Tourist’s guide to Kos – colorful island of Greece in the Aegean

Kos Island (Greece) – the homeland and kingdom of Odysseus, everyone knows about this from the myths of Ancient Greece. From above, the island of the Dodecanese archipelago resembles a sand castle framed by the waters of the Aegean Sea. The coast is 112 km long. The island will certainly cause a desire to return here. In cold weather, flamingos live here, and in summer Kos is covered with dense greens of olive groves.

Kos Island Photos

general information

The length of the island is only 50 km, and the width in different parts is from 2 to 11. Almost 31 thousand people live on Kos. In addition to the island of Kos itself, the archipelago includes 11 more islets. The capital, the city of Kos, is characterized by a mixture of cultures, dense greens and beautiful parks. The entire area of ​​the island is a tourist zone, each settlement has its own unique look, character and offers a certain rest.

It is interesting! As most tourists note, the island of Kos is the most financially accessible, since there are many 2 star hotels on its territory. The resort is recognized as one of the most environmentally friendly in the world. The locals are responsive and calm.

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Villages and beaches

The place of rest must be chosen depending on the purpose of the visit. Most prefer the city of Kos or settlements near the capital.

City of Kos

All beaches of Kos are valued for cleanliness, the coast in the capital is no exception. However, there is a cunning system in place – the beaches belong to the bars, vacationers are inviting employees of bars and cafes. Sun beds and umbrellas are free, but subject to the purchase of something at the establishment – ice cream or juice. Given the friendly attitude of local residents to vacationers, there is a chance to make friends with the bartender and get the opportunity to relax on the beach without buying anything in a cafe.

Evening at the port of Kos
Evening at the port of Kos

The beaches in Kos are pebbled, the water is clear, as if dew. The only thing that can overshadow the rest on the capital’s beach is the feeling that you are in an anthill, especially in high season. If you want to relax in a more peaceful place, it is better to visit the beaches of other towns, especially since getting there is not difficult, the distance is from 5 to 10 km. Here you can not only relax and sunbathe, but spend time actively – go sailing, water skiing or banana.

Kamari and Kefalos
Paradise Beach
Paradise Beach

Suitable for those wishing to enjoy the history of Greece and sunbathe on the beach. Located 43 km from the capital of Kos. The beaches are well equipped, there are enough sun loungers and parasols, there are rental equipment for sports equipment. Equipment rental will cost an average of 30 € per hour, it is much more profitable to rent a day – 70 €. The sea is calm, there are enough children’s attractions, and you can swim to the islands in the sea.

Paradise Beach

Not a single description of the island of Kos in Greece is complete without mention of Paradise Beach. The paradise name of the coastal strip fully reflects the degree of relaxation comfort. A paradise is located near the settlement of Kefalos – its surroundings and the town itself are called the resort of Kamari. The beach line runs through a bay of natural origin and is framed by picturesque hills. Paradise is located next to Kefalos. The beach is covered with sand, there are comfortable cabins and showers, equipment rental is provided, and a windsurfing school operates.

Descent into the sea is gradual and soft, families often relax here. The water is surprisingly clear, marine inhabitants are clearly visible. Water is 1-2 degrees lower than on other beaches of the island.

Another name for Paradise is bubble beach. This is due to the unique natural effect – the gases of the volcano that go to the surface of the sea off the coast.

You can eat in the restaurant or in the mobile cafe.

Several routes to the beach:

  • bus from the city of Kos – ticket price from 1.5 to 3 €, stop directly at the entrance to the beach;
  • bicycle – daily rent 4 €;
  • scooter – the trip costs an average of 20 €;
  • car rental on average 30 €;
  • taxi – the trip will cost from Kardamena on average 15 € one way.

There are 4 parking lots in the vicinity of Paradise, but tourists recommend choosing a distant one.


Kardamena settlement is located 30 km south-west of the capital. It has everything – a beautiful beach, souvenir shops, shops and a pier, from where excursion tours to the islands depart. The beach is well equipped, you can rent a yacht, the service for 7 days will cost 2300 €.

Kardamena island of Kos

Kardamena is a noisy and fun place, holidays are constantly held here. In terms of attractions, the town is slightly inferior to other settlements, but the number of luxury hotels in Kardamena is unrivaled.

The best place for walking is the promenade, but it is located 3-4 km from the city. In this part of Kardamena, most hotels are 5 star. Cheaper hotels are located in the central part of the village. Each hotel offers the necessary equipment for sports. Accommodation will cost from 30 to 300 € depending on the star rating of the hotel.

The flow of tourists at this resort in Greece is not interrupted throughout the year, life is in full swing in numerous bars and discos.

