Tourist’s guide to Neos Marmaras – a lively resort on Halkidiki in Greece

Neos Marmaras is a port town and a popular resort on the west coast of the Sithonia peninsula (the second of the three “fingers” of the Halkidiki peninsula). It is located 125 km from Thessaloniki and 55 km from the city of Polygyros – on the hillsides, surrounded by picturesque pine and deciduous forests. The population of the city is about 3000 people, but in the season the number of people on the coast increases 6-7 times due to the influx of tourists.

Neos Marmaras - the resort of the west coast of the Sithonia peninsula

Weather and climate

Air temperature in Neos Marmaras

The characteristic features of the Mediterranean are mild winters and sultry summers, the absence of storms, storms and the rainy season. The average air temperature in October and April is +20, in May – +25, from June to September – from +27 to +33 degrees. The most favorable time for relaxation is from September to November and from April to July.

Water temperature in January is up to +12, in May – up to +18, in October – up to +20, in August – up to +26 degrees. If you want to enjoy nature, come here in the spring – the summer heat deprives the local vegetation of the usual “riot”.

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Where to sunbathe?

All the beaches of Halkidiki deserve the attention of lovers of quality relaxation, but Neos Marmaras makes a unique offer – privacy against the backdrop of the emerald Aegean Sea, golden sand, olive groves and charming bays.

Neos marmaras beach
Neos Marmaras Beach

One of the beaches is called the town and overlooks the uninhabited islet of Kelifos, resembling a turtle in its shape. In summer, the coast is quite crowded, although due to proper organization it remains comfortable. For the purity of waters and the safety of swimming, the beach received the international Blue Flag Award.

Lagomandra beach

For sports and swimming, Lagomandra beach is ideal, ideal for snorkeling, boating, spending time in sun loungers, beach bars and cafes. Among the advantages – a wide coastline, coarse sand, a smooth descent into the water, pine trees, in the shade of which you can hide from the sun, a full set of locker rooms, showers and toilets. Renting two sun loungers and an umbrella costs 10 euros, but you can fit on your own towel.

Disadvantages – in the season it is difficult to find a place to park a car, but it is easy to meet a sea urchin where rocks descend into the sea.

Beach Kohi Beach

Young people will love the new-fangled Kohi Beach, equipped with sun loungers and umbrellas, playgrounds and a music bar – discos are held here on weekends. In addition, the cleanest water with a sandy bottom and comfortable depths for children, the opportunity to stroll along the coast and have a bite to eat are excellent conditions for families.

Another of the best and most popular beaches is located in the village of Vourvourou in Sithonia , it is not long to go to it.

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Things to do

The traditional Greek village of Parthenonas
Parthenonas Village

Neos Marmaras was founded only in 1922, which is negligible for the centuries-old history of Greece, but there are enough interesting places here. For example, the village of Parthenonas, whose inhabitants at the beginning of the last century cultivated olives and were considered prosperous, but with the advent and active development of the city, they gradually left their homes for higher earnings. Several decades ago, the houses of an empty village were restored, and a museum of ethnography was opened in a former school.

Itamos National Park
Itamos who is 2000 years old

Separate mention is the Itamos National Park. The reserve territory is decorated with Itamos tree (yew berry), which is 2000 years old. Its feature is toxic fumes. They say that if you fall asleep under the itamos, you may not wake up.

Water sports
Diving Training at Poseidon Diving Academy
Poseidon Diving Academy

Fans of delicious wines should visit the Domaine Porto Carras to enjoy fine drinks. For fans of sea adventures, scuba diving classes are provided at the Poseidon Diving Academy and Ocean Diving Center. Safe skiing, motorbiking and banana riding is provided by the Lolos Ski Center.

Yacht tours
Yacht fishing

Charter Ayyacht, Yako Sailing, Flying Sailship, Pantelis Daily Cruises and Fishing Greece practice sailing trips to explore natural beauty, fishing and water sports. Yacht tours are an acquaintance with protected places and beaches inaccessible for cars, a rich catch, tasting delicacies, fabulous Greek sunsets and the opportunity to meet dolphins.

Want to buy something as a keepsake?
Watch salon Antica

There is a colorful Art Bazaar gift shop in the center of Neos Marmaras, and the best Antica watch salon in Halkidiki is surrounded by eateries – after seeing the sights and spending a little money, you can immediately note the purchases.

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No one will be bored in the Greek town – next to luxury hotels, rental houses and inexpensive hotels, there are fashionable restaurants and modest taverns with national and overseas cuisine. Stylish bars and night clubs, casinos and golf courses are also present in the village. Arriving in Neos Marmaras, travelers study the characteristics of culture and religion, the customs of the indigenous people, alluring culinary traditions and natural landscapes, or simply splashing around in crystal waters and buried in the soft sand.

Do you agree with such a rating of the best beaches in Sithonia, as in this video? One of them is located in Neos Marmaras.

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