Tourist’s guide to Zakynthos – the colorful Greek island in the Ionian Sea

Zakynthos Island (Greece) is a magic corner of beautiful dreams. Hundreds of poets and writers sang this island, gifted with the beauty of unspoiled nature, a variety of rich colors and conditions for a comfortable stay. It smells of needles, the aromas of exotic flowers, citruses and grapes are felt.

Luxurious Mediterranean Flower

The island of Zakynthos, or Zakynthos, as it is commonly called in Greece, is included in the group of the Ionian Islands. It is located 30 km west of mainland Greece and is the third largest among all the islands of its group. It will not be difficult for tourists to get to the mainland if desired. The capital city, by the way, is also called Zakynthos. It is very convenient – no one will confuse anything when planning a vacation, because Zakynthos and Zakynthos are, in fact, the same thing.

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The capital of the island is Zakynthos.

The total area of ​​Zakynthos is 407 km sq. The coastline is 123 km long. The population is about 39,000 people. Sufficiently modest sizes absolutely do not prevent this island from developing in a tourist direction, because the nature here is truly beautiful, small villages are very colorful and attractive, and sandy beaches are very convenient and beautiful.

Features of Zakynthos

The Greek island of Zakynthos in ancient times was called the “flower of the Levant” or the “flower of the Mediterranean East.” These names were bestowed upon him by the Venetians, who appreciated all his beauties back in the 15th century. The island not only inspires musicians, artists and writers, but also attracts many tourists with delightful beaches, clear turquoise sea, unusual sights. The greatest flowering of the culture of this Greek island falls on the reign of the Venetians.

Blue caves
Keri Caves

According to legend, Zakynthos charmed even the Greek gods with its beauty. Apollo and Artemis most admired him. Perhaps that is why the indigenous people from ancient times especially revered this couple. In the immortal poetry of Homer, Zakynthos is also described as “a paradise drowning in emerald forests.”

In early summer, people gather in Zakynthos to see one interesting event. The impressive size of the Caretta turtles in the summer laid eggs in the sand. 55 days after laying, new individuals hatch from the eggs and massively go to the sea. The process is monitored by experts, because only 1-2 turtles can independently get to the water. Such an event is also of great interest. Turtles Caretta-Caretta reach up to 1 m in length.

Museum of Olive Oil Technology
Museum-Factory of Olive Oil

The island of Zakynthos, or Zakynthos, is unique in that here nature has been preserved almost in its original form. Greens are rampant everywhere, numerous flowers bloom and spread their honey aromas. There are no aggressive industrial facilities here, so harmful substances do not pollute the atmosphere, water and land. The activities of small factories producing olive oil and wine are strictly regulated by environmental standards and do not harm the environment.

Photos of tourists returning from Zakynthos Island in Greece are literally full of images of folk and music festivals. Cultural traditions are honored in this place, so you can meet many authentic paintings and local architecture. In the colorful taverns on the seashore, you can taste delicious Mediterranean dishes.

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What to see and where to have fun?

The most important thing for travelers and vacationers who come to Zakynthos from different parts of the world is the nature of the island: picturesque beaches, natural origin of the grottoes, dense greenery and truly beautiful panoramic views. It is unfortunate that most historical monuments have not survived. But the population of the island is trying to protect all that is left. And there really is something to see!

Keri Blue Caves in Zakynthos
Photo: Blue Caves

In the north of Zakynthos, you can take beautiful photos if you decide to visit the unique blue caves. Admire the many picturesque grottoes, stone arches and clear blue water. The originality of this natural attraction is added by the fact that you can get to the caves only on occasion. The most visited and famous blue cave is located on Cape Skinari. Artists, professional photographers and directors love to work in it.

By the way, the water in the snow-white grottoes is saturated with calcium and other minerals. Therefore, washing with such water has a beneficial effect on the skin. The depth of these waters reaches four meters. Due to the sufficiently large depth, here you can snorkel and admire the corals as much as you like.

Photo: Navagio Beach, aerial view
Navajo Bay

In the northwest of Zakynthos is the famous Navajo Bay (Navagio). This is a very beautiful beach, surrounded on all sides by tall white limestone cliffs. People looking for thrills on vacation like to jump from cliffs with a parachute. Read more about Navajo Bay and other Zakynthos beaches .