Advice! Those who visit here recommend coming to the city of Kardamena on the island of Kos in the off-season. This is the best time to visit the thermal springs and the extinct volcano Nisyros.

Bus to Kardamena

You can get to Kardamena:

  • by car – rent up to 50 € per day, cheaper to rent a car for a week – from 110 €;
  • by bike – rent from 5 to 8 € per day;
  • By bus – the fare is 3 €.

The resort corner of Greece is located in the northern part of the island of Kos and attracts tourists with black sand beaches of volcanic origin. Many visitors to the island travel to Tigaki to admire the flamingos on Lake Aliko. The most amazing photos of the island of Kos in Greece are obtained here.

Flamingos on Lake Aliko
Aliko Lake

Tigaki is located 11 km from the capital of Kos. The main advantage of this resort is no matter where you stay in Tigaki, the beach can be reached on foot.

The coastal zone with a length of 10 km, as a rule, is sparsely populated, while the infrastructure here is well developed, there is everything for a comfortable stay. The descent into the water is gradual, gentle. Here families with children prefer to relax. Tigaki received the Blue Beach Award several times – a sign of environmental cleanliness and absolute order. It is forbidden to bathe animals here; descent to the water is convenient and safe. You can swim from May to September.

Tigaki Beach

Windsurfers like to relax on the beach, as this part of Kos is blown by the winds. The wave height reaches 2 meters.

Rates for beach hats:

  • the entrance is free;
  • chaise lounge – 5 €;
  • beer – 3,5 €;
  • cocktails – from 5 €;
  • windsurfing lessons – an average of 50 €.

As tourists note, food and rest on the island of Kos on Tigaki beach are more expensive than in other resorts of the island.

There are several ways to get to the town:

  • by bus – 2 €, the journey takes 30 minutes;
  • by bicycle or moped – from 3 to 5 €, however, it is difficult to move around the mountainous areas by bicycle;
  • by car – rent will cost 100 € for 2 days.
The resort area of ​​Psalidi

In the east direction from the city of Kos is the resort area of ​​Psalidi. Here are hotels located, on the one hand limited by a pebble beach, and on the other, by a highway. Comfortable hotels attract the attention of lovers of European relaxation, and the constant winds – windsurfers.

Do not look for significant sights here. There is a windsurfing school in Psalidi, a lesson with an instructor and a trial dive will cost about 40 €.

Rent a deck chair with an umbrella will cost 6 €, and one sunbed – 3 €. There is an opportunity to visit the thermal springs, an excursion tour costs about 15 €.

Mastichari and Marmari

These resorts are chosen by those who want a relaxing holiday on Kos in Greece. There are not many attractions here, the vegetation is mainly steppe, and neighboring islands are perfectly visible from the coast.

Marmari beaches

Marmari is located 15 km from the capital of Kos, the highlight is live octopuses, which restaurant owners hang out at the front door. For a portion of perfectly cooked seafood you will have to pay from 6 to 8 €.

Mastichari is located 22 km from the city of Kos and 7 km from the airport, today it is one of the most visited resorts in this part of Greece. Here is a comfortable beach with fine sand and clear water.

There is no usual marking of tracks on the island, but there are signs everywhere, so it is impossible to get lost. From Kos Airport to the island’s capital, buses with a stop in Mastichari follow. From the city of Kos to Mastichari, the main highway leads from the villages of Zipari and Marmari. Flights follow daily from 7-00 to 23-00, but the schedule often changes, it needs to be clarified.

Surfing Mastichari

The length of the beach is 2 km, there is a surf school. The beach stretches on the left side of the port, even in high season there are not many people here.

The coastline at Mastichari is wide, and the descent into the water is gentle. The water here takes on a turquoise hue, which, combined with the white sand, gives the resort a special charm. On the beach you can rent sun loungers and parasols. Hire will cost from 5 to 7 €. Along the coast grow olive groves, which are often found throughout Greece.

On the shore you can rent a boat, catamaran or yacht. Experienced instructors offer their services.

Boats depart from the Mastichari pier for the neighboring island of Kalymnos. The route takes approximately 20 minutes, the ticket price for an adult is 5 €, and for a child – 3 €.

water park Lido
Water Park Lido

Near the settlement there is a water park Lido, admission for adults is 17 €, children under 3 years are included for free. There are lockers for things, clean toilets and cafes. A shuttle bus stops next to the water park.

The best time to visit Mastichari is summer and September, when the air temperature warms up to + 35 ° C, and water – up to + 26 ° C. There is almost no rainfall at this time of year.

How to get there

Hippocrates Airport
Hippocrates Airport

They get to the island by two routes – air and water. On the ferry you can move with the car.

