Tourist’s guide to holidays in Rhodes: 7 best resorts for different tastes

When planning a vacation in Rhodes, many travelers have difficulty choosing a resort. After all, there are dozens of tourist towns and villages on the island, each of which has its own characteristic features. Some of them are ideal for organizing holidays with children, others are more suitable for young people and lovers of extreme sports.

Here we tried to collect the best places with their pros and cons.

Holidays in Rhodes

Best time to visit Rhodes

The tourist season opens in Rhodes in May and lasts until the end of October. During this period, the average air temperature on the island ranges from 23-30 ° C. Although in May and early June the sea is still quite cool (21-22 ° C) and hardly suitable for families with children in Rhodes, many travelers calmly swim even with such indicators. May, June, the second half of September and October are more suitable for those who can not stand the heat and plan to actively visit places of interest. The weather at this time favors comfortable beach vacations, walks and shopping.

The high season in Rhodes begins in July and lasts until September, when the daytime temperature does not fall below 30 ° C, and the sea warms up to 27-29 ° C. Since this period is characterized by rather hot weather, it is most suitable for a passive beach holiday. And trips to excursions at this time will have to be postponed, because the stuffiness and the scorching rays of the sun do not allow tourists to fully appreciate the local attractions. Also, the period from July to September is not acceptable for holidays with older people.

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In the period from October to May, the island is visited by a minimum number of tourists, since the beach season ends, the air temperature drops to 15 ° C and long rains come. Nevertheless, some travelers find this period very attractive for organizing a slightly different holiday, which they devote to acquaintance with the culture and history of the island, walks in the fresh sea air and visiting attractions.

So, when is the best time to come to Rhodes? This business is purely individual and depends on the purpose of the trip. If you give priority to beach vacations and easily tolerate the heat, then your months are July, August and September. In case you want to combine sunbathing and sea bathing with visiting interesting places on the island, May, June and October will be ideal for you. Well, if the main purpose of your trip to Rhodes is only to get acquainted with its remarkable objects in a relaxed atmosphere, then feel free to go to Greece from October to May. In addition, at this time you will have the opportunity to save money on accommodation.

Exploring the sights of Rhodes

Holiday areas in Rhodes

Rhodes has long secured the status of one of the most sought after tourist islands in Greece. The number of its resorts is measured in several tens. And in order to figure out where it is better to relax in Rhodes, it is necessary to study in detail the places he offers. In this review, we decided not to consider absolutely all resorts, but chose the most popular points suitable for both active and passive beach holidays with children.

Ialyssos and Ixia

Two resorts located on the west coast of Rhodes will be the perfect choice for lovers of sporting events. Thanks to the constant trade winds, the area has become a favorite among windsurfers. Also at the resorts there are all facilities for tennis, basketball and horse riding. The tourist infrastructure of Ialysos and Ixia is quite developed: dozens of hotels and hotels operate on their territory, numerous bars and restaurants work, and there are several good supermarkets.

Iskra Resort
  • In the summer months, the average cost of living at these resorts in a 3 * hotel ranges from 50-60 € per day.
  • Prices in the fives are much higher: in them you will pay approximately 130-150 € for two per night.
Ialyssos Beach

Getting here is quite simple from the city of Rhodes (distance 7 km) by public transport or a rented car. In Ixia and Ialyssos, the beaches are mostly pebble, in some places there are sandy islands. It is rarely crowded on the local coast, because it is difficult to swim here due to strong winds. All beaches are equipped with sun loungers and umbrellas, bars work directly on the shore. The best place for lovers of extreme sports.


Windsurfing in Ialyssos
  • Large selection of hotels at different prices
  • Top windsurfing opportunities
  • Many restaurants
  • Close to the city of Rhodes


  • Strong winds and waves, swimming is difficult
  • Not suitable for families with children

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Rhodes city

Holidays in Greece on Rhodes promises to be very versatile, especially if tourists choose the Old Town as their place of residence. This is one of the largest historical sites in the country with lots of interesting sights and picturesque beaches. The city of Rhodes has a well-established tourist infrastructure, which offers a good selection of hotels and restaurants.

