Tourist’s guide to Anjuna beach in Goa

Anjuna, Goa – a picturesque place famous for noisy markets, unusual beach parties and a unique atmosphere, conducive to round-the-clock fun.

Anjuna Beach View

General information

Anjuna is a small resort village located in the northern part of Goa near its capital – the city of Panaji. The population is just over 9 thousand people. The high season lasts from November to April, when the air temperature is from +30 to + 33 ° C, and the water off the coast of the Arabian Sea warms up to + 27 … + 29 ° C. There is little rain at this time, and a light breeze blowing from the coast does not interfere with a good rest.

Many houses in the village were built during the period when India was a colony of Portugal. Now most of them are equipped with hotels. In addition, you can see several ancient churches and chapels, among which the most noteworthy is St. Michael’s Church, built in 1595 and is the state’s oldest religious building.

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Top view of Anjuna beach

For the first time they started talking about Anjuna back in the 60s of the last century. Then hippies, freaks and other non-standard personalities began to gather in this part of India, turning the coastal village into the center of the Goa party life. Today, the best trans parties are held here, falling on New Year and Christmas holidays. But the rest of the time life at the resort is replete with exuberant colors. And not only in a figurative, but also in a literal sense, because even the trunks of palm trees growing in the village are decorated with various drawings.


Anjuna beach, stretching along the coast of the Arabian Sea for almost 2 km and covered with soft white sand, is more suitable for noisy youth than for a quiet family vacation. Firstly, it is not as secluded as other resorts of Goa, and secondly, there are sharp underwater cliffs, which can easily be hurt. Yes, and strong waves, constantly rolling on the coast, and strive to take vacationers to the sea. To avoid this, rescuers are constantly on duty in Anjuna.

The beach area is quite narrow, the shadow on it is provided by curved palm trees hanging from the water. Umbrellas and sunbeds belong to beach necks – to get them for free use, you need to order food or some kind of drink. For guests of coastal hotels, the service is provided free of charge.

Tourists at Anjuna Beach

The sea in Anjuna is unclear, sometimes covered with small oil stains from fuel ship waste. The coastline is regularly cleaned, but due to the proximity of the night market it is never completely clean, and vacationers themselves leave behind them whole mountains of garbage. Despite its modest size, there is everything for a rich and interesting holiday. You can go snorkeling, surfing or diving, ride elephants, watch a snake charmer’s performance or take part in car races organized by the local go-kart center.

The main feature of Anjuna beach in Goa (India) is the numerous trans parties and the Full Moon Party, starting at sunset and lasting until the morning. Where and when the next event will take place, you can find out from local residents or employees of an endless number of cafes built along the entire coast. The Royal Hippy Market, located in close proximity to the beach, is of no less interest to tourists. The only flea market in Goa, covering an area of ​​several hectares, is a unique event that can easily compete with Brazilian carnivals by a riot of colors, noise and hectic. Here you can buy many different goods – from things with Indian embroidery and colorful blankets to jewelry and discs with the latest trance music. True, most tourists come here not so much for shopping, but for vivid impressions and a truly unique atmosphere. In addition, in the market you can find tattooists, all kinds of masseurs, hairdressers and piercers, ready for a little money to fulfill any whim of the client.

Slums on Anjuna Beach


Looking at the photos of Anjuna beach, you will probably notice a lot of bungalows and small guest houses stretching along the entire coastline. Most of them have nothing but a bed and shower, but there are windows overlooking the sea. The cost of such accommodation (from $ 11 per day) is available even to budget tourists. If you want to stay in a guesthouse owned by one of the hippies, get ready to pay from $ 40 to $ 55. The only drawback is the music, which does not cease even after dark.

No less choice of housing can be found in the village. There are both small hostels and modern hotels of various levels (1-4 *). Room price starts from $ 23, but in some cases it can reach $ 85. At the same time, the homes of local residents are most in demand – with the onset of the high season they move to special temporary huts, and rent their homes, consisting of 2-3 rooms, to vacationers.

Hotel on Anjuna Beach


Anjuna beach, however, like other Goa resorts, is literally dotted with small beach restaurants where you can taste both local and European cuisine. The cost of dishes in different institutions is approximately the same – the only difference is in the menu, taste and portion size. The service here is simply excellent – in order to get the client the necks are ready for anything.

Among the most popular establishments are the Avalon Sunse Café, famous for its delicious pea soup and paneer cheese in tomato sauce, the Basilico restaurant, opened by an Italian chef, and the Tantra Beach Shack snack bar, which serves national and vegetarian dishes. You can eat well in the local market. In addition to traditional Indian sweets, cane juice, masala tea and ice cream, they sell hearty snacks prepared directly on the street.

