Tourist’s guide to Mykonos – the liberated island of Greece

Let me introduce – the island of Mykonos, Greece. Flying up to him on an airplane, you can pay attention to not the most picturesque picture for the eyes. No greenery is visible, gray-brown stones and tiny lonely houses painted white are around. Perhaps at first glance you won’t understand why people are willing to pay a lot of money to go here. But soon you will find the answer: atmosphere, freedom and complete relaxation!

Mykonos Island, Greece

How to get there

Airport in Mykonos

Mykonos will have to be reached by sea or air. Four kilometers from the capital of the island of Chora is an international airport. Two local air carriers launch planes every day on Mykonos from the capital of Greece – Athens. In summer, charter flights of European airlines are added. From the terminal to any place on the island can be reached by taxi.

Of the two Athens ports (Piraeus and Rafina), ferries depart during the high season. The ferry floats for a long time, about five hours, it will be faster to get on a high-speed vessel (you can save a couple of hours).

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From transport – buses and taxis. A more expensive option is to rent a car or ATV. Buses depart from three terminal stations:

  • “Factory” (directions – Psaru, Platis Yialos, Paradise, Paranga);
  • “OTE” (directions – Calafati, Elia, Ano Mera).
  • “Old Port” (directions – new port, Agios Stefanos).
Sea bus

A bus ticket can be bought in a vending machine at bus stations, in shops, tourist shops and in hotels. The fare for the day is cheaper, the night fare is 2 euros. To remote places of Mykonos can be reached by taxi (they are on the main square of the city) or by boat from the beaches of Platis Gialos and Ornos.

Hotels have a wide selection, different in price and category, but on average the price tag is higher than in Greece as a whole.

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Why be prepared?

Most vacationers are Europeans and Americans. Although there are guests from South America, Africa, Australia. There are almost no Asians. Recently, you can often hear Russian speech, but it is still exotic.

Experienced tourists say that with our mentality it is better not to come to this place. Here is the “land of freedom”, you need a good understanding of the norms of life in Europe. An unprepared traveler will not understand either the local prices or the freedom of morals. And if quite frankly, the hypocrite here will be a foreign body among a democratic motley people.

Here, completely without complexes, they sunbathe naked among the guys

Holidays in Mykonos is a habit of seeing what is unusual in Russia. Is a pretty blonde walking arm in arm with a black man? Easy! Three girls on the street kiss one guy? Why not! Here, completely without complexes, they sunbathe naked among the children, and families with children look into the gay bars on the beach. Trendy club tracks begin to be heard from all sides of the beach even before sunset … At the same time, everyone here does not say anything about sodom and debauchery, about which people love to buzz so much, not understanding anything about it.

I walk along the avenue, the night city

At Mykonos Nightclub

Mykonos’s only public transport is buses. The routes are varied, but leaving the hotel by bus in the evening is not worth it. The traffic interval is quite large, so you can wait an hour or more at the bus stop. The taxi is also an ambush. Making a phone call doesn’t mean getting the car fast. Therefore, the general advice if you live in Town is to look for nightly entertainment closer to your place of stay.

Most hotels are located in Mykonos Town. The locals call him Chora. Here are the very white houses of hotels, shops and cafes that you saw on approaching the island. Cozy narrow streets of Town will lead you to one of dozens of amazing restaurants or taverns with delicious food.

Lunch at the beach bar

Almost all tourists have breakfast at the hotel, lunch at the beach bar, and dinner go to Mykonos Town. It is important to choose the right time. At 19-00 some restaurants are still closed, but by 21-00 you may find that the restaurant is crowded, there are no tables. It is better to book a table in advance in a café that you like. To the question of time. It seems that on the island of Mykonos it is distorted. At midnight, Town is just starting to live, and buzzing like an anthill.

A lot of people are sitting in restaurants, and this is also the time of the opening of the first night clubs and bars. Two hours later, the restaurants close, and the remaining peppy people take to the streets and head out to hang out.

The information is for party-goers: the usual dance clubs are located on Paradise Beach (not to be confused with Super Paradise beach), where famous DJs often play there in the middle of summer.

You can rent a motorcycle

Of course, Mykonos does not look like Ibiza, and in the city itself there are pubs.

It is the most convenient for residents in Town to get to the beach on a rented motorcycle or car. You can also wait for public transport that leaves for the beach at noon and at 2 p.m.

I’m lying in the sun…

The main feature and attraction of this island of Greece, of course, is the beaches. On Mykonos, beaches can be dramatically different. There are wild for surfers, and ultramodern, equipped with the latest fashion, where you can call a waiter to yourself by pressing a button on a sunbed.

