Tourist’s guide to Evia, Greece – an island for relaxation for every taste

Evia Island (Greece) – one of the largest in the Aegean Sea. It stretched along the coast of Attica for 160 km. The width of the island reaches 40 km, and the area is about 3,684 square meters. km or 368 thousand ha.

Evia Island (Greece)

Evia is an almost separate state with its capital and inhabitants. The territory of the island is divided into 7 municipalities, in which 200 thousand people live. At the same time, tourists are welcomed in each district. There are hotels, private cottages, apartments, individual houses for every taste and at various prices.

Evia island in Greece

The island is covered with mountains that divide it into three parts. There are three regions – northern, central and southern. And also three mountain ranges – Ohi, Dirfi, Kandili. Large cities are located on the coast, small villages huddle on the shores of bays, mountain slopes and in river valleys.

The combination of mountains and the sea creates beautiful landscapes, makes it possible to walks and travel to the mountain passes. From the spurs and slopes of the peaks, amazing views of the surroundings open. Here you can take a photo of the island of Evia and continental Greece on the background of the sea surface.

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On vacation to Euboea: why here?

Cucunares Beach on Euboea
Cucunares Beach

Evia or Euboea – a beach holiday destination for residents of Greece and visiting tourists. The popularity of the island provides a variety of landscapes, landscapes and pastimes. There are mountains and the sea, bays and caves, forest slopes and river valleys, modern entertainment and historical attractions. Here are picturesque ancient ruins, fortresses, castles and modern small villages, conveniently located in fishing harbors, fertile valleys.

Mountain landscape

In addition to tourism, agriculture flourishes on the island. Therefore, the products on Evia are truly eco-friendly, with their own natural taste. Here is real honey, figs, vegetables, seafood and meat, the taste of which guarantees a love of Greek national cuisine at a glance.

The island of Euboea gives visitors a lot of positive. The mountains create amazing landscapes, and a good location at the crossroads of ancient trade routes – a rich historical heritage. What else attracts tourists?

Diving on the island of Evia
  • Unique diving – there are many cracks in the seabed, underwater caves, which were formed as a result of frequent earthquakes, underwater eruptions.
  • There is also developed surfing. Wind on the Aegean coast almost always blows. Therefore, amateurs and professional surfers from different countries come here.
  • Despite the wind, there is no big storm on Evia. That allows the water to remain transparent and clean, and vacationers to swim throughout the beach season.

In addition, in the northern part of Euboea developed green tourism, educational and hiking. Here is real Greece, without a crowded crowd and loud nightclubs.

Secluded beach

Features of island holidays:

  • In order to travel on Euboea, you need a car. The size of the island is impressive, therefore, for free movement, transport is indispensable.
  • The service on Evia is unobtrusive and very loyal.
  • You can easily find secluded relaxation.
  • You can find inexpensive apartments or an affordable 3 or 4 star hotel.
  • You can find out that the church is nearby, by the characteristic path lined with stone and painted white at the edges.
  • Many vacationers bathe here in rubber slippers. In the sea you can step on a sea urchin. However, the probability of finding a prickly marine animal is small.

Bridges and straits

The island of Euboea, according to legend, has a divine origin. It was formed when the god Poseidon hit the trident on the land. Part of the coastline broke away and formed a beautiful island. Evia is separated from mainland Greece by several straits. They differ in width, length and legends. The most unusual of them is the Euripus Strait.

Strait of Euripus

Homer wrote about this mysterious strait. Aristotle walked along its shores, trying to unravel the mystery of the changing currents and the abnormal movement of water. For thousands of years, sea currents circled the island from two sides and met in the narrowest place. Three times a day every 6 hours in the strait a rare natural phenomenon occurs – a change in currents. Water, which moves at a speed of 12 km per hour, freezes for several minutes and then goes to the opposite side. The mysterious current was called Euripos, named after the island around which sea waves so unusually walk.

