destination. The length is more than 179 km and during this time travelers enjoy many historical, architectural, cultural attractions:

Skelling Island, Ireland
Skelling Island
  • Ross Castle
  • Macross House, where the museum is now located;
  • Killarney;
  • Torc Waterfall;
  • Daniel O’Connell’s estate
  • Boch village;
  • Church of St. Mary;
  • Skelling Islands.

The entire route can be traveled with a tour group in a comfortable bus. However, locals and experienced tourists recommend renting a car. If you prefer outdoor activities and love privacy, rent a bike – bicycle trails are available throughout the Ring of Kerry in Ireland.

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Good to know! Biking is only possible in the summer months, with minimal rainfall. In the rest of the months, during the rains, the road erodes, and driving alone is dangerous.

The ring route starts in Killarney, from here the bus number 280 leaves. The cost of the tour is about 25 euros. To travel in a car, you must purchase a route map. They are sold in every bookstore.

Rossage Beach, Glenbeg

The road winds, descending to the coast of the ocean, rising into the sky, observation platforms are organized along the entire route, from where beautiful, fabulous views open. A special highlight of the route is the authentic fishing villages with colorful houses. Each village has a typical Irish pub, where guests are sure to be treated to delicious beer.


The starting point of the Ring of Kerry route in Ireland. Even if you don’t have time to visit other fascinating places, take a few hours to visit this interesting place. Locals call the town of Killarney the embodiment of comfort, there is a feeling of “at home”. At Killarney’s Pubs, listen to colorful national tunes in Irish. Near the town are located: Macross Abbey, Ross Castle and, of course, the National Park and lakes of the same name.

Killarney Town

Interesting fact! Three lakes Killarney – Lower, Middle, Upper – appeared in the ice age.

Loch Lane Lake
Loch lane

The largest is Loch Lane, its depth reaches 13.5 m. Nearby are mines that operated 6 thousand years ago for the extraction of copper. Between the lakes grows a picturesque, pacifying yew grove. On Lake Killarney there is a playground with the romantic name Ladies’ View. She got such a name for a reason, according to one version, the ladies passing by must have gasped and sighed, admiring the picturesque views.

Torc Waterfall

In a park of national importance, be sure to visit the Tork Falls, which is associated with a beautiful legend. A spell was cast on a guy named Thor – during the day he remained a man, and in the dark he became a wild boar. People learned about the terrible transformations, expelled the guy. The young man turned into a fire clot and rushed off a cliff. Here a fault appeared, where a water stream poured. So there was a waterfall Tor 18 m high.

Snyra village

What else to see in Ireland on the ring of Kerry? A small village called a tourist box. The main attraction is An-Steg Fort, built of stone. This ancient building is located candidates for inclusion in the UNESCO list.

Fort An-Steg in the village of Sneem
Fort An-Steg

The fort was built around 300 BC. without the use of lime mortar as a defensive structure for the king.

Interesting fact! The main feature of the fort is a unique system of stairs and passages.

Waterville Village

The Kerry Route attraction in Ireland is located on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. This resort village is located in a picturesque place – between the ocean and Lake Curran. Representatives of the most ancient aristocratic family – Butlers – lived here for a long time. Charlie Chaplin came here to rest, in honor of the famous actor-comedian, a monument was erected on one of the streets of the village.

Waterville Village

Good to know! Waterville Village is a quiet, secluded, tranquil place, it is pleasant to indulge in melancholy here and look at the edge of the earth.

Ross Castle

The clan’s estate O’Donoghue is located on the shores of one of the most beautiful lakes in Loch Lane in Killarney Park. The castle was built in the 15th century. Until now, the building is considered the most impregnable in the country, therefore, local residents revere it as a symbol of the struggle for independence and freedom.

Ross Castle, Ireland

It is believed that a good castle is simply obliged to have several legends, and Ross in this regard can give odds to any palace. According to one legend, the owner of the castle was destroyed by an unknown force that literally pulled a person from the bedroom window. But there is a continuation of the legend – this unknown force pulled a man to the lake and threw him to the bottom of the reservoir. Since then, the owner of the estate lives in the lake and controls everything that happens in the castle.

Macross House

The Manor Museum is 6 km from Killarini National Park. The construction is a luxurious mansion built in the 19th century. The estate is located among picturesque vegetation. The owners of the castle were Henry Arthur Herbert and his wife – Belfort Mary Herbert. Construction lasted four years – from 1839 to 1843. The design of the castle provides for 45 rooms – elegant ceremonial halls, a kitchen. Externally, the decoration of the estate resembles an old English castle.

Manor Macross House

Interesting fact! In the mid-19th century, Queen Victoria, England, visited Macross House. They have been waiting for this visit to the estate for 10 years.

The royal visit drained the treasury of the castle, so its owners sold the house to the Guinness family. However, the new owners lived in the castle from 1899 to 1910, then Macross House passed into the possession of the American William Bourne. After 22 years, the estate became the property of the Irish nation, the efforts of the authorities, the castle turned into one of the best museum complexes in Ireland. According to statistics, about 250 thousand tourists visit the castle annually. Around the estate there is a beautiful garden planted with rhododendrons.

Garden Macross House

Good to know! Next to the estate is the Macross farm, it was built specifically for travelers so that they can see and learn from the inside the life of local peasants. Here you can visit a workshop, a forge, a peasant’s house, a saddler.

Franciscan Monastery

Also next to the castle is a Franciscan monastery, built in the middle of the 15th century. Most tourists are attracted by the ancient cemetery, which operates today. Two famous poets of Ireland are buried here – O’Donoghue and O’Sullivan.

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Useful Tips

  1. You can go around the entire route in one day, but if you have free time, give the Ring of Kerry two days to leisurely enjoy the best views and attractions.
  2. Waterville Golf Course
  3. In Waterville, you can linger later and play golf.
  4. The best time to travel around the Ring of Kerry is summer. The only thing that can overshadow the trip is a large number of cars. Traveling to another time of the year is also possible, but it is important to carefully study the weather forecast to avoid rain. There is practically no snow on the peninsula.
  5. It is better to start the route along the Kerry Ring counterclockwise, so it will be more convenient to drive the car on narrow drogues.
  6. Coast of the village of Kakhersivin
  7. If you want to enjoy the scenery of the Atlantic Ocean and relax on the beaches, stop at the fishing villages of Glenbey or Kachersivin.
  8. Want to be on the edge of the earth? Go to the Skelig Islands, namely to the island of Valentia. The journey is best started from the villages of Portmagee or Ballinskelligs.
  9. Before returning to Killarney, visit the Mols Gal Pass, where you can enjoy the most scenic views.
  10. On a trip along the Kerry route, be sure to take an umbrella and sunglasses, as the weather on the peninsula changes in a matter of minutes.
  11. Schematic representation of the Kerry route
  12. According to official documents, the Kerry road is a horseshoe 179 km long, which runs along the Iverah Peninsula. However, for tourist routes, a loop of 214 km is used. If you are cycling, follow the Kerry Way hiking trail.

The Ring of Kerry route is a real delight in the natural beauties of Ireland. During the trip you will see sharp cliffs, where traces of the ice age, deep lakes, dense forests, where elves live, fog-covered peat bogs, sandy beaches and the restless Atlantic Ocean live. Ring Kerry – a place for real romantics. Many sources recommend traveling 1-2 days for a trip, but the longer you stay in this place, the deeper you can immerse yourself in local cultures and traditions. No matter how much time you spend on the peninsula, such a journey will remain in your memory for a long time.

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