Tourist’s guide to Agonda beach – what attracts tourists to this beach in Goa

Agonda (Goa) – this village is very modest in size, settled at a distance of 60 km from Dabolim Airport, is one of the southernmost settlements of Goa.

Agonda Beach View

Agonda has one single street running along the sea. On this street, even without a name, there are mini-shops, the only liquor store, and stalls with clothes and souvenirs. There is no particular choice, but everything you need can be bought. In Agonda there is only one attraction that deserves attention: the church of St. Anne, built in the 16th-17th centuries.

Life in the village is calm and measured; only visiting tourists revive it. And those who want to fully enjoy a relaxing holiday by the sea come here. There are no big 5 * hotels, noisy bars and night parties – the village goes to bed at 9 o’clock in the evening. And for entertainment you need to go to the neighboring towns of India.

Advice! The Agonda is safe and very calm. But still, before going to the beach, you must definitely close the door to your room, and on the beach itself you should not leave your phone and other valuable things unattended.

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All characteristics of Agonda Beach

Top view of Agonda beach

Agonda Beach in Goa is a wide stretch of coast, stretching for 3 km. The beach is located in the bay, a strip of palm trees separates it from the village.

The sand is white, not too small, it is very pleasant to walk on it. There are no stones on the shore or on the seabed. The entrance to the water is comfortable, with a smooth increase in depth.

The sea is clean, warm and relatively calm. Sometimes the waves are strong enough, but since the Agonda beach is located in the bay and has the shape of the letter “P”, it is almost always calm in one of its extremities (usually in the south).

Advice! On Agonda Beach, you can’t swim too far from the coast, as there are places with powerful underwater currents. You can swim in specially designated places or where many people swim. If you hit the stream, then swim not against it, but along the coast – so you can get out of the stream.

Agonda beach is very clean, every morning it is cleaned. Even cows and dogs present on the beach do not spoil the cleanliness. By the way, cows appear there only in the early morning, and the dogs are friendly and always behave calmly.

Cow on Agonda Beach

Sunbeds, umbrellas, toilets, and sometimes showers – all this is in the sheks (cafes) that stand along the beach. And you can use everything absolutely free if you order at least a soft drink in your cheek.

As tourists write in their reviews, the Agonda beach in Goa is a great place for a secluded relaxation, yoga, relaxing relaxation. There are no large crowds and crowded places, and noisy entertainment. Loud music and noise are prohibited on Agonda Beach, as rare Ridley turtles find refuge on the coast.

In the southern tip of Agonda Beach there is a place of amazing beauty: a cliff towering above the sea with a “cut off” peak. From a huge flat area where ancient vimanas grow, unusually beautiful landscapes open up to the eye. You can climb the rock along the path that begins in the depths of the beach, behind the boats. Since you have to walk on stones, you need comfortable shoes.

Advice! Goa has a lot of snakes, so you need to be careful. Particular care must be taken to move among the huge, picturesquely heaped boulders on the left side of the beach, attracting photo shoot lovers. And you can’t swim in the sea at night, because at this time sea snakes and poisonous slopes swim to the shore.

Accommodation options in Agonda

Hotels near Agonda Beach

There are enough places for accommodation in Agonda: there is both cheap housing for very unpretentious people, and quite comfortable rooms and bungalows at a higher price. The cost of housing is distributed approximately like this: closer to the center of Agonda the beach is more expensive, along the edges of the beach cheaper. The cheapest housing in the northern part of Agonda, directly in the village.

There are no large hotels with high “stars”, animators and other entertainments in Agonda. But finding very decent housing options is quite possible: for example, guest houses and small hotels with comfortable rooms, free Wi-Fi, a garden and even a swimming pool on site. In high season, a comfortable double room for two will cost $ 42-126.

The vast majority of tourists who come to relax on Agonda Beach live in bungalows. Bungalows are presented here in various modifications: from very simple huts made of bamboo branches and leaves and mosquito nets, to luxurious cottages on the seashore. In season, prices for the simplest huts start at $ 8 per day, and bungalows with all amenities are offered for $ 55 per day.

Guesthouses near Agonda Beach

You can rent guesthouses in Agonda for about the same amount as the simplest bungalows on the beach near the sea. A room with a fan and a shower with hot water will cost $ 14, a room with air conditioning – from $ 22, a room without a kitchen and hot water – from $ 7 per day.

Advice! Any accommodation options can be found locally or booked in advance through Reservation is important in high season, because at this time it is more difficult to find housing, and it costs more.

Another accommodation option in the resort village of Agonda (Goa, India) is a room in a private house where a local family lives. Of course, in this case, even there can be no talk of beautiful views and special comfort – this is a place exclusively for an overnight stay. It costs a bed very cheap: $ 2-6.

Food in Agonda

Food prices in Agonda are higher than in North Goa and than in some resort villages of South Goa (Colva or Varca). The check amount at the Agonda Beach restaurant is approximately $ 6.5 per person. In ordinary non-beach restaurants you can eat cheaper.

Cafe near Agonda Beach

Staying in India, you can not deny yourself the pleasure to try local food:

  • thali – on a large tray they serve a plate of rice and several small plates with various sauces;
  • crispy fried puri flatbread made from regular flour;
  • dal fry – pea stew with spices;
  • Masala tea – black tea brewed with spices, with the addition of milk.

You can try traditional Indian dishes in such cafes and restaurants of Agonda:

  • Blue Planet Cafe – A vegetarian restaurant with organic food, great juices and cocktails.
  • Blue planetet cafe
  • Niki bar – thali here you can buy for only $ 0.5. The restaurant is open only until 17:00.
  • Sea Breeze – here are delicious Asian dishes.
  • Mandala Cafe – The restaurant is ideal for vegetarians.

In Agonda there are shops with groceries, and although their assortment is rather modest, fruits, vegetables, milk, cereals are available. And this means that you can cook yourself.

Advice! In India, those who value money and love bargaining are respected. Therefore, the Indians always say an inflated price, which during the course of the bidding can drop by more than 2 times. Feel free to bargain even in small shops!

When to go to Agonda

Weather in Agonda for months

In Goa, and therefore in Agonda, the high season lasts from October to early March – it is believed that at this time the most favorable weather for relaxing on the beach. September is a transitional time with a comfortable temperature, although it may rain. From March to the end of May it is especially hot, but the chance of rain is small. And in June, July and August, it rains endlessly, which makes it incredibly stuffy, as if in a sauna. By the way, it is quite possible to come to rest in India in March: although at this time it is slightly hotter than in the high season, but there are many advantages:

  • the flight is much cheaper;
  • the choice of housing is more extensive and cheaper;
  • a small influx of tourists.

Of the shortcomings, there is only one: the number of working restaurants on the beaches of India is significantly reduced. But in Agonda (Goa) you can eat in the same establishments where the locals eat – they always cook tasty and inexpensive, regardless of the tourist season.

A tour of Agonda Beach and useful tips from tourists:

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