Elia beach

Elia Beach is arguably not only the longest, but also the most beautiful beach of Mykonos. There is a very good bottom when entering the water. In general, Elia has large yellow sand, but in some places there is large pebble, especially at the water’s edge. Buses always come here, although quite rarely. A ticket costs about 2 euros. The bus leaves from the station in the area of ​​the old port.

Beach Elia Beach
Beach Restaurant

Elya is a very clean, but at the same time crowded beach (although Paradise is even more crowded with tourists). Nearby you can find parking and a restaurant. For the entrance, two sun loungers and an umbrella will have to pay 25 euros. For a bite to eat, check out the beachfront restaurants. There is a service for the removal of food and drinks from the institution. The food is varied and delicious. The sea and sand are very clean.

At the far end of Elia is a nudist zone, where gays come to swim and sunbathe. Prices for snacks, water and alcohol are, of course, overpriced, but this is due to lack of competition. Overall – a nice not crowded beach.

Agios sostis beach

A fairly secluded beach, away from the main tourist routes of Mykonos. Unlike large beaches, Agios Sostis is not forced by trestle beds from coastal cafes and bars, and there are no institutions on the coast. No sunbeds, umbrellas or restaurants (there is only one tavern, but not on the beach itself, but a little higher).

Agios Sostis Beach

Great place to relax “savages.” One of the best northern beaches of the island, which will make you feel complete unity with nature. The sea is calm, despite the wind. From the city to get about fifteen minutes.

This quiet beach is perfect for couples and romance.

Patis Gialos (Platis Gialos)

One of the most pathos beaches of Mykonos. It seems that couples accustomed to luxury like to relax here. There are a sufficient number of cafes and restaurants. Mykonos island in Greece attracts many tourists, because it is a great place to relax. If you have the strength to rise before dawn, you can swim in the warm sea alone.

Patis Gialos Beach

Fine yellow sand, clear water, shops and bars near by – what else is needed? Everything breathes comfort here. At Platis Gialos Wi-Fi is available in the area of ​​sun loungers, it is possible to take food with you – to take away. Prices are quite reasonable not overpriced, as on some other beaches of Mykonos. Platis Gialos is suitable for families with children.

These are the sunbeds on the beach Patis Gialos

Good wide sandy strip, shallow entry into the water. Its only negative is that there is no free zone, so those who come with their own towels are located in front of the first line of sunbeds. Sun beds, by the way, paid about 6-7 euros apiece. Boats to other beaches of the southern part of the island depart from here. Of the minuses – there are a lot of black merchants who sell fake Rolexes and leather bags a la Louis Viton.

Super paradise beach

Super Paradise (from the English. “Super Paradise”) is located in a picturesque deep lagoon. Public transport did not go here before, so it was always chamber. But recently the beach has changed: minibuses and boats went to the Super Paradise by sea. By car, the beach is easy to find if you pay attention to the signs along the road.

Plja Super Paradise Beach on Mykonos Island

An amazing bar opened in place of a regular cafe, and a restaurant with live music grew in the center of the beach. New comfortable sunbeds and umbrellas (though not cheap). There is a volleyball court, shower. The entrance is free. The sea is wonderful, the sand is excellent. There are many people, but not enough to look for a place between them.

Super Paradise Beach Party

Dancers delight their dancers with their art, in the evening they are entertained by the leaders in thongs. In general, the place is not pathos, but fun, more for young people and large companies. Although in the evenings at discos you can meet incendiary European old people.

Paranga beach

A small beach, accessible by bus from the Fabrika station. Easy to get to and park on the car. The highlight of the beach is the lack of complexes. For some Russians, he will probably be remembered as a beach of libertines. Even if you look at the photo from Mykonos, Greece, you can see that sunbathing topless there is the norm. But on this beach people are completely naked, and there are many of them. Therefore, we do not recommend coming with children, only if you do not have the same free morals as Europeans do.

Beach Paranga Beach

There is a spacious area for free sunbathing, a good entrance to the water. Quiet bay, almost without waves. The sea is crystal clear and the atmosphere is relaxed. There is where to eat. At a distance of several meters from the shore there is a huge rock. There you can swim and climb on it to sunbathe. A taxi boat goes to the nearby Paradise beach. Nearby and Platis Gialos. In general, you can spend here all day.

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Where to go except the beach?

So – Mykonos, Greece, attractions. In fact, there are many interesting places on the island. We have selected for you a list of the most popular among tourists. And, of course, diverse.

