Tourist’s guide to Milos – island in Greece with an active volcano

The island of Milos is recognized by the spoiled natural beauties of the Greeks as the pearl of the Aegean Sea. Residents and tourists talk about this resort with sincere enthusiasm. Many people know about this corner of Greece, because it is here that a unique statue of the goddess Venus of Milos was found, which today is exhibited in the Louvre.

Milos Island

general information

Greek Milos is one of more than 200 islands of the Cyclades archipelago located in its southwestern part. It covers an area of ​​16.2 km. sq. Permanently resides on the island a little less than 5,000 people.

Geographical features of the island of Milos

Milos is of volcanic origin and today its characteristic geographic features are bizarre-shaped cliffs with colorful rocks. At the same time, the vegetation on the island is rather scarce, and the western part of the island is absolutely wild: people do not live here, only a couple of dirt roads.

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Interesting to know! Milos is one of two active volcanoes in Greece.

Milos has charming sunsets, natural caves, picturesque cliffs, a clear sea with beautiful (though not always comfortable) beaches and, of course, the rich heritage of the ancient Cycladic architecture. Despite these advantages, Milos is not very popular with tourists, which attracts independent travelers.

How to get there

Milos island in Greece is located at a distance of 160 km from the large port of Piraeus. Sea traffic does not stop even in winter.

Ferry to Milos

You can get from Athens to Milos by ferry; several companies provide services at once. The journey takes about 5 hours, during which time the ferry makes several stops that allow you to admire the beauties of the Aegean Sea. You need to know the timetable in advance, tickets can be booked online. In the summer season, the number of ferry flights increases as the flow of tourists grows. Additionally, flights to the islands of the Cyclades archipelago are provided.

There is an airport on Milos that takes flights from Athens year-round, and charter flights fly here in the warmer months.

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Island Attractions

There are many beaches on the island, but this is not the only reason why you should visit Milos in Greece.

All ferries from other parts of the country arrive at Adamantas port. In the city, tourists are offered sightseeing tours to different points of the island, as well as sea cruises around Milos.

Kleftiko Bay
Kleftiko Bay

Perhaps the most striking experience is a boat trip to Kleftiko Bay, located in the south-west of the island. The bay is notable for snow-white cliffs and a cave, which served as a refuge for pirates.

You can also get to the bay on your own by land, but for this you will have to go through a small quest – rent an SUV or ATV, drive part of the way off-road, and then walk for another 40-60 minutes. Learn more from the video at the bottom of the page.

City of Plaka

The capital of the island – the city of Plaka – is located at an altitude of more than two hundred meters above sea level. From its height a panoramic view of the bay opens. A bright attraction of the city is the Crusader Castle, which is located near the Church of the Virgin of Talassitra.

To the south of Plaka are the ruins of the ancient settlement of Melos. Here are the remains of the Roman theater and temple. In 1820, in the ruins of the city was found the very statue of Venus, which today can be seen in the Paris Louvre.

Natural caves
Natural caves

The caves of the island deserve a separate story. Sikia is the most unusual cave located in the western part of Milos. Yachts and ships from Adamantas regularly follow here, there is also a road from the side of St. John’s Church.

The most visited place is a cave formed by four rocks. Tours are brought here from Adamantas.

In the south direction from Milos is the island of Antimilos, here donkeys of a rare breed are bred.

Churches of Milos
Agios Nikolaos in Adamant
Agios Nikolaos Church
  • Agios Nikolaos in Adamant – the museum has a museum.
  • St. Harlampy in Adamant – the oldest icons of the Byzantine era are stored here.
  • Panagia Korifiatissa in Plaka – built in 1810, it offers a magical view of the bay.
  • Panagia tone Rodon or Rosary – the temple is decorated in French style.
  • The most picturesque temple on the island is Panagia Falassitra. Often in the photo of the island of Milos in Greece, you can often see this particular church.
  • St. Harlampia in Plakes is famous for its ancient, beautiful frescoes and murals.
  • Agios Spyridonas Church, Milos
    Agios Spyridonas Church
  • Agios Spiridonas in the village of Triovassalos – on Easter there is a theatrical performance, during which a Judas doll is burned.
  • Profiti Elias (Prophet Elijah) in the village of Klima is notable for its marble foundation.
  • Panagia Portiani in the village of Zephyria – in the past the temple was a metropolitan cathedral, today it is under the protection of the Ministry of Culture of Greece.
Museums in Milos
Archaeological Museum of Milos
Archaeological Museum
  1. Archaeological Museum. Located in the central square of the capital of the island. The exhibits include sculptures, ancient weapons, ceramics, and jewelry. Admission is 3 euros.
  2. Church Museum. The collection of exhibits is represented by ancient Byzantine icons, rich church attire and unique relics. Free admission.
  3. Folk Museum. Located in the central square of the capital in a building of the XIX century. Exhibits – household items and folk art products, demonstrating the culture and customs of the Greek people. Admission is 3 euros.
  4. Mining Museum, Milos
    Mining museum
  5. Museum of the mining industry. Here, tourists are clearly shown how industry developed on the island, namely, the extraction of marble, ceramics, and ore. Admission is 4 euros.
  6. Maritime Museum. Here is a private collection of navigation tools, books, maps, tackle. There are exhibits from the time of the ancient battle.

