Tourist’s guide to Calangute beach – North Goa’s most visited beach

Goa, Calangute – one of the most popular and crowded resorts in North Goa. This place is famous for its spacious beaches, a huge market and beautiful nature.

Calangute Beach View

General information

Calangute is a coastal city in North Goa, famous for its beaches and their length. The population is just over 15,000. The name of the resort comes from the Indian word Kolongutt, which translates as “the beautiful fishing village of the goddess Kali” (from Hindi) or “coconut palm” (from Konkani).

In the past, this is the “capital” of hippies, and the city still has a lot of clubs, bars and a lot of other nightly entertainment.

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Market in Calangute

Calangute, located in the north of Goa, is very popular with tourists. The peak of the season falls on the New Year holidays, when thousands of residents of Europe and America come here to sunbathe and enjoy the vibrant nightlife of the resort. Such popularity is promoted, first of all, by its location. Calangute and Panaji (the capital of North Goa) are less than 15 km away, and less than 10 km from Mapusa.

Another reason why many tourists choose Calangute as their vacation destination is because here is the largest market in North Goa, where you can buy fresh vegetables as well as a lot of interesting souvenirs.


The total length of the coastline in Calangute is about 7 km. Width – about 100 meters. In high season, the beach is never empty, so it is recommended to come to the water no later than 9 in the morning. Most vacationers are young people, however, there are a lot of families with children.

The beach is very crowded. On the outskirts of the town, vacationers are much fewer, but it is unlikely to find a place for privacy near the water even there. If you prefer silence, go to the beaches adjacent to Calangute – there are less people and cleaner.

Sand and water

Sand on the beach of volcanic origin, has a grayish tint. Stones and shells do not occur. Garbage is regularly cleaned, however, it is still quite a lot.

The entry into the water is gentle, so the beach is perfect even for families with small children. Waves rarely rise, and surf lovers you will not meet here. There is no shadow on the beach itself, however, palm trees grow and there are many thatched arbors 50-60 meters from the water.

Beach in Calangute

Please note that the beach is not suitable for any kind of sport. The water here is too muddy for snorkeling, the absence of waves for surfers. Diving is also not popular here.


The beach infrastructure in this part of India is well developed. There are many sun loungers and umbrellas, which you can relax on relatively free (for this you need to order a cocktail or dessert in one of the shekels). There are toilets and several changing rooms. All this is located in the central part, but on the outskirts of the beach this is not.

Cafe and shops with Indian fast food are more than enough (reasonable prices). There are a lot of merchants. The same applies to locals, many of whom like to take pictures with white-skinned tourists. In India, it is believed that such photos will bring good luck.

Beach Infrastructure in Calangute

Pros of Calangute Beach in Goa, India:

  • beautiful nature;
  • many cafes and shops with fast food;
  • nightlife.

Cons of this beach of India:

  • a large number of people;
  • many merchants;
  • it’s dirty.


Calangute, India is a popular tourist destination. In total, the village has a little over 300 accommodation options, including expensive hotels and guesthouses. The average price per night for two in a guesthouse is $ 11-18 in high season. In a 3 * hotel – from 24 dollars.

Hotel in Calangute

If you want to be in the center of events and not afraid of noise, stop on the first coastline or in the center – there are always a lot of people here, and the nightlife is hectic. Fans of a more relaxed atmosphere should pay attention to the outskirts of Calangute – it is relatively quiet and there are not so many tourists.

Hi Hospitality – Waves Calangute
Hi Hospitality - Waves Calangute
  • The rating on is 8.5 (very good).

Wave Calangute Beach Resort Aparthotel in India has clean and spacious rooms, a large on-site pool and a kitchen with all the necessary appliances in every room. The hotel is located on the second coastline.

More photos of the Wave Calangute Hotel in Goa and Calangute Beach in India can be found at the booking office.

The cost of a night for two in high season is $ 39.

Le Méridien Goa, Calangute
Le meridien goa
  • The rating on is 8.8 (awesome).

Le Méridien Goa, Calangute – a cozy 5 * hotel near the seashore. The rooms created by professional designers have everything you need for a comfortable stay: household appliances, private bathroom and basic necessities. The hotel has a family-run kids club, a billiard room, a fitness room and an outdoor pool.

The cost of a night for two in high season is $ 126.

Chalston beach resort
Chalston beach resort
  • The rating on is 8.5 (very good).

Chalston Beach Resort is located a few meters from Calangute’s main beach. The rooms are small but clean and tasteful. It features an on-site swimming pool, a 24-hour front desk, a bar and garden activities. Directly at the hotel you can buy an excursion to the nearest Indian cities.

