Tourist’s guide to Rhodes, Greece: landmarks worth seeing

Rhodes is an island that is rightfully considered the pearl of the Mediterranean, warmed by the sun. In honor of the god Helios, a statue of the Colossus of Rhodes was erected on the island, the height of which is more than 30 meters. The sights of Rhodes are of great value to the world, because they represent a rich cultural heritage – here are priceless archaeological finds and artifacts.

Sights of Rhodes

What could be more interesting than plunging into the history of Greece and basking in the luxurious beaches?

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Sights of Rhodes

Rhodes in Greece has always been a tidbit, so the Persians, Turks, Phoenicians, knights of the Order of the Ioannites sought to take it. That is why a special mixture of spiritual and cultural values ​​was formed on the island, because each ruler and people left something of their own. Tourists are attracted not only by the sights of the Rhodes island. There are also resorts where it is noisy and fun, there are many night clubs.

We made a selection – what to see on Rhodes on our own and chose for you the most interesting and colorful sights of the island in Greece.

Rhodes city

The settlement of the same name with the island is also its capital. On its old streets, palaces, temples, a fortress, ancient houses and gates have been preserved. On the Internet, a huge number of photos and descriptions of the attractions of Rhodes.

Rhodes city

Good to know! The old part of Rhodes is on the World Heritage List.

Tourists note that Rhodes is completely not typical of Europe, but more like an eastern city with a maze of narrow streets, minarets and houses decorated in Turkish style.

What to see:

Fortress in the city of Rhodes
Rhodes fortress
  • Rhodes fortress;
  • Suleyman the Magnificent Mosque;
  • castle of the Great Masters;
  • Italian Temple of the Annunciation;
  • port of Mandraki.

What to see in Rhodes, walking with a camera? Knights Street is the most photographed site in the city.

Interesting fact! It is interesting to walk around Rhodes in the evening and watch the locals who traditionally put chairs right at the entrance to the houses and sit on the street, examining passers-by.

Lindos City

Many tourists who visited Greece when asked what to see in Rhodes – sights, landscapes, architecture, recommend visiting Lindos. This is an amazing locality that arose in the 6th century BC, typical of Greece. Do not be afraid of a huge concentration of tourists; everyone who flies to Rhodes is simply obliged to visit Lindos.

Lindos City
Acropolis in Lindos

Walking along the narrow streets, go up to the acropolis, walk near the walls of the Knight’s Palace, from here you have an amazing view of St. Paul’s Bay, where, according to legend, the apostle stopped.

After exploring the sights of Lindos, relax in one of the many restaurants or cafes. More details and with photos of the sights of Lindos are described here .


The main beach of Faliraki

In this part of the island of Rhodes in Greece, there are few historical and architectural sights. Nevertheless, thousands of tourists choose the resort for a beach holiday, a large number of night clubs and picturesque nature. The distance to the island’s capital is only 14 km (eastward), and to the airport – 10 km.

What to do in Faliraki:

  • horse rides;
  • golf;
  • karting;
  • rafting;
  • water sports – windsurfing, water skiing, diving, aquabike.
Water Park in Faliraki

A resort in Greece is visited to visit the only huge watercolor park and several amusement parks on the island of Rhodes. The beaches of Faliraki, covered with golden sand, are the main attraction on the map of Rhodes. Many are marked with the Blue Flag.

What to see in Faliraki: the temple of St. Nectarios, the monasteries of the Prophet Elijah and St. Amos, the temple of the Virgin of Tsambika. Near the city is the resort of Kallithea, where you can visit the thermal springs.

Tsambiki Monastery

The list of attractions in Rhodes that are worth a look, of course, includes the temple of Panagia Tsambika. The icon of the Virgin Mary is stored here. Thanks to this relic, the monastery is known throughout Greece. The shrine is the patroness of all couples, first of all, childless families turn to her for help.

Icon of the Virgin Tsambiki

Interesting fact! The name of the attraction in translation means “radiance.”

Lower Monastery of the Virgin Tsambiki
Lower Monastery

The monastery consists of two parts – the lower and upper, they are located several kilometers from each other. The icon is stored in the first building, it is here that pilgrims from all over the world come to touch the wonderfully relics.

The monastery has an Orthodox museum, there is a cozy cafe, and in the gift shop you can buy religious souvenirs, candles, holy water.

The second temple is smaller in size, in order to see the attraction, it is necessary to overcome about 2 km and 300 steps.

Good to know! On the day of the Mother of God – September 8th – on this day, most of the pilgrims gather here and who want to turn to the Virgin for help.

