Tourist’s guide to the beaches of Santorini, the famous island in Greece

Santorini beaches – in popularity are not inferior to the legendary sunsets. On this island of Greece there is always a place where you can sunbathe, swim, spend time with children, dance and have a snack – along with the rest of the travelers or as far as possible from them. Just note that Santorini does not go for a beach holiday.

Santorini Beach Sunset

Local beaches – an attraction that has remained in memory of the volcanic eruption, which occurred long before our era, plunging the island into the sea and filling with ash its remaining part on the surface.

The most famous beaches on Santorini – Red and Kamari – with black sand, but besides these two on the island there are many places under the sun for a pleasant pastime.

The multi-colored coastlines of intricate shapes, covered with dark gray sand, black pebbles or red volcanic slag, are definitely worth seeing with your own eyes, like the sea surface – blue, turquoise, green or almost black. If you are going to Santorini for a couple of days, stop at the most accessible beaches, a visit to which can be combined with excursions to ancient cities, archaeological sites, churches and monasteries. And if there is enough time, explore the entire coast, following the advice of experienced tourists.

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Perissa Beach (Perissa)

Located in a small village at the foot of Mount Massa Vuno, 15 km from the island’s capital. You can get here by car, bus or water taxi. The black sand of the coast, heated by the midday sun, stretched for almost 7 km, which was used by the owners of numerous taverns, nightclubs, attractions and diving centers, placing their establishments along the recreation area.

Beach Perissa Beach

There are practically no winds on Perissa, so the sea is calm, the water is crystal clear, but you should not run into it from the start – you risk slipping on the plates of frozen lava. It is better to go carefully, feeling for the rocky bottom. The rest of the beach is absolutely safe and well-maintained – there is a shower, changing rooms and toilets, paid sunbeds and umbrellas.

Kamari Beach

Kamari is the pride of Santorini, this beach is chosen by most vacationers for its spaciousness, well-groomed water area and clear water. The beach is covered with a mixture of black sand and pebbles, here you just get the perfect tan and have fun.

Kamari Beach

The black Kamari beach is one of the most unique in all of Greece. People come here by regular buses, cars and island taxis to spend the whole day. For adults – badminton, beach volleyball and futsal, restaurants, taverns and shops with souvenirs, for children – animators and attractions in the children’s area. The beach is fully equipped with everything you need, but be careful – in some places the entrance to the sea is not very comfortable due to volcanic plates.


Perivolos Beach lies 3 km from Peris Beach, in the south of Santorini. The sand is also black, the water is just as clean, and entering the sea is much more comfortable. The wide coastline meets all the rules of a pleasant stay: locker rooms, showers and toilets, sun loungers and umbrellas, water sports equipment rental, playgrounds. The beach is surrounded by eateries that lure visitors with the wonderful aromas of Greek cuisine.

At Perivolos Beach

When Santorini is unbearably hot, this black beach offers you to plunge into the cool waters of the Aegean Sea, and then wait until the evening and light up at a disco, which are arranged during the tourist season.

Vlychada Beach (Vlychada)

Secluded location near Perivolos, 13 km from Fira, in the southernmost part of Satorini. Here, everything resembles the planet Mars – and rocks of severe rugged shape, and a black sand and pebble beach, and turquoise water rising in high waves. The unusual landscape is either decorated or spoiled by the pipes of a former brick factory.

Beach Vlychada Beach

Advantages of Vlykhada – smooth descent into the sea, remoteness from a noisy resort, the presence of the necessary infrastructure, including snack bars. The beach, stretching for 2.5 km, will appeal to romantics and lovers to soak up the sun without clothes (nudists usually sunbathe on the right side of the beach). There is only one drawback – the berth for mooring private yachts, which can interfere with relaxation.

Red beach

The red beach on Santorini is called Kokkini Paralia by residents of Greece. It is located near the archaeological site and the Akrotiri Museum Pavilion, 8 km from Fira. You can get to this part of Santorini island by car, reaching a certain point with a large parking lot – you will have to walk 200 meters further along the path.

Red Beach on Santorini Island

On the observation deck in front of the rocky descent (grab your sports shoes) you should take a photo – it is from here that an incomparable view of Red Beach opens. A fantastic combination of brick-colored cliffs and greenish sea waves can only be seen on Santorini in Greece. The pebble-strewn beach with rocky shores is landscaped in season, but has a deep entrance to the sea, so be careful.

And remember – in light clothing for swimming on the Red Beach, it is better not to come, as it can acquire a reddish tint.


Eros Beach

Eros Beach, with a length of 6 km and a width of 35 meters, is located in the south and is considered one of the most glamorous holiday destinations in Santorini.

They say that there are often nudists, but they are rather difficult to find – apparently, they prefer to go unnoticed.

A quiet and calm beach, protected from strong winds by a high hill, offers relaxation. There are no noisy restaurants and bars – only huge umbrellas, comfortable sun loungers, dark gray sand, an unusual relief of rocks and reunion with nature. If you want a snack, you can go a little higher and look into the tavern, which serves Mediterranean cuisine. The water is blue, clear and transparent, but sharp stones near the shore spoil the impression of swimming a little. You can only get to Eros by renting a car, leaving it in a parking lot adjacent to the beach.

