Holidays in Pefkohori in Halkidiki, Greece

Pefkohori in Greece, is located on the Kassandra Peninsula. Clean beaches, good infrastructure and the hospitality of the locals attract tourists from all over Europe. But the largest share of tourists to Halkidiki come from neighboring Serbia and Bulgaria, who, are “within a stone’s throw” to Pefkohori.

Pefkohori owes its current name to the surrounding pine forests. Translated from Greek, “pefko” means pine, and “horio” means village, that is, “pine village”. In addition to the magnificent forests and the cleanest beach, Pefkohori is also famous for its apiaries – a real expanse for honey lovers.

There are many places on the Pefkohori embankment where you can have a tasty and inexpensive lunch, and go to a nearby shop to buy local souvenirs.

In general, time on Pefkohori flows slowly and sets you up for a relaxing family vacation. But young people won’t be bored either – here you can find clubs and bars open until the morning.

In summers, Pefkohori is very popular. To save money, it is better to plan an early booking or purchase a last-minute tour.

Pefkohori Beach Road with Bars and Restaurants
Pefkohori Beach Road with Bars and Restaurants

The village is located in that part of Halkidiki called Kassandra. From Pefkohori the distance to the airport of Macedonia is 93 km, and to Thessaloniki is 115 km. The population of the village is around 2000.

Beach along the Pefkohori
Photo of the beach and pier in Pefkohori

Pefkohori’s sand and pebble beaches are very clean, so they receive the Blue Flag every year from the Foundation for Environmental Education. For most vacationers, this is a key indicator when choosing a place in Greece for swimming with children. A lot of fragrant flowers and various greens grow on the cozy streets here. And from the beach, you can see the silhouette of the holy Mount Athos.

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How to get to Pefkohori

Despite the significant annual tourist flow, there is no direct bus service between Thessaloniki Airport and any town in Halkidiki. Almost everyone takes a taxi. Most of tourists planning to spend their holidays in Pefkohori arrive in Greece through Macedonia Airport, not far from Thessaloniki.

The first option to get to Pefkohori is by bus. You can also rent a car right at the terminal, but that can be much more expensive as compared to getting a taxi online.

When ordering a taxi online, the driver meets passengers at the exit from the baggage claim area. Don’t worry about flight delays, the taxi service tracks all arrivals and sends the car right on time. You won’t have to pay extra for downtime.

You can of course get the cost of the trip in advance. This option is free and available even before the ordering stage.

Finally, the third option to get to Pefkohori is to rent a car at Thessaloniki Airport.

Pefkohori Beach – a blue flag beach

Beach with umbrellas at Pefkohori in Halkidiki
Beach with umbrellas at Pefkohori in Halkidiki

The coast in the Pefkochori area is one of the most well-groomed in Halkidiki, which is confirmed by the European Blue Flag, which the beach receives for the cleanliness of the water  and the level of infrastructure development.

The main beach in Pefkohori is covered with sand mixed with pebbles. Its width is an average of 10 meters.

In some places there is more sand than stones, in some places there is less. Conventionally, the beach consists of three parts. A little to the left of the pier is the area of ​​hotels and apartments. There are few tourists here, so there are always free sunbeds with umbrellas. You can also sit right on the sand.

If you go to the right of the Pefkohori pier, you will get to the city beach. There are always a lot of people, especially on weekends. In August, local residents are also added to visiting tourists, so we can say that “the apple has nowhere to fall”.

Despite such a density of people, the water is always clean, and there is no garbage on the beach.

Holidaymakers on the beach in Pefkohori
Holidaymakers on the beach in Pefkohori

When you go further right of the city beach, you again find yourself surrounded by villas and apartments. There are fewer people on the beach, and the coastal zone itself consists entirely of sand. Entry in the water is gentle and comfortable.

Entrance to the city beach of Pefkohori is free, but you must pay for the use of sunbeds and umbrellas. However, the cost of renting here is lower than in the popular resorts of Southern Greece such as Santorini, Mykonos, Rhodos, Crete, etc.

If you rent a car, then from Pefkohori you can go to slightly remote beaches with the necessary infrastructure, but much fewer people.

Things to do in and around Pefkohori

There are no significant sights in Pefkohori itself. Except perhaps the old church of the 19th century and the ruins of a mill built over 500 years ago. However, you can walk around the Old Town with its narrow winding streets, visit the Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary, explore the ruins of a Roman settlement and explore several small churches.

At the same time, the day trips from Pefkohori are very rich and varied. You can go to the northern capital of Greece – Thessaloniki, visit the incredible Meteora monasteries soaring in the clouds, or to Olympus, the mountain on which, according to myths, the Gods of the Ancient Greek Pantheon lived.

Best Beaches near Pefkohori

1. Glarokavos Port and Beach

The salt lake port of Glarokavos, situated about 4.5 kms from Pefkohori, is a natural pool with clear water and beautiful scenery. The lake is not intended for swimming, rather local fishermen park their boats here. But Glarokavos is worth a visit because of the views that open up at the point where the sea meets the lake.

This is the most popular photo spot in Pefkohori. Couples stroll every now and then, waiting for a picturesque sunset to take pictures in the rays of the setting sun.

