Tourist’s guide to 11 best beaches of Corfu, Greece

Probably, in every city, and even more so, if we are talking about the resort, there are “branded” places. It is for these attractions that you can guess the place and make up your impression of it. On Corfu (or the island of Kerkyra, as the Greeks themselves call it) there are several such places. But the main visiting card of this place is chic beaches. In this article you will discover the best beaches of Corfu.

Beach on the island of Corfu

Pebble beaches

For your convenience, we divided the main beaches of Corfu into two categories: pebble and sand. Some beaches are pebble and sand, this will be discussed in the description separately.

The magnificent Paleokastritsa

Paleokastritsa Beach

If you decide to search the Internet for photos of Corfu beaches, the first place will surely be pictures of Cape Paleokastritsa. Many consider this cape the most picturesque attraction of the island and strive for it there.

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From the capital of the island of Kerkyra to Paleokastritsa you can get to the Green Bus (the so-called bus), the ticket costs several euros. The journey will take about thirty minutes. Another way to admire the cape is to book a tour of Kerkyra, not a single tourist group passes by. However, in this case, it is unlikely to plunge into the warm sea.

If you already go to the beach, then you should definitely bring a mask and flippers with you, because the water is clean and the underwater world is rich. Everything around is fragrant with aromas of the Mediterranean.

Pier at Cape Paleokastritsa

Buses come straight to the central beach, there is also a pier. On it, locals offer a yacht or boat ride on grottoes and caves. It seems that foreign tourists are too much, but most do not make noise and observe the harmony of this place. Here you will find incredibly picturesque bays. In Paleokastritsa – the best beaches of Corfu, on the map you can find a city in the western part of the island.

Here the sand is mixed with pebbles. The direct entrance to the water is purely sandy, so special shoes are not needed. Be prepared that the June water will be cold, it is better to swim later. But at any time of the year the turquoise transparent sea will not leave you indifferent!

Barbati – fashionable beach

Barbati is a very clean pebble beach with clear water. From the coast you can see Albania, and if you sail away, you will have a magnificent view of Mount Pantokrator. Everyone can rent sunbeds and umbrellas (there are always enough of them, trestle beds are placed in several rows). Barbati has a place to eat. You will find here both a shower and a restroom. Despite all the amenities, the place is not crowded. The only exceptions are weekends, when the Greeks also want to relax. If you are tired of the heat, you can walk along the olive grove, which separates the coastline from residential complexes.

Barbati Beach

In general, Barbati is a “glamorous village”, the best place for parties where people come to dump the load of fatigue cream of Greek society. And if you are looking for beaches on Corfu, where you can also hang out, then here you are! Within walking distance of clubs, there you can cover yourself with a beautiful tan and cool off with a delicious cocktail. If you like music, fun, and the smell of coffee in the air, then you are at the right place.

Modern Agios Gordios

Agios Gordios Beach

Agios Gordios is conveniently located in the beautiful bay of Corfu, which you can immediately recognize from the photo. Typical features of the beach are its characteristic rocky topography and a small rock that peeps out of the sea. This is the west coast of the island, and traditionally it is considered European. There are very few Slavs in the village and by the sea.

Agios Gordios is civilized, there are many places where you can eat. There are taverns with delicious national cuisine. Moreover, in many coastal restaurants and bars, customers are offered free sunbeds. Even if you do not buy anything, sunbeds are inexpensive. Two sunbeds with an umbrella cost from 5 euros per day.

Sunset at Agios Gordios Beach

If you are interested in where there are sandy beaches on Corfu, then partly the answer is here. Agios Gordios is rather big, three kilometers long. There is sand on the shore, but the entrance to the sea is sprinkled with small pebbles. There are no sharp drops, the approach is smooth, and the deepest places begin about 15 meters from the coast. If you search, you can stumble upon a wild beach with a stunning fine sand, not only on the coast, but also in the sea. In general, the place is ideal for relaxing, especially with young children.

Porto Timoni – when the mountains embrace the sea

Porto Timoni Corfu Beach

Porto Timoni is truly a virgin place with lush vegetation and clear sea. In beauty – this is the best beach in Corfu. You won’t be able to get there by public transport: only by a rental car, by taxi or by your own two. Even if you go by car, on the way to the beach you still have to overcome the descent from the mountain (about a quarter of an hour), and you will have to climb back, respectively. We advise you to take a shift with you. But the views of Porto Timoni are worth the effort. Therefore, when asked about the most beautiful beaches of Corfu, you will probably tell about Porto Timoni.

Porto Timoni Beach

Before the descent, you can eat in the cafe, and forward to the chic pebble coast. In order not to get lost, look at the signs and look for the inscription “Double beach” (double beach). In general, the name is not entirely true. In fact, there are three beaches, it’s just more difficult to get to the third than to the first two, so there are usually no people there.

Going to any of them, it is advisable to take a parasol with you, because you will not find a shadow. The north beach is windy, the water seems colder. But in the southern Porto Timoni there is absolutely no wind, so there are many wasps. For those who do not want to climb the mountains, there is an option to get to the beach by catamaran or boat.

Bataria – a beach with snow-white stones

Bataria Beach

Bataria is cozy and clean, but the pebbles on it are large. Trestle beds and umbrellas are paid, almost all are laid out on stones. When entering the water, pebbles can cause trouble: pebbles can injure feet, especially babies. It is better to immediately get rubber bathing shoes.

But the views are simply fantastic: azure water contrasts with white stones. Beautiful views of the nature! The photos are great. However, there are also disadvantages.