Villages on the island

Settlement Firopotamos

Picturesque fishing village on Milos in Greece, located in a quiet bay, sheltered by cliffs. There are very few people here. A few hotels look like real fishing houses. Firopotamos beach is clean, without waves, the color of the water is especially pleasing to the eye.


Klima is the largest fishing village. A picturesque place where houses are built at the very edge of the water, the first floors of buildings are used as garages for boats. Doors and balconies of houses are painted in different colors, so the whole village looks bright and attractive. It is worth coming here to take colorful photos.

Klima town
Plaka Village

The village of Plaka seemed to stick to the side of the mountain; its appearance most closely resembles traditional Greece – white houses with blue doors and shutters decorated with flowers. At the top of the town is a Venetian temple and offers a picturesque view of the Gulf of Milos. The capital of the island of Milos is best explored by simply strolling through the narrow streets.

Tripiti Village

Previously, craftsmen lived here, today tourists visit the ancient Christian cemetery in the settlement – a labyrinth of numerous passages in the cave.

The village has a convenient sandy beach and a wide selection of restaurants, cafes and hotels. Tripiti also has something to see: Milo catacombs, the ruins of an ancient theater, the church of St. Nicholas and windmills on the outskirts. If desired, all sights can be bypassed.

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Milos is famous for its comfortable beaches, there are more than 70 of them throughout the island. Most of the beaches appeared as a result of volcanic activity. If the wind blows from the north, the beaches ideal for relaxation are Firiplaka, Tsigrado, Paleochori, Ayia Kiriaki. When the south wind is better to relax on the beaches – Sarakiniko, Mitakas and Firopotamos.

Firopotamos Beach

Firopotamos. It is located in the village of the same name, where yachtsmen and fishermen often gather. The beach is convenient for relaxation, there is a developed infrastructure and there are trees that create a shadow.

Sarakino. One of the most picturesque beaches. Located in a bay that was previously used by pirates. Snow-white cliffs hang over the beach. It is almost impossible to hide in the shade here; romantic couples love this place.

Paleochori Beach

Paleochori. One of the most visited beaches. Soft, fine sand is surrounded by colorful rocks. For vacationers sun loungers and umbrellas are provided, the Windsurfing Center works.

Firiplaka. On this beach families with children like to relax. Located in the southern part of the island, there are almost never waves or gusts of wind. The coast is formed by multi-colored rock formations.

Ayia Kiriyaki. A picturesque beach with a wide coastline and clear water, surrounded by cliffs. There are many cafes and restaurants nearby. This beach gives the impression of a secluded place.

Papafragas Beach

Papafragas. The beach is in a tiny bay, the coastal strip is also small, cozy. Getting here is quite difficult, since the descent is steep and narrow. But, having done such a journey, you will be rewarded with an amazing view.

Climate and weather

The island has a traditional Mediterranean climate. It is hot and dry in summer, and mild and rainy weather in winter.

Air temperature on Milos

In the summer, Meltemi’s refreshing north wind blows on the island. This is a seasonal phenomenon that begins in the second half of July and lasts until the end of August. Thus, in the hottest season on Milos there is no sweltering heat.

The best time to study the question – how to get to Milos in Greece – between Easter and early September. In May, the average temperature is +21 … +23 degrees, the water in the sea warms up to +18 … +19 degrees. In the hottest months – July-August – the air warms up to +30 degrees, and the water – up to +26 degrees.

If you had to watch the film “Pelican”, you probably remembered the fabulous Greek landscapes. It was Milos Island that became the place where the shooting took place. Another reason to visit the resort is its shape. Milos is like a horseshoe, perhaps a trip here will bring you happiness and luck.

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