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Varca Beach is located in the southern part of Goa in India, namely between Colva and Cavelossim. Here you will not find noisy parties, large crowds of tourists, travelers choose the beaches of Varka for the sake of tranquility, privacy and, of course, beautiful beaches 3 km long. So, if you need a portion of silence and enjoyment of nature, we go to Varka in India.

Varca Beach

General Resort Information

In India, the phenomenon is quite common when the resort is not inferior in area to the city, but does not have this status. This is done purposefully in order to save the budget. It is this resort that Varca is. In many sources it is presented as a fishing village, but in fact it is one of the most European settlements in Goa and throughout India.

The resort is located in the western part of India and in the south of one of the most tourist and popular states – Goa. 30 km from the capital of the state of Varca, and the nearest airport, which accepts international flights, is 20 km away.

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The village is of interest from the point of view of cultural and architectural heritage that has remained since the rule of the colonialists from Portugal. If you are more attracted to beach vacations, the best time to visit is from the second half of autumn until the beginning of spring. The length of the beach line is more than 10 km.

Sand at Varca Beach

Interesting fact! Amazing contrast on the beaches of the resort in India, white sand and black stones create.

The usual picture for the resort of Goa is tourists passively resting on the beach, the absence of noisy night parties. If it seems boring to track the sides of the shore, talk to local fishermen, they will take you for fishing for a nominal fee, and you can buy and prepare a catch for lunch or dinner.

Monthly weather in Wark

Cooking in India does not apply to tourist resorts, so even in high season there is no influx of travelers. In the summer, Goa is too hot and stuffy, and if you add constant rains, the conditions for rest are not the most favorable.

In the first half of autumn, the weather is not much different from summer. Beginning in late October, the weather is getting better, but it still rains, mostly at night.

Monthly rainfall in Wark

Beginning in April, life in the resort freezes until the fall, it becomes stuffy, the rainy season begins, the roads not only flood, but blur.

Winter is the most favorable time for a trip to Varka – the temperature is air and water comfortable, there is no rain, the whole infrastructure is working, there are no waves on the sea.

Good to know! It is noteworthy that even in the New Year holidays, when many resorts in India and especially Goa are crowded with tourists, Varca is calm and not crowded.

Attractions and entertainment

Despite the long history, there are no significant places in Wark. The only attraction that you can pay attention to is the temple of Our Lady of Sorrows. It is located in Benaulim, a 10-minute walk from the center of the settlement. There are other churches and temples in the vicinity of Varca.

Want to explore the surroundings? Visit the village of Colva, here you can stroll along the main street, choose souvenirs, watch jewelry – the assortment includes local sapphires, emeralds. If you are interested in a more diverse shopping experience, head to Margao or Panaji.

Important! Cooking is a completely European, developed resort, where there are ATMs, shops, hotels, clinics, cafes, restaurants.

Varca Beach

Sun loungers and tables in Varca

Photo: Varca Beach, Goa

Eyewitnesses who visited the beach call it European, a place for honeymooners and romantics, rich and successful people, children, tourists who seek tranquility and solitude. The beach is spacious, calm, it is easy to find a place for privacy here, where you can watch dolphins, enjoy nature, read, fish.

Varca beach is soft white sand, palm trees growing right on the shore, leaning towards the water, quiet picturesque bays. There are sun loungers, umbrellas by the sea, coastal restaurants and cafes have a menu in Russian.

It’s nice to swim on the Varca beach in Goa – the water is warm, the entry into the water is smooth, gentle, but it is important to be careful – sometimes strong currents appear on the shore, which easily carry people to the open sea.

Important! Pay attention to the warning flags installed on the beach.

Top view of Varca

If a person has got into the underwater stream, you need to calm down and swim along the coast for about 50 meters to get out of the stream.