Church of St. Dionysius

On the city promenade of Zakynthos, there is a temple with an impressive bell tower, which can be seen from afar. This is the church of St. Dionysius, named after a priest with a difficult fate, who, contrary to human malice, has earned great respect and love of the inhabitants of the island. His relics are stored in the chapel at the church.

The decoration of the Temple of St. Dionysius

The entrance to the temple is decorated with complex mosaics, the basis of which has a noble golden color. Inside the temple, you can see icons painted by famous Greek masters. Multi-colored stained-glass windows act as windows, and the walls of the church are richly painted.

By the way, another outstanding islander was named in honor of the priest. For the Greeks, the island of Zakynthos is not just beautiful beaches and pristine forests. First of all, this is the homeland of a revered person, a great poet, the author of the national anthem – Dionysius Solomos. On the main square of the capital, his monument is installed.

Waterpark Water Village
Photo: Water Village Waterpark

If you want to spend time in Zakynthos is not only useful, but also fun, then you definitely need to visit the water park. There are three of them on the island, but the most famous and largest is Water Village. It is located in the village of Sarakinado, 6 km from the capital of Zakynthos. There are slides of different levels for children and adults, a huge number of pools and various water activities. In several cafes and bars located directly on the territory of the water park, you can refresh yourself or refresh yourself with a cocktail.

  • Ticket price: 20 EUR for adults and 15 EUR – for children, for half a day (after 14:30) 15 and 10 EUR, respectively.
  • Opening hours: in May-June and September-October – from 10:00 to 17:00, in July – from 10:00 to 17:30, in August from 10:00 to 18:00.
  • Park official website:
Marine reserve

In 1999, a reserve was founded on the island. It is located on several beaches and 2 small islands. This is a miniature example of the Mediterranean ecosystem. It will be very interesting for both children and adults. Everyone can see iguanas, porcupines, dolphins, rare turtles, unique seals and many other inhabitants of the sea.

Askos Stone Park
Askos Stone Park

In addition to the sea, there is also the Askos stone reserve. On the limited territory of the park, many rare species of animals and plants have been collected. Among the hundreds of inhabitants of the animal world, it is worth noting peacocks, raccoons, deer, donkeys and ponies, as well as wild boars.

Children will definitely be delighted with a walk around Askos. Employees of the park are allowed to feed some animals with food that they themselves give. Admission is € 9.50.

The Stone Park is located 30 km from the city of Zakynthos and only 3 km from the Blue Caves.

Transfiguration Monastery on the Strophades
Photo: monastery on the Strofad

The monastery was built in 1241 on one of the islands near Zakynthos. In the XV century, the monastery building was rebuilt, and it became like a castle or a medieval fortress. Such a structure served as an excellent shelter for monks from pirates. The central temple is made in the shape of a tower. It was here that for some time Saint Dionysius served as a simple monk. As a result of the earthquake, the monastery was badly damaged, but they tried to restore it, restoring the original appearance. Nowadays, the monastery operates, 60 monks live in it.

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Weather on the island

Monthly air temperature

Zakynthos attracts vacationers and tourists with its mild Mediterranean climate. In winter it is not cold at all, and in summer there is no burning heat. In winter, the earth is generously rained. Such weather conditions favor the formation of rich vegetation and the constant accumulation of fresh water. In the summer season, from early May to October, there is practically no rain. In July and August, a constant fresh breeze from the sea helps to soften the heat.

Weather in Zakynthos: sea temperature

The weather of air and water in the sea for months on Zakynthos is displayed on graphs.

Average summer temperature: + 24 … + 30 ° С. Experienced tourists believe that the best period for a vacation in Zakynthos is June-October. At other times, it is also not cold, but the sea is not warming up enough. If a beach holiday is not important for you, then year-round excursions and leisure tours are held on the island.

Zakynthos Island, Greece is an informative and harmonious vacation in an ecologically clean area with unspoiled nature.

Aerial views in different parts of Zakynthos – in this video.

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