Tourist’s guide to Benaulim beach in Goa – white sand and butterflies

Benaulim, Goa – a cozy village in the western part of India. People come here to meditate, relax from the bustle of the city and admire the colorful nature.

Resort Benaulim

General information

The resort of Benaulim is a popular holiday destination in the state of Goa. This is a small village with spacious beaches and beautiful nature, where wealthy couples and families with children prefer to relax.

The resort is located in the western part of India, on the shores of the Arabian Sea. Goa itself occupies an area of ​​3702 km², and is considered the smallest of all 29 regions of the country. The coastline is 105 km.

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In the state of Goa there are 3 million people who call themselves Goans, which means “shepherds” and “cattle”. The only official language is Konkani, but many locals speak Marathi, Hindi, Urdu.

Residents of Benaulim

Interestingly, earlier the village of Benaulim had another name – Banavalli. Translated from the local dialect, this means “the place where the arrow fell” (one of the Indian myths). It is believed that earlier there was a sea on this place, and after its disappearance, a city was built here.

Most of the population of the village of Benaulim is engaged in fishing. Some also contain their own shops.


The main attraction of the resort of Benaulim in Goa is the beach of the same name. It is famous for its white sand and its inhabitants – large multi-colored butterflies, of which there are a lot.

Yoga in Benaulim

People come to Benaulim beach in order to take a break from city noise and put their nerves in order. There are really no parties and other entertainment in the village, so a good rest is provided. Here what tourists like to do here:

  • Yoga
  • admire the colorful sunsets;
  • watch the butterflies;
  • meditative practices.

Despite the remoteness of this beach from the cities, it is well equipped: there are comfortable sunbeds and toilets, cafes and restaurants. Along the coastline rise hotels.

There are dozens of rental points on this beach in India where you can rent:

  • bike;
  • scooter;
  • water skiing;
  • jet ski;
  • a boat;
  • surf

There are also many shops on the shore where you can buy souvenirs, Indian cosmetics, neckerchiefs, beach items, spices and tea.

Beach features

The sand on Benaulim beach is shallow and white. The gently sloping entrance to the water, stones and algae are absent. There is very little garbage, and it is regularly cleaned.

Sand on the beach in Benaulim

Please note that before 2 p.m. there are usually no waves. This time is perfect for those who want to swim with children or relax in silence. In the afternoon, the wind becomes stronger, and lovers of water sports come to the beach. The water temperature in the sea is always +28 ° C.

As for the shadow, it is not on the beach. Palm trees grow quite far from the sea, so it is not recommended to come here in the very heat.

The length of the beach is several km, so it is easy to retire, walking only 100-200 meters from the center.

It is interesting that the beaches of the resort of Benaulim are not divided into private and public – they are all municipal.

Beach inhabitants

Unlike many other beaches in India, there are practically no cows (with rare exceptions), but there are a lot of dogs. You should not be afraid of them – these animals are very friendly.

Crabs in Benaulim

It should be borne in mind that in the evening small crabs appear on the beach, and in the morning they go into the water (by the way, no one forbids swimming at night here).

However, the beach is famous for its butterflies – there are more than 30 species, and some are even listed in the Red Book.


There are a number of shops on the beach where you can purchase the following items:

Product Price (rupees)
Women’s skirt 90-160
T-shirt 100-150
Men’s pants 100-150
Sandals 300
Kurta (traditional Indian shirt) 250
Miniature figure (Taj Mahal, elephant, tiger) 500-600
Postcard with a photo of Benaulim beach 10
Souvenir shops in Benaulim


Goa is very popular with tourists, so there are more than 600 accommodation options on the island. Prices start at $ 7 per day.

Specifically, in the resort of Benaulim there are 70 hotels, hostels and hotels. So, a double room in a 3 * hotel in the high season will cost $ 35-50. This price includes a simple but comfortable room with a fan (in more expensive hotels – air conditioning), a TV and a beautiful view from the window (usually the sea). Usually, hotel owners are ready to provide airport transfers and free Wi-Fi.

There are fewer 5 * hotels in the resort – 3 options. Cost – from 220 to 300 dollars per night for two. In addition to a large room and a good breakfast, this price includes the opportunity to use the pool on site, go to various procedures (such as massage) and visit the gym. Also on the territory of the hotel in Benaulim there are many relaxation areas – comfortable poufs on the verandas, large armchairs in the lobby, gazebos near the pools. Many hotels are ready to accept tourists on an all-inclusive basis.