In the center of Kos and a kilometer from the settlement of Antimachia there is Hippocrates airport. From May to October, charter flights from Russia regularly fly here. The flight takes no more than 3.5 hours; there is a transfer in Athens. From Athens to Kos, fly 1 hour.

It is important! The lowest prices for air tickets in late April – early May and October. In the peak season, their cost increases one and a half times. At the airport, be sure to take the Kos island guide.

Ferry to Kos

If you want to travel by ferry, you will need to fly to Athens, arrive at the port of Piraeus, from here depart the ferry to Kos. The road takes longer, but in the cold season this route helps. In addition, the cost of the route is much less than the price of a ticket for a charter flight. Greek ferries are comfortable, while traveling you will enjoy the local beauty. The road is long – 12 hours, a stop is provided in Santorini. Ticket price approximately 40 €. Schedules may vary depending on the season.

Good to know! From Athens airport you can get to the port by bus X96, ticket price 5 €, the journey takes an hour and a half. Also in the city there are meters, the ticket price is 8 €, the duration of the route is 1 hour 20 minutes. Ferry service is also established between the islands of Greece, for example, from Rhodes to Kos, you can sail in 4 hours.

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Spit air temperature

The resort is an incredible place, because a vacation in Greece on the island of Kos is beautiful at any time of the year. However, experienced travelers recommend visiting the paradise from May to September. At the height of the season – July-August – prices on the island are rising significantly.

Island in summer

The air temperature rises to +31 ° C, the weather is clear, and there is almost no wind – it feels like +40 ° C in the street. If the main purpose of the trip is to visit the sights, do not go to Kos in the summer. It is not very pleasant to travel around the island in the heat, but beachgoers will enjoy plenty of sunbathing and swimming in clear, turquoise water. Aegean Sea warms up to + 25 ° C.

Advice! The heat is easier to tolerate, eating watermelons and peaches, which are plenty on the island.

Island in autumn

In September and October, Kos is truly a velvet season. Air temperature is not higher than + 26 ° C, and water in the sea – + 22 … + 25 ° C. Before lunch, vacationers sunbathe on the beaches, and in the afternoon travel around the island.

When planning your vacation, check out the weather forecast – in the fall it may begin to rain. If you still decide to go on vacation, be sure to bring an umbrella with you.

Island in spring
Almond blossoms

In spring, Kos is beautiful – you seem to find yourself in a garden of paradise with strange flowers, not without reason the second name of the island is the garden of the Aegean. Even cacti bloom here, if you want to preserve the exotic island of Kos in the photo, do not miss the opportunity to capture how almonds and bougainvillea bloom.

In spring, couples love to walk around the island. The air temperature here is + 17 … + 22 ° C, and the water in the sea is + 17 … + 20 ° C. At this time, nectarines and cherries appear on the Spit. The spring season, along with the pine season, is called velvet – you can beautifully sunbathe and explore Kos.

Island in winter

In the cold season, the island of Kos in Greece is visited with only one purpose – to be alone and take a walk on the sea coast. Weather with an air temperature of + 14 … + 16 ° C in combination with a piercing wind and rains does not favor long walks. You can warm up in a cafe or tavern by drinking a cup of coffee with almond liquor. In winter, most shops, souvenir shops and cafes on the island of Kos are closed.

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Transport on the island

One of the airport terminals has a bus stop. From here, transport goes to the capital and some settlements. The last flight leaves at 19-40, in the low season – at 16-15. In total, no more than 5 flights depart daily. The bus schedule is better to clarify in advance.

Bus stop at Kos airport

The route from the airport to the city of Kos follows through the settlement of Masticharia. Ticket price from 3 to 4 €. There are also buses to Kardamena and Kefalos. Buses to all resort towns with an interval of 1.5-2 hours follow from the bus station in Kos. Ticket cost on average 7 €.

If your hotel is located far from the bus route, it makes sense to rent a taxi. From the airport in Kos, a taxi will get for 35 €, so you will have to pay so much to get to your destination.

Advice! When traveling during the holiday season, try to book a taxi in advance, as there may not be any free cars. It is most convenient to use the service online, available in Russian. In this case, the cost of the trip will be fixed regardless of the passenger’s waiting time.

You can rent a car at the airport, however, since May there are too many people who want to use the service and prices are skyrocketing. In addition, people are not always informed of all rental conditions. It is safest to use the services of Rentalcars service. So that a trip to the island of Kos is not overshadowed by the lack of transport, take care of booking a car in advance.

Greek culture is one of the most mysterious and alluring in the world, the island of Kos (Greece) invites you to get acquainted with it, plunge into amazing legends and just relax on the beach.

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