Tourist’s guide to Ashvem Beach – North Goa’s calmest beach

Ashvem, Goa – one of the many protected areas of India, characterized by beautiful nature, convenient location and friendly locals, not spoiled by huge crowds of tourists. Here, the truth is very quiet, calm and not crowded, but this is what attracts travelers who want to relax from the noisy party resorts.

Ashvem Beach View

General information

Ashvem is a small village located in the northern part of Goa (India). The population is about a thousand people. The main attributes of the tourist infrastructure appeared only recently, so everything here shines with cleanliness and novelty.

The best time to visit the resort is from November to March, when the water warms up to + 28 ° C, and the air temperature is at least + 30 ° C during the day and about + 20 ° C at night. At the same time, most vacationers come here for the New Year and Christmas holidays, considered the peak of the tourist season.

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Ashvem Infrastructure

Despite the relatively young age, this resort has a lot for a comfortable stay. So, at the end of 2013, a professional school for surfers and kite surfers was opened in Ashvem. Following it, several modern supermarkets appeared in which you can buy absolutely everything – from fruits and vegetables to various souvenirs or household goods. But the clothes of Indian production are most in demand – they are not only beautiful, but also of high quality. They say that such models can not be found even in the legendary markets of North Goa.

Ashvem Surf School

There is also a Jai ​​Ganesh in the village, a multifunctional currency exchange office equipped with an ATM. There you can buy a SIM card from one of the mobile operators in India, which will be immediately cut to size. Look for a taxi rank in the very center of the village. In close proximity to it are located “Sea View”, one of the best hotels, and “Arti massage”, a massage center offering various Ayurvedic services.

Those who wish to rent a bike can use one of the 2 large sites. The first one, owned by the Hindu Romio, can be found by the road near the Koleso cafe. The second, opened by the Nigerian Anton, is 50 meters from the Sky bar restaurant. There is also a laundry room with very attractive prices – washing one unit will cost 20 cents.


Sun loungers at Ashvem beach

There is practically nothing to watch in the village – its main pride is Ashvem Beach. However, in neighboring Arambol there are several travel agencies that organize excursions to the main historical sights of India. The greatest demand is for trips to the waterfalls, during which you will have a wonderful opportunity to visit the very heart of the jungle, ride elephants, chat with the local sage Baba and make a wonderful photo story. A tourist bus to the waterfalls leaves every morning. As for the neighboring beaches or villages, they can be easily reached on a rented bike or scooter. In addition, the surroundings of Ashvem abound in Indian temples, the acquaintance of which can be devoted to more than one day.

There are practically no evening events at this resort. The exception is only a few establishments, which sometimes organize quite modest parties by Goan standards. Among the most popular are the Shanti Restaurant, the Borsch Cocktail Bar and the Bardo Night Club. In this regard, most tourists prefer either to watch the sunset, or walk around La Beach, looking at the cafes or shops located on it. In extreme cases, you can walk to the neighboring beaches – it takes half an hour.

Cafe in the resort of Ashvem

Outside weddings are often organized at Ashvem Beach in Goa, so during a walk along the coast you can come across a path dotted with pink petals and a wedding arch decorated with exotic flowers.


Ashvem Beach, whose length is slightly more than 2 km, stretched from the conditional border with Mandrem in the north to the conditional border with Morjim in the south. Being one of the best wild beaches of Goa in India, it is famous for its picturesque palm groves, emerald waters of the Arabian Sea and a unique atmosphere that contributes to a quiet and relaxing holiday.

Beach in the resort of Ashvem

The wide coastline is covered with grayish sand, which, as it approaches a small shallow rivulet that separates the resort from other settlements, becomes almost black and turns into silt. There are absolutely no rocks on Ashvem Beach, but there are huge boulders formed from frozen volcanic rocks. Tourists like to look for sea crabs in them and take photos against the backdrop of the setting sun.

A smooth entry into the water, a soft sandy bottom and a slight, gradually increasing depth make it a good place for a family vacation with children. In addition, during low tides, small puddles of warm water appear on the shore, which kids like to play.

Another feature of Ashvem Beach in Goa is a large amount of free space. This is due to at least 2 factors. Firstly, bungalows and restaurants here are at a decent distance from each other, and secondly, there are practically no cows, dogs, beggars, annoying merchants and representatives of the local beauty industry.

Locals at Ashvem Beach

And the Indians themselves, who love to take selfies with Europeans, hardly come here. What is also important, almost everywhere there is WiFi. But there are no toilets, showers and changing cabins on Ashvem Beach, and the entire infrastructure is rather poorly developed.

