Cavelossim Beach, Goa – one of the best beach areas of Goa

Cavelossim, Goa is one of the most beautiful beach resorts that has managed to maintain its unique flavor even after the tourist boom that overtook the world in the 60s. last century. Sandwiched between the Arabian Sea and the Sal River, it is a classic fishing village, famous for its beautiful beach, an abundance of entertainment and a quiet atmosphere of the Indian outback.

Cavelossim, Goa

General information

Cavelossim (South Goa) is a small village with a population of just over 12 thousand people. It is located in the middle of the west coast of India, washed by the warm waters of the Arabian Sea. The entire resort is a long street along which rows of villas, hotels and bungalows are located. It differs from other villages in this region by its high level of service (for India), inexpensive seafood that is prepared right before your eyes, and a measured way of life that combines with all elements of the tourist infrastructure.

And Cavelossim is closely connected with the neighboring village of Mobor – together with it he forms a single coastline, the length of which reaches 28 km. There are not so many natural attractions in this resort. The only exception is the huge beach, which attracts travelers from all over the Earth.

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If you look at the photo of Cavelossim beach in Goa, you will notice that it occupies a rather large territory: about 4 km in length and up to 80 m in width. This place is perfect for both youth and quiet family vacations.

What does the beach look like?
Wild part of Cavelossim beach

The beach is covered with lava stones and pressed golden sand, which is convenient to travel not only on foot, but also on bikes or bicycles. The sand on Cavelossim Beach is soft and the bottom is clean and gentle, so you don’t need special shoes. Immediately behind the scythe, crowns of trees rise, in the shade of which you can hide from the Indian heat. A smooth approach and a wide strip of shallow water create all conditions for swimming with children. True, during the tides, a significant part of the coast goes under water, but thanks to the large extent of the place, there is enough for everyone.

The sea at this resort is warm, clean and transparent – it is cloudy only after heavy rains. The water temperature is + 26 … + 28 ° C and remains unchanged throughout the year. Underwater currents are rare. In addition, lifeguards are always on duty here, so Cavelossim can be called one of the safest beaches in Goa.

Another important feature of this resort is the absence of stray dogs and wild cows. But a variety of crabs and large beautiful birds hunting for sea fish are more than enough here. Watching them can be very interesting. In addition, sometimes a jellyfish takes ashore – so be careful not to go barefoot.

Infrastructure on the beach
Sunbeds on Cavelossim Beach

Tourist infrastructure deserves no less attention, presented to all that is necessary for a good rest. So, along the entire coast you can see not only sun loungers with umbrellas, but also small snack bars, souvenir shops and many shops that are “imprisoned” for tourists. The Saga Store is considered the most famous shopping complex, the assortment of which is represented by clothing, personal hygiene items, travel accessories, leather products, as well as a host of national goods like natural spices, singing bowls, scented candles, Indian jewelry and silk scarves.

An even larger number of outlets are located on the main village street. You can buy almost everything there – from clothing to jewelry. If you want to taste the exotic fruits that Goa is famous for, go to the local market – it is located at the entrance to the beach. By the way, there is a free car park. But for real Indian tea it is worth a peek at Indian Tea House – the choice in it is really large.

Things to do on Cavelossim Beach
Boats on Cavelossim Beach

The beach of Cavelossim is also rich in active sports. Tourists are offered to go windsurfing, kayaking or parasailing, to go jet skiing or rent a bicycle and go on a tour of the surroundings. Other popular attractions include a boat trip to the dolphins, riding a banana and a hydro scooter, fishing on the high seas, as well as a trip to the butterfly beach, located nearby.

In high season, discos, acrobats, fire shows with fireworks, performances of magicians and other cultural and entertainment events are organized here. The rest of the time, the coast remains quiet and not crowded, which fans will surely appreciate a relaxing holiday. Another advantage of Cavelossim Beach is the abundance of spa centers, Ayurvedic rooms, massage rooms and beauty salons offering all kinds of beauty treatments.

Tired of swimming, sunbathing and taking photos of the beach in Cavelossim, each of you can go on an excursion with the aim of sightseeing in the state of Goa , organized by one of the local travel agencies (if you wish, you can find an offer with a Russian-speaking guide). Most vacationers choose trips to Fort Cabo de Rama, the Temple of the Holy Cross, erected in the second half of the 18th century, and the Portuguese Palace of Tao, in whose territory there is a small family restaurant.


Hotel on Cavelossim Beach

Arriving in Cavelossima, you will definitely not be left without a roof over your head, because there are places for accommodation both on the beach and in the village itself. The cheapest thing is to stay in guest houses that stretch along the entire coastline. A room with amenities, but without additional services costs from 10 to 14 $ per day (wireless Internet is paid separately). In second place in our rating are apartments, rental of which ranges from 14 to 30 $.

This is followed by 3 and 4 star hotels offering rooms from $ 20 and above. If you want to settle right on the coast, opt for luxurious villas and comfortable 5 * hotels with their own beach and various types of active entertainment. The cost of daily living in such institutions starts from $ 50 per person.