White beach

White Beach is located 14 km from Fira and is “hidden” in a small bay, accessible only to those who are ready for sea travel by boat or boat – they regularly leave from Red Beach, landing passengers directly into the water, since the pier on the beach does not provided for.

White beach

It is not deep here, on the shore there are stone slabs of natural origin, there is a rental of sunbeds and umbrellas, a food tent. Santorini’s most romantic beach, whose photos are not able to reflect the grandeur of white cliffs and blue water, will be appreciated by couples in love. Choose comfortable shoes to explore the caves of the White Beach and simply easily navigate through the sand and large stones covering the coast.


Caldera Beach

Caldera Beach bears a name reminiscent of a disaster that changed the face of Santorini. As a result of the strongest eruption of Santorin volcano, its crater failed, a funnel (caldera) was formed, which was immediately filled with sea water. Caldera Beach is a rare Santorini beach facing the volcano caldera. It is located near the village of Akrotiri, near which archaeological excavations are carried out. Black sand and pebbles, convenient entry into the sea, several taverns – the infrastructure is modest, but sufficient for an unassuming vacation.

Mesa Pigadia

Mesa Pigadia Beach

Mesa Pigadia Beach in southwestern Santorini attracts with privacy and silence. Located in the Akrotiri area, near the lighthouse, it is accessible for boats, cars and ATVs – from the main road about one kilometer on the ground to compact parking. A small beach surrounded by sheer white cliffs with caves and “houses” is divided into two parts according to the type of coating – sand and pebbles. The water is clean, there are few people, and in winter fishing boats stop on Mesa Pigadia, so the doors to nearby restaurants and taverns are open year-round.


Kataros Beach

Katharos is located near the city of Oia (aka Oia and Oia), which makes it an ideal choice for those who stay in the northwestern part of Santorini and do not want to travel long distances to swim. The black pebble beach of Kataros, surrounded by high cliffs, cannot boast of landscaping. Of the amenities – only a smooth entry into the sea, but many come to this place for the Katharos Lounge restaurant.

They say this restaurant on the beach offers the best food not only in Santorini, but throughout Greece.


Monolithos beach is located in the village of the same name in the south-east of the island, right behind Santorini airport, so you can pass the time on the beach while waiting for your flight. Great for parents with children due to the gently sloping and long entrance to the sea, as well as the small and soft sand, which is barefoot to walk on – a real pleasure.

Monolithos Beach

Monolithos has everything you need for convenience – clear water, sun loungers and umbrellas, a playground for children’s games, cafes and taverns. The perfection of the Monolithos is violated only by a periodically rising strong wind circling the clouds of sand.


Vourvoulos is located in the northeastern part of Satorini, 7 km from Fira. Sand and pebble coastal strip of dark gray (sometimes saturated black) color, turquoise water and complete isolation contribute to relaxation from the bustle. It is pleasant to walk along the shore and have picnics at a safe distance from the surf line – sometimes the sea is stormy due to winds, waves are rising. The rest of the time, Vourvoulos is a quiet surf beach without deck chairs and umbrellas, but with a small restaurant.

Vourvoulos Beach

Kambia Beach is located in the southwest of Santorini, between Mesa Pigadia and Red Beach. You can get to it by car – it’s good if it is an SUV, since the road to the beach is quite difficult. Near the beach there are two churches and a picturesque cave.

Cambia beach

Cambia is securely hidden from the winds by coastal cliffs and is strewn with large pebbles. On prudently set beds, in the shade of large umbrellas, you can hide from the crowds of tourists, and in a typical Greek tavern – try simple but tasty food.

Baxedes Beach

Baxedes Beach is an ideal option for those who want to avoid overly busy beaches, take many beautiful photos and fully enjoy the atmosphere of Santorini and Greece. Baxedes with a narrow coastal strip, a mixture of black sand, small pebbles and large stones is located 3 km from Oia.

Sunset at sea is convenient, but the depth starts immediately from the coast, and due to the northerly winds high waves rise, so the beach is not recommended for older people and families with children. The rest is provided with acquaintance with the untouched nature, rent of everything necessary for relaxation and a pleasant pastime in the local tavern.

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Koloumbos is a small beach ten minutes walk from Baxedes. The road to the “secret” place is surrounded by rocks and bottomless gorges. Along the way, you can see a small church – white, with a blue dome, like many others in Santorini.

Columbus Beach

Previously, Columbus with dark pebbles and an underwater volcano belonged completely to nudists – today everyone is relaxing on the beach, but it remains not crowded due to undeveloped infrastructure, which only adds to its natural charm.

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Beach Paradisos Beach

Paradisos Beach or Paradise Beach is a short drive from Oia. It will appeal to those who seek peace and are ready for it to abandon some of the benefits of civilization. In season, on the coastal strip covered with black and gray sand interspersed with small pebbles, sunbeds and umbrellas are installed. The sea is shallow off the coast, but large stones complicate the entrance to clean water. Like other Santorini beaches, Paradisos is surrounded by restaurants, eateries and taverns.

Map of Santorini with beaches in Russian.

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