Tourist’s guide to Chania, the most beautiful city on Crete in Greece

Chania is a city in Greece, in the northwestern part of Crete, located at a distance of 145 km from Heraklion.

Chania city

Until 1971, this city of Crete was its capital, now it is the capital of the same name.

Chania is the second largest city on the island, it covers an area of ​​12.564 m² and about 60,000 people live in it.

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What’s interesting to see in Chania

Although the most significant sights of Crete from Chania are located at some distance, this does not mean that having arrived in Greece at this resort, you just have to walk through the bars and lie on the beach.

Area E. Venizelos, Chania
Area E. Venizelos

The new, rather vast part of Chania looks like most modern European cities, while the old part is unique in its beauty and is even known on the island of Crete and in Greece as a beautiful urban area with many attractions.

Kuchuk Hassan Mosque in Chania
Kuchuk Hassan Mosque

Since ancient times, many interesting things have been preserved here, for example, the old Venetian harbor, the Kuchuk Hassan mosque and one of the oldest lighthouses in the world. On a small hill, very close to the promenade, is Kasteli – the so-called colorful center of old Chania. To the east of this quarter is the quarter of Splanzia, where the Church of St. Nicholas rises. And in the western part of the old city, the Topanas quarter is located – this is where the ancient fortress Firkas is located. The alleys of the Topanas quarter smoothly merge into the narrow street of Zambeliu, where the old houses braided by bright bougainvilleas literally lean on each other. Nearby is the Agora – the famous indoor city market famous throughout Greece.

It’s not necessary to take a guide for excursions around Chania, because you will have to listen carefully, because of which there will be absolutely no time left for visiting the territory. The best option is to take a guide book, a navigator, and explore the sights of Chania on your own. What deserves attention in the first place?

Old Venetian port and promenade

It is best to start exploring the city ​​of Chania from the port, its address is Agiou Markou 8 / Akti Tompazi.

Old Venetian port and promenade

The length of the walking area is about 1.5 km – on the one hand it is limited by an old lighthouse, on the other – the Firkas fortress. There are many low buildings on the embankment, decorated with colorful shutters and door knockers. There are many restaurants, taverns, bars – there is always a place where you can have a good time and eat deliciously.

The promenade of the old city of Chania

If it is summer outside, then it is better to go for a walk in the morning before 9:00 or in the evening after 19:00 so as not to languish in the heat. By the way, the place is crowded and very noisy, especially in the evening. If you don’t feel like walking, you can ride a horse-drawn carriage, which is worth a lot here waiting for customers.


On the spit, 1.5 km from the port of Chania, is the Egyptian lighthouse ( address: Old Port, Chania, Crete, Greece). This is not just a landmark of Chania – it is one of the oldest lighthouses in the world; it was built by the Venetians at the end of the 16th century.

Expensive to Chania Lighthouse

It is advisable to organize a walk to it in the daytime, and even the heat will not be a big obstacle: the main part of the path passes along the sidewalk along the breakwaters, where a cool sea breeze always blows. After about 2/3 of the way there is a small terrace from which you can observe beautiful views of the bay.

Chania Lighthouse

The lighthouse reaches a height of 21 m, and for its construction the Venetians used the same material as for the construction of all the main fortifications in the city. The base of the lighthouse has the shape of an octagon, the middle part is made in the form of a hexagon, and the upper part is round.

The water in the bay is also worthy of attention: it is very clean, and a large number of fish are clearly visible in it. And large and small crabs sit with pleasure on boulders protruding from the water.

Venetian fortress

In the north of Topanas quarter ( Old Harbor address , Chania, Crete 731 31, Greece), the walls of the old Venetian fortress of Crete – Firkas – have been preserved. Anyone can see this attraction, access to it is free.

Venetian fortress

Although now there is not much left of this powerful structure, in ancient times the fortress protected the narrow entrance to the port of Chania. Now guns are installed here, although not original, but quite worthy entourage!

Cannons at the fortress

Amazingly beautiful views of the Venetian port of Chania open from the walls of the fortress – the photos turn out like postcards! But, of course, you should not constantly run around with the camera at the ready, it is better to enjoy the surrounding atmosphere.

The territory of the fortress Firkas now belongs to the Maritime Museum of Greece.

Maritime Museum

Coast Kountourioti, Akti Kountourioti, Chania, Crete 73110, Greece – this is the address of another attraction in the city of Chania. We are talking about the Maritime Museum of Greece.