The cost of a night for two in high season is $ 53.

Hotels and guesthouses in Calangute in North Goa are very popular among tourists, so you need to book a room in advance. This rule applies to all resorts in India.

Where to eat

Restaurant in Calangute

The entire coast of Calangute is built up with large and small shops, cafes and restaurants, so tourists will definitely not be hungry here. Prices vary greatly. So, the most expensive sheki are on the beach. The cheapest ones are in the center of the village.

Restaurant prices on the beach:

Dish, drink Cost (dollars)
Seafood soup 2.10
Pizza 4.20
Tandoori Chicken 3.00
King Prawn Rice 2.60
Chicken sandwich 2.10
Local spirits (60 ml) 2.00
Bottle of local beer 1.20

They serve both Goan and Indian cuisines, as well as European dishes. In almost all cafes you can find a menu in Russian.
Restaurant Prices in Downtown Calangute:

Dish, drink Cost (dollars)
Momo with cheese and vegetables 1.80
Seafood rice 2.40
Vegetable salad 1.20
Thai soup 1.45
Porridge with fruit 0.89
Fruit cocktail 1.5
Fresh juice 1.0

Cafes in the central part of Calangute are the most popular with local residents, so the prices here are lower. In addition, you can try local fast food, which you are unlikely to find on the beach.

Shrimp Rice

Thus, in a cafe located in the city center, you can eat for 5-6 dollars.

How to get there (from Dabolim Airport)

Calangute and Dabolim Airport in India are separated by 40 km, which can be overcome at:

  1. The bus. This option should be considered only for those travelers who have little baggage. You must take the Dabolim-Panaji bus, and then transfer to the Panaji-Calangute flight. Total travel time is 1 hour. Cost – 50 rupees. Boarding and disembarking is carried out at the main bus station of Panaji.
  2. Taxi. The easiest and not very expensive way to travel. The car can be caught either in the parking lot in front of the airport, or ordered in advance. Travel time will be 40-50 minutes. Cost – 600-800 rupees.
  3. The train. This is the most difficult option, however, and in some situations it will not be superfluous. You need to catch a train and get to Tivim station. Drive the remaining 7 km by taxi. Travel time is 45 minutes. The cost is 200-350 rupees.

It should be borne in mind that train tickets in India must be purchased in advance, and finding them is quite difficult. However, even if this was not possible, it is not worth worrying much – many travelers say that controllers, whom you can rarely find, are usually fined only by residents of India.

Dabolim Airport

If you plan to take a taxi, many tourists recommend visiting travel forums dedicated to Goa – there you will not only find like-minded people, but also those people with whom you can share the cost of a taxi trip.

If you arrived in Calangute by bus, then do not save, and get to the hotel in a tuk-tuk – the price will be low, and it will save a lot of nerves and energy. As for movement inside the resort, experienced travelers recommend either walking or renting a bike – the city is very small and there is no need for a car.

Prices on the page are for October 2019.

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Useful Tips

  1. Calangute has one of the largest markets in North Goa. Here you can buy vegetables, spices and fruits, as well as traditional Indian clothes. Of particular interest to visitors to India are bright shawls and postcards with photos of Calangute and Goa.
  2. The city is connected by transport only with Panaji and Mapusa, so if you want to go somewhere further, you will first have to come to these cities.
  3. Panaji City
    Panaji City
  4. The most comfortable weather for relaxing in Calangute is set in November-February. The thermometer column does not rise above 32 degrees, and there are no rains and strong winds. In the rainy season (June-October) you should not come here.
  5. Many locals like girls with white skin, so if you are one, you will often be approached with a request to take a picture or just try to start a conversation. Polite failures are unlikely to affect.
  6. One of Calangute’s most famous cultural attractions is the Kerkar Art Complex Gallery. Here the most famous local artists exhibit their work. In addition, there are often held oriental dance festivals, which guests of the country can take part in.
  7. Tourists resting in the resort of Calangute love to visit the flea market, which takes place in Ajuna on Wednesdays.
  8. Ajuna flea market
  9. One of the main disadvantages of the beach in Calangute, Goa is the huge number of merchants who greatly increase prices and simply do not allow you to relax. Be prepared for a lot of dogs and cows on the beach.
  10. Calangute has a very vibrant nightlife, and almost all establishments work until at least 02:00 a.m. The most grandiose parties are during the Christmas holidays.
  11. Hotels in Calangute should be booked at least 2 months before the trip (especially if the trip is planned in high season).
  12. Near the Calangute beach, there are two forts – Chapora and Aguada. The distance is 8 and 10 km, which can be overcome by tuk-tuk or taxi.

Goa, Calangute – a great vacation spot for active people.

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