17 best beaches of South and North Goa

The beaches of Goa are famous for their golden sand, vibrant nightlife and picturesque nature. People often come here to do spiritual practices, chat with interesting people and just relax from the daily rush.

Beach in Goa

Whereas in the 70s and 80s, locals mainly rested on the beaches of Goa, now it is a popular place that is visited annually by more than 500 thousand Russian-speaking tourists. In our article – a list of the best beaches of Goa, as well as their main characteristics and location.

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North Goa


The village of Mandrem, known for its beach, is located 25 km from Panaji (the largest city of North Goa). This is one of the quietest places in the region – there are few people, noisy parties and there is always the opportunity to retire to the beach.

Mandrem in Goa

The entrance to the sea is gentle, the bottom is clearly visible. There are no stones and debris. The sand is soft and golden. The only danger that can await tourists is the underwater currents, which are quite strong here.

On the shores of Mandrem Beach in North Goa there are many sun loungers and there are places for changing clothes, sheki and bars are open.

More information about Mandrem Beach is provided in this article .

Morjim Beach

Morjim is a famous Goan resort , located 27 km from Panaji. Despite the fact that getting to the village is not easy, there are always a lot of tourists (especially Russian speakers). This can be explained by the fact that the beaches are very clean, there is everything necessary for a comfortable stay: there are sun loungers with awnings, toilets, shower rooms. The best cafes and sheks work on the coast, in the evening – an entertainment program.

The entrance to the water is not sharp, the sand is fine. Strong undercurrents and rocks are absent. Lifeguards work on the beach of North Goa.

Sinkerim Beach

Sinkerim beach is famous for picturesque sunsets, a wide coastline (it is more than 110 meters) and its length is 1.5 km. The sand here is soft and yellow, the entry into the Arabian Sea is not sharp, but in several places it is difficult to enter the water due to erosion.

The beach has all the necessary infrastructure: sunbeds, toilets and changing areas. But things are worse with cafes and bars – there are very few of them. There are no night bars at all. Shops, souvenir shops and large hotels are located in the central part of the village. Due to the fact that wealthy tourists usually visit the beach, there are not many travelers here and the prices are quite high.

Sinkerim Beach in North Goa is well suited for outdoor enthusiasts. Here you can go diving, snorkeling, surfing and ride on banana boats. Also in this area it will be interesting to relax for those who like hiking, fishing and water treatments.

Portuguese port of Aguada

Staying near Sinkerim beach is better for those who want to see historical sights. Among the closest is the Portuguese port of Aguada (built in the 17th century), which offers a beautiful view of the surroundings.


  • purity;
  • large selection of hotels;
  • developed transport system in North Goa.


  • the cost of living is higher than on the neighboring beaches of North Goa;
  • many homeless;
  • in the offseason, large waves rise.

Location: North Goa, from the Dabolim airport (south direction) – 34 km.

Arambol Beach

Arambol is a fishing village famous for one of the longest beaches in North Goa (4 km) and vibrant nightlife. It is also a very colorful place: there are virtually no luxury villas and hotels here, but you can feel like a local resident by renting a small shack or bungalow.

The sand on the beach is gray, the entrance to the sea is smooth, without rocks and stones. The line of shallow water is very wide, so this area is ideal for the rest of the family. The infrastructure of the northern part of the beach is well developed: there are many on the shore.

The resort is described in more detail here .

Candolim Beach

Candolim is located a few km from Calangute (North Goa), so there are always a lot of people here. There are no problems with the infrastructure – grocery outlets are working everywhere, there are sun loungers. Travel agencies operate on the main street of the resort.

The coating on the beach is shallow, yellow. The entrance to the sea is not sharp, there are no rocks and stones. Often dogs and cows walk along the shore.


Chapora Beach is located on the outskirts of the village of the same name, which is 42 km from Dabolim Airport. There are always a lot of people here, and because of the huge number of fishermen, surfers and traders, this place can hardly be called suitable for a relaxing holiday. But still, the nature here is really beautiful (tall palm trees with coconuts, soft warm sand and bright sunsets), and it is often attributed to the best beaches of North Goa.

There are no issues with the infrastructure: a huge number of cafes, the best bars and restaurants right on the beach. Here are sun loungers and tables with umbrellas, toilets. It is interesting that often on the beach gather groups of fishermen who like to cook their own dinner here and discuss the latest news.

