Tourist’s guide to Thassos, Greece – beaches and island attractions

The small and picturesque island of Thassos (Greece) is located in the north-east of the country, in the Aegean Sea. It is the northernmost and greenest Greek island, covered with forests, oak forests, chestnut and plane trees. The area of ​​Thassos is 450 km2, and the resident population is just over 16 thousand. You can go around the whole island in just one day.

Thassos Island, Greece

This harmonious place, enchanting with fabulous landscapes and ancient sights, has a calm atmosphere. The island will appeal to those who love silence, picturesque nature and history. If you prefer a relaxing and informative vacation, then fall in love with this place.

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How to get there

Thassos has few Russian tourists: probably because of the remoteness of the island from the nearest airport in Thessaloniki, where regular flights from Moscow fly. To get to the island, you first need to get to the bus station by bus 78 (ticket costs 1 euro), and then transfer by bus to the port cities of Keramoti or Kavala (ticket price is 15 euros). A distance of 130 km can be covered with a rented car.

Ferry to Thassos

Then you need to catch a ferry. Ferries from Kavala go to the port of Prinos, from Keramoti to the island’s capital, Limenas. In time, transfers practically do not differ. Tickets will have to pay 3 euros (adult) and 1.5 euros (children). A rented car can also be transported to the island for an additional fee (around 25 euros).

The isolation of the island creates some inconvenience for travelers, because you can not get to it without transfers. But thanks to this, Thassos remains a tranquil place with unspoiled nature, which is impossible not to admire.

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Island villages and attractions

The beauty of the Greek island is difficult to describe in words. Ancient temples, snow-white beaches, picturesque mountains, groves, atmospheric settlements – all this is so harmoniously combined that many travelers call this place a paradise. Although the island is very small, you will have a great choice of what to see on Thassos and where to make amazing photos.

Capital Limenas
Limenas - the ancient capital of the island

Limenas is the ancient capital of the island, where most of the architectural sights of Thassos are concentrated. The city is surrounded by ancient walls with a length of more than two kilometers. Fragments of the walls are in excellent condition. In the center of Limenas, visit the antique market square – one of the best preserved ancient sights of Greece. You will see many ancient shrines, altars and porticoes.

Resort Potos
Resort Potos

Initially, it was a fishing harbor without a permanent population. Only a few years ago, the village became a busy resort with equipped, but not crowded beaches with azure water, clean even in the most popular tourist months.

Cars in Potos drive only a couple of streets: most of Potos is intended for pedestrians. Cozy streets filled with restaurants, cafes, bars and clubs for every taste. In the evening, you can sit in a restaurant on the beach and watch the beautiful sunset. In good weather, from the shore of Potos you can see the famous Mount Athos.

Mount Ipsario
Mount Ipsario

The highest point of the island is Mount Ipsario. Its peak reaches a height of 1200 m above sea level. The mountain is covered with green trees, and from its slopes a gorgeous panorama of the island and the coast opens. To enjoy these views, climb to the village of Potamya on the side of a mountain. Here you can not only enjoy the beautiful scenery, but also visit the museum of the Greek sculptor Vagis.

Mountain settlement Theologos

At 10 kilometers from Potos, the mountain settlement of Theologos, which used to be the capital of the island, is located. This is one of the most picturesque sights of Thassos in Greece. In the town there are many restaurants with national cuisine, a museum of ethnography. But the main local pride is the ruins of the ancient city of Istanio.

Such houses in the village of Theologos on the island of Thassos

The old center will not leave indifferent photo enthusiasts: narrow streets and attractive houses with high windows are an example of traditional Greek style. You can diversify your vacation on Theologos on a well-maintained beach: windsurfing enthusiasts especially appreciate it, since the wind blows here almost constantly.


This historical village on the shore of the Thracian Sea is a must-visit for lovers of cognitive, intellectual relaxation. Here you will enjoy not only a beautiful beach and nature, but also ancient sights. The real pearl of Aliki is the ruins of an ancient temple with preserved ancient inscriptions.

Ruins in the village of Aliki
Panteleimon Monastery
Panteleimon Monastery

Near the village of Kazaviti, in the depths of the island, is located one of the main attractions of Thassos – Panteleimon Monastery, built in the first half of the 19th century. This building was built of mountain stone, and the roof was made of wood and covered with slate. Near the monastery is a cave in which, according to legend, Saint Panteleimon himself lived. It is believed that people who visited this monastery can be cured of any disease. Therefore, some travelers travel long distances to get hope for recovery.

