Tourist’s guide to Colva Beach – detailed description of Goa’s beach

Colva, Goa is a popular resort in the southern part of the state, where both residents of nearby cities and Europeans prefer to relax. This place is known for its mild climate and large beach.

Colva Beach in Goa

General information

Colva is the largest Indian resort located in the southern part of Goa. Since it is located on the shores of the Arabian Sea, almost all local residents have been fishing since ancient times.

Konkani is the official language, but many locals speak Portuguese and English.

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Interestingly, here you can meet a very motley audience. Firstly, they are residents of Margao – they come here to relax on the weekend. Secondly, these are hippies, who were among the first to choose this part of the Indian coast. And thirdly, these are Europeans who like to visit this exotic resort.

Kolva’s popularity is understandable: beautiful nature, mild climate, a huge beach (its length is 2.4 km) and well-developed infrastructure.

Palms in Colva

As for the climate, it is subequatorial – the weather is hot all year round, the period from November to March is considered a high season. At this time, the air temperature does not exceed +32 degrees, and the waves and rains are completely absent. The rest of the year, you should not go to Colva – not only does it constantly rain, so the temperature can rise to +38 (and this is at 100% humidity).

Colva Beach

The resort of Colva is famous for its beach – its length is 2.4 km, on which coconut palms grow, cows walk and tourists relax. The shore is wide – more than 150 meters. The sand is small, has a golden hue. The bottom is shallow, waves occur only in the off-season. There is no garbage, because it is regularly cleaned.

There are no problems with the infrastructure at Colva Beach, located in the south of Goa (India) – there are sun loungers and changing cabins, there are free toilets, a large number of cafes and bars. There are both paid and free sunbeds. Lifeguards work at Colva Beach.

Sand on the beach

Since the beach is large, there is enough space for everyone. In the central part of Colva Beach there are a lot of people (especially in November and December), but if you walk 200-300 meters to the north, then you can easily retire.

Keep in mind that in the evening many small crabs crawl out onto the Colva Beach.

There is no shadow on the beach of Colva (Goa) itself, since palm trees grow at a decent distance from the sea. You can also relax in thatched arbors (about 150 meters from the water) or in a cafe.

Tourists are advised to meet the sunset on the beach – this is a very beautiful sight. Here you can make some of the most beautiful photos of the village of Colva in Goa.


The resort village of Colva in India has 130 hotels, inns and hostels. Most of them are located on the first or second coastal lines.

Guesthouses and bungalows in Colva

A double room in a 3 * hotel per day in the high season will cost $ 50-70. It is important to note that the living conditions are very good: a spacious air-conditioned room, an on-site swimming pool and a terrace with sea or tropical garden views. The room rate also includes a good breakfast and free Wi-Fi on site.

A 4 * hotel per night for two will cost 80-110 dollars. Typically, these hotels are located within 6-10 minutes walk from the sea. Guests living here can use the on-site swimming pool for free, relax in gazebos or tents, and walk in the well-kept garden.

If the above options are not suitable for you, you should pay attention to the guesthouses – they are cheaper and are closer to the sea. The average price per night is $ 20-30. However, remember that often in guest houses there are no air conditioners (instead of them there are fans) and the level of service may be lower.

If you like noisy parties and want to see the nightlife of Kolva (India), tourists are advised to stay in a guesthouse near the coast – life is always in full swing here. For those who wish to relax in silence it is better to rent a hotel room, which is located either on the outskirts or in the center of the village.

Beleza by the beach
Beleza by the beach

The Beleza By The Beach hotel rating on is 8.5 (very good).

Beleza By The Beach is located in the center of the village, and on its territory there is a swimming pool, sunbeds and gazebos for vacationers. All rooms are clean and spacious. Each room has a balcony (it offers a beautiful view of the rainforest or garden), all the necessary household appliances and designer furniture. Tourists note that the staff is very friendly, and local chefs cook deliciously.

The cost for a double room is $ 124.

Soul vacation resort & spa
Soul vacation resort & spa

Soul Vacation Resort & Spa rating on is 8.1 (good).

This is a small hotel in Colva (South Goa), located a 7-minute walk from the sea. Tourists will find cozy rooms, a swimming pool, sun loungers and tents on site, a relaxation room (massages and other procedures are done here), as well as delicious breakfasts. Be prepared to meet a large number of Russian-speaking tourists here.

The price for a day for two is 78 $.

C roque

The C Roque rating is 8.2 / 10.

C roque

The rooms at C Roque are very simple – there is nothing besides a bed, chairs and a table. However, tourists love this hotel for its cleanliness, good location (right on the seashore) and friendly staff. Several cafes and bars are located nearby.

The price for a double room is $ 83.

Book your accommodation in advance (preferably 5-6 months), as the best rooms are sold out quickly.

Where to eat

At Colva Beach itself there are many cafes and bars, as well as small shops where you can buy fast food. In these establishments you can try both local and European cuisine (though they cook it here very peculiarly). Tourists recommend tasting:

  • tondac (fish fried in coconut oil);
  • sukem (seafood);
  • rice cakes;
  • wright (similar to yogurt);
  • curry.
Cafe in Colva

Be sure to try the local desserts:

  • Kulfi ice cream;
  • buffy;
  • curd balls.