Ship layouts

It is impossible to walk past this building located in the city port: it is red, on 2 floors, a huge anchor and ship propeller are installed in front of the entrance.

Only 3 € – and numerous exhibits open to the eyes of visitors:

Hall simulates the cabin of a submarine
  • a very small room imitates the cabin of a submarine;
  • models of ships and naval weapons are introduced to the history of navigation;
  • a model of Chania of the 17th century introduces the buildings of that time;
  • detailed exposition of the battle of Crete.

You can visit this attraction of Greece at such times: from Monday to Saturday from 9:00 to 17:00, on Sunday from 10:00 to 18:00. There are no queues here, since few people rush to get acquainted with the history of the Greek fleet. But boys and sailors will definitely be interested.

Church of St. Nicholas
Church of St. Nicholas, Chania

Not just a historical landmark, but an Orthodox shrine, the active church of St. Nicholas, is located at this address: 1821 Square, Chania, Crete, Greece.

Inside there is a rather traditional interior, but outside there is not a very unusual detail: the minaret, preserved from an ancient mosque, which was converted into an Orthodox church. And this shrine is well known throughout Greece by the fact that the relics of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker are stored in it.

To the right of the facade is a church shop. They sell icons and candles, for 3 € you can buy a charm bracelet woven by the monks of a mountain monastery.

Cathedral of the Three Martyrs
Cathedral of the Three Martyrs

The Cathedral of the Three Martyrs is well known not only in the city of Chania, but also on the island of Crete. It stands on the Athenagoras square (Pl. Athinagora), not far from another attraction – the Venetian harbor.

The Cathedral is operational, anyone can enter.

The facade of the building is decorated with sculptural pseudo-columns, cornices and arched openings. The bell tower rises from the northwestern side of the temple. The interior design is very beautiful and rich, there are many masterpieces of famous Greek artists.

Agora Market
Agora Market

There are many interesting sights to visit on the island of Crete, in Chania, one of them is the Agora market. His address is: Nikiforou Foka Street, Chania, Crete 731 32, Greece.

The building of the city market has the shape of a cross, oriented to 4 cardinal points. The market is universal and interesting enough even to just walk around and see, feel all the local flavor.

Agora Indoor Market

You can see almost any product on the shopping arcade: fresh seafood, cheeses, goodies, vegetables, fruits, meat products, seasonings, souvenirs, books. For bottling you can take a good grape brandy at 5 € per liter. Excellent home-made olive oil is priced at 7-8 € per liter, depending on the beauty of the package.

Museum of Football

If you go from the market towards the embankment of Chania, you can see the building with a cup in the window – this is a museum of football. The exact address of this attraction: 40 Tsouderon, Chania, Crete 731 32, Greece.

Museum of Football

The museum is private, admission is free.

This is a very interesting place, and for men in general, paradise – everything here is literally saturated with the history of the popular sports game! Among the exhibits are unique T-shirts of Ronaldo, Platini, Zidane. And most importantly, the owner of the museum allows you to try on any T-shirt, and take a photo with the European Champions Cup – about a vacation in Chania this will be the best memory for true fans.

Chania beaches – which is better?

The resorts of the island of Crete are a real kingdom of clean warm sea and golden sand, and the resort of Chania is no exception. Many of Chania’s beaches are constantly honored with the EU’s blue flag for cleanliness and environmental friendliness. Rest on them is absolutely safe, because from morning to evening, rescuers are on duty here.

Agia Apostoli Beach

Agii Apostoli beach (Agii Apostoli, Chania, Crete, Greece) is located in a beautiful bay, to the right and left, closed from the winds and ox by magnificent cliffs. These rocks are not only a natural defense, but also a decoration of the landscape. The beach is sandy, the sea is clean, the entrance to it is very convenient for children – you need to go about 50 m to a full depth.

Agii Apostoli Beach

There are only 2-3 showers on the whole fairly large beach, and a foot tap is generally one in the very center of the beach.

For active recreation, good volleyball and tennis courts, playgrounds for playing the “rocket” (as the national beach sport is called in Greece), you can rent a bicycle. Those who like to soak up the sun can rent an umbrella and sun loungers.

There are good volleyball courts.

The beach is really very comfortable and safe for families with children. There is a special children’s fenced area: you can put on inflatable sleeves on the child and watch him swim from the shore.