Bataria beach - azure water contrasts with white stones

The beach is small, in the afternoon there are a lot of people. Sun beds give out uncomfortable, umbrellas are old and sometimes broken. There is no restroom and no soul. There is only a cafe where you can visit the toilet. But in Bataria there are changing cabins. But in terms of transport accessibility there are no questions, there is parking above the beach.

Rovinia – Beauty of the Wild

Rovinia beach is a small pebble-rocky beach. Buses do not go here, but by car, boat (sea taxi) or on foot you can easily get there. Parking is nearby. White pebbles, blue sea, tempting grottoes. Crystal water, no algae, it’s a sin not to dive with a mask and not try to catch fish with your hands! The sea is deep.

A secluded place, but still you can’t call it paradise. There is dirt and there is something to complain about in terms of improvement. There are no sunbeds and umbrellas. In addition, due to the fact that the beach is wild, there are no buoys and limiters for boats. Everyone on a motor boat warns along the coast. Sometimes this creates a danger: people are in the water, and a boat floats nearby. You never know how it might end.

Rovinia Beach

It is difficult to find a beach without instructions from the local Rovinia, because there are no signs. The road to the beach is picturesque in itself, runs through olive groves. You can buy food on a small boat that brings snacks and drinks. They sell decent sandwiches, inexpensive beer and iced coffee.

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Sandy beaches of Corfu

Those who do not like pebbles, but chose Corfu to rest, will find good sandy beaches on the island: noisy and secluded, popular and not crowded.

Agios Georgios – Secluded Vacation Spot

This sandy beach is clean and large. There are interspersed pebbles at the entrance to the water. There are usually not many people here.

Employees of hotels, shops and tourist shops do not know Russian words at all. Our compatriots usually relax on the east coast, and we offer tours there.

You can get to Agios Georgios at any time of the day or night by taxi, in about twenty minutes. Corfu is completely serpentines and rocks, so if there is a phobia of height, you can feel uncomfortable.

Sandy beach Agios Georgios

Sunset at sea is beautiful, but there may be waves in this part of the island. Although for many this is a plus. Of course, you can’t do surfing, but you can ride the waves with young children. Dolphins pass by. For vacationers, they sometimes arrange their amazing performance.

The shallow sea is the next ten meters, then the depth begins. In the field of view, you can always find a shower with fresh water to rinse.

Crowded Gardenos

This beach is ideal for relaxing from the hustle and bustle of Corfu. Local residents and tourists who live nearby relax here. It is not one of those beaches that go to the other end of Corfu. Gardenas is huge, completely sandy – sand both on the shore and in the sea. The water is warmer than in Paleokastritsa.

Crowded Gardenos Beach

If you go there by car, it is better to take umbrellas and bedspreads for lying with you. Umbrellas are conveniently stuck in the sand, you can save on rent. Open space, the wind walks almost always.

Before the entrance to the beach are shops and restaurants. There is a shower and a dressing room. In the water you can see fish and other marine life.

On the shore there is a small and simple restaurant with very affordable prices. You can order takeaway food and enjoy food while looking at the sea from your sunbed.

Mirtiotissa – no need to be shy
Mirtiotissa Beach

A stunning beach, one of the best and most picturesque in all of Greece. The bulk of the Mirtiotissa is given to nudists. Get ready for it. The beach is modest, comfortable, with a sandy gentle approach to the sea.

A feature of the beach was its secluded location: you can only get here by rented car or moped. By the way, in order to go down to the sea, you will have to overcome a sharp descent, and a scooter with a weak motor may then not go up. Umbrellas are surprisingly free, they are handed out to everyone at the entrance, but you have to pay for the opportunity to lie on a deck chair.

On the beach of Mirtiotissa

This is one of the prettiest resorts in Corfu with sandy beaches. There is a bar with drinks and snacks, and a restaurant along the way. Due to its specificity, tourists from Western Europe and representatives of sexual minorities often come to Mirtiotissa. However, many families with children.

Paradise beach – paradise beach

Another wonderful beach is Paradise. Translated – “paradise beach.” Tourists love it for its gentle sand, a convenient approach to the sea and clear water. In addition, the beach is very exotic and detached.

It is important that you don’t get there by land, you only have to get there by sea.

If you are sailing in a boat, remember that it is forbidden to moor. However, if there are no people on Paradise, an exception can be made.

According to the rules, you need to anchor at a distance of fifty meters and swim, like Robinson Crusoe. This means that you can’t take anything with you. The best time to approach is early morning. A taxi boat will leave fifteen euros for each passenger, and renting an entire boat for a day will cost about 80 euros. It is convenient to moor, time can be planned as you want.

Paradise beach - paradise beach

The left side of Paradise beach is more “civilized” and flat: there are sunbeds and umbrellas. The right half is deserted, large stones in the sea. In general, the beach is long and generally pleasing to the eye, but if you want to inspect the shore better, take your shoes with you for walking along the stones. Sheer cliffs of snow, thick greens, a long narrow strip of coastline – your heart will always remain here!

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Maratias Beach

Wide clean sandy beach with a pleasant entry into the sea. It is easily accessible by car or scooter. There are few tourists, quiet and comfortable. Of the visitors, most of the Greeks, and almost no Slavs. Clear water, which sometimes has small waves and wind. The depth near the coast is shallow, so Maratias is suitable for both young children and the elderly.

A huge space where you can play beach games or just sunbathe. Almost everyone praises the stunning “golden” sand on Maratias. There are enough bars and restaurants. Relaxing music is often heard. All in all, a fantastic beach for all ages, safe for children. A sunbed with umbrella can be rented for 3.

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We have listed you the best beaches in Corfu. We hope that among them you will find one that will become your favorite place!

The beaches of Corfu are marked on the map in Russian.

Participants in the famous travel program call Corfu a paradise island. Why? Just watch the video.

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