Tourist’s guide to TOP 10 beaches in Rhodes, Greece

Rhodes is considered the most interesting islands to visit in Greece. Each tourist will find for himself a favorite, paradise and activity to taste. Of course, the main reason why tourists rush to the Greek coast is the beaches of Rhodes. The main feature of the island is a mild climate and comfortable weather. The number of sunny days in a year reaches three hundred.

Rhodes Beach

General information about the beaches of Rhodes

Rhodes is part of the Dodecanese archipelago, however, it is isolated separately due to its impressive area. In the northern part of Rhodes, life is in full swing, there are lively tourist resorts, night clubs. Admirers of a calm, measured rest choose the southern part of the island in Greece.

Rhodes Beach

There are a lot of beaches in Rhodes, because the coastline is 220 km long. It’s difficult to single out the best – there are crowded and lively ones, as well as wild ones. All the beaches of Rhodes in Greece vary in length and width of the coastline.

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The beaches in Rhodes are usually divided into eastern and western. The main stream of tourists travels to the east coast – there is a warmer sea, there is practically no wind and waves. The sea on the west coast is cooler, there is wind and waves. Water sports enthusiasts come here.

Good to know! Hot weather is easier to bear in the western resorts of Rhodes, and at the end of the beach season you can find hotels with very attractive housing prices.

Romantics and lovers of natural beauty believe that the best beaches of Rhodes are located in the western part of the island. Here are the most beautiful sunsets, there is where to take a walk and enjoy the grandeur of the rocks, azure water and dense, green vegetation.

Practical information:

Rhodes air temperature
  • prices on the beaches of Rhodes are almost the same, paid entry only to Kallithea Terme;
  • rent of a chaise lounge and an umbrella will cost 5 euros;
  • the air temperature in May is +20, by August the air warms up to +28 degrees, and in October it drops to +24 degrees;
  • the best months to travel are May, June and September;
  • the area of ​​the island is 78 by 38 km, therefore, living anywhere in Rhodes, you can visit all the beaches, for this you can rent a car or use public transport.

Good to know! Sandy beaches in Rhodes are rare, most of the coast is pebbled.

Beach in the bay of St. Paul

The beach is located near the city of Lindos, near the cliff, on top of which the Acropolis rises. The atmosphere of the bay has a pleasant pastime – comfortable sunbeds, umbrellas, crystal clear water. There is a sandy beach, a gentle slope into the sea, convenient for families with children.

Beach in the bay of St. Paul

The beach is considered quite crowded, so it is difficult to park the car on weekends, as buses with tourists and locals come here.


Lindos Beach

The main beach of Lindos resort is located on the other side of the cliff with the Acropolis. In the list of Rhodes beaches for families with children, Lindos is considered one of the best. The sandy coast, shallow depth of the sea create ideal conditions for a family trip to Greece.

There is practically no wind and waves, there are sun loungers and umbrellas on the shore, a parking lot is arranged for cars, a cafe and many children’s attractions are open.

The beaches of Lindos and St. Paul’s Bay are interconnected, you can get to the neighboring shore by catamaran. The only fact that can overshadow the experience is the road to the beach, you will have to go uphill, then down, and in the summer it is quite tiring.


Agati Beach

The beach is located 38 km from the city of Rhodes and next to the resort of Haraki, next to the Rhodes-Lindos highway. The journey from the capital of the island takes about an hour, if you go by bus, you can also rent a car or take a taxi. This place is rightfully included in the list of the most beautiful beaches of Rhodes. The coast is surrounded by rocks, in places coniferous forest grows. On Agati, the best conditions have been created for families with children in Greece – the sea is warm and calm, the water is clear, the slope is gentle.

Cafe on Agati Beach

Vacationers can use the free toilets, showers and changing cabins. There is no shadow on the shore, so in the afternoon, in the very heat, it is better to use an umbrella or go to a cafe or tavern.

Agati is a favorite place in Greece for sports lovers. Here are the best conditions for surfing, water skiing and motorbikes, football, volleyball and tennis, water rides work, you can buy a sea tour. To rent a deck chair near the water, you need to arrive at the beach early in the morning.

Tsambika or Tsambika

Tsambika Beach in Rhodes is considered the best and most luxurious. It extends on the east coast and covers a fairly large territory. The shore is surrounded by cliffs that shield it from the outside world. This is a very beautiful place, which is considered one of the best for families with children. The descent into the sea is gentle, smooth, and the depth is not very large.

View of Tsambika Beach

PHOTO: Tsambika Beach (Rhodes) on a map of Greece

Tsambika Beach

The main landmark on the way to the beach is the city of Archengolos, which is located in the middle of the route between Rhodes and Lindos (approximately 26 km from the island’s capital). A serpentine road leads to the shore from the highway.

Near the beach there is free parking, as well as regular buses from Rhodes. On the shore are all kinds of active entertainment – water skiing, rides, diving. For a bite to eat, check out the tavern. Paid on the beach only sun loungers and umbrellas, the rest of the infrastructure is free.


The beach is located in a picturesque grove of Kallithea, it is a cozy beach with sun loungers, umbrellas, clear water, but many tourists call the Oasis the most unusual beach of Rhodes. Its difference is that it is completely located on the stones. Sun loungers are installed on a flat rocky platform and directly on rocky slopes. Cafe and disco are also located in the rock. There is a feeling that you are on the moon.

