Tourist’s guide to Corfu, Greece: overview of attractions

One of the unique corners of the planet where you can fully relax is the island of Corfu in Greece. For centuries, he was a tidbit, which many nations and individuals sought to seize. Each of the conquerors involuntarily contributed its own elements of culture, which significantly enriched it. Now the island has become an object of increased interest from travelers.

City of Kerkyra, Greece

Meet Corfu

The mixture of languages, the splendor of architecture, the diversity of local cuisine, the abundance of attractions – attract people from all over the world.

Corfu Island is located in the north of the Ionian Sea near the Adriatic, 2 kilometers from the mainland. A little more than 100 thousand inhabitants live here, but due to the influx of tourists, the number of inhabitants often doubles during the holiday season.

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View of Kerkyra (Corfu)
This is how the hotels of Corfu look like

Otherwise, this island of Greece is called Kerkyra. A well-developed infrastructure is complemented by a convenient location of roads between settlements. In addition to vital facilities (education, healthcare, etc.), riding schools operate here, international hotel chains have been created, and a huge 18-hole golf course has been equipped.

The island is engaged in the production of wine, cheese, olive oil. It also brews ginger beer and the famous Greek liquor – Kum Quat.

The cultural life of Corfu is accompanied by theater shows, musical performances, grandiose parades and fun carnivals.

Island resorts – where to relax

The leading industry, the main economic basis of Corfu is tourism. The Greek authorities give him priority attention, because the economic stability of the region depends on the level of the tourism industry.

Benitses beach, Corfu island

Along the entire coast of Corfu there are resort complexes with hotels and landscaped grounds. There are comfortable conditions for guests from all over the world.

Almost all the settlements of the island of Corfu (more than 20) call themselves resort. In small villages tourists with children like to spend vacations. These include Benitses, Kanoni and Perama. Shallow water and warm sea water, silence and tranquility, the proximity of the capital – all this creates comfort and convenience for a family holiday in Greece.

Resort Kavos

In the southeastern part of Corfu is the resort town of Kavos, where the youth audience loves to relax. A huge entertainment complex attracts young travelers to spend time vibrantly and cheerfully. This resort is characterized by daytime silence and an active nightlife.

Here you can enjoy inexpensive breakfasts. Lovers of alcohol will satisfy the need for alcohol, the assortment of which will pleasantly surprise even the most sophisticated.

Moraitika and Messonghi
Beach resort Moraitika

For aged and family vacationers with an average income, the southern resorts of Moraitika and Messonghi are suitable. There are no luxury hotels, but this does not prevent guests from feeling comfortable and not needing anything.

Canal in the settlement of Lefkimi

For lovers of peaceful relaxation, the settlement of Lefkimi is suitable. Here is a special atmosphere of solitude, peace and quiet, where you can get maximum relaxation. This is a traditional Greek settlement with narrow streets and old stone houses. Lefkimi also has sights – small but pretty churches and monasteries.


Closer to the northwest – Paleokastritsa, it is a real pearl, located among the unique beauty of the sea scenery. The infrastructure of the town is replete with entertainment facilities. This is the perfect place for snorkeling. Due to the presence of bays that oppose the arrival of large waves to the shore, couples with children have chosen this resort.

Paleokastritsa view of the beach and pier
Youth Resorts in North Corfu
Channel of love in the northern part of Sidari

In the northern Sidari there is the famous Channel of love, it is both fun and romantic here, which is why young people love to relax in this resort. They join him and go a continuous strip of Kassiopi, Akharavi and Roda, which are famous for their high level of comfort and a huge set of entertainment venues.

Tranquil villages in the northeast
Beach resort Barbati

Much quieter and calmer in the resorts located in the north-eastern part: Barbati, Nissaki, Dassia and Kontokali.

In Glyfada, fans will like to have fun in a friendly company, because there are plenty of restaurants and beaches offering entertainment services.

