Holidays in South Goa – the best resorts in sunny India

South Goa is created by nature and ennobled by people especially for a beach holiday. There is everything for a leisurely relaxation on the shores of the Arabian Sea – comfortable beaches, soft golden sand, excellent service and European-class hotels. If you want to turn a snowy winter into a sunny fairy tale, the best way is to relax on the coast of South Goa.

Beach in South Goa

Photo: South Goa

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general information

South Goa is located south of the capital of Goa, Panaji. The coastal zone of the resort is almost completely occupied by beaches, among which there are tourist ones, with developed infrastructure, and there are deserted ones for lovers of peace and privacy.

Good to know! The administrative center of South Goa is the city of Margao, there is a railway station, a bus station, shops, markets.

Travel agencies, as a rule, offer hotels near the city of Colva, it is here that the majority of package tourists rest. However, the beaches in South Goa are much larger and many of them can be explored on their own.

Features of South Goa

The main feature of South Goa in India is a calm, unhurried vacation. Tourists in the reviews note that in this part of India the rest is moderately exotic, therefore European tourists will feel quite comfortable.

South Goa Beach

Important! In the south of the state there are no nightly, noisy discos and incendiary parties, unlike North Goa.

In the south of Goa there are much fewer tourists, the main reason is the high prices in comparison with the northern part of the state. However, financial expenses are absolutely justified. The most noisy and crowded beaches are considered Palolem and Colva, but if you want to relax in more calm conditions and silence, it is enough to move a little away from the entrance.

Tourists note that the resorts of South Goa are much cleaner, more well-groomed and neater in comparison with the rest of the region. Almost everywhere people are constantly on duty who monitor the cleanliness of the coast.

Attractions in South Goa are not as many as in the north of the state. The most popular and most visited of them:

  • Bondla Nature Reserve;
  • spice plantation;
  • Dudhsagar Falls.
Dudhsagar Waterfall

These attractions are located conveniently for tourists – you can get to each place by public transport or purchase organized excursions.

In South Goa, unlike the north of the state, where bikes are common, bicycles are more popular. Of course, you can rent a motorbike.

If you want to save on transport, pay attention to auto rickshaws, they are easy to go around all the resorts. You can rent a taxi, its cost is several times more expensive than the price of an auto rickshaw.

Good to know! If you book a car on the street, boldly bargain, it is most convenient to rent transport in a hotel.

In South Goa, a well-developed public transport network between settlements – bus routes. Tickets are inexpensive, as a rule, in transport there are two halves – male and female. Schedule from 6-00 to 22-00.

SIM card of Indian operator

Renting a car in South Goa is not recommended, as local drivers often do not follow the rules of the road and drive erratically.

As for mobile communications, it is better to use the services of local operators, since roaming is expensive. Sim cards are sold if you have a photocopy of your passport.

Free Wi-Fi is available in all hotels of category 4 and 5 stars, expensive, European restaurants. There is Internet in a cafe and a shekel, but it is paid.

What to bring as a gift

If you want to shop, it’s best to go to North Goa, as there are no shopping centers in the southern part of the state. Only small souvenir shops work, the assortment is approximately the same everywhere.

Indian towels

A popular souvenir is national clothing, today Indian culture and traditions are in fashion, so feel free to choose sarees or harem pants. Tourists also choose home textiles, pareos, beach covers, towels embroidered with traditional Indian ornaments, painted with natural dyes.

Traditionally, leather accessories, cosmetics from natural herbs, henna, essential oils, and incense sticks are brought from India – these products can be bought at Goa quite inexpensively. Silver jewelry and jewelry made in the national Indian style look original.

Advice! They sell good rum in India – the drink will be an excellent gift, if you do not plan to buy alcohol, pick up real Indian tea.

For more ideas on gifts and souvenirs from Goa, see this collection .

Indian rum

South Goa and North Goa – differences

North Goa is a mecca for creative people, youth, those who crave adventure, want to immerse themselves in Indian culture, enjoy the aroma of spices and endless parties and discos. By the way, hotels and guesthouses in North Goa are the cheapest in the whole state.

South Goa is a picturesque tropical garden where you can find peace, silence and relax from the bustle. Here you can hear the twitter of birds, the rustle of waves – ideal conditions for meditation, beach relaxation. The infrastructure of the hotels is organized in such a way that they can not be left throughout the entire period of rest.