Travel Facts about Varca Beach:

  • beggars do not walk along the shore, obsessive traders of souvenirs, food and other trifles, and also cows do not come here;
  • an unusual crunch is heard under the feet;
  • by evening, the number of people on the shore increases, because the beach has very beautiful sunsets;
  • in comparison with other beaches of Goa and India, Varca is a deserted place;
  • according to some sources, the state of Goa in India began to develop precisely from Varca;
  • dolphins often sail to the shore in the mornings.

Good to know! Varca is a resort not only of comfortable beaches, but also a place where you can buy inexpensive jewelry.

Accommodation on Varca Beach

Top view of the hotel

Varka is a small settlement, but comfortable conditions for recreation are created for tourists here. This also applies to the choice of place of residence. On the shore are hotels of different price categories. Here you can choose a room in an inexpensive guesthouse or a room in a luxurious five-star hotel.

The most budget vacation will cost from $ 20 per day, for a room in a middle-class hotel (3 *) you will have to pay from $ 27, but apartments in a five-star hotel cost from $ 130 per night.

Young tourists prefer to relax in inexpensive guesthouses, they have the necessary conditions for tourists. The main advantage of such housing is that it is located near the sea.

Good to know! If you plan to spend a long time relaxing in Goa, namely in Varca, pay attention to offers in the private sector.

Hotel in Varca

A whole cottage town has been built in Varka; you can book a house in advance or pay for your accommodation after arrival. Of course, if you are planning a trip in high season, the issue of housing must be booked in advance. The cost of a room in such a cottage town is from $ 21.

The price of housing depends on the season, weather conditions. For example, on New Year’s Eve, prices increase several times. It should also be borne in mind that all the same we are talking about India, so comfort does not always correspond to the declared number of stars. In general, hotels in Varca are more comfortable, but still inferior to European hotels.

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Prices in cafes and restaurants

Prices in the cafe can not be called high, despite the great competition. The owners of the institutions offer tourists quite affordable prices for food. For example, an inexpensive lunch will cost $ 2.5, a dinner for two with alcoholic drinks costs from $ 11, and a snack in a fast food restaurant will cost from $ 8.

Cafe in Varca

How to get to the resort

Tourists accepts Dabolim International Airport, it is located 30 km from the village. The most comfortable and at the same time expensive way to get to the sea is a taxi. The trip will cost 700 rupees or $ 10. Tourists spend about 45 minutes on the road. At the exit of the terminal building is a taxi stand. Here you can rent a car at a fixed cost.

Dabolim Airport
Dabolim Airport

Good to know! Some hotels offer a free shuttle service to their customers. This should be clarified in advance.

To Varka by train

There is no train connection between the airport and the train station. The nearest station is in Margao. Almost all trains that run from the airport pass through Margao. You can get to Varca in just a quarter of an hour. You can take a bus or take a rickshaw. Payment in the bus is made directly to the driver – 15 rupees, and a trip in a rickshaw costs from 100 to 200 rupees.

To Varka by bus

Buses run between the airport in India and the village, but the bus stop is located at a distance from the terminal building. Buses also come to Margao, from where you have to get to Varca with a local bus or rent a rickshaw.

Bus in India

A bus stop in Margao is located next to the train station.

Prices on the page are for August 2019.

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Useful Tips

  1. Cafes and sheks are concentrated mainly in the village, and on the shore there are not many establishments where you can eat.
  2. A few establishments on the beach, in addition to delicious drinks and snacks, offer deck chairs and can even offer a towel.
  3. Sand at Varca Beach
  4. Tourists note the clean, fine sand that creaks underfoot. It is noteworthy that the legs do not stick in the sand.
  5. The coastline is great for jogging.
  6. Underwater currents appear mainly in the evening, so you need to carefully monitor the flags on the shore.
  7. There are crabs on the shore, they are small and children play great with them.
  8. Feel free to order fish and seafood in cafes and restaurants. Here they have excellent freshness and prepare them very tasty.
  9. When ordering dishes, pay attention to the number of spices, as a rule, they are added a lot, so Europeans are asking to reduce the number of seasonings.

Varca Beach, Goa is a wonderful, calm place for tourists who are relaxing with children, newlyweds come here to enjoy their honeymoon.

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