Rarity Gallery
Rarity Gallery

The Rarity Gallery is a modest sized gallery of contemporary art. The entrance is free. Local exhibits were created if not by talented, then clearly witty people. Usually in such museums, “works” resemble the works of crazy artists, but there is something to see. Mostly paintings and sculptures. One guard deserves a separate applause (that he is not real can only be guessed by the absence of a crossword puzzle).

In Rarity Gallery

The interior of the attraction is stylish: white walls and arches contrast with a dark, almost black ceiling made of wooden beams. Every year, from May to October, seasonal summer exhibitions are held, representing the work of the Impressionists. The works of famous artists in narrow circles are exhibited here: David W. Ellis, Fabio Aguzzi, Luciana Abate, Hanneke Beaumont, Charles Bel, Fotis and others. You can find the gallery in the center of Town, on Kaloger Street.

Shopping street Matogianni
Matogianni Street

Matogianni Street – also located in Town. As the locals say, all roads lead to Matogianni. The street is cramped. Tourists maneuver among white houses, cozy shops, artists’ workshops and pink bougainvillea bushes … Antiques lovers have something to profit from. Stairs and shutters are painted blue or red, very beautiful. On Mykonos, goods are more expensive than on neighboring islands. This is especially noticeable on ceramics and jewelry.

Boutiques along Matogianni

On Matogianni street you can buy all sorts of useful (and not so) little things, in general, everything – from souvenirs to clothes. There are also boutiques of world famous brands: Lacoste, Victoria’s Secret, Juicy Couture … Well, where are there without bars, restaurants and dance floors! Here life boils at any time of the day, even in the dead of night it lives and breathes.

The Magic Mills of Mykonos

Amazing snow-white buildings that locals call Kato Milli. Perhaps this is the main attraction of Mykonos, because all roads lead to them. Tower windmills appeared in this country in the XII-XIII centuries. The remaining twenty, seven mills of the island stand in the area of ​​Chora and Castro. Round mill constructions, looking into the open sea, have for centuries opposed the powerful gusts of the Cycladic winds.

Mykonos Mills

It is not allowed to go inside, you can only take pictures from the outside. The place is really spectacular; tourists take selfies in droves. You can enjoy the beauty in the restaurant near the mills and enjoy the sea view. From here an interesting view of Little Venice and the embankment, on which a variety of houses seem to peep out of the water. Better to arrive early in the morning. Surely stumble upon a pelican. Birds are used to people and pose for photos.

The magnificent stone church of Papaportiani
Papaportiani Stone Church

Church of Paraportiani is one of the best places on the island of Mykonos, a photo of which almost every tourist has a photo. It is called a pearl. This is an ancient and valuable architectural monument, which certainly should be included in a trip to the Choir. The wonderful Christian church of the XVI-XVII centuries, without sharp corners, completely snow-white. Surprisingly there are no blue accents characteristic of Greek architecture. It is made in the Cycladic style, consists of several chapels. It seems nothing special, but against the background of the blue sky and the sea it looks great. The entrance to the attraction is closed, you can take pictures only nearby.

Organic Farm (Mykonos Vioma Organic Farm)
Organic Farm Mykonos Vioma Organic Farm

An authentic place where you can enjoy all the shades of the taste of true Greece. If you are tired of the hustle and bustle of wine, then the Vioma farm is worth a visit! The hospitable daughter of the owner conducts a tour and shows and tells everything in detail. Wine tasting is unthinkable without Greek snacks: sun-dried tomatoes, cheese, carbonate …

Product tasting

In the fresh air right on the plantation you will enjoy all this under the opera arias. At first, the farm may seem strange and a little dilapidated, but after meeting a charming family, you will appreciate the discreet rural beauty. The pleasure will be about fifty euros for two, and the memories will be priceless.

And a few words about the weather

Mykonos air temperature

The climate on this island of Greece is typically Mediterranean: that is, hot summers and mild winters. Rest here is a pleasure. Weather in Mykonos is subject to strong winds. In the high season (that is, in July-August), wind strength reaches 6-7 points. In mid and late summer, air temperature reaches 25-30 degrees, but the same wind helps to tolerate heat well. Rain is rare and the weather is mostly sunny. Water is heated to a temperature of 19-22 degrees.

In winter there is no cold, no fog. Therefore, you can admire the local landscapes. Snow is extremely rare, so dazzling a snowman on New Year’s Eve on the island will not work.

Mykonos, Greece, for those who do not accept all inclusive. It is for those who are young in soul (and body), and able to appreciate freedom, the spell of sea waves, the charge of universal fun, the motley of people and the taste of Greek cuisine.

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