Rhodes city

The resort is one of the most expensive in Greece, but it is quite possible to find budget accommodation options here.

Hotel room Aquamare Hotel
Aquamare hotel
  • When checking into a 3 * hotel in high season, you will pay 50 € for two per night.
  • You can also find cheaper places without stars, for which a reservation will cost 30 €.
  • In luxury hotels for a double room you will have to pay at least 150 € per day.

As for cafes and restaurants, it is better to look for inexpensive establishments on the outskirts of the city, and in the historical center the prices are clearly overstated. You can dine together at the diner for 25 €, and in a good restaurant your check will be approximately 45 €.

Since the city is a hot tourist spot, transport connections are well established in it. You can get to Rhodes from Diagoras Airport by bus in about 25 minutes. The main sandy and pebble beach of Elli, located in the New Town, is equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable stay and is always filled with tourists. A chain of cafes and clubs lined up along the coast, where noisy parties are held in the evenings. Best of all, active youth relax here. But for rest with young children, Ellie is clearly not suitable.

Sunbeds with umbrellas on the beach


  • Many attractions
  • Developed transport and tourist infrastructure
  • Good selection of hotels and restaurants


  • Hardly suitable for families with children
  • Noisy and crowded
  • Expensive resort

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If you are looking for the beaches of Rhodes for families with children, we advise you to pay attention to the east coast of the island, namely the young resort of Faliraki. The infrastructure of the village will delight tourists with a water park, a rich assortment of hotels and shopping centers, numerous bars and cafes. There are several historical attractions here, so a vacation at the resort promises to be quite fascinating.

Faliraki, Rhodes

The order of housing prices in Faliraki is directly proportional to the stardom of the institution.

Room at John Mary Aparthotel
John mary
  • Thrifty travelers will always find advantageous offers from apart-hotels, prices for accommodation in which are 20-30 €.
  • In 4 * and 5 * hotels, the price starts from 55 € and on average varies between 150-200 €.

Prices in local cafes are about the same as in other resorts. Here you can have a bite to eat at an inexpensive eatery for 13-15 €, but lunch for two in a mid-level restaurant will cost 50 €.

Faliraki is located 18 km from Rhodes International Airport, you can get here both by minibus and taxi. The main beach of the resort is distinguished by golden sand, clear sea and smooth entry into the water. On the shore you will find latrines, showers, you can rent umbrellas and sunbeds. It offers a wide selection of water activities such as parasailing, banana and motor boat rides. The coast is the best suited for families with children.

The main beach of Faliraki


  • Good selection of budget hotels
  • Easy to get from the airport
  • There is a water park and historical sites
  • Suitable for families with children
  • Active nightlife in clubs, youth will enjoy


  • In high season it is noisy and crowded

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This is another resort on the east coast of Rhodes, where it is better to relax with children. The place is quite calm and secluded, it is a small village surrounded by pine groves. On the territory of the object there are mineral springs and several health centers. The tourist infrastructure of Kallithea and the surrounding area allows everyone to choose housing to their taste and pocket. The resort is literally dotted with cafes and taverns, a considerable part of which stretches along the coast.

Kallithea Resort
  • In high season, the average price for booking a double room in a hotel without stars is 60-70 €.
  • Better options offer rooms from 100 € per day.

Getting to the resort from Diagoras airport is best by taxi. Undoubtedly, you can also get to Kallithea by public transport, but for this you will have to get to Rhodes and catch a bus from the city station. The largest beach of the resort is located in a picturesque bay, has a well-developed infrastructure (there are sunbeds and umbrellas) and offers a lot of water activities, including diving, canoeing, catamarans, etc. Families with children have long chosen this beach.

