Tourist’s guide to Cliffs of Moher in Ireland – a world famous landmark

Cliffs of Moher – Ireland’s most amazing attraction. Every year, millions of people come to Clare County in the west of the country to experience the spirit of freedom, tranquility, and peace.

Cliffs of moher

According to geological research, the cliffs of Moher in Ireland formed about 8 thousand years ago. They got their name from the fort, built in the 16th century and destroyed during the war with Napoleon. The cliffs rise 120 meters above the Atlantic Ocean, and the highest point, O’Brien’s Tower, reaches 214 meters.

Historical reference! O’Brien was a descendant of the first king of Ireland and a large landowner. He built an observation tower on the highest cliff in order to attract travelers to the area and, with the help of tourism, improve the economic condition of the village.

The cliffs of Moher are completely covered with grass and wild flowers; more than 20 species of birds and many animals live here: cows, goats, badgers, hares and ermines. In the summer of 2009, the cliffs of Moher were included in the list of applicants for the title of one of the Seven New Wonders of the World.

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What beauties does Ireland’s most popular attraction hide? How much does the entrance cost and what do tourists need to be prepared for? All the details about traveling to the cliffs of Moher are in this article.


The Cliffs of Moher Visitor Experience

The tourist center, hidden in a grassy hill, was built in 2007. In this huge artificial cave, tourists get acquainted with paintings, photographs, interactive and natural exhibits.

Tourist centre

Visitor Experience is divided into 4 parts, telling all the most interesting about the interaction of the Ocean, Rocks, Nature and Man. There is also a theater, long tunnels and a playground where young travelers can get to know the life of wild animals.

According to merit! In 2007, the tourist center received the award “one of the best sites that the jury has ever seen” as part of the Interpret Britain & Ireland Awards.

At The Cliffs of Moher Visitor Experience

The complex operates exclusively on environmentally friendly regenerative (or green) energy sources: solar, geothermal, wind. Entrance to the center is free; excursions are not available at this place.


Apart from the fact that the cliffs of Moher Ireland are a huge observation deck along the entire 8-kilometer coast, there are 3 main places from which the most fascinating landscapes open.

Hag's Head Lookout
Hag’s head
  1. Hag’s Head. The easternmost point of the cliff, which overlooks a stormy bay. The rock in this place in its shape resembles the head of a girl whose eyes are turned towards the ocean. According to the guides, this young lady was Mal, who did not mutually love the hero Cú. Once, once again chasing him, she fell into the crevice between the rocks and broke on the waves. The nearby city of Miltown Malbay is named after her.
  2. You can view all the beauty of the cliff at 360 ° with The North Platform, located at one of the highest points, next to the O`Brien tower.
  3. Admire the Atlantic Ocean to the cries and flapping of wings of birds is best from the South Platform. Goat Island and O’Brien’s Tower are perfectly visible from it.
The movie "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince" was filmed here

Interesting fact! Cliffs of Moher are a very popular place for filming. The most famous film with his participation is “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince” – it was in this place that a scene was shot in which Voldemort hid a piece of his soul.

In harmony with nature

Another fascinating activity that you can devote yourself to while traveling in Moher is observing wildlife. About 30 thousand birds live here, including gulls, hawks, cormorants and petrels and unusual Atlantic puffins, who consider the rocks to be their home.

Pasture of local animals

In 1989, a huge 200-hectare cliff of Moher Cliff became a special protected natural area. Not only is hunting prohibited here, but grass must not be torn on pastures, since it is the only source of nutrition for local animals.

Hiking trails

To enjoy the beauty of the cliff, not only the strongest and most courageous travelers could, the Irish government decided to create several walking paths equipped with all safety requirements. Almost 800 meters is more than enough to enjoy a walk along the cliffs and even get a little scared.

Walk along the cliffs

Read before visiting

A walk along the cliffs of Moher is paid. The ticket is valid all day, you can buy it on the website ( or at the main gate. Cost of visit:

  • 8 euros for adults,
  • 7 – for students and senior citizens,
  • children under 16 are free.

Note! Buying tickets in advance on the official website, you can get a 50% discount.

O'Briens Tower
O’Briens Tower

Moher’s work schedule depends on the tourist season:

  • From January to February – from 9 am to 5 pm;
  • March-April, September-October – from 8 to 19;
  • In May and August from 8:00 to 21:00.

The influx of travelers subsides on weekends only after 16, on weekdays there are not many people. Consider, coming to the opening itself, you run the risk of catching a thick fog and, possibly, wasting time in vain.

Important! A visit to the tower of O`Brien is not included in the entrance fee, for the rise you will have to pay 2 euros per person.

Useful information:

  1. If you don’t miss a thing while traveling on the rocks, plan your walk in advance. This will help you with an audio guide, which you can download on the Internet. The application is available in English, German, French and Irish;
  2. Cafe Puffins Nest Coffee Shop
    Puffins nest coffee shop
  3. Moher has a Puffins Nest Coffee Shop and a Cliffs View restaurant with a wide selection of dishes. The prices in them are above average, so if you want to save, you can take ready-made products with you and dine at one of the many picnic tables;
  4. One of the most important criteria to consider when planning a trip is the weather. You can find out the most accurate forecast on the website of the nearest weather station in Ireland (;
  5. A lot of devices with telescopes are scattered around the cliff. If you want to take a closer look at the Atlantic Ocean or other objects on the horizon, stock up on euro cents and euro coins;
  6. Shops in Moher
  7. One of the few imprints of civilization in Moher is the shops, of which there are as many as 8. There are Art Dekko, specializing in clothing, and O’Dalaigh Jewelers with unique jewelry;
  8. The most spectacular photos of the cliffs of Moher in Ireland can be taken at sunrise or during sunset. Find out what time the sun rises and sets on the day of your trip, you can find out on this site –;
  9. Do not forget to bring raincoats and waterproof shoes with you, even if the forecast does not promise rain (the weather in this area can change 5 times a day), as well as a hat and scarf. Do not wear hats, caps and other loose hats so that a gust of wind does not carry them into the ocean;
  10. On the cliff territory there is a parking, ATMs and a museum of the history of the national park.

All prices on the page are for June 2018.

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How to get to the cliffs

From which place in Ireland you would not be located, to see the cliffs of Moher, first of all you will need to get to the city of Galway. The country has a well-established railway connection, so this task will not be a problem.

Bus number 350

To get to the cliffs of Moher from Galway on your own, you need at least 2 hours and 20 minutes. To do this, go to the Eyre Square, Galway Bus Station stop and catch the 350 bus to County Clare, Cliffs Of Moher station. Cars depart 4 times a day, the fare is 11-16 euros per person. You can view the exact schedule and buy tickets on the carrier’s website (

By taxi to the cliffs of Moher

It will be possible to reduce the trip time to one hour by taxi or a rented car. This option is best suited for large groups of travelers, as you will have to pay about 90 € -110 € for an 80-kilometer journey.

You can also get to the cliffs of Moher from Dublin as part of a day trip. The standard duration of such a trip is 12 hours, the price (from 50 €) includes two-way travel, guide services (which is often the bus driver) and all entrance fees.

Cliffs of Moher – must see in Ireland. Go there and feel their magical atmosphere. Have a nice trip!

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