Who is suitable and who is not suitable for vacation in South Goa

The resort is perfect for:

  • family holidays with children;
  • romantic couples who want to spend time together;
  • everyone who dreams of silence and solitude.
Beach holiday

You will not like a vacation in South Goa for the following reasons:

  • for tourists who want to save on travel – there are few budget hotels here;
  • young people who like parties and parties – it’s better to go to the north of the state for this;
  • Shopping in South Goa is also not diverse, as the best markets and shops are located in the north of the state.

However, if you are bored of calm relaxation in the south, you can go north at any time.

When to come to South Goa

The climate on the southern coast of the state is no different from the weather in the northern part. The tourist season is one of the longest – it begins in mid-autumn and lasts until the end of spring. The air warms up to +30 degrees, the water in the sea is also quite comfortable – +26 degrees. It is noteworthy that the water temperature is constant throughout the year.

It makes sense to refuse a trip to South Goa from the beginning of June until the fall, when the rainy season is raging in the resort. Frequent tropical showers leave no chance to relax on the beach by the sea.

Important! The best period for beach relaxation is from November to February.

South Goa Resorts

Palolem Beach

Perhaps this is one of the few resorts in South Goa, where discos and night bars work. The best beaches of the state are located here, but the coastline is only 1.5 km long. The descent into the water is gentle, there are no stones and underwater currents. In addition, there is the warmest water near the coast, the sand is clean, it is cleaned daily. The infrastructure is developed at a good level – deck chairs, umbrellas, colorful bungalows right at the edge of the sea. Do not want to lie ashore? Contact a water ski rental service. Also, right near the sea, there are small markets where you can buy souvenirs, jewelry and much more.

There are no problems with the choice of housing in the resort – there are many hotels here, you can choose a more budgetary place of residence, for example, guesthouses or bungalows.

Good to know! Palolem Beach is one of the few in Goa where you can spend the night.

More information about the resort is collected in this article .

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Varca Beach

The resort is one of the cleanest and most well-groomed on the shores of the Arabian Sea in India. Since there are not so many vacationers compared to other resorts, the prices for leisure, housing and food are above average. However, tourists who have been here once dream of returning again.

The coastline is about 10 km long. There are no more than a dozen cafes and bars, but the “highlight” of this place is beauty salons.

The sand is shallow, golden in color, gently shelving, there are no large stones, showers and toilets are installed. If you get bored with relaxing on the beach, you can go fishing with the locals for a nominal fee.

Important! It is necessary to swim carefully, since underwater currents appear that can carry a person into the open sea.

The resort of Varca is notable for the lack of intrusive sellers and beggars, beautiful sunsets, and the ability to see dolphins.

For tourists, a whole tourist town has been built, where you can book accommodation in advance or pick up a room upon arrival in Varca. There are practically no cafes and shekels on the shore, and those who work can safely order seafood.

Cavelossim Beach

This is a small village where local fishermen live, located between the Arabian Sea and the Sal River. There are practically no luxury hotels here, so tourists come here, first of all, to feel the Indian flavor.

The coast is divided into two parts:

  • tourist;
  • wild.

The first is ennobled and equipped for relaxation – there are sun loungers, gazebos, cafes and shops. The second part is more suitable for fans of solitude, tranquility. The sand is very small and soft, but there are large stones. There is not much garbage, but it is there, as you can often see dogs and cows on the shore. The seabed is shallow, algae are regularly cleaned.

More information about Cavelossim is presented on this page .

Benaulim Beach

Another small village in South Goa, where they come for meditation and relaxation in silence. The coastline here is wide, spacious, beach relaxation harmoniously complements the picturesque nature. Wealthy tourists, families with children prefer to come here.

Interesting fact! A distinctive feature of the resort is large, bright butterflies and white sand.

Do yoga on the shore, meditate, enjoy the sunsets. The resort is distant from other cities, but it has not become less comfortable – there are sun loungers, restaurants, water equipment rental centers, toilets, a large selection of hotels. In the afternoon, waves appear on the sea. The lack of coastline is the lack of shade. The beaches of the resort of Benaulim are municipal.


This is one of the best resorts in South Goa and a memorable, historical place in India, because it was discovered coconut juice and learned how to bake bread.

Majorda Beach

The resort is crowded, but there is enough housing for everyone, there are comfortable hotels and budget guesthouses. A lot of cafes, shekels, several night clubs. Sun loungers and umbrellas are installed, but it’s quite comfortable to lie on soft sand. The seabed is flat and clean, there is a shadow, but it is scarce.

Interesting to know! At the resort you can visit a coconut grove, see how locals grow rice.


