What to see on Corfu – attractions of this island in Greece

Sunny Greece has an ancient historical heritage, famous for monuments of ancient architecture. Great representatives of humanity were born here who made a huge contribution to science, art and culture. Outside the large cities, tourists have something to see: Corfu island – attractions and unsurpassed nature, available for every vacationer.

Corfu Island

Kerkyra Old Town

Kerkyra Old Town

Kerkyra is the main city of the island, the capital of Corfu. Since 2007, the city of Kerkyra has been on the UNESCO World Heritage List, and therefore every tourist is recommended to visit the ancient corner of the island. Original architecture, widespread baroque style, narrow streets, graceful windows and attractive balconies – all this is available for acquaintance and admiring.

Houses in the old town

It is noteworthy that the local architecture will remind you of Italy. Attractions presented on the island of Corfu (Greece) are of great cultural, historical significance for the whole country. For the right to own the island in different years, the Romans, Byzantines, Turks, Goths, Venetians, French and British fought. The transition of government has affected local architecture and culture.

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The most memorable sights of the island are the forts of Neo Frurio and Paleo Frurio. Visit the city archaeological museum, where you can see a collection of objects discovered during excavations of the temple of Artemis.

Paleo Frurio (Old Fortress)

The old fortress was built by the Venetians, and over time it gradually lost its appearance. Now Paleo Frurio has been restored, although not all buildings have survived to this day. The fortress is one of the visiting cards of the island. Various cultural events are often held here.

Paleo Frurio
Cannons at Fort Paleo Frurio

Most of all tourists are impressed by the thick walls and the view of the island from the very top. You can only go upstairs on foot and do it a little physically, so it’s better to go to the sights in the morning, when Corfu is still not so hot, and take a bottle of water with you.

Getting to the Old Fortress is not difficult if you drive the island in a rented car. Depart from the island’s capital on Highway 24, 25. The road will take about 40 minutes.

Entrance fee – 8 euros, for children and senior citizens over 65 years old discounts are provided.

Neo Frurio (New Fortress)

Despite the name, the construction began to be built earlier than the old fortress. From the walls of the structure, tourists enjoy a magnificent overview of the surroundings, a stunning panorama.

Neo Frurio

It is believed that under the base of the fortress is a labyrinth of underground passages. Today, the naval base is located here. The government decided to use the historic site in the interests of national security. But this circumstance will not prevent you from enjoying the beauties that open from the New Fortress.

  • Entrance to the attraction is free .
  • Opening hours: from 9:00 to 15:30.

Achillion Palace

The palace is dedicated to the ancient Greek hero Achilles. On the territory of the historical and cultural building there are decorations – sculptures of mythical characters, busts of rhetoricians and representatives of ancient Greek philosophy.

Achillion Palace

The Achillion Palace was built at the end of the 19th century. The building was sponsored by the Empress Elizabeth of Austria. The project was sponsored by world-famous Italian architects Rafael Caritto and Antonio Landi.

Ceiling painting

The building received an unspoken name – the Palace of the Sad Empress. Inside the building are curious things. What is the unique ceiling painting done by the hands of the outstanding artist of that time, Gallopi. Inside, tourists are invited to familiarize themselves with the characters of Greek mythology.

The palace is located in the village of Gasturi, which is 10 kilometers from the capital of Corfu. Bus number 10 leaves from the city.

Palace of Saints Michael and George

The palace became the work of the hands of the British. They were engaged in construction for several years (from 1819 to 1824). The building was erected from natural material – Maltese limestone. Initially, the idea of ​​construction involved the construction of the residence of Sir Maitland, who in those years held the high post of High Commissioner. Some time later, the palace changed its owners and became the residence of the Greek royal family. The stay of the British on the island ended in 1864.

Palace of Saints Michael and George
In the Museum of Asian Art

Today, the territory of the palace is occupied by the Museum of Art of Asia. It presents more than 10,000 exhibits that the diplomat G. Manos managed to collect. If you are keen on history, seeing a photo and reading a description of the attraction will probably not be enough, it’s better to hire a tour guide who will tell you interestingly about the museum’s exposition in Corfu.

  • Address: Corfu Museum of Asian Art 49100 Palaia Anaktora, Corfu, Greece.
  • Opening hours: 9: 00-16: 00.
  • The cost of visiting is 6 € in the summer and 3 € from November to the end of March.

Mouse island

Sights of Corfu that are worth seeing are represented by a mass of outstanding places, cultural, architectural and natural corners of the island.

Pontikonisi Island - Mouse Island

The Mouse Island got its name due to the external similarity of the stairs leading to the ancient monastery of Pantokrator, with a mouse tail.

Top view of the mouse island

From here you can see the surroundings of the entire island, the sea filled with unusual colors. According to legend, the island is the ship of Odysseus, which acquired a stone appearance from the angry Poseidon.

The attraction is located in the northwestern part of the island, and you can get to it only by boat.

Vlaherna Monastery

Vlaherna Monastery, Corfu

Among those attractions that you can see on Corfu on your own, the Vlaherna Monastery serves as a must-see destination for tourists. A few kilometers south of the central part of Corfu is the Kanoni district, located on the peninsula of the same name. The highlight of Kanoni is the monastery of Vlaherna.

The island on which the monastery of Vlaherna is located

The attraction is located on a small land area, which is connected to the peninsula through a narrow concrete pier. The monastery is connected to the chapel of the Virgin Mary. The azure-colored water perfectly complements the architectural complex, making the picturesque painting of the monastery became the hallmark of Corfu.

