Visit Loutraki – Greece’s Thermal Spa

The beautiful and modern city of Loutraki in Greece is the most famous area of the Peloponnese, located on the shores of the Gulf of Corinth. It is famous for its healing thermal springs, the largest casino in Europe, ecologically clean beaches and developed tourist infrastructure.

Thermal spring in the resort of Loutraki

About 12 thousand people live in the city (by the standards of Greece, this is a rather large settlement).

Russian is heard everywhere in the season as tourists from the CIS love this city very much. And not for nothing: an important advantage of the resort of Loutraki is its convenient location in relation to the main attractions of Greece. Ancient Corinth is 22 km away, Mycenae is 50 km away, Epidaurus and the Acropolis are an hour away, and Olympia and Delphi are 140-200 km away. If you wish, you can easily combine a beach and wellness stay with an educational one.

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How to get to Loutraki

By car

Athens Airport

From the international airport in Athens, the resort is approximately 100 km away. The most convenient way to get to it is, of course, on a rented car. You can also book a transfer in advance at one of the specialized companies. It will cost a decent amount (in the region of 120 euros), but the transfer will take place with complete comfort: from meeting at the airport to your destination.

By bus

If you want to save, use the intercity bus. They depart from the Kifisu bus station in Athens. In addition, commuter trains run along the route Aerodromio-Chiato to Loutraki (Peloponessus). You can transfer to them directly from the metro (lines intersect). The train will take you to the station in Corinth, and from there you can take a taxi to Loutraki.

Where to settle in Loutraki

Hotel Poseidon Resort.  Loutraki
Poseidon resort

The city has a fairly wide selection of hotels from 2 to 5 stars, apartments, villas and guest houses. Prices range from 30 to 100 euros per night and above. Some hotels were recently built, many were renovated. You can choose the option either directly on the promenade or in the center of Loutraki.

Several hotel complexes offer guests the opportunity to recover in thermal springs. Two five-star complexes (Loutraki Palace and the magnificent Poseidon Resort ), as well as two three-star hotels – Mantas, as well as Pappas Hotel are very popular .

Attractions in Loutraki

In the city itself there are not many attractions, but a large number of interesting places are located near the resort: therefore, tourists are offered a variety of excursions.

Embankment in Loutraki

Embankment in Loutraki

Loutraki embankment is the main place of the city where tourists and locals like to walk. Hotels have been built along the promenade, numerous restaurants, bars with alcoholic drinks and music clubs work. It is not crowded in this part of the city.

The most striking place of entertainment in Loutraki is the casino, which is one of the largest in Europe. Casino Loutraki operates in a hotel that is surrounded by a green park with 75 thousand plants. In addition to the casino, this place boasts a chic spa. The hotel was awarded a special prize by Carl Faberge, and it must be mentioned when listing the most interesting sights of Loutraki.

Sanctuary near the village of Perekhora

Sanctuary near the village of Perekhora

According to scientists, in the place of this ancient sanctuary (6th century BC) there used to be a temple dedicated to the goddess Hera. Now the attraction is a ruin on the coast of a picturesque bay, near the famous lighthouse, towering on Cape Malankavi.

The area of ​​the rectangular sanctuary is almost 320 square meters. m. The most interesting thing here is the site for sacrifices, which is decorated with triglyphs (stone slabs with longitudinal gutters in the form of triangles). This landmark of Greece may be familiar to you from the movie 300 Spartans.

Cape Malagavi Lighthouse

Lighthouse in front of the rock

A lighthouse appeared on Cape Malagavi in ​​the 19th century, which saved ships and boats from a collision with a rock. In bad weather it was easy not to notice it, so a lighthouse was built 100 meters from it – made of white stone with an emerald dome. The lighthouse has become a symbol of the city, it can often be seen on tourist photos of Loutraki.

Monastery of St. Potapia

Monastery of St.  Potapia

The monastery of St. Potapius was erected on a mountain – at an altitude of 1 km from the ground. From here you can admire magnificent views – on the coast and the city of Loutraki. You can climb to the monastery on 144 steps. It is believed that while you climb them, you get rid of sins.

It was no coincidence that the nunnery was built on the mountain: Saint Potapius lived in a cave in these places, who dedicated himself to God. Now an altar has been carved in that cave. It’s worth visiting at least for the sake of ancient Byzantine frescoes of 800 years ago.

Thermal springs in Loutraki

The main attraction of Loutraki is the thermal springs. These are the underground waters of Loutra, which rise to the surface near Mount Thief from great depths – about 3 km. Passing through the rock, the water is filled with trace elements and nutrients that give them healing properties.

Thermal springs Loutraki

The mineral composition of thermal water in Loutraki does not differ from the famous resort of Vichy in France. Bathing and drinking such water restores the digestive system, heals the heart, cleanses the skin and has a beneficial effect on the female reproductive system. The water temperature in the thermal springs of Loutraki reaches 37 ° C. The flow rises from the ground at a high speed (approximately 650 m3 per hour), which provides ideal conditions for spa centers.

In addition to open springs with thermal water, the city has large hydropathic centers: Loutraki Thermal Spa and Loutra Lutrakiu. These complexes have several pools, Jacuzzi baths, saunas and baths. For an extra fee, you can undergo special medical procedures.

Spa in Loutraki

The main place in the city where you can fully enjoy the thermal waters is the large spa center (24 Georgiou Lekka). It is located in the northern part of the resort, near the waterfall. This is a modern center with a large swimming pool with jet spouts and many treatment rooms. Here you can not only swim, but also order different types of massages. Before swimming in the pool you need to undergo a small examination by a local doctor.

Thermal waterfall

Thermal waterfall in the resort of Loutraki in Greece

You can swim in the thermal water not only in the spa or hotel, but also in nature – under a real waterfall. Leaving from Loutraki towards the village of Perekhor, you will see the slopes that surround the waterfall. There are excellent conditions for walking. In the evening, the waterfall is beautifully illuminated, and there is a cafe with a terrace nearby, which offers panoramic views of the coast and the city.

The water temperature in the pool under the waterfall is 32 degrees. Tourists who have been here say that when traveling to Greece, the city of Loutraki must be visited – if only for the sake of this wonderful thermal waterfall.

Beaches of Loutraki

Beach of Loutraki

Loutraki is located on the Ionian coast, surrounded by picturesque mountains and pine forests. Most of the city beaches are covered with pleasant pebbles, as a result – the water in the sea is especially clean and transparent. For the cleanliness and grooming of the coast, the city was awarded the prestigious UN Blue Flag several times. This award is awarded only to the best and most environmentally friendly beaches in the world.

The beaches of Loutraki delight not only with cleanliness and picturesqueness, but also with developed infrastructure. Fans of outdoor activities and water sports will have something to do here. Volleyball courts are equipped on the coast, they offer diving and surfing, riding a catamaran in the waves and other entertainments.

Weather and climate in Loutraki

The resort has a pleasant temperate Mediterranean climate, so the weather remains mild even in summer. The sultry heat and stuffiness here is, rather, the exception. The maximum air temperature in the summer months is mainly 28-29 degrees Celsius. In autumn, the air is cooled to +22 ° C.

You can relax in Loutraki (Greece) even in winter: at this time lovers of walks without a scorching sun come to the resort. The air temperature during the day in the winter months reaches approximately 16 degrees Celsius. At the same time, the water temperature in the thermal springs reaches +34 ° C: therefore, a vacation in the Greek city of Loutraki is possible in any season. Moreover, many hotel complexes invite guests all year round.

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