Hotel in Benaulim

Thus, in the village of Benaulim there is a fairly large selection of housing at affordable prices.

Where to eat

Cafe in Benaulim

There are a lot of places where you can eat in Benaulim (Goa). Near the beach there are many small cafes called “sheki”. Prices and dishes are about the same, but not everywhere there is a menu in Russian or English. I am glad that there are images of dishes.

Almost all dishes presented on the menu contain seafood and vegetables. Worth a try:

  • sea ​​wolf (fish);
  • shark with potatoes;
  • sea ​​bass.

Also pay attention to freshly squeezed juices and desserts.

The cost of dishes in a cafe:

Dish / Drink Price (rupees)
Chicken with rice 100-150
Lobsters (1 kg) 1000
Flatbread 20-40
A bowl of soup 50-60
Sandwich 60-120 (depending on size and content)
Spring rolls 70-180 (depends on the quantity and filler)
A cup of coffee 20-30
Fresh juice fifty
Bottle of rum 250 (in stores much cheaper)

Food Sets (sets):

Set Prices (rupees)
Soup + chicken + cheese cake + juice 300
Rice + Curry + Indian Bread + Lassi Drink 190
Rice + tortillas + vegetables + Lassi drink 190
Spring rolls + rice + tortillas + vegetables + Lassi drink 210
Tea with milk and sweets (Masala tea) 10

Thus, you can have a tight lunch in a cafe for 200-300 rupees. Prices in restaurants are much higher, but they are not prohibitive:

Dish / Drink Price (rupees)
Rice + Seafood + Salad 230
Spaghetti + Shrimp 150
Fish + Salad + Potato 180
2 fruit pancakes 160
Omelette 40-60

Remember that a cow in India is a sacred animal, so it is unlikely to try beef in a restaurant. Even if you find such a dish, you will be disappointed – they do not know how to cook beef in India.

If you do not want to have lunch in a cafe, pay attention to street food – along the beach there are many shops that sell take-away food. Usually it is cooked at the stake, due to which it has an unusual taste. Low prices:

Dish / Drink Prices (rupees)
Flat cakes (different types) 10-30
Curry Rice 25
Fried fish (sea bass) 35-45
Fresh juice 30-40
Tea 5-10

Since Benaulim (India) is always very hot and many European tourists get sick right after arrival, do not forget about simple rules:

  1. Wash your hands.
  2. Dine only in trusted locations.
  3. Do not drink tap water.
  4. Always carry wet wipes with you.
  5. Do not forget the creams and sprays from insect bites.

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How to get to the beach

The most popular resorts in South Goa:

  • Vasco da Gama (30 km)
  • Utorda (10 km)
  • Colva (2.5 km)

You can get from Vasco da Gama to the resort of Benaulim by bus. You must take the bus 74A of KTCL to Vasco da Gama bus station and get off at Margao. Next you need to walk or take a taxi 4 km. Total travel time is 50 minutes. The fare is 1-2 euros.

City bus

Getting from Bernaulim to the resort of Utorda or Colva by public transport will not work. Have to either use the services of a taxi, or go on foot. A taxi ride from Utorda will cost 7-8 euros, from Colva 2-3.

If you want to visit one of the Goa resorts located nearby, tourists are advised to walk along the seashore – this is a shorter and more picturesque road.

Prices on the page are for August 2019.

Useful Tips

  1. Despite the fact that the resort of Benaulim is warm at any time of the year, it is better not to come here from May to November – at this time the humidity is increased and it often rains.
  2. Benaulim is perfect for those who are tired of the many merchants and animators on the beaches of North Goa – in the southern part there is nothing like this.
  3. Many tourists who bought excursions from Benaulim to different parts of India note that the programs are really interesting, but because of the serpentine and hot weather, the trip is very poorly tolerated.
  4. Serpentine in the mountains
  5. If you want to buy something, be sure to bargain. All products are sold with a huge margin, so the seller is always ready to concede at least a little. The only place where such a number does not work is the pharmacy.
  6. Experienced tourists do not recommend ordering ice drinks in cafes and bars – in India there are problems with drinking water, and ice can be made from contaminated water, to which the European organism is not adapted.
  7. Doctors recommend vaccinations against hepatitis A, typhoid fever, meningitis and tetanus before traveling to India, as these diseases are very common.

Benaulim, Goa – a picturesque place for a relaxing family and romantic getaway.

Lunch at a local cafe and visit souvenir shops:

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