If you take a closer look at the photos of Ashvem beach in Goa, you will notice that the sphere of water entertainment in this quiet and sparsely populated resort is represented only by surfing and kiting. All who wish to do these sports are waiting for professional instructors. In addition, you can go boating and go fishing in the open sea.

Umbrellas, sunbeds and canopies woven from palm leaves belong either to the necks or to beach hotels. But even if you are not going to become a client of these institutions, you can always hide from the sun in the shade of palm trees and other exotic vegetation. The main thing is not to wander into the thicket of cacti – there are more than enough of them on the beach. The territory of the village is regularly cleaned, and professional rescuers monitor the order and safety of vacationers.

Sun loungers and umbrellas on Ashvem beach


Ashvem village in India does not have a large number of places for accommodation, and those that are are much more expensive than in other parts of the state. True, the service and living conditions here are consistent with the voiced value.

Hotel with pool in Ashvem

You will also find large chain hotels here. The main part of the housing is represented by villas, guest houses and cozy hotels, from whose windows a beautiful view of the sea opens. It offers clean spacious rooms with new furniture, equipped bathrooms and snow-white towels. Many have outdoor pools.

There will be no problems with choosing a district for living – all housing is located on both sides of the central road that runs along the entire coastline. The distance between them is from 100 to 500 meters. Closer are only beach bungalows, which are small houses with a shower, a bed and air conditioning. Despite the fact that this option is the most expensive (up to $ 100 a season), these “romantic huts” are being built more and more.

Huts on Ashvem Beach

It should also be noted that on the eve of the New Year and Christmas holidays it is almost impossible to find free housing on Ashvem Beach, so it is better to immediately pay attention to the neighboring villages – Morjim or Mandrem. There you can find hotels for every taste and budget. For instance:

  • the cost of a double room in a 3 * hotel starts from $ 25 per day,
  • 4 * – from $ 55,
  • and rent a guesthouse will be from 14 to 56 $.

Where to eat

Ashvem Beach is one of the most expensive Goa resorts in India, and the main share of expenses is food, because in the absence of any competition, owners of local establishments set prices at their discretion. And this applies to both beach shakes and fashionable restaurants located in the village itself.

Cafe on Ashvem Beach

The menu of many establishments is designed for visitors. There are very few traditional Indian dishes, characterized by a huge number of spicy spices, in Ashvem, but European and Mediterranean cuisine is represented by a fairly wide selection. Fish, fried vegetable pies, various seafood, rice pudding with ice cream and other Goan sweets are best prepared here. Omelet centers, which are a kind of analogue of Indian fast food, are also in great demand.

The main feature of this village can be called the presence of Russian restaurants opened by our countrymen many years ago. Seasonal travelers missing pancakes and meatballs regularly visit Borsch, Good evening or Hello, Andrey to chat with their compatriots and quench their nostalgia. True, lunch or dinner in one of these institutions will cost $ 40-50, not including alcohol and other drinks. As for beach cafes, the prices there, although lower, are still much higher than the average price tag for Goa.

All prices on the page are for September 2019.

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Useful Tips

Before heading to Ashvem, Goa (India), check out some helpful tips to make your stay even more enjoyable:

  1. To visit Goa left an indelible impression, go to the beach in the late evening – the sunset here is simply unforgettable. And each time – different.
  2. Ashvem Beach Sunset
  3. Despite the fact that this resort is considered one of the most peaceful places on the coast, you should not forget about the basic safety rules. So, leaving the bungalow or hotel room, close the door and windows, do not leave valuables on window sills, and keep money and passports in a safe at the reception. And be sure to turn the key overnight – in most cases, thefts are committed from open houses while the owners are sleeping.
  4. For the same reason, you should not walk around the village at night, especially in complete solitude.
  5. The Arabian Sea, washing this section of Goa, has many undercurrents, so swimming further than 200 meters from the coast is highly discouraged.
  6. If you do not want to attract the increased attention of local residents, do not walk along the streets of Ashvem in a swimsuit or beach shorts – this is not the case in India.
  7. There are several sharp stones in the sea near the Rococo Hotel – swim there carefully.
  8. Indian spices
  9. Even if you forget to tell the waiter “No spice”, don’t worry – the food in this resort will not be as spicy as in other parts of the state.
  10. In order to take a taxi, it is not necessary to go to the parking lot – you can catch a car right on the main road. True, local drivers take exorbitant prices, so do not be afraid to bargain. In addition, you can take a taxi in both directions – it will be much cheaper. And even better – find a good driver in Arambol, take his phone number and ride with him the whole vacation.

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