In some places, the mainland comes so close that you can cross the strait on foot over the old bridge. One of the bridge crossings that connects the island and the mainland is thrown across the Evripa Strait in the area of ​​the settlement of Chalkida. Its length is only 38 m.

Weather and beach holidays

The climate of Evia makes beach vacations possible for six months, from May to October. Note: the island climate is mild, comfortable, not hot in summer and humid in winter. It holds about +30 here in summer, and about +10 in winter. In this case, the temperature column usually does not fall below + 5 ° C.

Kalamos Beach, Evia Island

On the beaches of the island, even in the summer months there is no influx of people. There is always a place for a solitary pastime, a relaxing family vacation. On weekends, the number of vacationers is increasing. Residents of Greece come to the coast from neighboring mainland cities.

The Aegean Sea differs from the Mediterranean and, as usual for us, the Black Sea, by its purity and transparency. There are no jellyfish and algae in it, and even with strong winds, the sea remains calm.

Euboea Island (Greece) – it is 680 km of beaches. Among them there are popular crowded places and secluded bays. Near the beaches – various hotels, hotels, private apartments.


Most of the hotels on Euboea are average. Many are located on the slopes of the mountains, where almost every room offers sea views. There are impressive sea sunrises and sunsets that you can admire every night right from your balcony. And also make amazing photos of the island of Evia.

Slope Hotels with Sea View

The pools in many hotels are filled with sea water. They have night lighting, so you can swim in them at any time of the day.

Many hotels offer authentic Greek dishes. Food prices in hotels are higher than in neighboring villages. Therefore, if you have free time, you can go to a neighboring town, village, buy water, fruits, juices there.

Favorable accommodation options on Euboea.

Cities and resorts

On the island there are two ancient cities – Chalkis and Eretria. Chalkida – located on the site of an ancient settlement, in the place where the island separates from the mainland only a few meters of the channel.

Karababa fortress in Chalkida
Karababa fortress

In Chalkida there are old quarters and a 17th-century fortress called Karababa. A stunning view of the strait between the island and the mainland opens from the fortress wall.

Here admirers of any religion will find refuge. In Chalkida there is a Christian church, a mosque and a synagogue, as well as the pediment of the ancient temple of Apollo, the ruins of ancient temples. By the way, there are 16 monasteries on the island of Euboea. Enough for such a separate land area.


The resort combines beaches and attractions. Here are the ruins of an ancient city with the remains of a temple, an amphitheater and ancient terms. As well as the famous archaeological museum and excavations accessible to the contemplation of tourists. Eretria is one of the best resorts on the island.

Ruins of Ancient Buildings - Dragon Houses
Dragon houses

The second resort city of Evia is called Karistos. It is located in the bay, next to Mount Okha. There is also a fortress and the ruins of ancient buildings, which were dubbed the “Dragon Houses”. Near the resort there are unique natural areas – a forest petrified by a volcanic eruption, a picturesque sea cape, river gorges.

Sources in Edipsos
Healing springs Edipsos

Edeps (Edipsos) is a mineral balneological resort not on the northern coast of Evia. Known for hot rhodon springs. Here, according to legend, the hero of the Greek epos Hercules restored his strength. There were Roman emperors and generals, as evidenced by three ancient arches. Near the Edeps, on the city beach, there are places where thermal waters pour out waterfalls directly into the sea.

Church of St. John of Russia on the island of Euboea
Church of St. John of Russia

Kimi is located on the north coast. The old part is built in the neoclassical style. During the period of active silk trade, city squares were shopping centers. Around them built homes rich merchants. It is to them that the city owes its beautiful stylish architecture, neo-Gothic aspiring to the sky.

Not far from Kimi is a nunnery and the main Christian temple of the island – its name reminds of the unity of religions and peoples – the Church of St. John of Russia. Inside the sights are unique and the icons and relics of the saint.

In addition to the famous temple, Kimi has a mineral spring, and, of course, beautiful beaches.