Glarokavos also has is a spacious beach surrounded by trees. On this wide coastline covered with pebbles and sand, there is a convenient entrance to the water. But the depth grows rapidly. The beach will appeal to lovers of a relaxing holiday. Even at the peak of the season, there are few vacationers here.

There are no shops near Glarokavos beach. But there are small beach bars where you can buy drinks and snacks, and use a sun lounger for free. Some beach bars have showers, changing rooms, free Wi-Fi, areas for relaxation and beach games.

Nearby is the beach bar called Umbrellas – a very popular party place where parties are held and sometimes guest DJs perform.

On the beach there is Crazyland Water Park with inflatable water slides, which is good fun for children.

2. Hanioti beach (Chanioti)

Just 3.5 kms away from Pefkohori lies the village of Chanioti visited by lots of holidaymakers. The water here is quite clean and warm and the beach is quite similar to the one in Pefkohori. However, there are plenty of water sports to be done at Hanioti beach.

There are a lot of cafes and bars offering delicious food, drinks, sun loungers and umbrellas. The latter can be rented or simply buy something to eat so that you get to use them for free.

Traders walk along the beach and sell corn, interesting dishes, shrimp. Due to the fact that the coast is long, not all areas have locker rooms and toilets near.

In some parts of the beach you rent diving equipment, jet skis, and indulge in water activities. And in the evening in the bars on the beaches you can watch performances and party in discos.

3. Paliouri Beach – the family beach

The Paliouri Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Halkidiki, and is particularly popular with families. The beach is located in the south of the Kassandra peninsula and has fine, soft sand and comparatively shallow water – perfect for a family holiday in Greece.

The Paliouri Beach extends over a length of 1 km, where you will always find small beach bars and beach clubs where you can be catered for. Due to the shallowness of the coast, the water seems completely transparent and the entire beach looks very spacious and accessible, which is why it is very popular with tourists.

This beach is about 6kms away from Pefkohori. There are toilets, lifeguards and you can park on the road beside the beach.

Scuba Diving

When lying on the beach gets somewhat dull, you can think about taking scuba diving lessons at one of the diving centers here. Experienced instructors will teach the basics of scuba even to absolute beginners.

Boat Cruises from Pefkohori

There are several companies offering sea cruises from Pefkohori to Thessaloniki, Vourvourou, etc. In between you may also stop at a secluded beach for swimming in the clearest waters. Depending on the tour, you may have snorkeling, kayaking and other activities involved.

Visit Thermal Spa Agia Paraskevi in Loutra

The thermal resort of Agia Paraskevi is located about 9 kms from Pefkohori. This is a modern wellness complex where you can spend the whole day swimming in the outdoor pool overlooking the bay, visiting the hammam or getting a massage. 

Nowadays, many people do not associate holidays in Greece with hydrotherapy, like Budapest or Karlovy VaryBut in vain. There are enough places in Greece where you can enjoy bathing in healing mineral waters.

The Agia Paraskevi complex was renovated not so long ago and now it is a Spa center of a high standard. On the outdoor terrace there are sun loungers where you can relax between swims. The view from the terrace is amazing with the rocks, the sea and the endless sky.

There is a bar where you can order drinks, snacks and ice cream.

Services provided by the center:

  • indoor swimming pool
  • Outdoor swimming pool
  • Individual baths
  • Hydromassage
  • Sauna
  • Turkish sauna
  • Massage-Physiotherapy
Terrace in the spa

Shopping in Pefkohori

Fish shops in the village present a huge assortment of all types of fish, as well as mussels and squids, shrimps and octopuses. Right in the market they can clean and wash it for you, and also boil the shrimp.

Tourist shops are on the main streets, and although they include a huge range of goods, they are quite expensive. You can buy all the products much cheaper in supermarkets and the inconspicuous streets in the village. In the shopping centers you can buy souvenirs as a gift, goods for recreation and local products.

Restaurants, beach bars, taverns, coffee houses are located on the street along the beach. There are more than 20 of them, so tourists have a very large choice. There are also bars that organize all kinds of entertainment events and discos.

You should definitely try yoghurts, cheeses, as well as sesame sticks, Turkish delight, tahini halva, figs, grapes, ciabatta bread and, of course, seafood.

Pefkohori Hotels by the Beach

You can find a lot of accommodation options in Pefkohori at a variety of prices. There are hotels from 1 to 3 stars, 4 and 5 stars are less common.

The most popular option is the 3 star hotels. They provide parking lots, playgrounds, swimming pools, their own garden, free wifi and some have a kitchen for cooking on your own.

Almost all Pefkohori apartments face the beach on the right side of the pier. Even a 3-star hotel is quite good because the level of service here is high.

Choose hotels that have recently been renovated. If your package tour does not include meals, it will be cheaper to rent a room in an apartment with a kitchen to cook on your own, because eating in cafes in Greece can get expensive for the budget conscious.

Best time to visit Pefkohori

The climate in Pefkohori is Mediterranean. Summers are quite hot, with a temperature of 32°C to 35°C. In winter it is usually humid and warm.

The beach season in the resorts of Halkidiki begins in early May and ends in late September. The sea warms up to 25 degrees. In recent years, the autumn weather in Pefkohori has high temperatures. This allows you to extend the holiday season and enjoy the warm sea, even at the end of October.

The most favorable months for families with children in Pefkohori are June and September.

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