Tourist’s guide to Mysore Palace – the residence of the former royal family

Mysore Palace is the most famous and grandiose building in the city of the same name. Despite the fact that it was erected at a time when India was still a colony of the British Empire, the locals love this attraction very much.

Mysore Palace

General information

Mysore Palace is a symbol of the city of Mysore, which is located in the state of Karnataka. The official name of the attraction is Amba Vilas.

Interestingly, the palace is recognized as the second most visited attraction in India, because more than 3.5 million people visit it annually. Most of its visitors are Indians themselves. The first place is the Taj Mahal.

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Short story

Mysore Palace – the residence of the former kings of India Vodeyarov, who ruled the city during the Middle Ages. The attraction was built in the XIV century, but it was destroyed many times, and today tourists can see the building erected in 1897. The last restoration was carried out in 1940.

Interestingly, the people of Mysore are known as the “City of Palaces”. And indeed, in addition to Amba Vilas, here you can see another 17 palace and park complexes. For example, the palace of Jaganmohan.

Jaganmohan Palace
Jaganmohan Palace

Palace architecture

The Amba Vilas Palace was built in the Indo-Saracen style, the characteristic features of which are the windows of Mashrabiya (harem), pointed arches, many towers and minarets, open pavilions. Colors are bright and contrasting.

Interestingly, more than 90,000 flashlights are spent annually on the lighting of the palace.

The residence is built of stone, with two sides – marble domes and high towers, whose height is more than 40 meters. The facade of the building is decorated with seven arches and elegant stone lace. One of the most interesting architectural details is the central arch, on top of which you can see the sculpture of Gadzhalakshmi – the goddess of wealth and prosperity.

Amba Vilas is surrounded on all sides by a picturesque park in which there are many palm trees and flowers. Nearby is a mini zoo where you can see camels and elephants.

Flowers near the Mysore Palace

Also on the territory of the palace and park complex there are 12 ancient temples, the first of which was built in the XIV century. Most Popular:

  • Someshvara;
  • Lakshmiramana;
  • Svesa Varahaswami.

What does the palace look like inside?

Mysore Palace inside

The interior of the Mysore Palace is no less beautiful and rich than the exterior. The exact number of rooms and halls is unknown, but the most beautiful are:

  1. Ambavilas. This is a huge luxurious hall in which the royal family received honored guests. The walls of the room are upholstered with mahogany and ivory panels, the ceiling has stained glass paintings and large crystal chandeliers in the shape of flowers. In the center of the hall is a gilded column.
  2. Gombe Totti (Dolls Pavilion). This is one of the most interesting parts of the palace, where you can see a rich collection of traditional Indian dolls of the 19-20 centuries. There are also several sculptures made by European masters.
  3. Hookah Mantapa (Wedding Hall). This is the room in which all the royal festivities took place. The walls and ceiling are decorated with glass mosaics, on the floor – the image of a peacock. On the walls – a huge number of paintings telling about the history of the royal family.
  4. Hall. This is one of the most beautiful rooms of the palace. Tall turquoise-gold columns stand on each side, and a crystal chandelier hangs from a glass ceiling.
  5. Hall of the Mysore Palace
  6. Portrait Gallery. Here are paintings depicting all the Indian kings.
  7. Meeting room. A small room in which subjects could meet with the king.
  8. Armouries. This is the hall in which a large collection of weapons is stored. Here are presented both knives and spears, and modern (pistols, machine guns).
  9. Casket of India. This room contains real treasures – expensive gifts that foreign leaders brought to the Indian kings. Sandalwood products are considered especially valuable.

In addition to the above halls, in the palace you will see a huge golden carriage, the throne of the current king of India, doors made of gold and dozens of elaborate frescoes on the ceiling and walls.

Throne in the Mysore Palace

Practical information

How to get there

There is no airport in Mysore, so you can get to the city from neighboring settlements only by land transport. For example, you can get from Bangalore either by bus (landing at the Central Bus Station) or by train (Main Railway Station) in 4 hours. The fare is 35 rupees.

From other places (for example, the state of Goa, the city of Chennai, Mumbai) it does not make sense to go, since you will have to spend more than 9 hours on the road.

The distance from the Mysore Bus Station to the Palace is 2 km, which can be overcome on foot in 30 minutes.

  • Address: Agrahara, Chamrajpura, Mysore 570001, India.
  • Opening hours: 10.00 – 17.30.
  • Entrance fee: 200 rupees for foreigners and 50 for Indians.
  • Official website:

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Useful Tips

    Sandalwood Soap
  1. It is forbidden to take photographs inside the palace.
  2. Shoes must be removed before entering.
  3. Every September, the Dashara festival is held in the Mysore Palace. On the tenth day of the holiday you can see the parade of elephants.
  4. Periodically, festivals take place on the territory of the Mysore Palace Park, the participants of which create flower arrangements and sculptures of animals and birds from fruits and vegetables.
  5. On the official website of the Mysore Palace in India, you can take a virtual trip to the sights.
  6. Be sure to buy sandals from Mysore that are known all over the world. It can be incense, perfume, soap, cream or decor items.

Mysore Palace is the main attraction of the state of Karnataka, which is worth a visit if you come to the south of India.

Royal wedding at the Mysore Palace:

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