Upper Monastery of Our Lady of Tsambika
Upper monastery

Practical information:

  • You can get to the temple from the city of Rhodes by bus, stop “Tsambika Church”, bus interval – 1 hour;
  • the nearest village to the temple – Archangelos – 6 km away, you can walk or take a taxi;
  • work schedule – every day from 8-00 to 20-00;
  • the entrance is free;
  • clothes should be selected appropriate for a visit to the church.

Monolithos Castle

The ancient fortress of Castello

In the past, it was a powerful, impregnable fortress that reliably protected the inhabitants of the island from the invasion of enemies and pirate raids. In the photo, the attraction of Rhodes is more reminiscent of a fabulous picture – an amphitheater-like structure built on a hilltop at a height of 100 meters. Tourists are attracted not only by the castle, but also by the views that open from its walls. Be sure to bring a camera with you to capture views of the Aegean Sea, islands and picturesque nature.

Monolithos Castle Ruins

The fortress is decorated in the Venetian style and dates from the end of the 15th century. It was built by the Knights Hospitallers. Unfortunately, today only ruins remained from the castle, but this is enough to feel the flavor and atmosphere of an amazing place.

Be sure to visit the preserved snow-white chapel of St. Panteleimon, this is a functioning church. Nearby you can see old tanks, which in the past were used as containers for storing water.

The steps that lead to the castle are carved directly into the rock – this is a traditional element of Greek architecture. At the foot of the mountain there is a small, cozy beach and cafe.

Good to know! If you have the strength, you can visit the town of Monolithos, take a walk in the old streets, admire the snow-white walls of houses and bright geraniums on the balconies.

A bus runs between the capital of the island and the town of Monolithos. For those who want to spend the night and take a closer look at the attraction in Rhodes, Greece has a hotel. The main road leads to the castle, just follow the signs. Entrance to its territory is free, you can come at any time.

Rhodes Farm

Rhodes Ostrich Farm

An excursion to the farm, where ostriches and other animals live, is popular among tourists, especially families who relax with children. Perhaps for adults such a trip will not cause much interest, but children will undoubtedly be delighted.

In addition to ostriches, the farm has a mini-zoo where camels, kangaroos, ponies, monkeys, rabbits, pigs, ducks, geese and swans live. The atmosphere is recreated in the enclosures, as close as possible to the natural habitat. In addition, a special diet has been developed for each pet.

Farm Zoo

On the farm you can walk on your own or as part of an excursion group. Children are invited to ride a camel, feed the ducks. The animals are tame and easily take a treat from the hands of guests. After exploring the zoo and talking with animals, you can eat in a small tavern. It serves treats made from ostrich meat and ostrich eggs. At the entrance to the farm there is a souvenir shop where products from ostrich feathers, leather are presented, there are cosmetics based on ostrich fat.

Interesting fact! From one ostrich egg, 10 eggs can be cooked.

Rhodes Farm

Many tourists combine visiting a farm with a visit to the Butterfly Valley. These attractions are located next to each other.

Practical information:

  • works daily;
  • work schedule – from 9-00 to 19-00;
  • the cost of an adult ticket is 7 euros, children (from 3 to 12 years old) – 4, for children under 3 years old admission is free.

You can get to the farm along the eastern and western coastal routes. It is necessary to be guided by the PETALOUDES signs. The turn to the farm is 2 km from Butterfly Valley.

The ancient city of Kamiros

The ancient city of Kamiros

What to see in Rhodes on your own by car? Of course, the oldest settlement in Greece is Kamiros. Today, the ruins of the city are considered an archaeological reserve and attract millions of tourists not only rich in history and natural beauties. Here every stone, every corner is shrouded in mystery. Excavations on the territory of Kamiros are still ongoing, but scientists have not been able to find out why the residents left the city. There are two versions – the attack of the sea robbers and the earthquake.

Interesting fact! The first temple was built in Kamiros in the 8th century BC. The city was actively developing already in the 5th century BC. gained power, becoming the foundation of the state.

What to see in Kamiros:

Temple of the gods
  • undoubtedly, the most interesting are the ruins of the city, which are visually divided into three parts – the market square, residential level and the citadel, which served as an internal fortification;
  • the remains of the temple of Athena Kamiros;
  • reservoir dated to the 5th century BC – A unique system of clay pipes that connected all the houses, fountains and baths;
  • temple complexes and altars.

Good to know! The Rhodes Archaeological Museum houses the tombstone of Krito and Timarista, built in the 5th century BC.

Kamiros info plate

Practical information:

  • Buses leave from Rhodes daily (bus station address: Averof, 2);
  • adult tickets cost € 6; admission is free for children;
  • there is free parking nearby;
  • work schedule – daily from 8-30 to 15-00.

