Tourist’s guide to Lindos city on the island of Rhodes in Greece

There is a very beautiful ancient settlement in Greece, which is always popular among tourists. This is the city of Lindos in Rhodes. It is located on the southeast side of the island, at Cape Crana. Lindos occupies an area of ​​almost 180 km² and its population is only 700 people.

Lindos City

The resort has all the necessary infrastructure, and although there are no large shopping centers, everything you need can be found in stores or in the market. There is no noisy nightlife in the city, although there are small nightclubs with discotheques, restaurants and bars with live music.

This city of Greece is preferred by tourists who want to combine a pleasant beach holiday with sightseeing.

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What to see in Lindos

Lindos is itself a landmark in Rhodes and throughout Greece. It is not in vain that it is recognized by UNESCO as a historical monument of global significance, and local authorities have limited the construction of modern buildings to preserve its originality.

Streets of Lindos

Familiarity with this ancient city of Greece is best to start with a walk along the narrow wagging streets, many of which are deaf. In the tourist center you can take a free map of the city, and although not all streets are signed on it, the likelihood of getting lost with it is reduced. All the houses of Lindos are small, no higher than 2 floors, and are traditionally painted white. On the first floors of many of them are shops and cozy cafes. Each courtyard has its own unique design door – many tourists even take their photo in memory of the city of Lindos.

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The interior of the cafe Captains House Cafe Bar
Captains house cafe bar

While walking around the city, tourists are attracted by the ancient buildings of the 16th-18th centuries, built in the style of Captain’s house. These captain’s houses impress with their high solid walls and arched entrances (pylons) with heavy wooden doors decorated with coats of arms. If possible, you should definitely visit at least one captain’s house, because their interior decoration can be compared to the local history museum: the floors of the courtyards are covered with pebble mosaics, the ceilings and patios are painted. For example, you can go to the Captains House Cafe Bar (address 243 Acropoleos Street) – this is a great opportunity to combine an excursion with a visit to the cafe. Admission is free, but drinks are more expensive than other places in the city.


Acropolis in Lindos

In Lindos, there is one of the most interesting sights of Greece – the Acropolis, the second largest after the Acropolis in Athens. It is located on top of a steep rock, and in order to climb to it, you need to go along the narrow streets with shopping malls and not rich dwellings of the Greeks, and then along a narrow path that wraps around the rock like a snake. If such a climb seems too long and exhausting for someone, it can be overcome by riding on a donkey. Renting one donkey will cost 5 €, but these animals walk in pairs, so the minimum cost for transporting one or two passengers is 10 €.

Donkeys for rent
  • The Acropolis is open for visits from March to December until 18.40.
  • Entrance to the territory of this attraction of Rhodes costs 12 €, tickets can be bought at the box office – they are installed at the medieval fortifications surrounding the Acropolis.
  • There is no need to pay for taking photos of the views of Lindos, Rolos, and the sights of the Acropolis itself.
Rock carved ship

The sight of tourists passing through the medieval fortifications reveals the most interesting and noteworthy attraction of the Acropolis: a ship carved directly in the rock. To his right is a staircase (VI century BC), rising along which you can see the Palace of the Grand Master. Nearby are the remains of a Roman temple dedicated to the emperor Diocletian.

Church of St. John, Lindos
Church of St. John

A little in the distance is a staircase (3rd century BC) leading to the Dorian Portik. A portico in the shape of the letter “P” was used for an exhibition of works of art.

Near the portico stands the church of St. John, which was built in the 13th century.

Further – everything that has been preserved from the gates of the Acropolis, known as the Propylaea of ​​the Acropolis of Lindos (IV century BC). In width they reach 21 m, 34 steps lead to them.

Temple of Athena, LindosTemple of Athena

Behind the Propylaea is the main attraction of the Acropolis of Lindos – the temple of Athena (IV century BC).

It must be said that from the top of the cliff there is a stunning view of Rhodes, the sea. St. Paul’s Bay, which has the shape of a heart, is very clearly visible. From here, another attraction of Lindos, Rhodes and Greece looks great – the Church of the Virgin.

Church of the Virgin

The old snow-white church is located in the center of the old part of Lindos. It is valid, you can enter it, and it’s completely free of charge and on any day. At the entrance, tourists are given skirts and scarves.

