Tourist’s guide to Ialyssos and Ixia, a beach holiday hotspot in Rhodes, Greece

Ialyssos and Ixia are two resorts located on the island of Rhodes in Greece. They are located 7 km to the west. The beaches are on the west coast. Due to the fact that trade winds blow here from March to October, this place is a favorite for windsurfers. For this sport, competitions are often held. In the resorts of Ialysos (Rhodes) you can go horse riding, play basketball and tennis, go to the mountains on bicycles and on foot.

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General information

Ialyssos became famous thanks to the great Olympic champion – athlete Diagoros. He won his first victory at the 79th Olympiad, held in 464 BC.

Windsurfing in Ialyssos

Modern Ialyssos is a popular meeting place for lovers of outdoor activities, namely kitesurfing and windsurfing. Here on the beaches there is everything you need to practice these sports: strong north-west winds create ideal conditions. Since the 90s, a resort rich in traditions and culture has hosted local and international competitions.

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Meeting room
Olympic Palace Hotel

Business people hold meetings and conferences here – local hotels have specially equipped spacious conference rooms. Ialyssos is appealing to youth companies, couples in love and families with teenage children.

The city is located 6.5 km from the airport. The cheapest way to get to the hotel is by bus. You can pre-order a taxi, which will be much more comfortable. The airport also has a car rental service. Driving to the hotel will take no more than 15-25 minutes.

What to see in and around the city

The ruins of the temple of Zeus

Another name for the resort of Ialyssos in Greece is Trianda. The town of antiquity still feels a special atmosphere. The main historical values ​​are not in the resort itself, but in its vicinity. If you have already looked at the photos of the island of Rhodes, you probably saw antique temples erected in honor of the goddess Athena, they are located near Ialyssos. The remains of the buildings are located on Mount Filerimos. A path called the Way of the Cross rises uphill. Along it are placed bas-reliefs depicting the Passion of the Lord.

The ancient fortress of Castello
Castello Fortress

Tourists who climb the hill can go to the museum complex and the park, where peacocks freely walk. Very popular is the ancient city – the ancient Kamiros. It used to house a significant settlement of the island, trade was conducted and its own coin was minted. In this area there are ancient fortresses – Castello and Monolithos, or rather, the ruins left over from defensive structures.

Connoisseurs of historical sights should pay attention to:

Rhodes, Greece
  1. The capital of the island is the city of Rhodes. No less interesting is the local port where a statue of the Colossus of Rhodes was erected earlier – one of the 7 wonders of the world. Currently, there are columns with deer – a modern symbol of the city.
  2. The famous Acropolis in Lidos is the second most important after Athens. In the town, to this day, a system of fountains has been preserved, which was built under the Byzantines.
  3. Tsambika Hill, on which the Church of the Mother of God rises – women come here from all over the world who dream of motherhood.

Arriving in Rhodes in Ialyssos or Ixia one cannot ignore the Greek fur coats. Acquaintance with the fur assortment is a separate element of the excursion program.


Beach in Ialyssos

What is the sea in Ialyssos in Rhodes? The island is located in the Aegean Sea. In Ialyssos, the beaches have a sand and pebble coating. The beach strip stretches from Ixia to Kremasty itself. Due to the fact that the density of hotels is not high, there are not so many people on the seashore. There is also no rocky bottom and waves for swimming. The entrance to the sea is not gentle – the first 20 meters deep. Next is a sandbank. With young children in this part of Rhodes, they rarely rest, because the sea is quite stormy here, and on the beach you can injure yourself on stones. Swimming is recommended in shoes.

Such weather conditions are indispensable only for athletes who specially gather on the west coast of Rhodes. On the beach of Ialyssos in Rhodes, there are windsurfing and kitesurfing centers. Beginners can use the services of experienced instructors.

Hotels in Ialyssos

There are plenty of hotel complexes in the resort. Each vacationer can choose for himself a suitable room in terms of comfort and price. Most hotels are located on the seashore.

The cost of living for two adults for a day in 3 star hotels is:

Hotel Room October Down
Oktober down
  • Esperia – from 32 €.
  • Europe – from 32 €.
  • October Down – from 65 €.
  • Petrino – from 73 €.

In apartments prices range between 32-120 €.

Given the reviews of guests, three-star hotels are very popular, due to the high quality of the services provided and excellent service.

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Weather and climate

Air temperature in Ialyssos

The weather conditions in Ialyssos and Ixia almost do not differ from the Mediterranean resorts – winters are mild and warm (about +15 ° C), summers are dry and hot (up to +40 ° C). Among the special features of the running conditions, strong winds blowing in this part of the island throughout the summer should be highlighted. Because of this, excitement almost does not subside on the Aegean Sea.

The beach season opens from May to October. The sea at this time warms up to 23 ° C and cools slowly in the autumn. Often here on the beaches swim even in November.

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