Tourist’s guide to Toroni, Greece – a quiet beach village on Halkidiki

Toroni (Greece) is a cozy settlement famous among tourists, located in a very picturesque place on the coast of the Sithonia peninsula in the Halkidiki region. It offers comfortable conditions for relaxation: excellent infrastructure, hospitality of the local population, well-groomed long beach.

Toroni, Greece

general information

Landscape in Toroni

Toroni – a typical village of Greece, where fishermen live, is located in the southern part of the Halkidiki peninsula. This is a quiet picturesque corner, where the dense green forests and the seascape harmoniously intertwine. Toroni is connected by the highway with other popular towns – Neos Marmaras and Sarti.

There are several taverns serving traditional fish and seafood dishes. You can buy everything you need for relaxation in one of the shops on the coast.

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A little more than 230 inhabitants live in Toroni, their main source of income is fishing, tourism, and agriculture. Today it is one of the municipalities of the Sithonia peninsula. The village gained the most popularity among tourists thanks to the 2.5 km long beach with clean, soft sand.

If you want to relax from the hustle and bustle of life, to feel absolute peace, Toroni is a great choice. Tourists come here from different parts of Europe – Serbia, Holland, Russia.


Toroni Beach

The beach of Toroni (Sithonia) is considered one of the most beautiful on Halkidiki, its length is approximately 2.5 km. The coating is a mixture of the cleanest sand and fine pebbles. Sand on the beach has one amazing feature – it does not stick to the body.

The water here is azure and absolutely clear. The beach is marked with the European blue flag – an award that is a mark of quality. Toroni beach is a good place to relax with children, since the descent into the water is gentle, and therefore safe.

Beach Ethnik Beach Bar
Ethnik beach bar

Hotels and villas are located along the coastline, so vacationers receive exceptional comfort and impeccable service.

Walking to the very end of the beach, you can find the remains of an ancient fortress. Also nearby is another beach – Ethnik Beach Bar. This is a great place for young people, there are many bars. Nearby there are other equally comfortable places to relax – the beaches of Aretes, Kalamitsi, Tigani, Sarti, Armenistis, Criaritsi. Special attention deserves the Vourvourou beach – one of the best in Halkidiki .


Baked fish at the El Capitan Restaurant Porto Koufo

A few kilometers from Toroni in Sithonia there is Porto Koufo – a natural port, it is here that you will find fish taverns. They must be visited, because the local culinary ones are real wizards, they create real masterpieces from fish and seafood worthy of a royal table.

If you are relaxing with your loved one, be sure to dine in a restaurant in Partenonance, the spirit of a bygone era hovers here, amazing views open up. Walking along the beach, you will easily find yourself in the town of Destenika. There is also a beach with clean, soft sand.

Turtle River in Toroni
Turtle river

Toroni is an ancient settlement on the territory of Sithonia. The first settlements on Cape Likif appeared in the Bronze Age. Later, Likif fortress was built here. At night, the ruins of the fortification are highlighted. Unfortunately, walking through the ruins will not work – they are closed by a fence. Children will certainly be delighted with the opportunity to feed live turtles that live in a turtle river.

Sunset on the background of the ruins of the fortress of Lycif

Visit to the Holy Mountain. As part of the tour, you will cruise on a comfortable liner. The water offers amazing views of the mountain, monasteries and picturesque nature.

If you want to do some sightseeing with shopping, visit Solun. In addition to numerous architectural monuments and shops, there is a park with water activities – a great place to relax with children.

One of the long excursions is the Kayak tour. The trip begins in the village of Sarti and covers the entire coast of Sithonia.

Night life
Casino Porto Carras Casino
Porto carras casino

If you are attracted to nightlife, 20 km from Toroni to Halkidiki there is Neos Marmaras – there are many taverns, bars, discos. Tourists are offered a menu of national Greek and European dishes, Greek music and popular hits are played at discotheques.

Casino lovers will have to go to Porto Carras, a small town in Halkidiki near Neos Marmaras. Here is the largest casino in Greece.

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The peninsula of Sithonia has a mild Mediterranean climate. In summer, the settlement is dry and hot; in winter it is warm and rainy. In the second half of summer, the temperature rises to +35 degrees, but thanks to the wind from the sea, such heat is not felt.

Air temperature in Toroni

The peninsula is reliably protected from the winds, thanks to this, the water on the beach warms up quickly, and there are almost no waves here. Tourists come to the beach from May to September.

Directly in the Gulf of Toroni, a unique microclimate – low humidity. It is cool enough at night (except August), so air conditioners are not needed.

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According to experts, the resort of Toroni (Greece) is suitable for the treatment of pathologies of the respiratory tract.

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