Oasis Beach, Rhodes

Useful information! The rocky seabed is great for snorkeling. You can retire in a small chapel with icons. In the evenings, discos are organized here, so it becomes noisy.

Cafe in the rock

The main territory of the beach is rocky, but a little on the side there is a small sandy area. Crystal clear water, convenient descents into the water, the absence of waves and wind – in a word, this is another best beach on the map of Rhodes, which has a relaxing holiday.


The beach is located in the small resort town of Pefkos or Pefki. The nearest town is Lindos, located 2 km, the distance to the capital of Rhodes – 56 km.

Plakia Beach

You can come to the beach all day, comfortable conditions for tourists are created here – sunbeds, umbrellas, cafes and taverns. The water in the sea is clean, the descent is quite gentle and smooth.

Good to know! On the beach, tourists can catch fish on their own and in the nearest cafe they will prepare a delicious dish from it.

Sandy beach Plakia

There are few tourists here, stones are found at the bottom. You can rent equipment for spearfishing, but it is important not to swim for buoys. Unlike the main beach of Pefkos in Plakia, there is a rather diverse water world. The coast is mostly sandy, only occasionally small pebbles come across. Given that the beach is far from resorts, sunbeds on the first line are free at any time of the year.


A small resort town in Greece, located in the southeast of the island in Greece, the distance to the capital is 64 km, and to the resort of Lindos – 18 km. The town is located half a kilometer from the sea. Today it is a popular resort, where the atmosphere and color of traditional Greece are preserved. On its territory there are many hotels, comfortable apartments, developed infrastructure.

Gennadi Beach
Cafe on the beach of Gennadi

The main pride of Gennadi is the sandy beach, with small intersperses of small pebbles. This place in Greece is undoubtedly included in the list of the best beaches of Rhodes. The coastline is long, so sun loungers and umbrellas are not available throughout. There are also taverns and cafes on the shore. In addition to the comfortable coastal line on Gennadi there are a lot of attractions, it’s nice just to walk along the old streets, enjoy traditional Greek cuisine. You can also visit the olive press, the Church of St. John the Evangelist, a colorful building where the police station is located.

Good to know! Gennadi Beach is marked with the Blue Flag. A symbol of cleanliness and quality is a confirmation that the beach is on the list of the best in Rhodes.

Practical information:

  • the length of the coastline is several kilometers, you can approach the shore via Gennadi, as well as following the signs on the highway;
  • the depth increases sharply, literally a meter from the coast;
  • the water is clear, waves and wind almost never happen.

To Tragana

Traganu Beach

The beach is two tens of kilometers from the capital of the island, the coast is pebble. This resort area will be appreciated by lovers of peace and tranquility, as it is located at a distance from settlements and hotels. The descent into the water is gentle, the water is clean, there are cafes and taverns on the shore.

Many tourists like to come to this beach at night to enjoy the sounds of nature and enjoy the milky way. The beach is considered one of the longest in Rhodes, so finding a secluded place to relax is not difficult.

Wild beach

Traganu is the beginning of another long Afandou beach, which is considered the best for lovers of wild, uninhabited places. For a comfortable stay you will need a pair of slippers. The descent into the water is quite sharp and steep. There are practically no cafes on the shore, so it is better to bring food with you.

The only drawback of Tragana is that you can only get here by car. From the parking lot you need to turn left and you will find yourself in a very picturesque place, surrounded by cliffs and caves. In one of the caves there is a hole that leads to the sea. Judging by the photos of the beaches on Rhodes in Greece, Tragana is rightfully considered the most picturesque.

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Traounou beach
Beach Traounou Beach

If you prefer silence, tranquility and solitude, the beach will delight and leave exclusively positive emotions. The only fact that can overshadow the rest is that it is quite difficult to get to the shore. The beach is located a 20-minute drive from the resort village of Falikari. The coastline is 2 km long, and not more than fifty come to holidaymakers.

Sun loungers and umbrellas

The water in the sea is calm, there are practically no waves and wind, you can consider fish. Sun beds, umbrellas and a toilet are only near the cafe, but this fact cannot spoil the impression of one of the best vacation spots in Rhodes. Unlike the main beach on Falikari, where there is a shallow depth and a gentle slope into the water, there is great depth and cutting down into the sea.

Good to know! The seabed is covered with pebbles, so for bathing it is better to take slippers with you.

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The beach is located 2 km from the city of Lindos (southbound) and northbound from the resort of Kiotari. Glistra is an exclusively beach holiday destination in Greece. There are no hotels; there is no possibility to spend the night on the shore.

Glistra Beach

The shore is sandy, the sea is not deep, therefore it warms up quickly, the descent into the water is smooth, which, undoubtedly, makes the beach the best place to relax with children. At the sea there are sun loungers, umbrellas, changing cabins. Near the coastal strip there is a pine forest where you can relax in the shade.

You can get there by bus, car or taxi, but there is no parking near the beach, transport is left right in the sand. Buses depart from Lindos, Kiotari and Gennadi.

The beaches of Rhodes can become your favorite vacation spot, on the island everyone will find his own paradise for himself, where he wants to return again.

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