Elite Commeno

For the elite public created resort Kommeno. Everything here is in the highest class: beautiful, rich and expensive. Hotel staff often speak Russian. It is noteworthy that there are villas built specifically for subsequent sale. Therefore, who is interested in acquiring housing in a colorful corner of Greece, pay attention to Commeno.

Resort Commeno

At Agios Georgios it is not crowded, clean beaches and a relaxed atmosphere are suitable for a romantic getaway, as well as for people with an appropriate temperament.

If the main criterion when choosing a place to stay for you is a comfortable coastal area and the sea, look at the selection of 11 best beaches on the island of Corfu .

Hotels, apartments and villas in Corfu

On the island there are enough 5 and 4-star hotels, the best of them, according to the guests, are as follows.

Waterpark at Sidari Waterpark
Sidari waterpark
    1. Sidari Waterpark **** – price per night from 90 €. All rooms have a balcony, the hotel has billiard tables, a playground, and a free water park with several slides is at guests’ disposal.
    2. Art Debono **** – from 130 €. A comfortable, clean hotel with excellent service surrounded by palm and olive trees.
    3. San Antonio Corfu **** – from 140 €. Located on a hill among the olive grove and 20 meters from the beach.
Hotel room Bella Mare
Bella mare
  1. Bella Mare **** – from 180 €. This is a new hotel in Kassiopi with beautiful grounds and spacious design rooms.
  2. Kontokali Bay ***** – Accommodation from 200 €. Located on the green peninsula of Kantokali, has its own beach.

Each of the listed hotels has a swimming pool, and the price includes a delicious breakfast with a wide selection of dishes.

Room at Paradise Hotel Studios and Apartments
Paradise Hotel Studios and Apartments

Budget accommodation options are private apartments and apart-hotels. Housing prices start at 20 € per night in summer. And there are a lot of such proposals.

Average prices for a hotel room 3 * – 40-65 € per day.

It’s better to choose a hotel in advance and book, it’s advisable to save money, because in the midst of the holiday season, prices increase sharply.

People who have enough money for a luxurious holiday in Greece on Corfu can afford to rent a villa on the beach or high in the mountains. The variety of styles in which these chic objects are decorated will satisfy the most demanding tourist.

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How to have fun on the island?

Arriving in such a unique corner of the earth, everyone will find an acceptable type of activity or entertainment for him. There are enough interesting sights here, but walking on excursions is far from everything that a hospitable island offers.

Diving on the island of Corfu

The main object that attracts travelers to Corfu is, of course, the sea. Activities such as diving on this island of Greece are also popular. Only on the northern island part of more than 10 centers offering training services for novice divers, and for professionals – advanced training.

There are more than 30 unique dive sites, where bizarre rocks, incredible reefs and caverns are hidden deep under water.

Diving to a sunken ship

On the island of Kolovri there is an amazing place where you can see underwater caves and swim along vertical grottoes. Curious athletes can visit the places of the flooded ships, discover the fantastic world of the underwater kingdom.

People who prefer to play sports even on vacation will find here what they dreamed about. The Gouvia region has a marina with 960 seats for sailing and yachting. To discover uncharted, inaccessible places is the blue dream of a yachtsman. Yachting is also possible in Lefkimi, Paleokastritsa, Kassiopi and Petriti.

AQUALAND waterpark in Agios Ioannis

Holidays in Corfu also include mountaineering, cycling, horse riding and golf.

In the very center of the island – in Agios Ioannis, there is AQUALAND water park with a huge range of water activities: slides, rope ladders, pipes. A wide selection of levels of difficulty and purpose: for adults and children.

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Shopping in Corfu

Ricco Furs.  Fur Coats, Corfu

The main subject of shopping on the Greek island is the products of local manufacturers of fur and leather. Kastoria manufactory – Artpel, Lapel, Ricco Furs will amaze you with a choice of chic fabrics.

Here you can buy everything your heart desires: from Greek sandals, leather summer slippers to the amazing beauty of jewelry.

