Tourist’s guide to Palolem Beach – accommodation, food and how to reach

India is a country full of mysteries, but Indian resorts are known not only for yoga and spices, but also for their amazing nature, amazing beaches. In South Goa, Palolem is recognized as the most touristic and popular. There are always a lot of travelers here, you can choose housing of different levels of comfort and prices, try local food. The highlight of Palolem Goa beach is cleanliness on the shore, as well as an interesting excursion program designed for travelers.

Palolem Beach

Photo: Palolem Beach, Goa

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General information about Palolem

Palolem beach is located in the southernmost point of the state of Goa, but from a geographical point of view, this is not entirely true, since there are beaches to the south, they are less comfortable, without infrastructure, so guests of India do not rest there. Palolem is located near the small town of Canacona.

Good to know! Judging by the map, all tourist facilities are within walking distance, but in fact, you need to carefully study the location of hotels, the distance to the sea, airport, attractions, and only after that choose a place to live, make up a tourist route.

Palolem Beach is surrounded by hills on three sides, and its fourth side faces the bay – visually it seems that the palm of your hand hugs the shore and protects it from wind and storm.

Margao City
Margao City

The state capital, Magrao, is 43 km away from the resort, while the international airport is 67 km away. Palolem does not have a rich history of events, it used to be a small village where fishermen lived, by the way, many residents today are engaged in fishing and seafood. The population of 4 thousand people.

Despite the fact that the coastline is only 1.5 km, the beaches of Palolem are considered the best in Goa. The coast has a characteristic crescent shape, washed by the Arabian Gulf. It is noteworthy that the beaches of the resort are considered the safest in Goa, as the depth increases gradually, and underwater currents are absent.

Important! The coast is small, so there is no reason to hope for solitude and a relaxing holiday. Palolem attracts lovers of night parties, discos, newlyweds, families with children, respectable travelers.

Evening at Palolem Beach

The visit card of the resort in Goa is parties, every evening tourists come to the beach to relax and have fun. In Palolem there are night clubs that have the right to work around the clock.


Palolem welcomes guests with a subequatorial climate, it is best to come here from mid-autumn to the second half of spring. At this time, the weather is conducive to walks in nature, you can enjoy nature and the sea. Daytime air temperature during the day is +32 degrees, the water warms up to +29 degrees.

Weather on Palolem Beach


For vacationers, special tourist programs and routes have been developed, you can pick up a trip for 2-4 hours or a comprehensive tour that will take all day. If you have free time, visit the ancient fort.

You can also go to the Dudhsagar Falls, it is called dairy, this is the largest Indian waterfall. Groups of tourists travel to natural attractions daily from the beach.

Dudhsagar Waterfall

Additionally, the program may include visits to such places:

  • spice plantations;
  • ancient part of Goa.

Tourists are offered to experience an amazing adventure – swimming with elephants and take a boat trip.

Admirers of outdoor activities will not be bored on Palolem – they canyoning, trekking, diving.

Palolem Beach on Goa

The resort place is a quiet, calm bay with a length of about 1.5 km. On the north side, opposite the coast, you can see an uninhabited island. The coastline looks picturesque and exotic – colorful bungalows, green palm trees, leaning towards the water.

Tourists who travel with children note that the water on the coast is warmer in comparison with other beaches of Goa. The seabed is sandy, flat, there are practically no waves, the entrance to the sea is gentle.

Palolem Beach

Photo: Palolem Beach

A distinctive feature of Palolem beach is its clean coast, it is monitored by cleaners, who clean garbage throughout the day, so it does not accumulate. In addition, cows, which are revered in India as sacred animals, almost do not enter the coast.

Important! In walking distance from Palolem there are less crowded beaches where lovers of peace and tranquility can go.

Palolem, India is a tourist destination, so there are no infrastructure problems here. At the disposal of vacationers are sun loungers, umbrellas, sun loungers, water ski rental and much more for a comfortable stay on the beach. It is noteworthy that at high tide from the wide coastline only a few meters remain.

Palolem Beach Infrastructure

Compare Housing Prices Using This Form

Accommodation in Palolem

The choice of housing is diverse:

  • bungalow on the beach;
  • guest houses or guest houses;
  • Hotels

If there are circumstances that you did not have time to book a hotel room before your trip, don’t worry, there is a place to stay at the resort, and it’s even cheaper than on the Internet.


Prefer to live in a luxurious bungalow? You need to book it in advance, otherwise you will have to choose housing with a minimum set of amenities.

Bungalow on Palolem Beach

Bungalow Categories:

  • budget – built from palm leaves, plywood, almost no amenities (shower and toilet on the street), cost from $ 4.50;
  • bungalows of the middle price segment – equipped with a fan, Wi-Fi is available, hot water, a bathroom directly in the house, there may be a terrace, the price is from $ 9.0;
  • Elite bungalows – there are no restrictions on equipment, furniture and service, maybe even a maid, a jacuzzi, the cost of a house is from $ 42 per day.

