Tourist’s guide to Baga in Goa – one of the cleanest beaches in India

Baga Beach, Goa – a picturesque resort area, stretching in the vicinity of the city of the same name. It has a developed infrastructure, good transport links and a relatively large selection of entertainment for every taste.

Baga Beach

General information

Baga (India, Goa) is a small resort town located in the northern part of the state 15 km from Panaji. Despite its simplicity and small size, this place is one of the most visited corners of the country – thousands of tourists from all over the world come here every year. Despite this, the atmosphere in Baga is calm, pleasant and conducive to a good rest.

The coast of the Arabian Sea, washing this resort, is surrounded by high cliffs and wild jungle that create a picturesque picture. The climate in Baga is very mild. The average annual air temperature is + 30 … + 33 ° С, but in December-February it can be slightly lower. Water near the coast is quite warm (about + 28 ° C). May is considered to be the hottest month – the thermometer at this time shows + 40 ° C.

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Weather in Baga

The high season lasts from October to April – during this period dry and low-wind weather sets in Goa. The rainy season begins in June and does not stop until the end of summer. Showers are often accompanied by a hurricane wind, making beach vacations almost impossible.

Bagu is considered to be the territory of fishermen, so every second tourist hopes to catch the biggest fish here. And it’s also a suitable place for shopaholics – in the city you can find a large number of shops and souvenir shops selling truly unique trinkets.


Baga beach, stretching along the sea coast for a little more than 5 km, is divided into several parts, each of which has its own characteristics.

  • The site near the mouth of the river of the same name – has a developed infrastructure and a small number of European tourists, due to the strong undercurrent and not very clean water. The sand in this place has a characteristic crunch resembling a creak of snow. There is also a spontaneous fish market, where local fishermen sell their catch directly from land or boats.
  • Thatched arbors on Baga beach
  • The beach is from Calangute – most visitors rest here, but the Indians do not reach here (far from the stop). It is in this part of Bagi that the bulk of the shakes and small beach restaurants are concentrated. You can go to the first institution you find – the quality of service in them is about the same.
  • Baga is somewhere in the middle – with the arrangement of a full-fledged bus stop, this part of the beach has become extremely popular among the local population, so do not be surprised if, instead of the blue sea, a “sea of ​​Hindus” opens up to your eyes, bathing right in their clothes.

If you carefully look at the photo of Baga beach in Goa, you will notice not only a wide coastline covered with fine yellow sand, but also a smooth entry into the water, which vacationers with children will surely appreciate. The bottom is soft and sandy, there are no stones, algae and coral reefs. The depth grows gradually, and the line of shallow water takes about eight meters.

Baga Beach View

The sea in this part of the state is rather turbulent, so the red (swimming is prohibited), then yellow (swimming with caution), then green (swimming is allowed) flag is hung on the beach daily. In addition, professional rescuers monitor the entire territory. True, they care more about locals than about visitors. As soon as some Indian goes behind the buoys, someone from the rescue service will immediately whistle him. In relation to tourists, such zeal is not observed – they can safely swim anywhere and anytime.

As for the cleanliness of the beach, it causes controversy. On the one hand, the territory is cleaned daily, but on the other, by the end of the day it is again dotted with mountains of garbage. Moreover, both Europeans and the Indians themselves leave it, who generally do not differ in special cleanliness. Be that as it may, but Baga in North Goa is among the cleanest resorts in India.

There is a toilet on the beach, but changing cabins have not been built here. Umbrellas and sunbeds belong to restaurants. To get them for free use, just order a dish or a drink.

Beach activities

Surfing at Baga Beach

Among the available entertainment, it is worth noting surfing, water skiing, wakeboarding, sailing, banana riding, parasailing, etc. Do you want to dive with a mask or scuba diving? Contact Barracuda Diving, an old diving school located at Sun Village Resort. The cost of diving starts at $ 55. In addition, there is a casino on the beach, a yoga school and a Natural Wellness Center offering various types of massage, vaidya consultations and other Ayurvedic treatments that last from 1 hour to several weeks.

Tired of a beach holiday, go in search of temples with bizarre architecture and belonging to a variety of faiths – there are plenty of them in the city. You can also visit the water park, Aguada Fort, Anjuna flea market or join excursion groups making sightseeing trips all over India. In addition, the services provided to vacationers are boat rides to dolphins, organized by local fishermen.

Disco on Baga beach

With the arrival of the evening, and it gets dark in this part of Goa quite early, a completely different life begins in Baga. Around 19:00, shake workers take out tables with chairs directly on the sand so that everyone can enjoy a delicious dinner against the setting sun.

In conclusion, we note that, despite the constant patrolling of police officers, there are no crowds from obsessive merchants on the beach. The prices for their services or goods are greatly overstated, so if you decide to refuse, they will begin to ask you in every possible way and put pressure on pity. Another unpleasant feature of the resort is the unhealthy interest of the local population in white tourists – especially for children. They now and then offer to take pictures with them, which begins to annoy on the second day of rest.


Looking through the photo of Bugs in Goa, you will not see a single 5 * hotel, and 4 * apartments here can be counted on the fingers. Most tourists prefer to settle in mid-priced establishments with a convenient location, decent service and a good level of comfort. At the same time, housing can be rented both in the city itself and on the beach.