The average bill for a dinner for two in a small cafe will be 3-4 dollars. This price includes the main course and drink. If alcohol is ordered, the price will rise by 2-3 dollars. The menu in most restaurants and cafes is the same, only the presentation and price differ. Always ask before ordering whether tax and gratuities are included in the price. Often not, and the total cost of the dish grows by 20-30%.


There are also expensive restaurants in Colva. These include Rias Cuisine, The Garden, Jamies Colva. The above institutions serve both Indian and European cuisine. Despite the prestige of the institutions, the prices are not much higher than in ordinary cafes. For example, a lunch with alcohol will cost $ 10-12.

The nearest Russian restaurant, Tchaikovsky, is located in North Goa. Interestingly, in many restaurants you can also bargain!

Fish market

Many travelers recommend stopping by the fish market, where you can buy fresh seafood, and then ask them to cook in one of the local cafes (the closest is House Family). For example, a kilogram of king prawns will cost 300 rupees.

At the same time, many say that in India, in comparison with Thailand or the Dominican Republic, prices for fruits and vegetables are very high.


One supermarket in Colva is Sho Faz, located a 15-20 minute walk from the beach. Perhaps its main advantage is that you can buy everything at once (which cannot be said about the local shops). He clearly does not lose to European supermarkets – there is a large selection of goods from both India and well-known brands.


Buying a full lunch or dinner in the store will not work, but here you can buy fragrant cakes, ice cream or freshly squeezed juice. Pay attention to souvenir shops, where there is a large selection:

  • spices;
  • Spices in the shops
  • different varieties of tea;
  • incense;
  • leather accessories (sandals are especially popular);
  • jewelry;
  • silk boards;
  • traditional indian clothing;
  • wreaths of fresh flowers;
  • postcards and magnets with a photo of the resort of Colva in Goa.

How to get there

The resort of Colva in Goa (India) is located 21 km from Dabolim International Airport, so you can reach your destination in less than 40 minutes.


This is the easiest and fastest option. You can find a car either near the airport (there is always a large number of taxi drivers), or by calling one of the local companies.

Taxi in Goa

Travel time is 30 minutes. Cost – 600-800 rupees. However, it should be borne in mind that there are simply no fixed prices for transportation in India, so always bargain, and it is likely that the initial price will be reduced by 30-40%.


If you want to save money, pay attention to the bus that runs from Vasco da Gamma to Margao through the airport. You must go to the highway, which runs parallel to the airport, and wait for the bus, which will be written Margao (the capital of South Goa). After arriving in the city (disembarkation is carried out at the bus station), you need to transfer to the bus next to Kolva. Total travel time is 40 minutes. Cost – 15 + 15 rupees. There is no exact timetable, however, it is known that buses on this route run every 20-30 minutes.

Bus to Goa

Be prepared for the fact that the buses are quite old, there are no amenities there, and there are always a lot of people. Therefore, you must understand that this option is suitable only for those who travel without large suitcases.

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Useful Tips

  1. The prices in Colva for hotels and food in the off-season are much lower, however, traveling to this part of India from April to October can be dangerous – in these months, due to high humidity, insects that carry many diseases are activated. One of the most dangerous is Dengue fever, which cannot be cured.
  2. Party in Colva
  3. Tourists who have already visited Colva recommend coming to the embankment in the evening – at this time on the porches of several cafes, as a rule, fire shows are held, magicians, acrobats and singers perform.
  4. The most beautiful photos of Colva Beach in Goa can be taken at sunset.
  5. In the neighboring village of Benaulim, there is a large Kadar shopping center, where you can buy clothes, groceries and household goods. You can get to it from Colva on foot (most conveniently along the beach).
  6. During parties, be careful and do not leave your drink unattended – it is not uncommon for drugs to be poured into a glass.
  7. Remember hygiene, and always carry a pack of wet wipes or disinfectants with you.
  8. If you plan to take a taxi in India, always look at the meter before the trip – often the driver turns it on earlier.
  9. Indian rupees
  10. When using taxi services and Indian motor rickshaws, always have small money with you – otherwise, it is highly likely that you will be left without change.
  11. You can only drink bottled water.
  12. If you do not like spicy food, always tell the waiter about it (no spicy).
  13. There are very few exchange offices in Colva, and the rate is not the most profitable. It is best to exchange money even at the airport or in a large city (for example, in Margao).
  14. If you want to go on excursions, do it better on weekends – anyway, on Saturday, there will be a lot of people on Colva Beach.
  15. Before checking into a guesthouse, be sure to check for hot water. Employees almost always say that it exists, but after checking in it often turns out that it is “temporarily disabled”.
  16. If you buy clothes or souvenirs, be sure to bargain. As a rule, prices are overstated by 2-3 times.
  17. Beware of pickpockets in the market and busy streets – they are full of them.

Colva, Goa – an exotic resort for lovers of fun parties and beautiful nature.

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