Painting in the Church of the Virgin
Five-tier stone bell tower

The Church of the Virgin in Lindos is considered one of the most beautiful shrines in Rhodes and in Greece. The painting on the walls inside the temple, made by the famous artist G. Symi, looks very nice, and the image of the Last Judgment looks even a little fabulous. The carved wooden iconostasis strikes with luxury and at the same time it touches you with its beauty.

Next to the church stands a five-tier stone bell tower, and behind it is a well-groomed patio, the surface of which is lined with white and black pebbles.

Church of Our Lady of Tsambika

On Rhodes there are 2 monasteries of Tsambika: the lower (Kato Tsambika) and the upper (Moni Tsambika). Both of them are well known in Greece and abroad. Monasteries are located a few kilometers from each other and not too far from the city of Lindos.

Lower Monastery of the Virgin Tsambiki
Kato Tsambika

On the territory of the lower monastery there is a white stone church of Our Lady of Tsambika with a bell tower. This temple holds a relic known outside of the islands of Rhodes and Greece – this is the miraculous Icon of the Virgin of Tsambika (celebration on September 8). This icon is asked for health, children, family happiness. Here, on the territory of the monastery, there is an Orthodox museum, there is a shop with souvenirs, candles, icons, holy water.

Icon of the Virgin Tsambiki
Entrance gate of the Lower Tsambika Temple

Kato Tsambika Monastery is located in the very center of Rhodes, approximately 6 km from the city of Archangelos. From the city of Rhodes, you can get to him by bus – there are flights daily from 9:00 to 21:15 with a frequency of 1-1.5 hours, departure from the bus station to Averof 2. You need to leave at the Tsambika Church stop or go to Archangelos. From Archangelos to the monastery (GPS coordinates: 36 ° 14’08.3 ″ N; 28 ° 09’03.4 ″ E) you can walk or take a taxi for about 5-7 €.

  • The Church of Our Lady of Tsambiki is open to visitors daily from 8:00 to 20:00.
  • Admission is free , but you can go inside only in clothing appropriate for visiting the shrine.
Upper Monastery of Our Lady of Tsambika
Moni Tsambika

The second monastery of smaller scales is located at a distance of 2 km, on a hill. To climb to it, you need to overcome a steep staircase with 300 steps. In this church there is a copy of the glorified icon of the Mother of God, and the original is lifted here only 2 times a year: on the birthday of the Virgin and on September 8.

Beaches in Lindos

The city of Lindos is famous in Greece not only for its ancient sights, but also for its beaches. But it should be noted that there are fewer beaches than in any other resorts in Rhodes. Accordingly, they are crowded with people.

Lindos beach
Lindos Beach

To get to the main beach in the city, you need to move from the central square down the street.

The entrance to the water is gentle, thanks to the shallow water, the water is warm. There are no high waves: the bay is protected from the winds. The water is clear and clean, but garbage is collected at the bottom – most likely, the sea brings it into the bay, but does not take it out of it. The beach is sandy, the sand is rather small and soft.

There are toilets, showers, umbrellas. For 10 € you can take a day lounger and 2 sun loungers. Near Lindos Beach there are many restaurants, cafes, taverns.

1. St. Paul’s Bay

A few kilometers from the city of Lindos there is a small bay of St. Paul with two beaches.

St. Paul's Bay

The first, large, is on the same side as the chapel of St. Paul. It is quite well equipped, so there are always a lot of people here. There is a good tavern on the shore, there are bars with soft drinks and snacks. For 8 € you can rent a large umbrella and 2 sun loungers. The shore here is sandy, clean.

In the northern part of the bay, the beach is more modest, although clean and not crowded.

There is one drawback common to the whole bay: although there are not so many yachts for this place, you can see an oil film on the water surface.

2. Vlycha bay

Vliha Bay Beach

In Vlycha bay (location: Lindos, Rhodes) the coastline is quite long, and there are several comfortable beaches. On one edge of the bay, the coast is covered with small pebbles, then, as you move along the coast, the pebbles become smaller and less, and soft and tender sand completely replaces it on the other edge of the bay. Throughout the coastline, the water is clean, the entry into the sea is short.