A small resort is located 60 km from the international airport Dabolim. A great place for meditation, relaxation from the bustle of the city, everyday worries. There are many Europeans in Agonda, respectively, there are no problems with the choice of housing and places to eat. By the sea, both luxury hotels and more budget hotels – guest houses and bungalows are built. On the shore, you can comfortably sit on a sun lounger, choose a thatched arbor or just bask in the fine sand.

Agonda Beach

As in most resorts in South Goa, Agonda monitors the cleanliness of sand and water. The water is clear, the bottom is clearly visible even at depth. See more details and photos of the resort here .


This resort is on the Elite List in South Goa. An economical and inexpensive vacation is not about Mobor, but for a high fee a tourist receives well-groomed white sand beaches, a beautiful resort with picturesque nature, relative calm, because there are not many people.

Good to know! The best place for swimming is the north of the beach, in the southern part you can get into the underwater stream.

In the south of the resort there are lagoons where rare varieties of lilies bloom, exotic birds live, and if you rent a boat and take binoculars, you will most likely see dolphins.

Mobor Beach

Lovers of noisy parties will definitely not like the resort; discos and night bars do not work here. It will also not be possible to arrange shopping on Mobor, because there are no shops, markets.

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This is the most calm and quiet resort, there is not even a hint of nightlife, there are only a few cafes. Only budget guesthouses are at the disposal of tourists, since there are no hotels on Utord.

The beach is well maintained, ennobled, umbrellas and sunbeds are installed. There are toilets and cabins where you can change clothes. All amenities are owned by the local cafe, so they are only available if you buy a drink or a light meal.

The bathing conditions are great for families with children – the descent into the water is smooth, there are no stones and shells at the bottom.

Utorda Beach

Good to know! The coast is wide, comfortable, along it you can easily reach the neighboring beaches.


A small and cozy resort on South Goa, the coastline is only 800 m and the width is no more than 20 m. This is an excellent choice for families with children – as a rule, there are no undercurrents, storms or strong winds. The sand is small, soft, clean, but algae are sometimes found in water.

Kansaulim Beach

Lifeguards work on the beach. You can have a snack and a cocktail in several cafes. Loungers, umbrellas, changing cabins are installed. At the beginning and at the end of the tourist season, the coast is deserted, as vacationers choose the neighboring Arossim.

The resort is small, but there are no problems with the choice of housing, there are comfortable hotels and budget guesthouses. There are few shops, so it’s better to go to another place for shopping and souvenirs.

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Attractions and entertainment

Of course, getting to know the state is best started with Old Goa, where evidence of the presence of the Portuguese in India is preserved. Religious buildings are especially notable – the Cathedral of St. Catherine, the Basilica of Bom Jesus and the temple of Francis of Assisi.

A great place for snorkeling in South Goa on the advice of the experienced on the island of Bath, located next to the beach of Bayna.

Bath Island
Bath Island

Be sure to visit the Dudsahar Falls. Tourists are offered excursions in jeeps with a nice bonus – visiting the spice plantations. Here you can buy spices as a souvenir, but prices will be higher than in shops and souvenir shops. A wonderful place for nature lovers is the Kotigao nature reserve, where exotic species of animals, birds live, you can see monkeys and wild boars.

The exposition of the Museum of Naval Aviation will tell about the heroic and tragic history of the state. Mahadeva Temple is the oldest religious building in Goa. It is carved from granite in the 13th century.

A few other interesting places in South Goa are the Goan Village Park and the Museum of the Cross.

Goan Village Park, Goa
Goan Village Park

A list of the main attractions of the state of Goa in India and their description with photos, see this article .

What you need to do in South Goa

  1. Visit as many beaches as possible. You will probably want to come back here again and you will know exactly which resort to prefer.
  2. Conduct a photo shoot on the background of beautiful nature.
  3. Snorkeling or scuba diving – depending on what you have the courage and adrenaline.
  4. Eat seafood – here they are exceptionally fresh and delicious.
  5. Seafood in Goa
  6. For shopping, it is best to go to the capital of Goa – the city of Panaji, there are many shops here, including boutiques where famous brands are represented, while prices are much lower than European ones. Be sure to bargain – local sellers perceive bargaining as a specific game.
  7. Seashells collected on the shore can be taken out.

South Goa is a cheerful and carefree place. Even if you are going on vacation alone, someone will certainly meet you at the resort, as the people here are sociable and friendly. Enjoy the good mood, beautiful nature and wonderful beaches.

Prices in cafes and markets in South Goa:

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