If we talk about the most popular hotels in Cavelossim in the south of Goa, these include:

  • The Leela Goa Beach – 5 * hotel complex, built surrounded by blue lagoons and exotic gardens. It offers rooms with a bathroom, a balcony and satellite TV, Wi-Fi, an outdoor pool, a tennis court and a 12-hole golf course. On site there is a spa, tour desk, several bars and restaurants;
  • The Leela Goa Beach - 5 *
  • Radisson Blu Resort Goa is an Indo-Portuguese-style resort hotel. Basic amenities include an outdoor pool, free internet, a fitness center, spa, rooms with sea views, and private bathrooms. There is also an express laundry service, several restaurants, a coffee shop and free parking;
  • Holiday Inn Resort Goa – 5 * hotel, towering in the middle of a picturesque garden. It offers air-conditioned rooms with a minibar and sea, pool or garden views. On site there is a spa, free parking, a fitness center, tennis court, beauty salon and a 24-hour cafe.

Where can I eat on the beach?

Govelossima Beach in Goa has a large selection of restaurants, shakes and fast foods, serving both local and continental cuisine. Among them, Indian sweets are most in demand, as well as fish and various seafood, which are more than enough at the resort. Interestingly, ordering food and a drink, you get a bonus in the form of a free sunbed with an umbrella. The most popular beach venues are Mike’s Place, Octima bar & restaurant, Jazz Inn, Dom’s Beach Shack and Betty’s Place.

Cafe Mike's Place

Most restaurants are open until late in the evening, offering guests not only snacks, but also complex breakfasts, lunches and dinners. In addition, you can find in them a vegetarian and specialized menu, suggesting a complete absence of gluten.

Regarding prices:

  • all kinds of soups cost about $ 2,
  • second courses – from 3 to 10 $,
  • seafood and fish – from $ 8 to $ 30,
  • Naan cakes – about $ 1,
  • a bottle of beer of 0.650 liters – $ 2.5.

How to get from Dabolim airport?

Dabolim Airport

Dabolim Airport, which accepts flights from many European and Asian companies, is located 5 km from the city of Vasco da Gama. The distance between it and Cavelossima in India is a little more than 30 km, so you can overcome it both by taxi and by public transport. Consider all the options.

Method 1. By bus

This transfer option involves several transfers at once. First you need to get to the Kadamba bus station, the local bus station (shuttle buses from the airport run every 30 minutes), and take the bus to Margao. The fare is about 50 cents. Tickets are sold at ticket offices located directly on the platforms. Upon reaching the final stop, transfer to the bus to Cavelossima and go to your destination. Ticket price – up to 30 cents.

Bus, Cavelossim

Important! Municipal transport to Goa runs irregularly – it does not have a specific schedule, but there are breaks for breakfast and lunch. In addition, the buses are not endowed with numbering, so the route can only be found from the signs on the windshield.

Method 2. By train

In this case, also can not do without transfers. First go to the Vasco da Gama train station and catch the train going to Madgaon, Goa station. The journey takes no more than 20 minutes. At the same time, be extremely careful, as ticket office employees often make mistakes and can issue a ticket to a completely different city. Regular buses run regularly from Margao to Cavelossim, which will take you to your destination for 20-30 cents.

Train, Cavelossim

Important! You need to buy train tickets in advance. It is almost impossible to do this right before the trip.

Method 3. By taxi

This type of movement is not only convenient, but also fast. A car can be ordered at the airport terminal, called through a specialized site, or simply caught on the street. The region’s most sought after services include Goa taxi and Prepaid taxi. There are no meters in the cars, the cost of the trip is from 9 to 11 $, depending on the level of comfort. Payment is made upon boarding. The journey takes about an hour. In this case, you will be taken directly to the hotel.

Taxi, Cavelossim

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Useful Tips

Going to Cavelossim (Goa), take note of a few useful tips:

  1. High season in most resorts in India lasts from October to April. At this time, the beaches of Goa again open cafes, restaurants and souvenir shops, and the number of vacationers is increasing every day. True, you can not guess with the weather – in the fall it often rains heavily, lasting whole weeks.
  2. The best time to visit Cavelossima is winter, when the water in the Arabian Sea warms up to + 28 ° C, and dry and warm weather (+ 27 … 29 ° C) is set on the street.
  3. Weather in Cavelossim
  4. If your tour to Goa fell in October, March or April, choose hotels with individual air conditioning. Due to the increased humidity level, heat is very difficult to tolerate during these months.
  5. You can only be in a swimsuit and swimming trunks in India on the beach. If you appear in this form on one of the streets of the village, you run the risk of running into a fine (about $ 3). The same punishment follows for smoking in public places and sunbathing topless (plainclothes policemen regularly walk along the beach).
  6. Do not bring evening dresses and high-heeled shoes with you – they will still lie in the room, since there will be nowhere to put them on. Yes, and T-shirts, shorts, sandals, personal hygiene items and other forgotten things at home can also be bought at one of the local stores.
  7. Alcohol in Cavelossim
  8. Local spirits in the village are not only cheap, but also of high quality, so you should not stock up on bottles at Duty Free Airport.
  9. The windiest months are October and March. If you look at the photos of Cavelossima made during this period, you will see huge waves, now and then rolling on the beach.
  10. The size of tips in beach establishments is 5% of the total bill.
  11. During a holiday in Goa, you can order glasses and cure bad teeth. Ophthalmological and dental services here are very high quality, but cheaper than in most European countries.
  12. Theft on the beaches and in Cavelossima hotels happens all the time, so we recommend that you keep especially valuable things in safes, and keep bags and cameras tightly in your hands.

Walk along the beach and visit the local cafe:

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