The beaches are well equipped: toilets, showers, water rides, 2 sunbeds and an umbrella for 8 €. There are bars, 2 restaurants with good food and affordable prices.

3. Pefkos beach

Pefkos Beach

Pefkos Beach (Location: Pefkos) is quite small. Its length is not more than 1 km, and the width is such that only in some places 2 umbrellas can be installed. It can not be called very clean, in the sand you can see various garbage.

You can rent an umbrella with sunbeds for 10 € per day. From time to time, locals appear, offering a portion of fruit salad for 3-5 €. Tasty and relatively inexpensive food is served in the restaurants “Lee” and “Philosophy”.

4. Plakia beach

Beach Plakia Beach

Plakia Beach (Location: Main Road, Pefkos) is located away from large towns. Perhaps this explains why there are fewer people here than in other recreation areas in Greece. You can find a place on the first line at almost any time, and for 10 € per day you can rent an umbrella and 2 sunbeds.

The coating is mostly pebble, in some places there are stone slabs in the water, but they are clearly visible and therefore easy to swim around. The entry into the water is gentle.

5. Gennadi beach

Beach Gennadi Beach

Gennadi Beach is located near the village of the same name, which is 18 km from Lindos. The village of Gennadi is very small, there is only 1 small supermarket, 1 bakery, 2 vegetable shops, several good taverns. It is convenient that there is a convenient access to the beach itself – an asphalt road.

The coating is small pebbles, but it is convenient to enter and exit water through it. Depth begins already in 2-3 meters from the coast. The water is clean, warm. There are paid umbrellas and sunbeds, there is no entertainment, but there are several small bars.

Cost of Holidays in Lindos

How much will it cost to relax in the resort of Lindos on the island of Rhodes, and how much does the price correspond to prices in other regions of Greece?

Cost of Accommodation in Lindos

Large hotels of this resort are scattered outside the city and relatively isolated from each other. In the city itself there are many guest houses in which, as in all of Greece, the hosts themselves receive guests.

Hotel room Yota Beach
Yota beach

Average prices for accommodation in Lindos hotels – 100 € per day for a double room, minimum – within 65 €.

For example, for a minimum amount, you can rent a room in the family-run 3 * Yota Beach Hotel, located 5 km from Lindos, near Vlicha Beach.

Guesthouse Al 583 di Lindos, located 200 meters from the Acropolis, offers rooms from 100 € per day.

For apartments in Lindos Comfy Suites, you have to pay more – from 125 € per night for a double room. The guest house is located in Lindos, just 300 meters from the central beach and not far from the Acropolis.

Cost of Food in Lindos

As in all cities of Greece, there are many taverns, cafes and restaurants. But most of them are prepared specifically for tourists, which is why the food is monotonous and far from Greek culture. In almost all establishments, the staff speaks English, the menus are also written in English.

Cafe Village Cafe
Village cafe

In Lindos for 25-27 € you can eat well, and even with a bottle of wine. For example, such reasonable prices are offered at Village Cafe (address: Main Street, Lindos). Dinner in a mid-range restaurant will cost a little more: approximately 40 € for two. You can have a meal in fast food establishments for 6-7 € per person.

A huge selection of products offer supermarkets. So, in the center of Lindos, 100 meters from each other, there are 3 shops – there is the same assortment of products, prices are also identical. Conveniently, in supermarkets you can buy fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables. Alcohol is also there, but the prices are very high.

Prices on the page are for May 2018.

Transport options in Lindos

Lindos has one feature: it is free from vehicles with exhaust gases (buses, cars). Since this city is small, it is quite possible to move around it on foot, or, or, as an exotic, on donkeys.

Bus to Lindos

You can get to Lindos from the airport by bus – departure takes place at the airport, 300 meters from the arrival terminal. In Rhodes, you need to change trains; buses to Lindos go with an interval of 1 hour. The bus only reaches the top of the hill, and then you can get on a special shuttle or walk.

There is a more convenient option, as you can get to Lindos directly from the airport. On the kiwitaxi website you can pre-order a personal taxi (about 70 €) or buy a ticket in advance for a special shuttle (23 € per person). As for taxis, they are allowed to get to the harbor, which is located next to the Old Town. Most hotels are located in this area, so you have to go close.

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