Hotel room Baga

If we talk about the cost of living at the resort, renting a double room in a 3 * hotel is from $ 30 to $ 100 per day, while a guest house will cost a little cheaper – from $ 12 to $ 90.

Where to eat

Baga resort in India has a wide selection of cafes, restaurants and beach shacks offering both local and European dishes. Food on the beach will be a little more expensive than in the city. In addition, the juices there are often diluted with water, and often add additional snacks to the bill. In general, this resort should adhere to this principle – the farther from the sea, the cheaper. But the cuisine in both beach and city institutions is quite decent, and the atmosphere is light and laid back.

Cafe Zanzibar

The most popular dishes include rice, fish, curry, crab meat and various seafood. Food in India is seasoned with an impressive portion of spices that make it too hot for a delicate European stomach. Unlike vegetables, which local chefs are successful at, flesh is poorly prepared here – you should not buy it.

Lunch or dinner for two in a mid-range restaurant will cost $ 7-12. The rest of the prices are:

Rum "Old Monk"
  • A bottle of beer – from 1 to 2 $;
  • Cocktail – $ 4.5;
  • Fruit fresh – $ 2;
  • Spicy crab soup – $ 3.5;
  • Tomato soup – $ 1.80;
  • Seafood Salad – $ 3;
  • Hot pan with a “sea cocktail” – up to $ 8;
  • Masala tea – $ 0.70;
  • “Old Monk” (a local rum sold in every Bagi supermarket) – from 70 cents to $ 2.5 depending on the volume of the bottle.

Prices in Goa are indicated directly on the product. Most restaurants have non-smoking areas, and in the evenings there is live music and dancing. In one of the city’s institutions, the Relish Cafe, each visitor receives not only the menu that the dog brings here, but also a portion of free snacks. By the way, eating in necks is not necessary. You can buy groceries in the supermarket and cook your own meals – many hotels have kitchenettes and small refrigerators.

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How to get from Dabolim airport?

The city of Baga in Goa is 50 km from the Dabolim International Airport, which receives flights from Europe and Asia. There are several ways to get from there to the resort area.

Method 1. By bus
Local bus

There are no direct flights from Dabolim to Bagu, so you will have to make a couple of transfers. To get started, use the airport shuttle and go to the intersection leading to Vasco da Gama. Having left him, go to the bus station and take the bus to Panaji. He rides without stops for at least half an hour. At the final stop, transfer to the transfer to Bagi, which will take you to your destination. In addition, you can get to the resort you need from Calangute – the distance between the beaches can be covered on foot in 10-15 minutes.

The average ticket price is $ 1. Buses run more frequently on weekdays than on weekends. True, Goa’s municipal transport does not have a clear schedule. Flight numbers are also missing, so you need to look for the direction on the plate inserted in front of the windshield. If it is not there, consult a conductor.

Method 2. By train

The closest railway stations are in Margao and Karmali. You will have to get from there to the resort either by bus or by taxi.

Method 3. By taxi
Local taxi

For all its high cost, this method is considered the most convenient. But in this case too, an unpleasant surprise awaits you: the road from the airport to the city will take at least an hour, since you will not have to go along a wide highway, but along an old road with heavy traffic and cows facing the asphalt.

You can call the car in advance using a special online service, or order by phone. If the decision on taxi services was made at the last moment, catch the car at the exit of the terminal.

The most popular services include Goa taxi and Prepaid taxi. There are no meters in the car. The fare is paid at boarding and is fixed, but you can bargain with private cabmen.

Prices on the page are for August 2019.

Useful Tips

Having decided to visit the beach of Baga, Goa, read the recommendations of those who have already managed to visit there:

    Bottled alcohol
  1. Psychotropic substances are often added to visitors to nightclubs, so never leave your drink unattended and carefully monitor the actions of the bartender preparing a cocktail. Better yet, order a drink in a sealed bottle. This rule does not apply to beach establishments – it is completely safe there.
  2. Excursions to the main attractions of India are best planned for the weekend. The fact is that at this time a huge number of Indians come to the beach, so you still can’t get a rest.
  3. After sunset, it is better not to go into the water – most marine life leads an active nightlife, so no one is safe from bites here.
  4. The climate in this part of Goa is even, so you should definitely not take things with you for all occasions. But you probably need comfortable shoes, a tanning agent with a high UV filter, a hat, a flashlight and a first-aid kit, equipped with a bactericidal patch, an antiseptic for the hands and pills for intestinal disorders and poisoning.
  5. Indian rupees
  6.  Carefully recount money issued at the exchange office. Fraudsters here are not uncommon.
  7. Car rental is justified only if you arrived in Bagu for a few weeks and intend to drive around the state.
  8. To fend off obsessive merchants and curious Indians who want to take a photo, take on a strict look and communicate with the local population exclusively in Russian.
  9. Goa cafes and restaurants usually remember guests, so becoming a regular visitor to the same institution, you can count not only on better service, but also on regular compliments from the cook.
  10. In Baga, however, as in all of India, one should carefully follow the rules of personal hygiene.
  11. Never drink tap or river water. Bottled water is also best for washing fruits and vegetables.

Day and night life of Baga beach:

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