Good to know! If the choice of a hotel is less or less clear, then choosing a bungalow is not just for one reason – the housing is quite exotic. It is necessary to go around as many houses as possible, check what services are included in the payment and be sure to book a bungalow in the shade of trees.

Hotel on Palolem Beach

The choice of hotels on Palolem South Goamene Beach is as diverse as the choice of bungalows. All hotels are built offshore, some are located in more secluded places. Of course, hotel accommodation will cost more, but the tourist gets comfort and familiar amenities.

According to tourists, the prices for accommodation are quite affordable, some hotels have a swimming pool, free Internet, breakfast is included in the price.

In most cases, package tourists who are not ready to live in exotic bungalows right on the seashore choose a hotel.

A double room in a three-star hotel will cost $ 41, and in a four-star hotel one night will have to pay from $ 56.

Guesthouse on Palolem Beach

The choice of such housing is small, moreover, it is almost impossible to determine the line between a guesthouse and a cheap hotel. Many guesthouses are located in uncomfortable places for tourists – away from the beach. The average cost of living is $ 8.

Thus, if you choose between the three types of housing in Palolem, you should focus on individual preferences. If you are more interested in nature, exotic, book a bungalow, but you need to do this in advance to choose a house with good conditions. If comfort is important to you, book a hotel room.

Advice! As for housing in the private sector, it is advisable to rent it if you travel to Palolem for a long time, rent per month will be about $ 28.

Find out RATES or book any accommodation using this form

Where to eat tasty and hearty

Cafe on the beach

In Palolem, give preference to fish dishes and seafood dishes, which are exceptionally fresh and of high quality, since they reach the cook almost immediately from the sea. If you prefer European cuisine, visit the pizzeria and restaurants serving dishes that are familiar to European tourists. Palolem even has a pub.

As for drinks, choose fresh, cocktails, there is a huge selection of them at the resort. The most delicious are cooked in shekels, next to each such establishment there are sun loungers, if you get something in a cafe, you can use a sun lounger at least all day.

Food prices are slightly higher than in the resorts of North Goa. On average, one breakfast bill is $ 3. Fried eggs can be ordered for $ 1.5, toasts cost about $ 1, freshly squeezed juice – $ 2.

Good to know! If you want to try the local cuisine while saving a budget, order a plate of thali. The largest portion will cost $ 1.8, one serving of rice with curry chicken costs $ 1.25, and masala tea costs 15 cents.

How to get from Dabolim Airport

Dabolim Airport

International flights takes Dabolim airport, located in the city of Vasco da Gama. In the high tourist season between Ukraine and Goa, direct air service is established – charter flights depart several times a week. At other times of the year, you need to change trains in the UAE, Delhi, Qatar.

From the airport terminal to the resort of Palolem in Goa, you can comfortably and quickly get a taxi. Rates vary depending on:

  • car class;
  • the presence of air conditioning;
  • Times of Day.

Important! The advantage of a taxi is the fixed cost of the trip, tourists do not have to bargain with the driver. Parking is located next to the airport building.

Bus on Palolem Beach

If you like to travel and want to get to the resort on your own, you first need to get to the Margao bus station and get from there to Palolem.

There are direct bus services from Vasco to Gama to Margao, but you need to walk from the airport terminal to the bus stop. Of course, you can take a taxi. A ticket to Margao costs 30 rupees; it can be purchased at the box office located near the buses.

The bus arrives at Margao bus station, here you need to transfer for a flight to Palolem. Such routes are not indicated by numbers, just indicate the destination. Accordingly, the task of the tourist to find a bus with the inscription – Palolem. A ticket costs about 35 rupees, it can be purchased from the conductor.

Important! The easiest way to get from Margao to the hotel in Palolem is to take a taxi, the driver will have to pay about $ 20.

Bike, Goa

You need to go to the highway and go to the sign “Palolem”. Be prepared for the fact that serpentines will often meet along the way, respectively, the road may take more than the planned time.

If you plan to travel by bike, be sure to take a helmet, tourists who travel without protection are stopped by police and fined for breaking the rules.

Prices on the page are for August 2019.

Useful Tips

  1. Palolem is a universal resort that is suitable for families, honeymooners, people of respectable age and respectable travelers.
  2. The hotels have all the usual amenities, and in the resort you will find the necessary infrastructure – a cafe, equipment and bike rental, shops, free Wi-Fi.
  3. It is noteworthy that the staff speaks Russian.
  4. After sunset, fun and entertainment in cafes and restaurants begins. It is noteworthy that discos are organized by the owners of these institutions right on the beach.
  5. Sunset on Palolem Beach
  6. Palolem is one of the few Indian beaches where you can spend the night.
  7. There are small bazaars right on the beach where you can buy seasonings, jewelry, souvenirs, music CDs and much more.

Palolem Goa Beach is one of the best in the southern part of the state. You can be convinced of this if you yourself spend your vacation here.

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