Tourist’s guide to Pefkohori, the pine village on Halkidiki in Greece

Pefkohori, Greece, is located on the Kassandra Peninsula. If you move to the east of the peninsula, it will be the penultimate settlement. Further only Paliouri is located, and after it you can leave on the road to the west coast. Very friendly people live in Pefkohori, tourists are offered comfortable hotels and cozy restaurants with sea cuisine. The beauty of nature in Halkidiki with pine forests, as well as olive, pomegranate and citrus trees, offers a harmonious vacation. The sea in these parts of Greece is crystal clear.

Pefkohori, Greece

Features of the resort town

View of Pefkohori Village

The name of the town of Pefkohori, Halkidiki, came from the merger of the two words “pefko” and “hori”, which in translation means “pine” and “village”. It immediately becomes clear that the rest will take place in a settlement densely surrounded by pine forests. For the improvement and strengthening of immunity, this is simply an ideal option, which is why families with small children often relax here.

Pefkohori Beach Road with Bars and Restaurants

In Pefkohori it will be very comfortable for those who love excellent service, exquisite Greek cuisine, those who are looking for peace and tranquility. True, admirers of fun and entertainment will also be able to relax here “to the fullest”, because at their services will be numerous parties, entertainment and travel.

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The village is located in that part of Halkidiki, which is called Kassandra. From Pefkohori to the airport of Macedonia – 93 km, and to the northern capital – 115 km. The population of the village is 1,655 people.

Beach along the Pefkohori

Pefkohori sand and pebble beaches are very clean, so they receive the Blue Flag every year from the Foundation for Environmental Education. For most vacationers, this is a key indicator when choosing a place in Greece for swimming with children. On the cozy streets grows a lot of fragrant flowers and various greens. If you look from the beach, you can see the silhouette of the holy Mount Athos.

Comfortable beach vacation

Glarokavos - Beach with umbrellas at Pefkohori in Halkidiki

The main beach in Pefkohori is covered with sand mixed with pebbles. Its width is an average of 10 meters. In some places there is more sand than stones, in some places there is less. Conventionally, the beach consists of three parts. A little to the left of the pier is the area of ​​hotels and apartments. There are few tourists, so there are always free sunbeds with umbrellas. You can also sit right on the sand.

If you go to the right of the Pefkohori pier, you will get to the city beach. There are always a lot of people, especially on weekends. In August, local residents are also added to visiting tourists, so we can say that “the apple has nowhere to fall.” Despite such a density of people, the water is always clean, and there is no garbage on the beach.

Holidaymakers on the beach in Pefkohori

When you delete even more to the right, you again find yourself surrounded by villas and apartments. There are fewer people on the beach, and the coastal zone itself consists entirely of sand. Entering the water is gentle and comfortable. If you rent a car, then from Pefkohori you can go to slightly remote beaches. There are conditions for recreation and the necessary infrastructure, but there are much fewer people.

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Entertainment and Attractions

There are few sights in the village of Pefkohori. However, you can walk around the Old Town with its narrow winding streets, visit the Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary, explore the ruins of a Roman settlement and explore several small churches. Children will be interested to see the ruins of a mill that was built over 500 years ago.

Glarokavos Port
Pefkohori marina sunset

This is the most popular photo spot in Pefkohori. Here, couples stroll every now and then, waiting for a picturesque sunset to take pictures in the rays of the setting sun. On a large beach near the port it is not always clean, especially in the high season, but the place is very atmospheric.


What is a sea vacation without visiting a diving center? Experienced instructors will teach the basics of immersion even to absolute beginners.


As for the shops, in Pefkohori they are concentrated along the main street and closer to the promenade. Here you can buy clothes, souvenirs, and groceries. On the main street you will find grocery stores with very low prices.

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Air temperature in Pefkohori

The climate in Pefkohori, Greece is Mediterranean. Summer is quite hot, with a temperature of +32 – +35 degrees. In winter it is usually humid and warm.

The beach season in the resorts of Halkidiki begins in early May and ends in late September. The sea warms up to 25 degrees. In recent years, the autumn weather in Pefkohori has high temperatures. This allows you to extend the holiday season and enjoy the warm sea, even at the end of October.

The most favorable months for families with children in Pefkohori are June and September.

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