Chapora Beach

The characteristics of Chapora in North Goa are as follows: yellow and soft sand, a shallow bottom, the absence of stones. However, there is one significant minus – these are very strong undercurrents, which can be dangerous even for experienced swimmers.

The best attraction of the beach is Fort Chapora, towering on a mountain. It is worth going up to see the amazingly beautiful landscape and make a couple of beautiful photos of the beach in Goa.


  • beautiful nature;
  • low prices (one of the best in North Goa);
  • Nearby there are attractions.


  • very noisy;
  • strong undercurrents.

The distance from Dabolim Airport (southbound) is 42 km.

Vagator Beach

The list of the best beaches of Goa will be incomplete without Vagator. This is a very busy beach that is “sandwiched” between the cliffs. There are always a lot of people, cows and dogs, so if the purpose of your trip is meditation, it is better not to come here.

There are sunbeds on the beach, there are several cafes and shops. Changing rooms and toilet stalls are also available. The entrance to the sea is gentle, there are no sharp stones and shells. The sand is yellow.

Be careful! There are strong undercurrents in this place, so for those who feel insecure in the water, it is advisable not to swim.


If you still do not know which beach to choose in Goa, pay attention to Bagu, a resort town 15 km from Panaji. In fact, this is a fishing village, which over time has “grown” with hotels and cafes, but has not lost its flavor. There are many foreign guests here, but the local beach is very large, and there is always the opportunity to retire.

Baga Beach

On this beach of North Goa there are sun loungers, however, in order to use them for free, you must order a dish or drink in one of the cafes.

The bottom of the Arabian Sea in this place is flat and sandy, there are no algae. There is garbage, but it is removed twice a day. The sand is small, has a characteristic sound, similar to a crunch of snow.

More information about holidays on Baga beach is collected on this page .

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South goa

Our list contains the TOP-9 places to stay in South Goa. We will show you which Goa beach is better to relax on and where to stay at night.

Agonda Beach

Agonda is a small resort town 60 km from Dabolim Airport. People come here to meditate, engage in contemplation of nature and take a break from everyday worries. Many tourists from Europe.

On the seashore are both the best luxury hotels and small guesthouses. There are a lot of bars and shops with fast food, there are sun loungers and thatched arbors for relaxation.

The sand on the beach is very shallow, the seabed is clearly visible, there is no debris and stones. As a rule, there are not many people.

Mobor Beach

Mobor is an elite holiday destination in South Goa, on which Europeans and Americans prefer to relax. For example, Bill Clinton and Paul McCartney were spotted here. Since the prices are quite high, there are not too many people here, and the town itself and the beach are well-groomed.

The sand is white (a rarity for Goa), the entry into the sea is smooth. The seabed is clearly visible. There are shells and stones, garbage is cleaned regularly. It is better to stay in the southern part of the beach – on the northern side are more powerful undercurrents.

Pay attention to the local flora and fauna. For example, in the lagoons located in the southern part of the beach, you can see real lilies and rare species of birds. If you take binoculars and go to sea on a rented boat, then you can even meet dolphins.

There are several luxury hotels near Mobor Beach, there are restaurants and cafes. Noisy nightclubs cannot be found here. There are also no large shops and a huge number of shops.

Sunbeds on the beach Mobor


  • purely;
  • one of Goa’s best white sand beaches;
  • a few people;
  • rich fauna and flora.


  • no cheap housing;
  • lack of nightlife.

From the airport Dabolim (south direction) – 35 km.

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Utorda Beach

Utorda is perhaps the quietest and most relaxed beach in South Goa. There is absolutely no nightlife and there are several cafes and bars. There are no luxury hotels either – guesthouses are popular here.

Despite the fact that very few people come to Utorda to relax, the beach here is no worse than in neighboring resorts. There are straw umbrellas and sun loungers, recently put up changing cabins and toilets. True, you can use all this only on condition that you order something in a cafe (for example, a drink).

Sand on the yellowish beach. The entrance to the sea is not sharp, there are no stones and shell rock. The coast is long and wide, so you can quickly reach other beaches and resorts.

Morning in Goa

Utorda beach is ideal for lovers of peace and quiet, but for those who want to play sports or attend excursions, it is better to find a noisier place.


  • few tourists;
  • the beach is ideal for families with children, as well as for older people;
  • beautiful nature;
  • a lot of inexpensive housing.