Based on olive oil, natural cosmetics are produced here. The most popular are firms: Exelia, Mythos, Pharmaid.

Kumquat liquor

Tourists buy Greek olive oil, and prefer merchants from small villages. Highly popular among visitors are alcoholic drinks of local production: rakiya, liquors from metaxa and kumquat. You can also enjoy local desserts: baklava and Turkish delight.

Souvenirs from Corfu made of ceramics, linen, cotton, as well as kitchen accessories from carved olive wood are a wonderful gift for loved ones or for yourself, as a memory of an interesting trip.

Inimitable Greek Cuisine

Traditions are honored on the island – a family restaurant business is flourishing here, passing from generation to generation. This factor was reflected in the stability and success of the business, which started from scratch someone’s great-great-grandfather.

The real gourmet’s problem is too many bars, restaurants and taverns. In order not to get confused, it is worth taking a closer look at those objects whose regulars are local residents. Surely, they will choose the institution where the best cuisine and reasonable prices.

What to try?

In Greece, the island of Corfu has quite hospitable hosts in terms of serving large portions. Before entering the Greek tavern, it is worthwhile to learn the names of some of the most popular dishes:

Saganaki Shrimp
  • Saganaki
  • Mburbeto
  • Kleftiko
  • Pastitsada
  • Moussaka
  • Magirevta

To the delights of Greek cuisine, visitors will be offered a glass of local wine. If a tourist enters the same tavern for the second time, he is often accepted as a regular customer and presented with a present from the establishment or offer a discount.

In addition to traditional Greek dishes , it is worth a try:

Citrus honey
  1. honey, about which our compatriots have no idea: citrus and coniferous;
  2. an unusual pie with a bizarre name sicomaid stuffed with dried figs, locally produced goat cheese has a unique shade, very tasty and nutritious;
  3. Greek ginger beer differs from the usual one in a specific flavor, but as foamy and transparent as the traditional one;
  4. here you can try the Greek salad with olives, which differ significantly from the usual canned.
How much does food cost in restaurants in Corfu?
Dine in a restaurant on the island of Corfu

Of course, food prices vary widely and depend on the popularity of the resort and the level of the institution itself. Below are the prices that should be guided when choosing Corfu as a holiday destination in Greece.

  • Lunch in an inexpensive restaurant for one person – 12 €.
  • Lunch for two in a mid-range restaurant when ordering 3 dishes – 40 €.
  • Local beer (0.5 L) – 4 €.
  • Imported beer (0.33 L) – 3 €.
  • Cappuccino – 3 €.

The prices on the page are relevant for the season 2018.

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When to come on vacation

Holidays on the beach of Corfu

Is it possible to determine the best place to stay in Corfu? Perhaps this can only be done by a person alone, because everyone has their own preferences.

On the island there is everything for lovers of art, history and architecture, a serene pastime on the beach. Athletes in Corfu will find a huge selection of activities to their liking. For all age categories on the island a lot of entertainment.

However, you can recommend a suitable time for a vacation in Corfu – these are the summer months and the beginning of autumn. Of course, during this period throughout Greece, the largest influx of tourists, but here you can find a more secluded place. The main thing is to get a beautiful bronze tan, swim in the warm sea water, enjoy all the delights of overseas exotic.

Corfu Island Air Temperature

To find the answer where it is better to relax in Corfu, it is worth exploring the important conditions specifically for you and make a choice yourself. But still, the ideal time to relax is the beginning of autumn, when olives and grapes ripen, the market is full of unprecedented fruits and berries. This season is still warm, you can swim, but at night it becomes cool. By October, rains are becoming more frequent.

Spring also attracts no less than autumn. At its very beginning, the island of Corfu, Greece is covered with primroses, the whole earth is replete with a riot of colors. This season is still not warm enough to sunbathe, but the prices for tours are much lower than peak prices.

The main attractions of Corfu in Greece and its best beaches are marked on this map.

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