Rhodes Fortress or Fortress of the Knights

What to see on the island of Rhodes in Greece? Be sure to pay attention to the sights, which is considered the main one – the Rhodes fortress. It is located in the very center of the historical part of the capital. The fortification was built during the heyday of the Byzantine Empire.

Entrance to the Rhodes Fortress

Good to know! The construction is so large that it is better to devote it to inspection all day. Here you can see several museums, a shopping area.

Knights Fortress Courtyard, Rhodes

What to see inside the fortress:

  • directly defensive structures – the fortress is considered the most impregnable in Europe;
  • the Amboise gate is the most powerful gate of the fortress, two towers are built on the sides, and the entrance is protected by a narrow bridge;
  • the gates of St. Athanasius are considered ceremonial, through them the Turkish army entered the city under the leadership of Suleiman;
  • Grand Master’s Palace – 19 great masters who were knights of the Order of Hospitallers lived in the castle; not all palace rooms are open for tourists;
  • Archaeological Museum – A collection of exhibits dedicated to the era of the Knights.
Knights Street, Rhodes
Knights Street

Be sure to take a walk along Knights Street – the main street that stretches from west to east. Her appearance has not changed since the knightly era. It is also worth looking at Socrates Street – a popular tourist destination, the largest number of shops are concentrated here, you can buy jewelry, fur products.

Practical information:

  • admission to the fortress is free;
  • ticket to the museum – 6 euros;
  • attraction takes guests around the clock.

Monastery of Filerimos

Monastery of Filerimos

Located on Mount Felirimos, where the city of Yalis was previously located. Today, tourists climb to the top of the mountain to see the monastery and church of the Filerimskaya Mother of God and a cross 17 meters high. The attraction was built by knights in the 15th century.

The construction of the monastery began the monk, who appeared on the mountain in the 13th century. The knights of the Middle Ages completed the beginnings.

The monastery is no longer operational and can only be viewed from the outside. The church still hosts services in the Orthodox part of the building. The Catholic part of the church is closed. Baptismal ceremonies are held here and crowned.

Good to know! Mount Filerimos can be visited with children, as peacocks live in the area surrounding the monastery and church.

Grand Cross on Mount Filirimos

The cross is ideal from afar, an alley called “The Way to Calvary” leads to it, its length is the same as the path that Jesus Christ crossed by carrying his cross to Calvary. A huge cross is located on the observation deck, it offers a magnificent view of the surroundings. Another observation deck is higher – directly on the cross.

In addition, the remains of the temples of Zeus and Athena dating back to the 4th and 3rd centuries BC are preserved on the mountain, the “Dorian fountain” is considered the best preserved building of the period of antiquity. You can see the cell of St. George, decorated with frescoes of 15-16 centuries.

Interesting fact! Only on Mount Filerimos you can buy a unique herbal liquor, the recipe of which is kept secret.

Practical information:

Icon in the monastery Filerimos
  • there is a mountain in the northern part of the island;
  • the road from any separating Rhodes will take no more than an hour;
  • you will have to climb to the top on foot – 276 meters;
  • You can get to the foot by taxi, bus, car or as part of an excursion;
  • cost of visiting – 6 euros;
  • working hours: in the summer – from 8-00 to 19-00, in the winter – from 8-30 to 14-30.

Beekeeping Museum

Beekeeping Museum

The attraction is located in Pastida, you can visit the museum on your own or as part of an excursion group. Guests are told the story of beekeeping in Greece, introduced to working with beehives and methods of collecting honey. The collection of the museum has interesting exhibits – old agricultural and beekeeping tools.

Interesting fact! The most interesting exhibit is a transparent hive, guests can see how the bees live in their own home.

Tourists are offered to stroll around the area, visit the apiary owned by the museum. Finally, you can visit the souvenir shop, which presents a huge selection of honey products – cosmetics, sweets. All varieties of honey can be tasted and purchased. There are also bee products – pollen, bee milk.

Big bee at the Beekeeping Museum, Pastide

Practical information:

Honey Shop
  • next to the museum there is a playground and a cafe;
  • to the museum is the national highway Tsairi-Aerodromiu;
  • Pastida is equipped with a large parking lot;
  • Museum work schedule: on weekdays – from 8-30 to 17-00, on Saturday – from 8-30 to 15-30, on Sunday – from 10-00 to 15-00;
  • ticket price – 3 euros.

Prices on the page are for May 2018.

On the Internet there are a huge number of attractions in Rhodes with photos, names and descriptions. However, not a single photo can convey the atmosphere and color of the island in Greece. You definitely need to come here to move to a distant historical era.

Sights of Rhodes are a unique alloy of different eras and cultures.

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