Likhadonisya, beach vacation

This is not an ordinary resort, but a whole resort area, which includes 7 small islands. They are called Likhads and Greek Seychelles. In the past, the islands were inhabited, today they have preserved buildings left by people. Lihadonisya is a completely eco-friendly zone in which vacationers will find a quality beach holiday.

Likhadonisia Islands is a popular day trip destination. A trip to the islands by boat or ship will allow you to appreciate the beauty of their coastline, the splendor of the crystal clear emerald sea water.

Evia Island: how to get there

It’s better to fly to Greece by plane. But upon arrival in Athens, it is necessary to change transport several times to get to the green island. Stages of travel:

At Athens Airport
  • Flight by plane to Athens.
  • Taxis from the airport to the ferry. The ferry closest to the airport is named after St. Marina. Moving to it from the international airport will take 20 minutes by car.
  • Ferry to the island. There are 6 ferry crossings in different parts of the island. You can sail by ferry to Kimi (from Skyros, Skopepos, Alonesosis – these are the longest crossings, which take 2-3 hours). To the cities of Panagea and Nea Stira (40 minutes from the port of Agia Marina). There is a ferry to Eretri (25 minutes from Orops), to Karistos and Marmari – from the port of Rafina. And also to Edipsos – from the port of Arkitsa.
  • Next – moving around the island, on a rented car or on a public bus.

For those who have not been on ferries before, the crossing will leave a lasting impression. Close flying gulls sailing past mysterious and uninhabited islands.

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Evia Island Attractions in Greece

Greek culture is unique as the Greek language, which has no linguistic analogues. All the sights of Euboea are connected with ancient and medieval history – the life of aristocrats, the defense and defense of the Venetians, Turks, and Romans. In addition to the fortresses, temples and museums of the island of Evia, you can visit mainland historical and cultural attractions. For example, in the capital of Greece – Athens. You can get here even by public transport. First – by bus to the nearest port, after – by ferry across the strait and by bus or car to Athens.

Suspension Bridge in Chalkida
Chalkis: old and new bridge

The old bridge built in 1962 with a length of 38 m is a car and pedestrian. It allows you to walk from the mainland to the island and go back. If desired, an unusual movement of water and a change in its directions can be observed from the bridge. Nearby – the beach, island and mainland embankment, many cafes.

In addition to the old pedestrian bridge, a new automobile bridge leads to the island. Its length is 600 m. It is the largest suspension bridge in Europe.

Museum of Archeology in Eretria
Museum of Archeology in Eretria

Eretria is an ancient sea settlement, one of the main places of Ancient Greece. Its rich history has ensured the uniqueness of archaeological finds. Most of the items found during excavations are collected in the archaeological museum. Here are old coins, vases, statues, dishes, jewelry. Among the famous exhibits is the terracotta head of the Gorgon jellyfish.

Baths in Edipsos
Thermal springs of Edipsos

Mineral springs of the northern part of the island rise from the depths of about 3 thousand m. Their temperature reaches + 75 ° C. These are the oldest baths in southern Greece. They were visited not only by generals and emperors, but also the legendary hero of the epic – Hercules. Today Edipsos is a balneological resort. You can take a dip in the hot Rhodon bath right on the seashore or in the spa, thermal pool.

The medieval castle of Karababa in Chalkida

Karababa, a 17th-century Turkish fortress built on a high hill, provides an overview of the surroundings and beautiful views of the strait, bridge, Chalkida and the adjacent mainland.

Church of St. John of Russia in Prokopi
The relics of John of Russia

Not far from Chalkida and Edipsos is a unique church, which contains the relics of John of Russia. The building of the temple is distinguished by beauty and grace, and the attraction itself is popular among Christians. People come here to touch the relics of a Russian saint who was captured by the Turks, spent several years in prayer, and after his death was canonized (elevated to the saints).

Evia Island (Greece) is a vacation in real Greece. Without a crowded crowd, in the lap of beautiful nature, next to unique cultural values.

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