Tourist’s guide to Agra – City of Taj Mahal

Agra, India is the most popular tourist destination in the country thanks to the famous Taj Mahal. As tourists note, if there was only a palace in the city, it would definitely be worth coming here. Travelers, saturated with European architectural and historical sights, having once seen the Taj Mahal, experience admiration and sincere surprise. … Read more

Tourist’s guide to Ashvem Beach – North Goa’s calmest beach

Ashvem, Goa – one of the many protected areas of India, characterized by beautiful nature, convenient location and friendly locals, not spoiled by huge crowds of tourists. Here, the truth is very quiet, calm and not crowded, but this is what attracts travelers who want to relax from the noisy party resorts. General information Ashvem … Read more

Panaji, Goa – what attracts tourists to the state capital?

The city of Panaji (Goa) is the capital of the smallest state in India. Once in the city, many tourists are surprised to find something Indian here, but they find more typical signs of the Mediterranean port resort with characteristic narrow streets, residential buildings with red, tiled roofs, white temples and a crowded promenade. Photo: … Read more

Tourist’s guide to Amber Fort in Rajasthan

Amber Fort is a famous palace complex consisting of many castles, temples, gardens and pavilions, the construction of which took almost 2 centuries. The appearance of this building is very mixed. On the one hand – impregnable fortress walls, on the other – a real oriental oasis with marvelous arches, ancient mosaics, mirrors, fountains and … Read more

Tourist’s guide to Jammu and Kashmir, the most conflict prone state of India

The state of Jammu and Kashmir (India) is an ancient beautiful land in the northern part of the country. It consists of three regions differing in relief, climate, and culture. Kashmir – spacious picturesque valleys with numerous lakes. Jammu – dense forests and many ancient temples. Ladakh – amazing Himalayas and secluded Buddhist monasteries. Related … Read more

Tourist’s guide to Karnataka – India’s Cleanest State

Karnataka, India is one of the most controversial states in the country. Skyscrapers here are adjacent to the slums, and the clean streets of Mangalore with the dirty beaches of Gokarna. This state will surprise you with its authentic culture and beautiful nature. General information Karnataka is the eighth state in the country (191,791 km²) … Read more

Tourist’s guide to Goa, India – golden sand beaches and a rich history

The main attractions of Goa are not only spacious beaches and the endless sea, but also ancient Catholic churches, cozy streets, cobblestone, powerful fortresses and waterfalls. The Indian state of Goa is very popular with tourists. However, while the southern part is famous for its picturesque nature and golden sand beaches, North Goa combines both … Read more

17 best beaches of South and North Goa

The beaches of Goa are famous for their golden sand, vibrant nightlife and picturesque nature. People often come here to do spiritual practices, chat with interesting people and just relax from the daily rush. Whereas in the 70s and 80s, locals mainly rested on the beaches of Goa, now it is a popular place that … Read more