  • few cafes and shops.

The distance from Dabolim Airport (southbound) is 31 km.

Cooking in Goa

Varca Beach is one of the cleanest on the coast of the Arabian Sea. There are few tourists here, because housing and food prices are higher than the national average. However, those who have been here at least once tend to get here again.

The town has a dozen cafes and bars. The main highlight of this resort is beauty salons for those who come to Goa in order to improve their health.

The sand is very small, has a white-golden hue. The entrance to the sea is smooth, stones and small shell rock do not come across. The beach is equipped with toilets and showers. For a more detailed description of the beach and the resort, see this page .

Cavelossim in Goa

Cavelossim is a fishing village located between the Sal River and the Arabian Sea. It attracts tourists with its color and the lack of luxury hotels.

The local beach is divided into 2 parts – wild and tourist. There is nothing on the first, but on the second there are many sun loungers, straw arbors, there are cafes and shops where you can buy drinks, desserts and freshly caught fish.

The coating on the beach is yellow, sometimes stones are found. There is little garbage, cows and dogs like to walk along the shore. The bottom is shallow, no algae.

Benaulim Beach

Benaulim is a place for leisurely outdoor recreation. There are few tourists here, and they, for the most part, come to this resort town in order to do yoga on the seashore, or admire the butterflies (there are a lot of them in the southern part of Goa).

There are no day or night entertainments in Benaulim, only a couple of cafes work. The beach has everything you need for a relaxing holiday.

Fine sand has a golden hue, sometimes there is a shell rock. The entrance to the sea is smooth and not sharp, there are no strong undercurrents.

For more details and photos of the village of Benaulim in Goa, see here .

Majorda Beach

Majorda Beach is one of the best beaches in South Goa, known since ancient India. This is a unique place because it was here that the Jesuits discovered coconut juice, and the Goans learned to bake bread.

Now it is one of the most popular resorts located 18 km from Dabolim airport. There are always a lot of people here, therefore there is enough housing – there are both expensive 5 * hotels and guesthouses. Almost at every step, shakes and bars work, and in the evening numerous nightclubs open their doors. The beach has straw umbrellas and sun loungers.

The sand on the beach is soft and golden. The seabed is smooth, stones and shell rock are absent. It’s difficult to find the shadow, because palm trees grow at a decent distance from the coast.

Tourists who have visited Majorda Beach are advised to visit the olive and coconut groves, which are located near the beach. If you walk a few kilometers deep into the rainforest, you can see how Goans grow rice (this is one of the best places to visit).

Hotel Majorda


  • the opportunity to find inexpensive housing;
  • good conditions have been created for families and elderly people to relax;
  • there are travel agencies where you can purchase a tour;
  • beautiful nature.


  • a large number of tourists.

Distance from Dabolim Airport (South) – 15 km.

Palolem Beach

Palolem – one of the extreme southern points of the state of Goa, lying 43 km from Margao (the largest city of South Goa). Life is always in full swing here: in the afternoon, travelers relax on the beach, and in the evening go to discos, where they dance until the morning.

There are many bars on the shore, there are shops and small guesthouses. On the beach you can relax on sun loungers or use the toilet.

The sand is golden, the bottom is shallow. At the entrance to the sea, stones and shell rock sometimes come across. There is a lot of garbage, but it is removed several times a day.

You will find more information about Palolem on this page .

Kansaulim Beach

Kansaulim is the most comfortable beach in South Goa, the length of which does not exceed 800 meters, and the width of the coast is 20. Since there are no powerful undercurrents, high waves and gusty winds, this place is suitable for families with small children.

The sand is small and yellow, the bottom is shallow. There are no stones and debris, but sometimes algae come ashore.

From time to time, especially at the end or beginning of the season, Kansaulim beach looks completely empty due to the fact that most tourists rest on neighboring Arossim. However, this is not a wild beach, and there are lifeguards, several cafes. On the coastline of Kansaulim sun loungers and straw umbrellas are installed, dressing areas are provided.

Booking a hotel or guesthouse is also not difficult – the choice is large enough for such a small village.

Hotel in Kansaulim


  • a small number of tourists;
  • large selection of hotels and guesthouses;
  • picturesque sunsets.


  • few shops.

Distance from Dabolim Airport (South) – 20 km.

The beaches of Goa are an ideal place for lovers of active and passive relaxation.

Overview of Goa’s most popular beaches:

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