Iguana Beach

Iguana Beach ( located: Ayii Apostoli, Chania, Crete, Greece) is located a little away from Agii Apostoli Beach.

Iguana Beach, Chania

This beach is not closed by a cape, so the waves here are more frequent and stronger. The beach, although small, but more “adult” than the neighboring one.

Changing rooms, toilets and several showers are, however, with fairly cold water. The price for renting an umbrella and 2 sunbeds is a little high – 7 €.

Hea Chora Beach
Hea Chora Beach, Chania

Nea Chora Beach is located in the western part of Chania, at Akti Papanikoli.

This beach is sandy, although in some places there is small pebble. The water is very clean, entering the sea can be called ideal: the depth begins at a distance of 4 m from the coast. If a high tide occurs, some areas are completely covered by water.

The beach is well equipped with everything you need for a comfortable stay. For 5 € you can rent an umbrella and 2 sunbeds. Cafes and restaurants are nearby.

Chrissy Akti Beach
Chrissy Akti Beach

Chrissi Akti Beach is located: Agion Apostolon, Daratsos, Crete 731 00, Greece.

This beach of Chania, like all the beaches of Crete, is clean, with clear, warm water. Although sometimes waves still rise here, and swimming is a bit problematic.

The beach is equipped, there is everything for a good holiday. There are many restaurants nearby, and the most delicious food at the most affordable prices is offered in the nearest Ippo-Campus cafe.

Chania: features of accommodation

Room at Irida Hotel, Chania
Hotel Irida

The resort of Chania on the island of Crete is a rather lively place, but mainly tourists from the UK, France, and Germany rest here. The fact is that holidays and accommodation in Chania are a bit more expensive than in the area near Heraklion or Rethymnon.

A double room in Chania can be found for an amount from 70 € in an economy hotel, a room in a 3 * hotel will cost about 100 €, for apartments you will have to pay from 100 € or more.

Based on customer reviews and hotel descriptions on, you can easily choose the most suitable option. For example, a rating of 8+ was received by such hotels in Chania:

Pool at the Frida Apartments
Frida apartments
  • Hotel Irida 3 *, located 1 km from the famous attraction – the Venetian harbor, and 1 km from the city center. Double room a day will cost from 111 €.
  • Hotel Frida Apartments 3 *, located 1.5 km from the center of Chania and 500 m from the beach. Superior family one-bedroom apartments here offer for 104 €.
  • Spring apartment complex in the center of Chania. Apartments with 2 bedrooms can be rented for the amount of 105 € per day.

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How to get to the resort of Chania

Chania Airport
Airport them. Ioannis Daskaloyannis

10 km from the city of Chania is the international airport. Ioannis Daskaloyannis. Throughout the year, he takes flights from Thessaloniki and from the capital of Greece – Athens. From the beginning of May to the end of October (tourist season), charter flights from many European countries are added to them, the schedule of which must be found out on the eve of each tourist season. Important: if occupancy is low, a charter flight can be canceled even when it is part of the sold tour!

From the airport to Chania can be reached by bus, taxi, rented car.

The bus stop is located near the exit of the airport terminal, to the central bus station of Chania the bus leaves 7 times a day. Public transport timetables can be viewed on the airport website, but changes may be made at different times of the season. Travel time is only 20-30 minutes, the fare is 2.3 € and you can pay this amount directly to the driver.

Airport Taxi

A taxi from the airport to the center of Chania will cost around 30 €, and it does not matter how many passengers will travel in it. Taxis can be taken immediately on the spot – cars are standing at the exit of the terminal, or you can order in advance on the airport website.

As for renting a car, you need to arrange it in advance, and upon arrival you will only have to pick up the car in the parking lot.

Prices on the page are for May 2018.

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Chania Weather Conditions

Chania air temperature

Chania (Greece) has a temperate Mediterranean climate. In summer, the air warms up to +25 – +30 ° С, in the winter months the temperature is in the range +13 – +18 ° С. The water temperature in the sea during the summer months, at the peak of the season, rises to +25 ° C. In summer it rains very rarely.

You can come to rest in Greece, at the resort of Chania, all year long. Of course, in summer the conditions for a beach holiday are more suitable, and in winter you can completely devote time to sightseeing.

Video: An overview of the city of Chania and its beaches. High-quality shooting, including from a drone, installation is also at altitude.

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