Kallithea Beach


  • Picturesque nature
  • There are entertainment and attractions (churches)
  • Calmly
  • Holidays with children here are much better


  • Expensive housing
  • Difficult to get by public transport


Among the resorts of Rhodes on the east coast, it is worth highlighting a miniature place called Kolymbia. First of all, the area will appeal to lovers of a relaxing holiday surrounded by natural spaces. It is here that the famous eucalyptus alley is located, on which most hotels are lined up. Despite the fact that the resort is still developing and has only recently begun to be in demand, its infrastructure offers many accommodation options, both for budget travelers and those who are used to quality and comfort. The average price tag for renting a double room in high season is 70-80 € per day.

Resort Kolimbia

The resort is located 28 km from the international airport, you can get here directly only by rented car or taxi. The local beach is clean and well maintained. It is located in a picturesque bay that protects the sea from the wind, so that strong waves are not observed here. This place is perfect for families with children. In addition to a beach holiday in Kolymbia, you can arrange informative walks in remarkable places: the Church of the Holy Virgin and the reserve “Seven Springs”.

Kolymbia beach


  • Good selection of hotels
  • Comfortable beach suitable for families with children
  • Picturesque nature
  • Calmly


  • Get directly from the airport
  • Lack of entertainment for youth


In the description of the resorts of Rhodes, a place called Lindos is often found. This is an ancient settlement located in the southeastern part of the island. First of all, this resort is chosen by travelers who want to combine a beach holiday with a visit to excursions. You will not find large shopping centers and trendy nightclubs here, but on the other hand, you will be pleased with a wide selection of hotels and restaurants. Lindos attracts attention with its attractions represented by the Acropolis and several ancient churches. It will be interesting to relax here for both adults and children.

Lindos City
  • At the height of the season, the average price for booking a double room in an inexpensive hotel is 60 €.
  • Hotels in the class above offer options from 100 € or more.

Among the catering establishments in the resort there are budget eateries, standard cafes and good restaurants, where the check for lunch for two will be 15 €, 25 € and 40 €, respectively.

Bus to Lindos

Lindos is 53 km from Diagoras Air Harbor. You can get to the resort by public buses that run every hour directly from the airport. It is noteworthy that in the city itself, due to its small size, the population completely dispenses with motorized transport. The main beach of the resort is a sandy piece of coast, equipped with standard amenities. The water here is transparent, the waves are practically absent, but in the summer, due to the large concentration of tourists, garbage in some places comes across.


  • Quiet resort
  • Many interesting sights
  • Developed infrastructure
  • Resting here with children is better than in other places.
Lindos Beach


  • Distance from the airport and the capital
  • Not always clean beach


5 km west of Lindos is another famous holiday destination on the island of Rhodes. Drowning in coniferous and eucalyptus groves, the resort is characterized by calm and low population. The town is suitable for families with children, as well as for tourists seeking peace. In Lindos, there are three dozen hotels, several taverns and bars. The main advantage of the resort over other tourist cities is a good selection of budget accommodation. Even in high season, you can book a double room in a decent hotel for only 30 € per day.

Pefkos Resort

To get to Pefkos by public transport, you first need to get from the airport to Lindos, and after that take the minibus to the resort. Most of Pefkos beaches are covered with sand. You will find latrines and showers on them, and for an additional fee you can rent sun loungers. There is also the opportunity to engage in water sports and go on a boat trip with a glass bottom.

Pefkos Beach


  • Calmly
  • Picturesque nature and clear sea
  • A wide selection of budget housing
  • Near Lindos


  • Far from the airport
  • May seem boring


So, we see that each resort of Rhodes has its advantages and disadvantages. And at the same time, some of them are relative: for example, a quiet place for some tourists may seem very boring, but for others it will be an ideal option. Some people are repelled by the lack of attractions, but to someone they are not at all interesting. Therefore, a universal formula for assessing tourist cities simply does not exist. Holidays in Rhodes will bring joy and positive impressions only if, when choosing a resort, you will take into account all your preferences. In this article, we tried to reflect the main characteristics of popular island cities, and the decision on where it is best to relax is up to you.

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