Tourist’s guide to Vourvourou – the picturesque resort of Sithonia

Vourvourou (Halkidiki) – a village that is located along a picturesque bay, there is a beautiful 9 uninhabited islands, where pristine nature has been preserved. This is a very beautiful place with lots of greenery and comfortable beaches with clear clear water.

Vourvourou, Halkidiki

general information

The resort village of Vourvourou is located on the Halkidiki peninsula in Greece, on the coast of the Gulf of Sithonia. Only 10 km is the settlement of Agios Nikolaos, here vacationers come to buy groceries and necessary things for relaxation. Thessaloniki Airport is 120 km away.

The resort area is known for uninhabited, picturesque small islands – 8 of them surround the ninth – Diaporos.

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Photo: Vourvourou, Sithonia

Vourvourou in Sithonia is a popular holiday destination. Locals come here, as well as tourists from Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, and Russia.

The developed infrastructure is represented by comfortable hotels of different price categories, separate apartments that can be rented for any period, small shops. Vourvuvu is a typical village where the absence of large supermarkets is more than paid for by the beautiful nature.

From the coast, the village is surrounded by hills and dense, emerald vegetation, from the sea there is a sand strip, private boats are always moored here.


City Beach
Beach in the village of Vourvourou

All the beaches of Vourvourou are very beautiful. The main recreation area stretches along the entire settlement. The bay, safely hidden by the islands, which is why the water in Vourvourou is warm and there are no waves. The coating is sand, it is extremely rare to feel a small pebble under the foot. If you are relaxing in Halkidiki with a family of young children, choose Vourvourou Beach.

Photo: Caridi Beach

It stands out for its special natural beauty – a cozy bay with a completely sandy beach and clear turquoise water. Here, almost always, a lot of tourists. Pines grow here, the sand is fine, light gray in color. The entry into the water is smooth, the waves are small – an excellent place for families with small children. Nearby there are 2 stalls where you can have a snack with hot dogs and refresh yourself with soft drinks. There are no sun loungers, a shower and a toilet on Caridi – consider these facts if you want to spend the whole day on the beach.

The distance from the center of Vourvourou is about 1.5 km – within walking distance. If you decide to go by car, keep in mind that you can park without problems only early in the morning or in the evening.

Bahia Beach
Photo: Bahia Beach

It is located in a bay 2.3 km east of Vourvourou. There is the necessary infrastructure – a bar with music and wi-fi, sun loungers with umbrellas. The beach is covered with small pebbles, the water (like everywhere in Sithonia) is clean, the entrance to the water is gentle. The downside can be a large number of vacationers in the high season, respectively, will have to make room. Sea urchins are also found – better to wear special shoes.

Fava Beach
Fava beach near Vourvourou, Halkidiki

In the village of Caridi, near Vourvourou, there is another beach – Fava. The place is picturesque – it is located in the middle of the forest, and along the edges of the bay there are large stones. The beach is covered with sand, a rather sharp descent into the water, waves are often present, the natural shadow is practically absent. You can get here by going down the stairs. Going to Fava Beach, take food and water with you – there is nowhere to buy food on the spot.

Banana Beach
Photo: Banana Beach

Located 12 km from Vourvourou, can be reached by car in 20 minutes. The last section of the road is a dirt road. On a beach 200 meters long there is a bar (Rodia Beach Bar), music plays, there are sun loungers (20 euros apiece). Coverage – small pebbles with sand, a gentle slope to the depth.


If you carefully studied the photo of Vourvourou in Greece, you probably noticed that the main attraction of the area is the unique nature. Believe me, the combination of exotic vegetation with a serene seascape causes sincere delight and peace. The picture is complemented by coves and uninhabited islands of a very small size. Nearby are the Itamos Mountains.

Excursion to Diaporos, Halkidiki
Diaporos Island

When traveling through Greece, visit the ruins of the ancient settlement of Singos and what remains of the monasteries of the Byzantine Empire.

There are many sights of a religious nature in the vicinity of Vourvourou in Sithonia. Visit the churches of the Prophet Elijah, St. Theon and the Virgin.

The tourist interest is caused by the fortress wall, in the past it blocked all communication routes between Sithonia and the rest of Halkidiki. The date of construction is still unknown.

Many interesting historical monuments are located on the island of Diaporos. In addition to the amazing nature, here you can explore the ruins of the church of St. Andrew, built in the pre-Byzantine period.

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Sightseeing Tours and Activities

Tourists in the framework of excursion tours offer:

  • visit Thessaloniki – the second largest city in Greece;
  • to explore the foot of Mount Athos is a sea trip, because it is from the water that an incredibly beautiful view opens. Mount Athos is a whole complex of monasteries, unfortunately, women are not allowed to climb here.

The beaches of Vourvourou in Greece have the necessary equipment for diving, because marine life and landscapes are no less exciting than nature on the coast. A popular attraction is boat rental. At the box office you will be explained how to manage it, will be instructed, given a map and advised on beautiful places to visit. Impressions per day will be a lot.

Rent motor boats in the village

There are many small souvenir shops on the coast where you can buy olive oil, special collections from aromatic herbs, homemade wine, and local jewelry. For a bite to eat, guests can enjoy delicious fish and seafood.

Climate and weather when it is better to go

Monthly air temperature in Vuvuvura

The resort area of ​​Vourvourou has a mild climate. In summer, the weather is dry, with the highest temperatures in July and August. The air warms up to +32 ° C. On the coast, such heat is tolerated normally.

You can swim in May – the water temperature reaches +19 ° C. The warmest sea in Vourvourou in August – the average temperature at +27 ° C allows you to stay in the water for a long time.

The most suitable time to relax is the month of September, when the intense heat subsides, but the street is still warm enough, and the water did not have time to cool down (+ 24 … + 25 ° C). And even in mid-October in Vourvourou (Halkidiki) you can meet people – the beach season lasts until this time.

What does Karidi Beach look like from the ground and from the air? Watch this video.

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