Supermarket Oxford

In addition, next to the beach there is a large Oxford supermarket, which in addition to organic food contains natural cosmetics, Ayurvedic herbs and a host of other goods. Another distinctive feature of the coastal institutions of Anjuna is a wide variety of alcoholic beverages. Beer, rum and liqueurs from coconuts and exotic fruits here I drink everything, including Indians who do not drink alcohol in principle.

As for prices, a lunch for two in a beach neck will cost $ 3-4, while a visit to a mid-range restaurant will drag on all $ 15. A cup of coffee in a coffee shop costs $ 1.30, rice with chicken – $ 2.50, fruit salad, scrambled eggs, all kinds of soups, milk porridge and a bottle of local beer – about $ 1.

Cafe on Anjuna Beach

On a note! Those who go to Goa for the first time should not pounce on local delicacies on the very first day. Food in India is quite spicy, so for starters it is better to order something European or ask for food without adding spices (“No spicy”). If your stomach does not take spicy food at all, stop at something neutral – grilled fish, tortillas, fruit, omelette or momo.

How to get from Dabolim airport?

The distance between Anjuna and Dabolim Airport, serving both charter and seasonal flights, is about 50 km. You can overcome them in 3 different ways. Let’s consider each of them.

Method 1. By bus

Cheap but very long. Not only that, you will have to make a few transfers. The whole route looks like this: Vasco da Gama (stop “Chikalim Junction”) – Panaji – Mapusa – Anjuna. The road will take at least 2 hours. The average price of a trip is 50-60 cents.

Bus on Anjuna beach

On a note! Buses go to Goa irregularly and in most cases are packed to capacity, so tourists with a lot of luggage should use a more convenient mode of transport. There is no numbering, and the flight direction is indicated on a plate inserted in front of the windshield.

Method 2. By train

First you need to get to the Tivim railway station in Mapus, located 16 km from Anjuna. From there, not only public transport, but also taxis go to the resort. In addition, if you wish, you can rent a scooter or use the services of bicycle and motor rickshaws.

On a note! It is better to buy a train ticket in advance. It is almost impossible to do this immediately before shipping.

Method 3. By taxi
Taxi in Goa

Despite its high cost, this method of transportation is the fastest and most convenient. The journey takes about an hour. The fare is from $ 10 to $ 14, depending on the level of comfort. You can order a car both at the airport terminal and via the Internet. As an option – just catch it on the street. The most popular services in the region are Prepaid taxi and Goa taxi.

On a note! There are no meters in the cars, the price is fixed, and payment is made upon landing. If you want to save at least a little, opt for private traders – you can bargain with them.

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Useful Tips

Going to the resort of Anjuna (Goa, India), listen to the advice of those who are already fortunate enough to visit there:

    International passport
  1. When taking anything for rent, do not pledge your passport – it is better to make a couple of copies and always carry it with you.
  2. There are not so many full-fledged gas stations in Goa – the closest to Anjuna is in Vagator. As for gasoline poured into liter bottles, it costs a lot and its quality is very poor.
  3. Having rights in India is not mandatory – scooters and motorbikes often give without them, and problems with the local police are solved with a small bribe.
  4. In Anjuna, not only is it possible, but it is also necessary to bargain. Otherwise, the seller will be offended and will not sell the product you are interested in for any money.
  5. Ice drinks
  6. In order to protect yourself from intestinal infections, wash with soap not only hands, but also fruits. For the same reason, refuse to add ice to drinks – it could be made from tap water, the use of which can lead to very sad consequences.
  7. When walking around the market, be very careful. Theft here is not uncommon.
  8. In India, as in any other tropical country, there is a lot of poisonous living creatures, so you should be extremely careful on vacation, and in case of bites or injuries, be sure to treat the wound with an antiseptic and contact the nearest medical center.
  9. Fennel seeds
  10. Fennel seeds will help cope with the digestion of spicy Indian food. Small bowls with this “medicine” usually stand at the exit of restaurants or at the cash desk of fast foods.
  11. Not a single Anjuna party is complete without drugs. But if the police simply turn a blind eye to local residents, then visitors are not spoiled here. Many were even imprisoned.
  12. It should also be noted that various types of syphilis, hepatitis and other sexually transmitted infections are common in India, so it will be better to limit contacts with potential carriers of viruses.

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