Chapel of the Monastery of Vlaherna

The monastery was erected in the XVII century in honor of the Vlaherna Icon of the Mother of God. The miraculous icon remains here to this day. Immerse yourself in the culture of the country – visit this attraction on the island of Corfu in Greece.

Pleasure boats regularly depart from Kanoni pier to the island (during the peak of the tourist season, the interval between boat departures is only 15 minutes).

Monastery of the Virgin Mary in Paleokastritsa

Paleokastritsa is famous not only in Corfu, but also throughout Greece, a picturesque resort located 26 kilometers from the island’s capital. It makes no difference whether you intend to go here on your own or as part of an excursion group – it is imperative to come to Paleokastritsa! The famous attraction of the resort corner is the monastery of the Virgin Mary.

The territory of the monastery in Paleokastritsa
To the monastery of the Virgin Mary

The modern appearance of the building has been preserved from the XVI-XVIII centuries. It is believed that the first building was founded in 1225. Then the construction was a fortress, which after some time was destroyed and subsequently restored. Today, the Museum of the Virgin Mary Monastery has a Museum where you can get closer to the Byzantine and post-Byzantine icons.

The Paleokastritsa district is full of picturesque bays, where it is recommended to take a breath from a slightly tired tourist. Enjoy the tranquility and tranquility, beauty and clean air of the local region. Crystal clear water, a combination of pebble and sandy beaches – what could be better for a real traveler? Take as many photos as possible for a long memory of a cozy and calm corner.

Fog in the Monastery of the Virgin Mary

There are two ways to get to Paleokastritsa on your own – by car or by public transport. Take the federal highway to the resort corner of the island. Departing from Kerkyra by public transport, it is worth knowing about regular buses that run regularly from the capital to the resort part of Corfu.

Note! To visit the monastery, you must dress appropriately: girls should cover their heads, shoulders and knees. Attraction closes at 13:00.

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Channel of Love in Sidari

Answering the question of what to watch for young couples in Corfu, it is worth noting the Lovers’ Channel, as one of the island’s romantic places. If you are by nature a romantic, besides you decide to visit the island of Corfu with your loved one – be sure to visit here.

Channel of Love in Sidari

Not only young couples have access to a local attraction: everyone who wants to find a soul mate or make peace with a loved one can come and swim in a channel covered with legends. According to local legend, the local ointments are endowed with healing power and help in the fight against many ailments. A cozy place is located in the northwestern part of the island, near the village of Sidari.

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Mount Pantokrator

The highest point on the island of Corfu is Mount Pantokrator, from where you can enjoy a picturesque panorama of the island. And although by the standards of the Himalayas the height of the mountain is insignificant (906 meters), the path to the top is very interesting for tourists. If you prefer an active vacation felting on the beach, be sure to go here for vivid emotions and spectacular views.

Pandocrator, the road to the top
View from Mount Pantokrator

The road to the top leads along a winding serpentine, while on the way to your attention there are natural landscapes that can hardly be found elsewhere. Being on a mountain peak, the gaze opens to the whole island and even more: the “neighbor” of Greece – Albania is visible. In clear weather, you will see Italy, located 130 kilometers from the mountain.

The highest point of the island is located in the northeast of Corfu. There are two ways to get to the top of the mountain – by car or on foot.

Loggas beach (Perulades)

This is the legendary place of Corfu, which you can explore on your own. Perulades Beach is characterized by excellent beauty and unusualness. The excellent reputation of the local attraction is largely due to the cliffs up to 100 meters high. Swimming in the purest water is a real pleasure for a city dweller, a tourist who rarely visits such places. Come here to experience all the delights of resort Greece. Be sure to take a photo in memory of a visit to the famous beach.

Perulades Beach
Stairway to Perulades Beach

You can get to the beach only at low tide, when the coast is exposed, and a narrow strip of land becomes accessible to tourists. Two stairs lead to the beach, and above the sand there is a tavern with a terrace for contemplating the surrounding beauties. When asked what to look at Corfu, sights like Perulades Beach are sure to be a must.

The road to the beach takes no more than 50 minutes (the distance from the capital is about 40 kilometers).

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Temple of Spyridon of Trimyphus

The ancient temple was founded back in 1590, and over a long period he had a lot to see. The temple of St. Spyridon has great religious, historical significance. The facade and everything in it is made in a seasoned architectural style. The temple of Spiridon of Trimyphuntus still reserves the title of the tallest building in the city of Kerkyra.

Cathedral of St. Spyridon
In the temple of Spyridon of Trimyphus

The bell tower of the temple, the interior of a religious place, unique paintings will leave you only pleasant emotions. Aesthetic beauty and identity will remain in your memory for a long time. It is curious that the paintings in the old days were sponsored inclusively by Paul I and Catherine the Great. A sacred relic of the temple is a sarcophagus with the holy relics of Spiridon of Trimythous, who saved the islanders from death three times (according to legend).

The temple is located in the central part of Corfu, and even an inexperienced traveler can easily reach it.

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Take the unique opportunity to get closer to the local culture. Photos and descriptions will be useful advisers. Visiting the island of Corfu, the sights will certainly captivate you and will not leave you indifferent to the local culture.

All the attractions mentioned on the page, as well as the best beaches of Corfu, are marked on the map in Russian.

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