Monastery of the Archangel Michael
Monastery of the Archangel Michael

Another famous religious attraction of Thassos (Greece) is the large temple of the Archangel Michael on the edge of the cliff. It is 25 km from the village of Limenaria. This convent was built in the 18th century. It is interesting both for its architecture and beautiful sea views. In addition, it is here that they store a fragment of the Holy Nail taken from the crucifixion of Jesus. Be prepared for the strict rules of visiting the monastery: women can enter it only in long skirts and with their hands closed, men in long pants.

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Thassos beaches

115 km on the island of Thassos occupies the coast with amazing beaches – with white sand and clear water. Most of them received the international Blue Flag mark. It is awarded to coastal areas with ideal conditions for recreation (clean water and the environment, quality infrastructure). If you just look at the photo from the island of Thassos in Greece, you want to immediately go to its beaches.

San Antonio Beach
San Antonio Beach

This beach lurks in a secluded area on the west coast of Thassos. Marked with the Blue Flag, San Antonio boasts superbly equipped beach areas and facilities with friendly bartenders and waiters, whose cuisine deserves all praise.

Paradise Beach

In the south-east of the island of Thassos, in a small enclosed bay, Paradise Beach hid, chosen by surfers. The sandy beach is covered with hills drowning in tropical trees and plants. The quality and purity of water are confirmed by the Blue Flag.

Paradise Beach

The paradise is divided into 3 zones – depending on the preferences of vacationers. The territory of the bikini is chosen by tourists who adhere to conservative mores. The topless zone is intended for men and girls without the upper part of a swimsuit. A separate territory is reserved for nudists. Vacationers are asked to respect the rules of each of the zones, control is in place.

Entrance to the Paradise beach is free, a sun lounger and an umbrella are provided free of charge, but you still need to make an order at the bar. It is enough to buy a regular milkshake.

Psili Ammos Beach
Psili Ammos Beach

This beach is 5 km from the village of Potos. At the height of the season, numerous restaurants and taverns work here, it can be difficult to find a free place under the umbrella. And all because Psili Ammos is considered the best sandy beach in Thassos. Cozy dunes with tamarisk thickets give it a special charm.

Makrimos Beach
Makrimos Beach

On Makrimos (southeastern coast, near the town of Limenas) families with children relax. This beach is distinguished from the rest in the first place by its wide infrastructure and a wide selection of entertainment, including sports games.

Makrimos, like the other beaches of Thassos, was awarded the European Committee for Tourism (Blue Flag Award), which indicates its high quality. Bars and restaurants are located on site. Many vacationers prefer to stay in a nearby comfortable hotel.

Marble beach
Marble beach

The marble beach of Thassos is the highlight of the whole island. Instead of traditional sand or small stones, this beach is strewn with marble chips (marble is mined nearby). Thanks to this coating, the beach acquires the perfect snow-white shade in the sun. Amazed by such beauty, tourists do not cease to admire him and take numerous photos.

Pebbles on a marble beach

Marble beach is famous for its calm atmosphere. Since the nearest hotel is 40 minutes on foot, there are usually few vacationers. At the same time, the beach is free, vacationers are free to use all amenities. The only condition is to place an order at the bar.

Glyfoneri Beach

Here you can bask in the warm snow-white sand, swim in the azure water, relax and relax in solitude. There are all the conditions that a green bay creates. Sun loungers are provided free of charge.

Glyfoneri Beach

Local restaurants prepare traditional Greek dishes, so you can spend all day on the beach and not worry about lunch. When tired of lying down, tourists go for a walk along the shady alleys of the olive grove, admiring the picturesque nature.

Weather and climate in Thassos

Air temperature in Thassos, Greece

Monthly weather on Thassos in Greece differs from other, more popular islands. Thassos is located north, so it’s a bit cooler here. The maximum air temperature in the summer months rarely rises above 29 degrees Celsius. The swimming season lasts from late May to late September, although many continue to swim in October.

Since the island of Thassos (Greece) is 90% covered with deciduous and coniferous forests, the air here is fresh, and the weather is comfortable in any month. Therefore, the resort is ideal for families with young children and anyone who does not tolerate the heat.

To better understand the features of the island of Thassos, watch a video, informative and with a high-quality picture.

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